The Adventure Never Ends

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Disclaimer: I do not own Assassin's Creed. I make no profit posting this fanfiction.

Disclaimer: I do not own Assassin’s Creed, I make no profit from the posting of this story, it is purely a FANfiction.

Title: The Adventure Never Ends

Rating: M for future chapters

Spoilers: Assassin’s Creed 3, for those who have not played the game be warned that some secrets may be revealed in future chapters!

Warnings: Hints of same sex couple and same sex couple intimacy i.e sex! (Okay…not really hints, but not full sex scenes! Just very, very blunt mentions of sex. Not for young  eyes! Oh and there is some violence in this chapter… O.O…. :D

And of course everyone already knows the basic pairing! Ezio/Altair/Desmond (/Connor?)  And I have a couple of surprises coming up for you…(Yes…I’ve had way too much free time, coffee, chocolate…lots of fun ahead!)

Author Note:

I want to thank you for all the awesome reviews I’ve gotten for ‘The Problem With The Animus’, I was planning to leave the story there but your reviews have inspired me to get a sequel going! I cannot believe the support I’ve received from you all, I’ve loved every review and I’m so excited and very, very nervous about unveiling this new story!

I hope you will enjoy this as much as you enjoyed it predecessor.  

Chapter One: Whispered Words

Do not think of a mission as a duty, everyday life can be a mission as well. Every day is a new day, a new chance to learn. The moment you are aware you are learning, absorbing all the knowledge that life and death grants you. Listen to the wind, the people, the animals and the silence, smell the air and taste life. The man who had spoken these words was a lean, tall man hidden under a long white robe, he had no discernible features but memory served Desmond well and he could recall those hazel eyes and that crazy smirk on scarred lips.

Life is not a fine wine Altair! But it is a gift! Listen to me Desmond and listen well. Altair speaks some truth, life is always a mission, it never truly ends. Once you enter the world you mission of life, of survival has begun. You must use all your senses to learn about your world. Watch life and its landscape, feel for the land and those that live upon, become one with the world, only when you have truly blended in can you feel as one with the world. This speaker had a distinct Italian accent and wore elaborate robes of blue and black, his hood was down. His hair was cropped and messy as if he had just risen from a bed, his face was chiselled but remarkable similar to what Desmond remembered of Altair’s face, his eyes were darker, full of feeling and knowledge. Ezio turned to face Desmond with a fond smile and Desmond had smiled back feeling like a small child under his father’s gaze.

Ezio is correct. Altair stated interrupting the fond moment. Blending in is vital, learn about the land, its people, become one of them, become a shadow, make it so no one knows you exist, this is how an assassin works, we are but a blade in the crowd.

We know you are capable. Ezio had stated softly, his voice almost a whisper as his hand caressed Desmond’s clean shaven face. But you must always remember, you must always know. If you find yourself without us, whether it is right here in Altair’s home country or anywhere else in the world in the 1100’s…

You could be taken to another time as well. Altair added when it appeared Ezio would not even speak of the possibility. We all could, but you in particular Desmond. If so you need to become one of the people, whether it is past, present or future.

Your first part of the mission will be adapting, getting clothes, staying out of trouble. You need to learn where you are, what year it is and most importantly you need to track down the ancient artefacts, the pieces of Eden. Once you have hold of one of them there is a good possibility we’ll be reunited for Altair and I have the apple.

Don’t get yourself into any trouble you can’t handle, we may not be able to pull you out of it. Don’t take any un-necessary risks and don’t you dare go and get yourself killed. Altair warned. I hope that this never comes to be but if it does you’ll behave like a proper assassin with one soul mission, to find a way home safely.

We do not want to be parted from you but if we are we need you to stay safe and work on your end to reunite yourself with us, we will do the same. Ezio stated fondly. But let’s talk no more about this, the idea of losing you upsets me greatly, I’d rather be doing something more…productive with our time.

And by productive you mean… Altair gave a fond but exasperated sigh but the glint in his golden orbs clearly showed his favouritism for the idea, both assassin’s had looked at Desmond before dragging him to their room.

