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In an unknown location, deep inside the forest stood a top secret military base. At the beginning of its formation its purpose was to protect the US against foreign and local threats but after Shao Kahns invasion of Earthrealm the base expanded its operating circle to the entire world to defend it against their new enemies, the Outwolders. The base was run by nobody other than General Sonya Blade. One of the sole survivors of the three invasions that Earthrealm had suffered, alongside her ex-husband Johnny Cage and The Thunder God Raiden.


The General was currently sitting in her office, surrounded with different files of various sizes. Things have been running smoothly lately but Sonya knew better than anybody else that they needed to stay prepared if another douche bag tried to konquer the world. Just as she was about to finish her duty and call it a night a big lightning bolt hit the middle of the room and Sonya took cover under the table. When the bright light faded and sounds stopped she looked up and saw a familiar figure. It was Raiden, although his appearance was different from the last time she saw him. His skin was darker and his formerly white eyes had a gleaming yellow color in them. His nails had grown very long and his simple white outfit was replaced by a weird black and grey cloth. But something was different about himself as well other than his disturbing appearance; he looked shadier in character.


 Sonya stood up and adjusted her shirt, all the while trying to keep her cool and seem unfazed by his sudden entrance. She put her chair back into its previous position and sat down." Can you once appear without scaring the shit out of me?" Sonya looked at him, he seemed worried." I am sorry Sonya Blade but this is urgent. Things are not going well in Outworld." His tone was cold and Sonya couldn’t remember the last time he called her by her last name." What do you mean? Nothing ever is right with that shithole." Sonya looked up from her paper work with a raised eyebrow." I have been informed that Kotal Kahn is gathering forces and things in Netherrealm are not so good as well. I have been informed that its new masters are trying to strengthen their undead army." Confused and a little nervous Sonya tried to keep her calm demeanor." But I thought after the battle against Shinokk we reached an agreement with Outworld and you told me that we didn’t need to worry about those revenants anymore." "I know what I said but we cant sit here and wait for them to do something. Earthrealm had suffered enough from hands of those who seek to destroy or konquer it. I would go to Netherrealm myself and try to understand their intentions but I need you to take charge about things in Outworld. Not yourself specifically, I would like you to stay here and keep a close eye on the situation and let me know if anything happens. Send a team of some sorts." Raiden said with sparking eyes.


It took Sonya a few seconds to process then she looked at him." I cant. My best officers, those who took care of Shinnok, are out of reach at the moment. They are on a mission to take down one of the most dangerous people we have been after and I cant let him slip away. We have been working on this for months and we are to believe that he has important Intel on the Black Dragon and some accidents that happened after Shinnok. Let me go to Outworld, I can take care of it." No Sonya I need you here and if things are as bad as I think we wont have time to deal with terrorists." Raiden stated. Sonya thought for a few seconds then she looked up at Raiden with eyes full of both fear and hope." If you would be able to help them apprehend the suspect they could get to the task sooner." Sonya suggested in hope of him accepting her proposition. Raiden thought about it for a while and then answered her with a simple nod. A small smile formed on Sonya's lips for the first time since Raiden interrupted her peaceful night.

Thousands of miles away in a dark parking lot a group of cheering people were gathering over a tall steel cage that was covered by a black blanket. The people cheered with every roar that came from the shaking cage. A hand rose from the crowd and they suddenly went silent, a tall man with a bald head and goatee stepped between the crowd and the still shaking cage and cleared his throat. He looked at the excited crowd with a knowing smile and spoke: “Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to witness the fight of your life?" A loud cheer erupted from the crowd as the man's smile widened. He continued. “Standing to my left the challenger, the fearless and ,of course, underrated underdog, Jason." A figure stepped out of the crowd, he stood around 6 foot 2 and was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. Many of the spectators who had seen a couple of underground fights in their life groaned in frustration and boredom as they figured that it will be another one sided fight and when the Kombatant took his hoodie off to display his ripped body did no good in convincing them of his abilities and strength.


