Desperate Pleasures

BY : JusticeForAll
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Hitoshi shivered at the cool breeze that suddenly wafted over him. If the cold was the only thing that was going to bother him tonight, then he would have gotten off easy, and so far, there had been no trouble to speak of at the Kanzuki Estate.

Hitoshi Kurata was a security guard, and today was his last day on the job before retirement at the ripe old age of twenty eight. He hoped it would end on a peaceful note. Tomorrow, he’d be at home with the wife and kids, and he couldn’t wait.

He was stood outside the metallic gate leading to the estate, torch in hand. He jumped at the sudden appearance of an individual standing in the drive. He moved the light over them, revealing a slim, muscular blonde in a green leotard.

“Oh, Miss. White,” he sighed, his breathing heavy. “Are you here to see Miss. Kanzuki?”

Cammy White of Delta Red was a regular visitor to the estate. Every time he saw her, he couldn’t help but admire her ripped physique. Her legs were so thick with muscle that her inner thighs touched. Her arms were as toned as the rest of her, and her shapely butt cheeks swelled from either side of her thong leotard. He couldn’t believe her boldness at wearing such a thing. It was also surprising that such a pristine girl like Miss. Kanzuki allowed her into her home wearing it, though her other acquaintances, such as the female wrestler, Rainbow Mika, were also wearers of similar revealing attires, so perhaps it wasn’t so surprising after all.

Even though Cammy didn’t answer, he turned to open the gate for her.

“There we are,” he said, turning back to her.

Hitoshi’s eyes widened as he was suddenly given a close up of Cammy’s crotch. Before he could react, she had gripped her powerful thighs around his neck, and before he could call out, his mouth was smothered against the flimsy material. She twisted her legs to the side as he lost his footing and slammed to the ground with a thud.

“Still alive?” She sneered, her eyes flashing evilly.

Going by the surprised tone in her voice, he assumed that her victim’s neck had usually snapped at this point. But he was, somehow, still holding on.

Hitoshi’s heart was pounding, his breath beginning to leave him. What had come over her? Had she betrayed them all? The look in her eyes told him this wasn’t the same women he had met several times before. Karin had told him of her past, about how she had been brainwashed by Bison to assassinate anyone who got in his way. Perhaps he had somehow got to her again and, once she was done with him, she would be going after Miss. Kanzuki?

While he was loyal to her, it was himself he was more worried about right now. His bloodshot eyes glanced at her hefty thighs. The bulky appendages were tensed to their max, clenched either side of his face like a vice. He placed his hands atop her enlarged quads and attempted to tug them away, but it was futile.

He began wiggling his head, and was at least able to to shift his mouth from her crotch to speak.

“M-miss. White,” he spluttered, staining her inner thigh with spit, “P-please, d-d-on’t do this!”

“Looks like I need to squeeze a little harder,” she replied with a grin.

She did just that, as Hitoshi found it even harder to breathe.

This was it, he felt. There was nobody around to help him, and he couldn’t shout out even if he wanted to. He thought of his wife and kids, who would’ve been expecting him home right now. He never would’ve thought this was the way he would go.

Just as he was about to black out, his eyes fell back to her crotch. The thin strip that had been shielding her most private area had slipped to the side, revealing her shaved lips. If that was the last thing he saw, maybe it wasn’t such a bad way to go.

Suddenly, he got an idea. It was ridiculous, but it was his last resort. Without a second thought, he began lashing his tongue against her slit, his eyes heightening to her face. She wanted him dead, either way, so as not as if he cared about the consequences.

“Wh-what the fuck are you doing?” She grunted, her grip tightening instead of loosening. “Just die, for fucks sake!”

His wife, whom he was technically cheating on right now, had always told him he gave the best head. Despite her grip stiffening, he continued flicking his tongue at her lips.

“Ah,” she yelped, cutely, her grip finally beginning to loosen, slightly. It seemed to be working, but he wasn’t quite free yet.