If only they had known, they had suspected but for it to really happen was something none of them had considered. But here he was in this strange new place, there was a strange mix of people, there were the civilians, gangs and thugs, soldiers in blue coats and soldiers in red coats. It was pretty bad for him since he was wearing an assassin’s long white robe and his weapons were clear for all to see, the people mostly wore dark clothes, which meant he was an obvious target and threat. “I need to change.” He murmured.

Become one of the people.

Remember, an assassin is but a blade in the crowd.

The whispered words bought forth by his memory gave him comfort as he began analysing the crowd from his hide spot. His eyes watched the people scuttle around, the civilians seemed to avoid the ‘red-coats’ for the most part but they seemed to favour the blue-coats. “Dressing as a red-coat would force the people to avoid me, but dressing as blue-coat or a civilian would be more beneficial, it will be much easier to hide in the crowd.” He whispered to himself.

It was a thug that finally caught his eye, the man wore drab clothing, his boots were knee high and dark brown, his trousers had a dark red tint to them but they could just be a rich chocolate colour, his under shirt was grey, his waist coat was a pale caramel brown and his jacket matched his trousers, overall a very drab un-noticeable dress code. “Perfect.” He muttered as he followed the target carefully.

It did not take long for the man to slip into a dark alley way, thugs used the dark alley ways to trap innocents and to make plans and the assassin’s used the alley ways to kill thugs like the guy he was hunting. Desmond allowed a smirk to grace his lips, it was ironic that the place the thug felt safest was the place he would die. The man made no sound as his throat was cut; his death was quick and quiet. With some distaste Desmond switched their clothes and concealed his weapons beneath the long coat. Before he left he picked up the hat, gave it a quick inspection before placing it upon his head, it was not a hood but it would have to do for the time being.

Once you have the clothes you need to become one of the people, watch them, listen to them so you can act and sound like them, this is vital for blending in.

Using his trained senses Desmond listened closely to the speech pattern of the people around him and gasped in surprised recognition, it was English but the accent was quite close to the American accent. So he was in America, now he just had to narrow down the timeline.

“Tell your boss to sail across the sea from Britain and try to claim my home himself!”

Well that narrowed down the timeline considerably, Britain still had its empire but by the sound of it that empire was beginning to crumble, no doubt the American Rebellion would begin soon. If Desmond remembered correctly the American War of Independence began in the 1700’s, the hatred had been growing for several years but they did not rebel until the end of the 1700’s, around the 1770’s if Desmond remembered his history lessons correctly.

Once you have blended in you need to gather information, you should have begun this already but once you are suitable attired or hidden you need to conduct an investigation. Now listen to me very carefully Desmond, you must find another assassin, more importantly another bureau, you cannot kill or complete missions in another’s jurisdiction without permission from the bureau there.

The assassin’s will be hard to find, but think of it as a challenge, you have to use all the skills we’ve taught you to find them.

So the next step was assassin hunting, Desmond sighed before taking a deep relaxing breath. “I can do this.” He murmured to himself. “Think, where would they be hiding?”

The easiest way to find an assassin is to lure them to you. Now do not be fooled by my words Desmond, no assassin will fall for a trap, they will be wary but you can make yourself a curiosity to them.

Now there is no easy way to bring an assassin’s attention to you. You cannot act differently or suspiciously without endangering yourself, but an assassin as you well know needs very little to realise there is something strange about you.

There is nothing strange about Desmond, Ezio! Now Desmond, ignore this fool and listen to me, climb on rooftops, climb viewpoints, your behaviour marks you as an assassin to other assassin’s and remember trust in your instincts.

I always trust in my instincts. Ezio purred as he leered at Altair, Desmond chuckled in fond memory, when Ezio was relaxed he stopped thinking with his head and started…”No, now is not the time to think of that.” Desmond muttered snapping himself out of that fond memory. “I need to find an ally.”

Desmond scanned the immediate environment and let out a relieved sigh when he realised that a view point was not that far, in fact all he would have to do is climb, jump a few roofs and climb some more. He climbed the first building with ease before carefully jumping from roof to roof; it was only when he was at the bottom of the massive tower that he realised that he had a challenge in front of him.

If you’re not being watched or chased, take your time, a fall could do serious injury. Altair had been the one to teach him climbing, those hazel eyes had been full of worry and concern, the assassin’s body was tense, he taught Desmond everything he needed to do in case of a fall.