As much as the crowd didn’t pay any attention to the fighter who had started to roll tapes over his hands four pair of eyes were fixed on him, the eyes were standing farther than other spectators and seemed more interested in the challenger than the fight itself. The eyes followed his every move until one of them broke the silence." Is this our guy? If he is lets hook him up and get the fuck ou…" But before he could finish his sentence the announcer started addressing the crowd  again." And standing on my left the undefeated and undisputed champion, the mighty Shokan, Prince Goro." The man's hand pointed at the cage and the door opened, four three-fingered hands gripped the cages frame of the door and dragged an enormous figure out. People's jaws dropped to the ground at the sight of the monster that stood before them. It indeed was Prince Goro, The nine time Mortal Kombat champion, in a dark parking lot, about to fight a goon. Goro looked around at the spectators, who tried to hide themselves from his gaze, and put up his four arms and roared, which got a huge cheer from the crowd in response.


Despite being a Shokan prince and a former Mortal Kombat champion Goro decided that sitting on a throne and ordering people around is not what he wants to do for the rest of his life so he put Sheeva in charge of the Shokans and traveled around the realms to find worthy opponents to fight. A couple of years ago he stepped into Eearthrealm and found out about their underground fighting tournaments and joined them. Before his arrival an stubborn Oni was the champion but the foul creature went down like a sack of potato after the first punch. The giant then turned, wondering what kind of creature he was going to face today, a lizard, an Oni, another creature from the bottom of Netherrealm ?but he was surprised to see an Earthrealmer standing in front of him. What kind of joke was this? Was the goon tired of living? Well if he was he had chosen a very painful way to day.


Goro took a few steps forward, shaking the ground beneath him, until he reached where the announcer and the other fighter were standing. Even the poor announcer was terrified of him despite the fact that he had been near the Shokan more times than he could count, but he still scared the shit out of him. Goro looked at the Earthrealmer, it has been a long time since he had faced one of his kind, actually it will go back as far as when he was under Shao Kahns command and he lost the battle to the Mortal Kombat champion Liu Kang. But this Earthrealmer was different, he had something in his eyes, he wasn’t scared like the others of his kind, or anybody else for that matter, and it was a mistake. Even the champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang, was afraid of him before their showdown. Both fighters stood in the middle of the fighting area and looked at each other.


Jason looked like a kid once he stood near Goro, the Shokan could easily knock him out with one punch but it didn’t seem to bother him. The announcer looked at both fighters with a dumb fake smile on his lips." Ready gentlemen?" He asked while going back and forth between them. Jason nodded in response but Goro just smirked." I am going to crush you and then eat your heart, little vermin." Goro said in a mocking tone. Jasons response was a small smile and a simple 'Bite me'. Goros smile faded after hearing the humans remark and he growled like a hungry beast that was about to feed on its prey.


The announcer stepped back and shouted "FIGHT." Before even the words escaped his mouth Goro threw a punch, trying to finish the disrespectful human as soon as possible but to his surprise Jason was faster than expected and evaded the punch which was soon followed by another one from the Shokan but that proved fruitless as well as Jason dodged it with relative ease. Goro kept on throwing punches but they kept getting ducked by Jason like a professional boxer who was having a little punching game with his child. Goro became frustrated and his punches became more and more frequent with each passing second and in the process his guard was dropped which he didn’t seem to mind or notice as his blood was filled with rage.


At one crucial moment he threw all his four arms at Jason that cleared an opening for his opponent, Jason's smile widened as his opponent made the exact mistake that he had been waiting for.  As soon as Goro made his mistake Jason ducked and answered with an uppercut right under the giants jaw which produced a cracking noise from his facial bones and sent him stumbling backwards. The impact caught Goro by surprise as he stumble further back, Jason used his dizziness to his advantage and hit him again, this time in the stomach. The Shokan let out a painful groan and stooped a little to catch his breath, he didn’t expect the humans blows to have this much power, but as soon as he did another punch hit him, this time right between his red eyes which would have killed him if not for the fact that his bones were more adamant than a humans due to the hundred years of training and of course his unique physiology. The other kombatant hit him again this time on his knee with his right foot which forced Goro to bend on his feet that opened another opportunity for Jason to hit him on the back of his head.


