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"Oh, is that you, Gnome?"

The earth spirit trots past the door into the room, unsure of what to think of wind fairy before her.

Something is definitely wrong.

"..." Gnome stares with the same, unreadable eyes at Sylph. Who, in return, smiles and tilts her head with a sweetness too much for her normal behavior.

The earth spirit's legs take a few steps to stand in front of Sylph. She stares for another few seconds as she recalls the "emergency meeting" minutes before she came in.

"It's not our fault, is it?" Salamander frowns, fists knocking against her hips.

Undine shrugs, leaning back in the air. "How could it be? It may just be another of that child's fancies."


Gnome glances between the fire and water spirit. With a gaze, Salamander sighs.

"So everyone ignored her at the gathering party and now she's like this. It's not like we don't appreciate her, but...."

"She's just too much, isn't she?" Undine sighs along with her. "But now that things have come to this, we can't just leave her be. The winds have already started to rampage."

A few footsteps later, the three elemental spirits turn to a staggering Luka. The young hero supports himself with an arm on the wall.

"How did it go?" Salamander calls out.

Luka glances up, breathing hard. "No good. She just called me a `cum tank for other girls` and blasted me out of the room."

The three elementals then looked back at each other. Gnome raises her hand.

"Have an idea, Gnome?"

Nodding, the earth spirit proceeds to walk in the direction of the problem child....

...and with Sylph's closed eyes, Gnome continues to stare.

"Something you want to say?" The wind fairy says in a formal manner. "No one would ever want to talk with me, so I believe I don't know what it could be."

Guilt sinks inside of Gnome's stomach.

...But it doesn't make sense. Sylph has been bullied and ignored on countless occasions. What's the difference this time?

"We all get together after a long, LONG time," Sylph slaps her hands on her knees, "but NO one wants to play with me."

Gnome narrows her eyes.

"Really? You didn't want to even talk to me."

Gnome shakes her head, thrusting her fist to her side twice.

"No one would miss me! So I'll just stay here and play by myself." Sylph kicks her legs back and forth on the edge of the bed. "It's much more fun-er than playing with people who don't want me around!"

Gnome frowns, her eyebrows slanting.

"Then leave me ALONE!"

Gnome slides back a few inches as a gust of wind blasts into her. With an arm over her eyes, she stares down the wind fairy standing on the bed.

"I get it, okay! You guys don't want me around and think I'm SO annoying! Then I'll just go back into the forest and live ALL BY MYSELF! You guys have enough fun with the wind without me!"

Even the stones in the bedroom begin to shake and shatter. Wincing, Gnome takes a slow step forward in the building torrent of wind. The air spirals around, throwing the flaps of Gnome's hat every which way. Cracks appear in the wood of the table, and the sheets of the bed stay still only from Sylph's feet keeping them there. Sylph stomps on the bed.


Gnome slides back several inches, lifting off of the ground for a split second. She musters the earth around her to keep from being thrown out of the room.

"I know you guys care about me, but only because I'm the wind spirit!" Sylph spits out as she hurls a pillow with the wind.

The pillow is negligible, but the mental damage chips away at Gnome's focus. In response, several broken shards from the wall and floor form obsidian dolls that dive at Sylph. The wind fairy yelps as her concentration breaks. The wind whirls and dims for an instant. An instant that Gnome takes to leaps forward.

"Wha-OH!" The weight of a boulder barrels into Sylph, throwing her and Gnome's body on top of the bed. She kicks at the immovable entity now on top of her. "Let, go! I want to leave! Meanie! Stubborn! Idiot! OUCH!"

The third insult earns Sylph a slap on the cheek. Her head stuck facing her side, the pain lingers before Sylph turns slow to face Gnome. The earth spirit plants her hands back on the bed beside Sylph's head.


Gnome simply stares at Sylph.

But the wind whispers to Sylph. After passing through the earth spirit and the stones around the room, it carries the both recent and long past memories. The wind lifts the experiences covered underneath the layers of stone. The connection through the earth, from Gnome, that cry a long, slow tune.

Scooping handfuls of sand to make the next friend. Years passing, remembered through grains of sand that become stone. A lone spirit wanders while her dolls play around her. These memories amassed in the earth, brought up to the surface as the wind passes by. Carrying the sand, the earth's message, for Sylph to hear.

A heavy wind wells up inside of Sylph's chest.