Desmond smiled thankful that Altair could not see him now, whilst this tower was not as tall as the towers from Jerusalem or Damascus or Acre, they were still quite tall and Altair would be worrying needlessly over his little lover. Shaking his head with a small wistful smile Desmond began to climb, he remembered that slow and steady was the best way to climb, rushing and panicking meant making mistakes and mistakes could be fatal.

It was amazing that such a view existed above all the chaos of human living below; it was astonishing what a change of scene could do to a person. Long ago Desmond was angry, he had been condemned to a life of an assassin and he hated his father for it but now he loved his life, loved his line of work and it was all thanks to his lovers and beautiful scenes like this. Looking above the town, looking up at the skies hope flourished in his heart, perhaps one day assassin’s would not be needed but until then he, Altair, Ezio, Malek and friends would watch over the innocents and protect them as best as they could. “We’re always watching.”

A scream bought his attention back down onto the streets, a dark cloaked figure was racing down the road with the redcoats close on his tail, they fired frantically at him but the man easily dodged the shots and fled into an alley way. Activating eagle-vision Desmond watched closely and smiled as he recognised an ally, this man was an assassin; it seems luck was on the young man’s side.

The assassin was in trouble, he could not seem to dodge the patrols, as he lost one he ran into another, when he climbed he was shot down, with nowhere to run or hide the man did the only thing he could, he turned and fought. Desmond who had been following the chase decided that now was the time to help; he jumped down behind the guards creeping up on the assassin and joined the fight. Ezio had been a great help in the lessons of battle, he taught Desmond everything, how to deal with fast, light-footed attackers as well as the heavier built soldiers.

The last soldier fighting Desmond decided the other man would be an easier target, as he turned to face the assassin the man shoved a sword right through his throat. The two assassin’s breathed heavily as the stood over the dying man’s body. “You aided me, why?”

“I am a friend. I am with the Brotherhood.” Desmond replied.

“You lie, there are no other assassins.”

“What do you mean there are no other assassins? Surely that is not true? Has the Brotherhood fallen after all the work we have done to ensure its survival?” Desmond asked concerned. He, Altair and Ezio had worked so very hard to ensure the assassin’s survival, surely the Brotherhood had not fallen after so much work and time!

“I am the only assassin.”

“But that cannot be true! Altair…Ezio! They worked to prevent this!”

“You know of Altair and Ezio?” The assassin asked curiously. “Then perhaps you do know something of the brotherhood. Tell me stranger, how did you come upon these names?”

“Do you have somewhere more private for us to speak; my story is not one that can be overheard.” Desmond stated. “I vow upon the Brotherhood and all that I hold sacred that I will bring no harm upon you this day or any other day.”

“Very well, follow me.”

All assassin’s that you meet will be suspicious and tense because they don’t know you and you know far too much about the Brotherhood, once you are safe prove you are one of their Brothers.

Don’t upset an assassin, they won’t kill you or threaten you but if they think you’re a spy or a traitor they will eliminate you so don’t mess around.

Never trust anyone explicitly, always be wary, the assassin will be the same he will not lead you to the bureau he will take you somewhere quiet. The place will be far away from people where he can…deal with you if he feels it is necessary.

Unsurprisingly the man led his to an empty warehouse. “Talk.”

Desmond sighed. “Before I speak I wish to give proof I am a Brother and I wish to receive proof in return.” The man hesitated clearly thinking about his next move before he nodded. Desmond showed his ring finger where the assassin symbol was branded; the man showed him his belt buckled with the assassin symbol. “You wear the clothes but no brand and no amputation…how can be sure you truly are an assassin.”

“Do you have the sight?”

“Eagle-vision?” Desmond asked, the man tilted his head. “You mean where the environment goes black and people are outlined with different colours indicating their threat level?”


“Yes I have the sight.” Desmond confirmed.

“Have you used it on me?”

“Yes and it claims you’re an ally.”

“My sight says the same thing.”

“Then you must be an assassin.” Desmond muttered. “I apologise but I had to confirm if what I suspected was truth.”

“Of course.”