The crowd was watching the fight in shock and silence, nobody had expected this. Actually they expected the exact opposite, where the beast would hit the poor guy until he couldn’t get up anymore but now their champion was dealt with hit after hit as he stumbled back with each blow.


The four pair of eyes from before now had stepped out of the shadows and had revealed themselves to be the Special Forces team who had discovered that their target is the one that was beating the shit out of the former Mortal Kombat champion." Now I understand why Dad was so worried about this guy." Cassie Cage who was watching the scene in front of her in awe spoke. Her statement was followed by a couple of silent nods as the team watched the fight in front of them get worse for Goro by each passing second.


Jason kept on hitting the Shokan from different angles, once hitting him in the face and next in the body, making him scream in sheer pain, but he would opt for other sensitive spots as well like hitting him in the balls a couple of times. The Shokan would throw a punch once in a while but Jason would evade them and hit him with his own. The beast stumble backwards until his back hit the wall, now he was trapped in a corner and the only thing that he could do was to put his hands up to block the hits. The Earthrealmers hands were dripping with Shokan blood and now he could hear the sound of his bones breaking with each hit.


The crowd stood silently and watched with their jaws on the ground as the poor beast was beaten by the half-naked fighter. Jason kicked the inside of Goros thighs and the beaten up Shokan gave away as he fell on his ass on the ground. Jason wiped the sweat of his forehead with his bloody hands and looked at the mess of the beast he had made. Goro really was a mess indeed, his face was covered with his own blood and he was even worse on the inside. His rib cage was completely destroyed and his face wasn’t much better. The mighty Shokan looked up at the man who had bested him, he couldn’t believe that this creature was just an ordinary Earthrealmer, He had the strength, stamina and the speed of gods, he could swear that he was almost as strong as Shao Kahn. Goro tried to talk but his face hurt each time he opened his mouth." Who…who are…you?" he finally managed to speak with broken teeth, his voice broken and filled with pain and fear. A cocky smile appeared on Jason's lips as he drank into his flawless victory's sweetness. “Just another fella."


 He turned his back to Goro and started walking towards the stunned crowd. On the floor the Shokan could finally breath with relief but with each breath his whole body shuddered with pain. Most bones in his upper body were broken and he couldn’t even stand up, so he sat in a pool of his own blood, humiliated and nearly beaten to death. Jason on the other hand was opening the bloody tapes on his and walked straight to the announcer.  The poor guy didn’t even wince when Jason reached and took the stack of money from his hand. He started counting and took a little more than they had agreed on but the guy seemed cool about it, actually he wouldn’t say a word if he had kept it all to himself, he just wanted to get as far as possible from Jason. Finally Jason stopped counting and put the rest of the cash in the announcer's pocket, he then put his hand on the trembling guys shoulder and whispered in his ear." Next time bring somebody worth my while, OK Jerry?" He swallowed hard and just nodded weakly. Jason smiled and picked his hoodie from where he had dropped it and stepped into the crowd, getting a few pats on the back from the horrified spectators, he even winked at a gorgeous blond girl, the girl blushed deeply.


Jerry looked back at mess of a monster Jason had left and breathed in relief. Jason looked at the money in his hand, 8000 wasn’t bad for a couple of minutes of punching a dirt bag. He pulled his hoodie back on and zipped it up then headed for the exit. He got past the crowd then came to a sudden stop when his way got blocked by two girls. At any other moment Jason would have been happy knowing that he would get to plow them but these chicks looked like trouble. He suddenly felt a presence behind himself and looked over his shoulder to find two other figures behind himself.