Sylph pushes her palms against her eyes. The heavy, yet nonexistent wind swells behind the fairy's eyes and takes physical form. Of which, Sylph's now balled fists rub at the tears.

Gnome's eyelids lowers an inch.

Understanding what is now known.

"I just," Sylph sniffs with a hiccup, "wanted to play with everyone again. It's been so long...and everything's so peaceful now. But no one wants to play with me...."

Gnome's head droops somewhat. She leans down to wrap her arms around Sylph's back. Sylph returns the act as she coughs, expelling the pressure of emotion inside of her.

"The wind tells me everything." Sylph squeezes her friend tighter. "The lords are all busy with the humans. Luka and Alice have so much fun together every day. You guys are also busy. Diney is helping her spring and the oceans. Mandy is training all sorts of monsters and humans. And even you, Gnomey." She rubs her cheek on Gnome's shoulder. "You're playing with the children in the city and castle, you have people to talk and laugh with now. But me? All I have is the forest. Everyone is busy doing their own things, they don't need me to help."

Gnome's eyes narrow again. She rubs Sylph's back with her hand.

"It's only the usual fairies and harpies that come by. But they always have friends to play with." When Sylph blinks, a stream of a tear leaks from a corner of both eyes. "No one really wants to talk with me. No one wants to play the games I want to play. No one wants to be with me—mmph!"

Before Sylph realizes, Gnome plants her lips on the wind fairy's. A kiss with the sour taste of a teardrop. Her arms wave back and forth along with a surprised cry muffled by shut lips. But Gnome only kisses her harder. After another few seconds, Sylph's arms sink down to the bed.

Gnome's eyes snap open. Then, the door slams shut.

Two voices exclaim as stones form to cover the gaps on the door. Sylph gasps for air as Gnome pulls away.

"Gn-Gnomey? What's gotten into you?"


The earth spirit stares down at Sylph. Staring. Just staring. Sylph can't quite understand the intention, but instead feels the intention of what's coming next. A slight blush forms on her cheeks.

"W...Wait!" Sylph places her hands on Gnome's chest. "I get it! We don't have to do this! So, just let me—MMmmMMPH!" Sylph waves as Gnome shuts her mouth again.

The warm, soft touch of Gnome's tongue stirs inside of Sylph's mouth as pleasure wraps around her. Wind trickles around their bodies. A soft vibration hums from the earth inside the stones around the two. Gnome's hands roam to Sylph's sides, caressing the softer skin.  

"Haha, Gn-Gnomey, stop! That tickles...and feels," Sylph shudders as Gnome's fingers draw shocks from her stomach, "sooo good...."

Sylph peeks back up at Gnome's face. Her own face burns as she fails to stare back up at Gnome's focused gaze. An unmoving gaze. Focused on...providing warmth. Pleasure. The moment Sylph's mouth squeaks open, Gnome kisses her again. Tongue re-entering. Warmth brushing everywhere inside of her mouth, and where Gnome's hands touch her skin. On the stomach. Over her small chest. Her shoulders. Her waist. Then....

"Gnomey, wait! That's...ah!"

Why? It's just Gnomey! But...maybe because it's their first time doing this...?

Sylph never thought she'd become this shy during sex. But the wind continues to sing of Gnome's sincerity. Of confidence. Honest. As fingers trail over her pussy, Sylph embraces the truth being sung to her. And with that, she also embraces Gnome with her arms.


Gnome stops. Her fingers stop. Her stare, though never moving, seems to pierce Sylph harder. Met with this stare, the wind fairy senses the words that remain unsaid.

" don't like it? Why?"

Gnome releases a huff.

Sylph blushes, a darker shade than her previous one.

Gnome releases a softer huff.


Fingers push inside of her folds, and Sylph squeals in delight. A gust of wind pulses from her back and wraps around to include Gnome as well. Gnome's legs twitch as the wind and one of Sylph's hands reach around her back. Gnome's clothes unfold and loosen. The earth spirit doesn't realize until her bare ass spreads, and Sylph manipulates the wind to caress the folds of Gnome's pussy.

"...!" Gnome narrows her eyebrows at the foul play.

The hard steps of dolls clamor as several entities climb onto the bed. Sylph squirms from the fingers thrusting inside of her. Then—

"WAAAaaaAAA!" Sylph's eyes widen as the cry squirms from the bottom of her chest.

She glances down as a multitude of dolls swarm around her.

"Gnome, I didn't do it on purpose! I just—Ohhh!" Sylph lies back down as several dolls begin to lick her body in different areas.