“Alright then. I suppose I will explain my story, although it is very long and crazy, no doubt you will not believe me for the most part but I ask you to trust me for every word  speak is truth.” Desmond stated, the man frowned but nodded as he took a seat on a very unstable looking table. “Well. I was born in 1987, that’s about 210 years in the future. I was born in America in South Dakota, I was born into a family of assassin’s. At the time I was born the assassins were being hunted down by the Templars but I had no idea of the danger. My father wanted me to be an assassin, to follow the creed but I wanted to be me, I wanted to be Desmond Myles not an assassin, not a chess piece. I ran away, got myself a job in a bar as a bartender, but the Templars tracked me down and kidnapped me.”

“This is a very far-fetched story.”

“It is.” Desmond agreed. “If I hadn’t lived it I wouldn’t believe it myself.”

“Go on.”

“Well…the Templars had this crazy idea. It was…well it is very complicated. You see the Templars discovered something amazing, the human body is a library, it holds the memories of the person’s ancestors. The Templars discovered a way to harness these memories, the built a contraption…a device that allows the person to relive their ancestors memories. My ancestor, as far as I know he is the oldest assassin relative I have, was Altair. I’m not sure if you know Altair Ibn-La'Ahad but…”

“I know of Altair, please continue.”

“Well...I had to relive most of his missions, I lived through his breaking the three tenants of our creed, I lived through his making it up to his Brothers, I learned of the Piece of Eden and I lived through his discovery of Al Mualim, his master being a traitor.” Desmond explained. “They were all Altair’s memories but I experience them as if they were my own.”

“What happened next?”

“The Templars wanted to kill me but an assistant, Lucy Stillman convinced them I was more useful alive. Turned out she was an assassin sent undercover to help find the POE’s and rescue me. With the Templar’s gone on their little treasure hunt I escaped with Lucy and she took me to a group of assassin’s. There I relived another ancestors memories via their device. This time I lived Ezio Auditore da Firenze memories. Again I lived through his families deaths, his realisation that his family were assassin’s and his vengeance, I relived his experiences and learned with him, I grew up through him and realised that I was an assassin and it was indeed something I wanted to do, to become.”

“So Ezio and Altair aided you so you became what you were meant to be?”

“Something like that.” Desmond stated fondly. “But then problems arose. The Templars found us, they killed the assassins who were with me, I knew I was going to die so I did the only thing I could think of. Looking back I don’t know why I did what I did…but…well I dove for the Piece of Eden. I had hoped that when the Templars opened fire they would destroy the item as well as killing me but as if sensing its inevitable destruction the item sent me back in time to Ezio and Altair. They were suspicious but they eventually came to accept me, they taught me how to be an assassin, they made me into an assassin and overtime we became lovers.”

“So the story is true…”


“My tutor told me a story long ago when I first came to him. I thought it a myth but the proof stands before me. Desmond Myles. I am Ratonhnhaké:ton but many just call me Connor. My tutor is Achilles. He told me this tale, Desmond, your tale. He spoke of an American, a young man, a child being sent back in time with grave news, the grandmasters, the two mightiest assassin’s took the child in and taught him to be an assassin. Together the three crafted a new future in the hopes that the assassin’s would survive and be ready for the Templars. I am told that many believed you would travel through time again but I doubted it, I am now converted, I see there is truth to the old tales.”

“Well Connor. I’m relieved to hear that.” Desmond stated with a warm smile. “But to be honest I want to return to Altair and Desmond.”

“I do not know how to aid you.”

“Do you know where an ancient artefact is? It will glow and the items are often gold in colour.” Desmond asked.

“I do not know of such a thing, however the spirits tell me there is a key to be found in this land. Perhaps this key is what you seek?”

“Perhaps, you won’t mind if I tag along?”

“My tutor, Achilles will be suspicious and very doubtful but I am happy for you to accompany me.” Connor replied. “Come, I will take you to the homestead, perhaps Achilles has better clothing for you and no doubt you’ll need rest and food before we begin work.”

“Yes, I would like time to adjust to this land and its people before we work, I have been here for such a short time that I am not fully adapted.” Desmond replied with a grin.