He returned his attention to the girls and took a closer look at them. They were both dressed in hoodies and jeans and their friends behind him as well. After a few seconds of silence one of the girls stepped forward and as soon as she removed her hoodie and her face became clear he recognized her." Sergeant Cage, What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? Not wanting to watch some goons fight each other I suppose." Jason asked with a smile on his lips. Cassie smiled back at him and replied: “Catching scums like you." Jason laughed at her response and took a step forward." Well I hate to disappoint you but it takes both bigger and badder than you and your girlfriends to take me down. I suppose you saw my fight earlier." A sing of concern appeared on Cassie's face due to his remark, this made Jason's smile to widen as he suspected that he had already won this one." That’s why I'm here." A deep voice called out and everybody’s heads turned towards the source of it. Jasons smile faded as he recognized the owner of the voice. Raiden stood in the middle of the parking lot with sparkling eyes. Jason looked behind himself to confirm his suspicion, he was right it was indeed Raiden, the Thunder God and the guardian of Earthrealm." Didn’t think that I was so important that they send the mighty Raiden after me." A smile formed on Raidens lips." Now that you know I was hoping you would come in peace." As his answer Jason dropped to his knees and put his hands on the back of his head. He didn’t have to wait long before his hands were cuffed and everything went black as he was blinded by a bag over his head.

Sounds of heavy steps filled the empty hall then a doorknob turned and General Sonya Blade entered the room. The room was filled with electronic equipment’s and a big window that showed the next room, which was the interrogation room. “How is he doing?" She asked with a serious tone. The officer looked up from the board. “Nothing much General. He hasn’t moved a bit." Sonya nodded and took a file from a nearby table, then opened the door and stepped into the room. Inside Jason didn’t even look up and kept his gaze between his legs. Sonya looked at him and then closed the door, a little harder than necessary.


" Jason Drake Maxwell, used to live with his parents until his mother was mysteriously murdered. when he was 10 and after his father disappeared the young Jason ran away in order to not to be put in foster care. Joined the army at the age of 18 and was promoted to the Special Forces at the age of 21." Sonya looked at him but Jason kept his eyes down, she continued. “Officer Maxwell was the best at his unit until a mission in Outworld during Shinokk’s second invasion of Earthrealm. The reports suggest that Private Maxwell ignored direct orders and even got into a fight with his commanding officer. Due to unknown reasons Private Maxwell didn’t return to Earthrealm with his squad and started working as a mercenary for local landlords and even some of reports claim that he used to work for Kotal Kahn. Two years later he returned to Earth and is the main suspect of the explosion in one of Special Forces camps. After the explosion he went off the radars but reports suggest that he has partaken in underground fighting tournaments usually against Outworlders."


Sonya sat down and closed the files. She knew everything about him and even had led a team to find him but she said them in the hope of triggering a sense of regret inside him but he didn’t seem bothered by it." Why am I here General?" Jason asked coldly." You’re here because you’re a war criminal." Jason leaned in his chair." No, that’s not it. Why now? Why you wanted me so bad that you sent your beloved Raiden after me? “Sonya sighted but kept her serious face on." You are here soldier because we think that our enemies are preparing for another invasion and I need every experienced and capable officer with Outworld." Sonya explained." And what if I say no?" Jason asked, already knowing his answer.


A sly smile formed on Sonyas lips." You can simply tell me that you don’t want to do it and I would send you to a high security prison to spend the rest of your miserable life, if you are able to stay alive of course." Jason stood silent, he didn’t fear the prison but prisoners didn’t like people like him and guards didn’t probably either. He would probably last a couple of days before they stab him while he was asleep or ambush him in the showers, and that would be the end of him. He thought about the offer, it wasn’t that bad.


For the first time he looked up at Sonya, her blond hair was in a long French braid and she wore a cap over it. Her black uniform clinged tightly onto her toned body. The uniform was unzipped a little more than necessary and you didn’t need to try hard to make out a hefty amount of sun-tanned cleavage. She might have been around fifty but she still looked like she was in her mid thirties. Jason stopped ogling her and looked in her eyes. Sonyas smile widened as she knew that he wouldn’t reject her so called 'offer'. Jason sighted with closed eyes and nodded his head. "Alright I'll do it. But I have my conditions. First of all I want all my records cleared and second I want to be left alone after mission is over." Sonya looked a bit insulted.” You are in no condition to make requests.” Jason smiled, it felt good to play her.” I know but it makes me feel better this way, makes me feel that I am not as cheap as I really am.” Sonya’s smile widened.