She shuts her lips as Gnome peels the clothes from her body, dolls helping with the rest. The earth spirit leans down to suck on one of her breasts. A doll holds down a wrist, licking a finger. Another hugs her leg, kissing her knee. The one near her ass pokes at the entrance with a stubby finger. More dolls restrain her limbs at her joints while Gnome's continues to piston two fingers in and out. And Sylph surrenders to the overwhelming pleasure.

"Pl-Please! I...."

Sylph twists her body left and right as a rising gust of pleasure flows through her hips again and again. Her ass and pussy clench from their respective teasing and fucking. Gnome's kissing on her throat forces a high moan from Sylph. Cold, hard tongues rub every part of her body. Toes. Arms. Skin around her stomach. One doll climbs on her crotch and rubs its foot on her clit—

"Cumming!" Sylph shuts her eyes and screams.

A flurry throws the dolls around the room, but Gnome braces through the fierce wind. She stares at the ecstasy on Sylph's face as the fairy's mouth releases its own flurry of air from panting and gasping. Gnome's chin presses down on the rapid rise and fall of the wind fairy's chest. The fierce wind rushes over Gnome again and again with every loud cry throughout the room. The earth spirit kisses Sylph's chest up and down as the orgasm fades, despite Sylph's continuing cries.


Sylph rests an arm on her forehead. Heavy breaths return Sylph back to the sensation of Gnome's lips calming her body. When she opens her eyes, she sees Gnome back in the same position from when she tackled Sylph onto the bed.


Sylph receives a hard, quick kiss. With a short muffle, then a gasp as the kiss breaks, she corrects herself.


The called spirit nods once.

Sylph giggles, a hand over her mouth.

"I'm sorry. If we've made up...I won't do this again. I promise. So," She curls her legs to request in a cute manner, "could you get off of me?"

But Gnome doesn't move.

"Gnome?" Sylph blinks. "Let's go?"

But again, Gnome doesn't move. Only staring.

Then, Gnome shakes her head.


A sudden nervousness trembles through Sylph. She listens to the wind.

But a second later, the wind is silenced.

"Uh, are you angry?" Sylph tries to conclude her findings based on what she could hear.

Gnome doesn't reply. Not even a movement.

Instead, a doll climbs onto the bed with something in its hand.

"W-Wait!" Sylph pushes her hands against Gnome's chest, the uncertainty shaking in her voice. "What's that for?!"

In the doll's hand is a harness of some sort. As the doll moves to Gnome's waist, Sylph understands what it is. A phallic-like mass of earth protrudes from the crotch area. Which now extends from Gnome's waist. A somewhat short, but rather thick, object.

"I-I'm sorry!" Sylph's thoughts race as fast as they can fly inside of her mind. "I understand! If I rampage and act like I did, I might upset the balance! But! I really felt lonely! I was really sad! So, please, Gnomey! You don't have to do this!"

Sylph's eyes dart down to where the tip of the pseudo-penis rests at the entrance of her pussy. Though quite soft, the toy pokes hard enough for Sylph to know how sufficient its function is. She looks back up at Gnome, who places her hands on the wind fairy's shoulders in comfort.

"But it's not going to be comfortable to me!" Sylph slaps at Gnome's chest. "Meanie! Cruel! Stupid!"

A mental snap cracks in Gnome's head.

The last name can anger anyone if it came from Slyph.

And so, Gnome thrusts—

(Sylph's eyes shoot wide as she cries out.)

—her new cock inside of the fairy.

Gnome starts with a few slow, hard thrusts. Rocking Sylph upwards on the bed. Turning the surprise into new pleasure. When the shock converts to warmth in full, Gnome begins hammering Sylph into the bed. Sylph's short wails become moans. Her wide eyes close shut in desire. Her hands, which were slapping at Gnome seconds before, hold Gnome's shoulders for support. The remaining fight in Sylph becomes the words coming from her lips.

"Ohh! Gnome! You jerk! Ah! This isn't, oooh, fair! Dummy! Mmph!!!"