“Yes, I understand for I too was not used to this town. You see I am what many call a savage, I am a Native American, many do not like me for this, but I have adapted.”

“I have no such hatred, I assure you Connor. In the past the Assassins were great, there were many of us, from all sides of the globe, each had a unique religion and we accepted all for we also accepted that we were all equal yet unique.”

“It is a shame such thinking has died out for the most part.” Connor replied.

“But it has not completely died out, besides it is human nature to judge.” Desmond replied. “It cannot be helped it is who we are, but we assassin’s don’t allow our judgements to guide us, we research and learn before we act.”

“A man once said some very wise words to me.” Connor answered thoughtfully. “He said that we are all part of God’s flock and that we should be allowed to worship him in our own way. The words have some merit, though I myself do not believe in the colonists God, I believe in the spirits.”

“I don’t really have a faith, I’m more of a cynic or an atheist. I suppose I can agree that there is something out there, but I rely on hard evidence rather than absolute faith.” Desmond answered thoughtfully. “And I suspect the same can be said for you, you trust in the spirits and the stories you’ve heard but I doubt you’d go in head first without investigation. No doubt I’ll be under watch for some time until you deem me reliable and a friend.” Desmond replied.

“Then you understand the reception you may receive back at the homestead. A village is growing on the land there and you’ll be most welcome but Achilles will be wary of you, for he believes the tale to be a story and he will also believe you are an insane man who’s heard the story too many times.”

“Yet you do not.”

“You move with skill.” Connor answered. “You are stealthy, swift and cunning, you do not have the look of an insane man, you are an assassin and my ‘sight’, my ‘eagle-vision’ agrees with this verdict.”

“But I will still have to earn your trust.”

“You have to earn the trust of all who live on the homestead.” Connor corrected. “And you can start by aiding me in helping them. I am sure there are many things needed to be done on the homestead and once your settled you will get to know the people and help them.”

“Of course, Ezio taught me that strength not only came from a blade or the body, it also came from knowledge, friendship and business. Ezio was quite rich in his time for he protected and invested in many of Italy’s businesses. He suggested I learn to do the same.”

“Then you can begin here.” Connor answered. “Now keep your head down and do not interfere with the guards, for the most part they leave us be but they can sometimes turn very violent, I cannot count the number of times that I have simply passed them and been attacked.”

“Is there anything I should be aware of?”

“The English are cunning, they will fire from a distance if they can, I advise using one of their own as a human shield if there is one close, their shots can do a lot of harm. The English do not run, they will fight to the very last man so if you are injured, tired or just not interested I suggest running instead of fighting. They are a formidable enemy and to be honest even I prefer to leave them be, however I can kill them all if necessary.”

“Yes, Ezio and Altair say the same thing, do not fight if it is not necessary for it attracts too much unwanted attention. Altair in particular said that a nervous crowd made blending in and disappearing almost impossible.” Desmond replied.

“Be warned, being on horseback is a danger, the guards can easily shoot the horse and it will stop and collapse, by the time you and the horse have gotten to your feet the guards are on top of you.” Connor warned. “The wisest thing you can do is to leave the horse and run, either that or fight. I prefer to fight, I do not like my horses being shot at but if there is no time I will run.”

“I understand.” Desmond replied. “Altair and Ezio felt the same thing, if their horses were injured they would go on a warpath killing all the guards in the immediate area. Altair in particular hates when his Arab mare even gets a scratch.” Desmond explained in obvious amusement. “I have no clue what he’s like when she’s pregnant! I don’t think he’s even thought to mate her yet but I suspect he’ll be with her constantly like a worried mother hen.”

“What about you?” Connor asked equally amused by Desmond’s explanation.

“I can ride but me and horses tend not to get along.” Desmond answered with a grin, as if to answer the horse beneath him whinnied in clear annoyance.

“Why not?”

“Well normally it has something to do with me being close to Ezio or Altair, they tend to use any free moment to re-familiarise themselves to my body.” Desmond explained with a blush. “I tend to ride with one of them and they use the horse and a sentient, portable bed.”

“Ah.” Connor murmured with a grin and a slight blush on his cheeks, Desmond merely nodded with a sappy grin and kept his head down even as his cheeks heated up with a bright pink blush.

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