Although he was a dangerous and unreliable person but she couldn’t deny that his experience and expertise would help in her cause. She got her serious face back, her smile faded and she stood up. “Follow me." She headed for the door but stopped when Jason cleared his throat. Sonya turned around and saw him hold his cuffed hands up with a dumb grin on his face. She shook her head then started walking towards him. Once she got to him she leaned in to uncuff his hands, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage which Jason accepted happily. After his hands were freed Jason rubbed the still visible traces of the handcuffs and stood up to follow Sonya out if the room. During their walk Jasons eyes were fixed on her amazing ass the entire way and he didn’t care if he would get caught. Her round butt wiggled with every step that she took, only god knew what Jason would do to only get his hands on that thing but when they entered a room he shifted his gaze on the other people that were present in the room.


Seemingly they were in the middle of a conversation but when they entered the room they went silent and their heads turned towards Jason and Sonya. Jason recognized them instantly, the team that were supposed to take care of him. Sonya ignored the confused look on their faces and started talking.” Good morning soldiers, I am here to give you the information regarding your next mission and introduce the newest addition to your team.”


Sonya nodded at Jason and he stepped in front.” I am sure you already know who Private Maxwell is. He is going to accompany you in your next mission in Outworld.” The whole room went silent for a second as the team thought about what their superior had told them and Cassie was the first to make her disagreement clear.” Both Mom he i…” Sonya didn’t let her finish.” Captain Cage I am not done.” She told her daughter and Cassie went silent.” As I was saying Private Maxwell will accompany you in your mission in Outworld. We have recently been informed that Kotal is gathering an army and we want you to go to Outworld to make sure that he isn’t up to something. And we are not sure about anything so be ready and please don’t make any misunderstandings like last time.” Sonya waited for them to eat up the information.” OK. Now any questions?” All four of the team put their hands up. Sonya sighted.” Any questions not regarding Private Maxwell’s participation in the mission ?” All hands fell down. “ Alright get ready a portal will be opened soon.” She told them and left the room, leaving them in silence.


The people who have been in Outworld know what kind of hell it could be once you step inside one of the portals, the burning sun dehydrates you and the foul odor of numerous different types of creatures burns you nostrils, so if you are a sensitive person this is not the place for you, actually it shouldn’t be the place for anybody. The Earthrealmers that stepped in this vile environment usually had two reasons; one, they were forced by a mission or a very urgent matter to succumb into this fetid hell or two, they were outcasts or fugitives and going back wasn’t an option.


Captain Cages team were from the first group. Cassie hated being here. She had missions in other hellish places like the boiling deserts of Iraq or freezing mountains of Siberia but this, this was too much even for her but she could deal with it. The last time they were here she had hoped it would be last time she had to be in this disgusting land. Just as she taught that it wont get any worse she heard a sound from under her boot. She lifted her leg and to her disgust found a goo-like substance sticking to the underside of her boot. She let out a groan in both disgust and frustration.


" What’s wrong princess? Did your nice shoes get dirty?" Cassie looked over her shoulder at the one who had mocked her, it was the newbie.  He was mostly silent during their journey except for more than a few occasions that he had made fun of them for their reactions to unpleasant situations. She glared at him but he only responded with a smile, he had made fun of her more than a few times and it was beginning to piss her off. Before they left the station she downloaded his complete file and read about him.


She was about to answer him when they ambushed by several Outworld guards and behind them stood a familiar face, the Nomad, Erron Black. The Gunslinger walked toward them with swag and pride and you could tell that he had a big smile under his mask. He stopped a few yards away from them, his right hand on the hostler of his revolver." You lost?" He asked glaring at them. The team kept an unthreatened pose but Jason pulled down his cap and turned to hide his face." Black we are here to talk to the Emperor." Cassie spoke in a soothing voice.” I don’t think that’s a good idea. The last time you made a big mess which nearly cost me my contract, so if you don’t want me to kill you right here and right now you better go back the way you came." His hand unsheathed his holster." Look Black it is a very urg…" She tried to talk him into it but he cut her off." NOW." He yelled as he aimed his gun at them.