When there was enough room between her thick quads, he managed to squeeze his hand through to insert a finger inside her. With her slit nice and moist, he proceeded to thrust into her repeatedly.

“Shit!” She spat, her cheeks glowing. “I’m still going to kill you, you know!”

Then Hitoshi would have to give her an orgasm so incredible, she’d be knocked out afterwards.

Her removed his fingers from her, and used them to spread her lips. He then proceeded to work his tongue and lips over her labia.

Despite fearing for his life, his cock was straining against his pants. His urge to masturbate was high, but he resisted, and concentrated on his assassin’s pleasure. He did, however, decide to glide his free hand over the smooth skin of her beefy thigh. He felt every lump and bump of muscle against his palm, his cock growing ever harder. The amount of hard work and dedication she had put into building these beasts was evident. All so she could snap a man’s neck in two.

As he clamped his lips around her clit, his mind suddenly flashed to his wife. They had been together for years and not once had he strayed, yet here he was with his face in another woman’s crotch. But if he hadn’t chosen to stick his tongue inside Cammy, he would be dead. Surely she would forgive him? Despite the guilt he felt, there was no denying Cammy was much better looking than his wife. His wife’s legs were like sticks, having never completed a rep of lunges in her life.

He also thought of his kids. What would they make of this? Luckily, they were too young to understand.

With his mouth fastened around her clit, his glanced up at the blonde. Her head was laid back against the concrete and her back arched, emphasizing the size and shape of her perky tits and nips. His eyes lowered to her chiselled six-pac, every detail of muscle outlined thanks to the suffocating nature of her outfit.

It suddenly dawned on him that she had released the vice-like grip she had had on his neck with her thighs. She was now so overcome with pleasure, that she had abandoned her mission.

Now was the time to escape!

His neck throbbing, he took another glance at her gorgeous, well-built figure writhing in front of him.

Ill escape later, he thought, his lust having overcome his fear.

If what he was doing before didn’t count as cheating, this certainly did.

His heart skipped a beat when she suddenly clasped at his hair, her bicep expanded. Had she remembered the reason she had come for him tonight? His fears were alleviated when she began grinding her hips, her hand forcing him further against her pussy.

He took this opportunity to slip his hands under her, taken both of her swollen butt cheeks into them. He had never felt an ass so perfect. His wife’s was flat and not much use. He would be getting her a gym membership for her birthday after this; if he was still walking away from here alive, that is.

His scalp stung when she suddenly yanked his head away from her crotch, her brow furrowed.

“Who said you could touch my arse?” She asked with a heavy breath.

He could only gulp at her question.

“Oh, well,” she said, pushing his mouth back against her. “Consider it your reward.”

He resumed eating her out, his racing heart beginning to slow down.

The volume of her moans had increased; he was surprised Miss. Kanzuki hadn’t come out to investigate the increasing noise. He could imagine the look of disgust on her face if she caught them like this. The thought only turned him on further.

Just as the stinging in his scalp had evaporated, she once again had latched onto his hair. His mouth was separated from her pussy again as she began to rub her lips furiously.

Suddenly, her juices spurted forth from her slit like a fountain. It splashed onto his face, blinding him. He felt like such a slut. Once she was done, he dragged his sleeve across his face and eyes.

She flopped to the floor, clearly exhausted. He watched her fit stomach rise with every breath.

“Well,” she heaved, dryly, as she sat up, her face matted with sweat, “that was fun. Maybe I’ll return the favour someday.”

They stood up in unison, an awkward grin on his face. He knew there was still a chance he could die.

“I suppose I’ll let you off, this time,” she said to his relief. “Kanzuki won’t be so lucky, however; unless she gives great head, too.”

She turned, giving him a fantastic view of her immaculately shaped rump, before disappearing into the night.

He had escaped from the clutches of death by giving another woman oral. What a strange way to retire. He only hoped his wife would understand.

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