Gnome closes Sylph's mouth shut with her lips again while maintaining her hips' movements forward and back. A raw, uninterrupted pace of fucking Sylph. Gnome catches Sylph's tongue with her lips to prevent anything but sounds of pleasure from coming out of the fairy's mouth. But deprived of this method, Sylph's hands ball into fists and she resumes hitting Gnome on the shoulders. Painless taps. Painless, compared to Gnome's waist rocking Sylph's body down and up with the bed below. When the earth spirit slams down, the bed creaks with the wind fairy's voice. But Sylph's pride, however misguided at times, remains strong. Even as her hips ache from the continued fucking. Even as her pussy leaks with her pleasured juices. Building another orgasm under the weight of Gnome's aggressive love-making (?).

To silence Sylph's attempts once and for all, Gnome pins Sylph's wrists to the bed. Sylph twists her hands hard enough that her fingertips catch the sheets underneath her. As a last resort, Sylph stares into Gnome's eyes and glares as hard as she can. Through her hardest blush of the day. In the midst of her muffled, unmistakable groans of pleasure. Her legs wrapping around Gnome, ankle over foot. Her hands wrap around Gnome's back, and her fingers wrap around those on the opposite hand. Holding Gnome tight, as close as possible. The fairy's eyebrows fail to maintain their slant before her eyes shut and the wind returns to the room. Their petite bodies bind together, the earth and wind singing as one.

Gnome stops thrusting after a long, muffled squeal accompanies a squeeze of Sylph's legs. She releases Sylph's lips, and stares long enough to see Sylph's eyes part open. Staring as the fairy whines her orgasm to Gnome's ears. Staring at the dull eyes lost in the peak of pleasure. If this had been a battle, Sylph would have lost long ago. So Sylph continues to submit, her pussy squeezing tight around the wet, slick phallus embedded as far as it can go. The fairy's hands flatten against Gnome's back, the warmth pulsing through her palms from the back of the other spirit's shoulders. After the pleasure calms with the soothing wind, Sylph's limbs slacken as a haze enters her vision.

But one more time, Gnome lifts Sylph's back upright with her hands.

"Wai..." Sylph flaps an arm and fails to even touch Gnome's chest, "I'm choo...chired—Agh!"

Gnome's frozen eyes stare deep into Sylph's. A hot wind rushes through the fairy's cheeks. Gnome's hands support Sylph's body from the bottom of her spine and the center of her neck. Fingers hold the base of Sylph's head inside of her hair as Gnome stares deeper.

"Gn-Gnome...Gnomey, phlease."

Sylph wants to muster the pride to say "no". But her legs wrap around her friend's hips. Her own body grinds forward and back, and Sylph both moans and whimpers at her submission. Gnome's feet provide the fairy with some leverage to sit on. The earth spirit presses her chest against Sylph's, and their hard nipples rub against the other's chest. Pale skin appears to melt into its darker counterpart as Gnome pushes up against Sylph's back with her hand. Rubbing the pseudo-cock around Sylph's insides, brushing everywhere against the walls. The pleasure brushes out through her hips. Or out her stomach. Or out her back. Wherever the fake cock inside of her leans against, Sylph squeaks at the flurry of pleasure breaking through her small body.

And as her pleasure fills to her neck for another burst, she decides to fight against the torrent.

A small blush forms in Gnome's cheeks, head tilting up at the ceiling, as a brush of wind blows through the crevice near her ass. Sylph's hand curls over her shoulder, then clenches. With her clenched fist, a swift wind blows over Gnome's asshole. The earth spirit releases a short breath as a burst crashes against her folds. The wind brushes inside, stroking her walls. The earth spirit shivers as she glares at Sylph, who smiles in her small victory.

"How'sh that—AAAAGGGHHH?!" She screams as Gnome throws both of them over the length of the bed. Sylph's hair falls over her neck and back, with Gnome breathing in and out behind her. The wind whispers to Sylph, who understands what her friend said. Throwing her hands over the pillow, Sylph grabs the edges and musters the wind again. Another blunt force of wind nudges Gnome's ass and pussy, and the earth spirit releases another hard breath. The wind fairy laughs at Gnome. "I won't just sit back either—MMNPH!"

Her eyes shut as Gnome slams down. Gnome's hands push down on the pillow Sylph's face is pressed into. The earth spirit plows her fake phallus in and out, all the while enduring the now formed cock of wind pushing into her. A smaller finger of wind slips inside her asshole, and Sylph's legs bend far enough for the fairy's feet to rise into the air.

"You thought I couldn't, UUMPH!" Sylph grunts as she leans half of her face free from the pillow. "Fight back, huh OMPH!? Looks like you're just as dumb as I am! OUCH!!!"