Cassie put her hands up and slowly turned as did the others and started walking slowly. "Wait." They stopped hoping that he had changed his mind. Black started walking towards them and then past all of them until he got to Jason who was the farthest. He put his gun under Jasons chin and brought it up." Well well well. Who do we have here? The famous Jason Maxwell." He said in a malicious tone, Jason forced his lips into a fake smile." Hey Erron, buddy how have you been? It's been a long time since I last saw you."  


The rest of the squad weren’t surprised that they knew each other given to Jason’s time in Outworld. Black pulled his mask down with his free hand revealing a normal face except for a big burned sign on his right cheek." You remember this you son of a bitch, you did this to me the last time we saw each other and I sweared that I would make you pay for it." He pulled his mask up, now his eyes had a flash of anger in them. Jason noticed it and tried to talk his way out of it." C’mon Erron cant we let bygones be bygones." Black seemed to get insulted by this suggestion as he grabbed the collar of his hoodie violently." Oh no. You ain't gonna deceive me with that sweet tounge of yours. You don't know how much we missed you, mostly Ferra/Torr. They really want to see you after your last meeting."


Jason gulped, he was going to be in serious trouble if he got into the hands of that psycho midget and her gigantic grumbling pet. He sized the situation and realized this was probably his best chance to escape but in that state he would jeopardize the entire mission. To hell with the mission they ain't gonna pay for plastic surgery even if there is something of my face left he told himself and then without hesitation head-butted the cowboy. Black cried in pain and fell on the ground holding his bloody, and probably broken, nose. Jason saw the opportunity and grabbed the rifle from the nearly unconscious man's shoulder and took out the two guard in his way and then sprinted away. The rest of the team watched the scene in shock and stood still but when they saw Jason shooting the guards decided that leaving is better than staying, Kotal would probably kill them without hesitation if he found them.


Kung Jin took three of them out with his bow while Takida and Jaquie took out the remaining two. Cassie started running after Jason and the rest followed them. Jason thought he had gotten out of the trouble for now but stopped in his tracks when he felt the ground shake beneath him. Shit not now he sighed, knowing the source of the shaking. A few seconds later a monstrous figure appeared in front of him, a smaller figure on top of the beast. At first you would think that it is a monkey on his back but if you look closer you could make out a human like creature.


Ferra seemed delighted to see Jason." Torr. Torr it's the skinny that burned the BANG BANG." But then her happiness disappeared as soon as it appeared and she glared at him." The skinny hit Ferra in the head too. Ferra doesn’t like skinny." Torr roared in agreement. Not that I care Jason mumbled while thinking how to get away from the duo without incapacitating himself.


He groaned and aimed the rifle at the monster’s head and shot. While a single blow wouldn't do much damage to the head but back to back shots would at least make him a more take able opponent. Torr tried to block the shots with his hands but he didn't reacted fast enough and when the first bullet hit his head the rest followed afterwards. Jason kept on shooting until he had emptied a full clip in the poor monster's skull. When the gun clicked in emptiness he used it like a baseball bat and crushed the skull with it's handle. Torr stumbled backwards but still managed to stay on his feet probably because Ferra was screaming at him to do so. The monster tried a last minute punch that nearly hit Jason but he dodged it at last second, it wasn't a powerful blow but could have easily knocked him down, Jason saw the opportunity and hit the beast with an uppercut. The monster stumbled a little until he finally hit the floor with a big banging sound, crushing Ferra under his back.


" Loved to stay here and chat with you but unfortunately people are trying to kill me. So... bye." He stepped over the titan and the struggling midget under it, Jason kicked Ferra on his way as well, that midget sometimes pissed him off by compliment his butt and sometimes go as far as spanking him and it made him tremble in disgust, and he thought that a little payback would be nice because he hoped that he would never see them again. He faced a couple more guards on his way but they didn't bother him much, they all went down with a punch or two.


He entered an ally and hid in a tent. When he was sure that the guards were gone he got out of his spot and looked for something more suitable to wear, finding an Earthrealmer among Outworlders was easy especially if they wore a hoodie and jeans. Jason looked around and found a big cart. He searched it and to his delight he found more than a couple of useful things, an Outworld cape-like cloth that could hide his face and a couple of purple stripped sais. He nearly screamed in surprise when he found a body inside the cart, a woman. He could tell that she was alive because she was breathing normally and there was no blood around so he suspected that she was the owner of the cart who had decided to take some time off or the owner had decided to kidnap somebody, either way Jason couldn't care less why there was an unconscious woman inside a cart in the middle of Outworld's capital.


A blanket was wrapped around her, the same color and texture of the cape that Jason had found. Her hair was pitch black and short but her face was covered with the blanket, he had to admit even though he couldn't see her completely she looked very attractive. Jason tried to reach in and pull it aside but stopped when he heard footsteps, which he suspected would be the guards. He was surprised when the guards ran after a Tarkatan instead of looking for him but he couldn't argue with it.


For a brief moment he considered leaving the cart or dropping the woman off but they both got rejected as he thought that it would be weird for him to leave it there and a guard suddenly walked in the alley, so he figured that he would take her with himself anyway, if she was the owner she could come back and if she really was kidnapped she would be grateful that he had saved her. He covered the woman with the blanket, pulled up the handles of the cart and got going. His teammates had long been forgotten, he knew that they might be in trouble but if he got caught, even if they didn't execute him for today they would surely do it because the things he had done in the past.


He covered his face and pushed the thoughts in the back of his mind and focused on the task at hand, getting out of here alive. The good thing was that he remembered the capital well enough to make his way to the gates without running into any guards. Several times he unintentionally dropped the cart in small pits in the way which was usually responded with a small groan by the woman inside it but as the pits became more frequent, so did the groans and they  became even louder. Jason shushed her a couple of times but then remembered that she was unconscious.


He took another turn and now the gates were at his sight and to his delight they were not overly protected. He sped up in hope of getting there faster but came to an stop when he saw six more guards appear and start searching the people that wanted to exit the city. He was thinking about how to get out of there when he felt a hand on his shoulder and before he could react he was forced to turn around.


He was shocked at sight that he saw next; in front of him stood three women, they looked like Earthrealmers but Jason knew that they were Edinians and from the alike dresses he knew that they were sisters or related, whatever. They wore an elegant blue colored cloth on their top that came down to just under their oversized bosom. The toned abdomen were revealed and below that was covered only by a small piece of cloth, which looked more like a bandage than cloth. Actually he knew them and unfortunately for him they knew him as well.


" Jason." Said the middle one delightfully, and a little louder than necessary. Shit they had to find me now he mumbled before trying to find the right words." Hey ladies. how have you been?" He tried to sound excited but failed miserably." Oh Elder Gods. We finally found you we have..." She was cut off by the one standing on her right which didn't look as happy as her friend to see him." Where have you been?" She nearly yelled in anger and it seemed to have caught the attention of the guards as they turned their heads in their direction.


Jason noticed that and had to think fast or he would be dead in a few minutes, not that he couldn't take care of a few guards but that the news of him being back in Outworld had probably spread by now and he wasn't a very popular person around here, or anywhere. Before he could say anything a voice from behind him called out." Is everything alright over there?" It was a guard and from his appearance you could tell that he was the one in charge. Without turning Jason kicked the cart back and it hit the guard on his knee, a low groaning sound came from the cart. This took the others by surprise and before They could react two powerful kicks on the side of their heads threw their unconscious bodies on the ground.


Jason turned around and adjusted his cape, while looking at the three stunned women." Ladies." He said as he grabbed the handles of the cart and started running towards the gates that didn't have much protection since the guards have decided to interrupt their short conversation, a crowd began to gather around the fallen guards and it gave Jason a much needed cover. He kept on running until he reached the first guard and again used the cart as a weapon to knock the goon out. Now there was nobody between him and the gates of the city so he sprinted towards them.