Sylph's eye opens wide as Gnome leans over and bites the fairy's cheek.

"OWOWOW! Ohhh...." Sylph shivers as Gnome licks the spot she had bitten. The wet touch after the pain sends a warm shiver through her cheek, down her neck.

Now fucking and being fucked, Gnome resumes thrusting her hips in and out. She pants short and soft as her friend's juices spill from her entrance, down her thighs, and onto the bed. The earth spirit finds her friend's fingers, wrapping her own between them from behind as she continues to thrust deep inside. Every few, crushing thrusts, Sylph releases a sweet cry. The wind responds to the pleasure by sawing itself deeper inside of Gnome. With another hard pant, Gnome presses her nose into Sylph's hair. The building pleasure both provides energy to fuck Sylph and creates a rumbling foundation of an orgasm. Gnome's body grows warmer. Sylph only manages to free her eyes by raising her face, but her mouth manages to form words through the pillow.

"H-Harder! More! AAH!" She cries out as she manipulates the wind once more.

A second, shocked cry of a cracked voice escapes from Gnome's mouth as the wind plows farther inside of her. Unable to suppress the quake of pleasure any further, Gnome wraps her arms around the body below her and squeezes tight. She thrusts faster, deeper. Her waist claps loud against Sylph's ass. Sylph's body rises against her friend, spine pushing up to Gnome's chest. The fairy's toes stand and press into the bed as Sylph braces against the storm of pleasure roaring within herself. The storms escapes through her voice as Sylph cries out for the last time. Gnome squeezes her eyes shut and holds her friend's body close to her own.

The earth spirit's body clenches tight enough that it crushes the wind inside of her. Sylph's body manages to hold Gnome's up, the wind whipping around to support them both. The wind fairy suppresses the small cries inside of her shut lips, feet curling and toes clenching. Arms squeezing tight around her friend's stomach, Gnome releases a long breath as the rumbling inside of her nether regions travels through her limbs. After another few moments, Sylph's legs begin to relax. Both of their bodies lower onto the bed, Gnome covering Sylph's with her own. Though tough, Gnome's front provides a warm blanket until Sylph manipulates the wind to throw the actual blankets and sheets over them. Sylph's fingers release the now dented pillow as her hands curl into fists on top of it. Gnome's hands find the fairy's, who places her balled hands inside her own. Thoroughly fucked, Sylph's closed eyes relax for her body and the wind to rest. Silence and peace return to the elements inside the room as her breathing returns to normal.

Before her consciousness fades, Sylph hears something.



"The wind's died down for a while now."

Salamander taps her foot in the air. Undine shrugs, back to the wall some distance from the questionable room.

"It seems Gnome got through to her. But this has awkward implications for nature if they decide that...."

She trails off, not finishing her thought. Both her and Salamander's head snap to the door as it creaks open. For a moment, nothing appears.

Then, Gnome pokes her head around the door. Staring at the two, stark naked from what her bare shoulders show, she nods once. After that, she slinks back into the room and closes the door.

The remaining two spirits stare at each other.


Children run around a mini-tornado as Sylph raises another gust of wind in the castle. The humans and monsters laugh and point at the earth dolls that fly into the air by jumping into the tornado. Gnome places dolls here and there, which dance, run, and follow others while the children play. Sylph lands, doing the same as the children until she catches a glance from Gnome. The earth spirit stares, sending an unspoken message.

"So?" Sylph flies in front of Gnome. "What do you wanna do now? What do you wanna do now? Come on, come on come on! Tell me! Hey—"

A fist flies out, and Sylph spirals into the ceiling.

Some distance away in the castle, several people watch. Of them, Salamander and Undine observe the other two spirits.

"Like normal, huh?" Salamander shuts an eye, keeping the other on Gnome and Sylph.

Undine nods, yawning. "It seems to be."

But only they catch the soft gust of wind and the silent rumble of earth in the room. Salamander and Undine freeze to hear Sylph's giggle as she flies back to Gnome and the children. Gnome's expression stays the same, but the elements tell the spirits everything they need to know.

And so, they look closer.

As Sylph dodges more of Gnome's punches. The almost non-existent rise of the corners of Gnome's mouth. The almost non-existent pink rising to Sylph's cheeks.

Salamander and Undine stare at each other, a frown sinking on both of their faces.

"...We don't have to worry. But." Salamander coughs once. "We're never going to be like that, are we?"

Undine glares at Salamander.

"I sincerely hope not."

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