Jason was feeling lucky for the first time today when suddenly something hit him in the jaw and knocked him down, the cart kept going forward until it slowly came to an stop. On the ground Jason looked around, searching for the thing responsible for his fall but nothing was there except for plain air. He quickly got on his feet and took a fighting stance, he had spent much time in Outworld and knew that nothing would happen in here without a reason. He looked around while still being completely ready for anything but then got hit on the back the leg and a low growl escaped his lips. A maniacal low laugh could be heard like the air was laughing at him, then another fist hit him, this time in the stomach. Jason stooped a little due to the impact but again got on his feet.” Show yourself coward.” He called out at the thing that was hitting him. All of a sudden another laugh but this time louder was heard and a green creature appeared in front of Jason.


The Earthrealmer looked at the foul and smelly thing that had appeared in front of him. It was Reptile, the last Zatarran, a foul and bragging lizard.” Didn’t expect to see you around here anymore Earthrealmer. Taught you were smart enough not to return.” Reptile said while dragging his long tounge over his fang-like teeth. Jason tried not to throw up, although Outworld is one of the most fetid places that anyone could be but it was nothing compared to the smell that came from this thing.” Reptile, it looks like you haven’t found your way to the baths. You got to do something about that smell man.” The insulted lizard hissed at Jason’s disrespectful comment, in that way he both showed Jason his sharp teeth and a droplet of his acidic saliva dropped on the ground and burned the plant that it had dropped on.


” Disrespectful insect, I will kill you and feast on your useless corpse and this time Kotal wont be here to save you.” He finished his sentence and lounged himself at Jason which was a dumb move considering the fact that Jason was a better kombatant than him but Reptile didn’t care about that, he just wanted to kill this Earthrealmer once and for all. The fight didn’t go to the lizards favor as he was kicked around and had to take more of a defensive approach but he managed to hit his opponent with his claws and in no time Jason was bleeding real heavily.


Jason was in the driving seat until Reptile evaded one of his punches and kicked him in the stomach which knocked Jason down face first and he failed to get up. A devilish and proud smile formed on Reptile’ s lips as he walked gracefully to his fallen enemy. He used his foot to turn Jason on his back like a piece of meat, the human was breathing heavily and from the look on his face you could tell that he was in great pain every time his chest rose and fell. Jason spit some blood out of his mouth and looked up at the foul creature that had managed to defeat him, the lizard licked his lips as he savored the sweet taste of victory and of course the meal that was about to come.


He couldn’t believe that he was going down by his hand, He didn’t know how he wanted his life to end but being killed by Reptile in a street brawl in the middle of Outworld wasn’t one that he would be proud of.” Any last words ,Vermin?” Reptile mockingly spit out, a couple drops of his acidic saliva spilled from his mouth. Jason opened his mouth to say something but his throat was dry and preferred not to waste his last breathes on mocking the worthless Zattaran, so he just brought up his right hand and gave him the finger. Reptile was clearly insulted by this act and put his foot on the Earthrealmers wounded chest and pushed down very hard. Jason screamed in pain and agony as one of Reptile’s sharp toenails went through his already bloody chest.


The lizard’s smile widened as he pushed his foot down even harder as his poor enemy struggled to get his foot off of himself, maybe he would keep this Earthrealmer for a while, just for fun and then would feast on his flesh. Jason’s vision was begging to get blurry as he was losing too much blood and it was getting hard for his tired brain to stay conscious. Suddenly something flew through the air and hit Reptile right between the eyes. The sharp object plunged into the lizards forehead and a green liquid started flowing from the place that the object connected with his skull. Reptile stood still for a couple of seconds before he dropped on the ground. A figure appeared in Jason’s sight but his vision was blurry enough to deny him the chance to take a look at his savior. The former military finally succumbed to his wounds and everything went black. For the first time in his life Jason didn’t know whether he would make it alive or not.  

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