Vigilante's Christmas

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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"Are you sure this is a good idea?"
"Positive! Come on, he doesn't even suspect a thing!"
"When does he..."
"...Ok, you got a point there."
Manami held out a skimpy outfit to her girlfriend, smiling. Aina timidly took it, looking at it then back up at Manami. She sighed, knowing how this would gonna go down. She just hoped it would go smoothly, then again, Makoto never did turn down sex. Or anything to do with intimacy for that matter. She turned to her girlfriend, looking at the lingerie, then up at her.
"I don't know, Manami, he might not go for this."
"Your low confidence is showing."
Aina blushed, holding her hands to her cheeks and dropping the outfit. Manami laughed, picking it up for her and holding it out once again.
"We'll do this tonight."

Looking at herself in the mirror, Aina had to wonder. She slapped herself lightly on the cheeks, firing herself up for that night. She took a deep breath, threw on her pajamas and ran to meet with Manami. She just knew this may end badly, it was possible after all. She found the room Manami was in, knowing Makoto was most likely in his workshop, painting as he usually was. 
"Manami? Are you in there?"
"Yeah! Come in!"
Slowly Aina opened the door, then fell back in shock. 
"M-M-Manami! What are you wearing!?"
"My outfit."
"All you have on is a ribbon!"
"It's an outfit! It's supposed to look like just a ribbon!"
"You're showing more than I am!"
"Just go."
Aina turned on her heel while Manami covered herself up, both heading to Makoto's workshop. Manami knocked, then opened the door to find her husband working on a painting. He looked up briefly to see who was entering his room before smiling at them both then returning to his work. 
"Still not done yet, dear?" Manami asked, walking over, followed by Aina who appeared nervous. 
"Not quite. Maybe in a few hours."
Manami looked up at Aina, giving her that look. Aina looked around, anywhere but at her lovers faces. She knew what was coming, and couldn't stop it. Makoto heard them shifting behind him before two arms took him by his own two. He quickly let go of his brush away from the paper, wondering what those two were up to. He went to turn his head, only to have himself thrown back against the floor.
"What do you two think you're doing!?" He asked before seeing them entirely, gasping. 
They sat on either side of hem, in their Christmas lingerie. Aina in a see-through red teddy with a Santa belt and white ruffle and a little hat on her head, while Manami on the other hand, appeared to only be wearing a red ribbon, made into a teddy that he could pull apart and reveal the gift underneath.
Manami gave a wide smile and Aina blushed, not used to this type of thing. He looked from his wife to his girlfriend, sitting up and staring at her until she looked at him and blushed. It was clear to him that she was nervous, along with a tad bit embarrassed to be seen in that outfit. His eyes flicked down, then up to look her over, then he looked at his wife, who slightly nodded towards the other girl, and smiled. 
A smile appeared on his face as his head whipped back around, reaching out and taking hold of her, pulling her into his lap. Aina shrieked, but was blocked as his lips covered hers, his hands on her shoulder and belly. She caught a glimpse of Manami seemingly smiling but creeping behind their man before her eyes closed, enjoying the passionate kiss Makoto was giving her. 
Her hands came up, arms wrapping around his neck as he held her close, their tongues fighting for dominance. Manami was sure to untie the smock that was around his body, knowing it would lead her to the outfit he wore. Before he knew it, his own wife started to strip him while he was kissing their lover. He had to move quite often, allowing her access to his torso, to which he had to let Aina support herself while he raised his arms above his body, allowing his shirt to come off, revealing the muscular body he had to obtain underneath. Manami had to work around him intertwining their bodies to get his jeans off, Undoing the belt and pulling it off. She finally got his pants off of him, and he looked back at her, giving her a look before returning to what he was doing.
Aina looked at him before he continued his assault on her body. He kissed her neck, moving down her throat to her breasts. She felt his tongue glide between them before moving past them entirely. She looked down at him, watching as he reached behind him, grabbed one of the ties of Manami's outfit and yanked it, causing it to fall apart in the front. She didn't want to shrug out of the rest of it, so she watched as his hand came up, yanking her down when he grabbed her wrist.
Manami obliged, slipping underneath him and putting her head between the others legs. Aina blushed, knowing what was coming. She felt her girlfriend hold her legs apart, looking up while her boyfriend leaned forward, pushing inside of his wife and licking her clit. The simultaneous pleasure that the man could give to both woman made them both groan out, Manami arching her back. He also tucked his arms around Aina's legs, licking away as he was thrusting inside his wife. 
Both women moaned out, wondering how he could focus on them both at the same time the way he was. Makoto knew he had to keep himself focused, or he'd end up only pleasuring one at a time. He slipped his tongue inside, making  Aina moan out as her back arched, hips lifting slightly. Manami thought this was a bit much.
"Makato, you need to be on your back."
Looking down at her, he realized she was right. He quickly maneuvered them correctly, making Aina wonder why he himself hadn't become a ninja. He put his hands upon her legs, pulling her close down to him while bringing his knees up to let Manami have some support. She leaned back against his legs while knowing she could still move on him. While she started to do so, he was already giving Aina her own pleasure.
Aina had to lean forward a bit, putting her hands on his chest. Manami also leaned forward, looking into the other woman's eyes as she grabbed a hold of her hands. She pulled her forward and leaned towards her, making Aina blush more than what she was and her eyes widened. She felt their lips meet, feeling her kissing the other. She closed her eyes, knowing both were providing everything. 
Manami felt him lifting his hips up, groaning as he delved deeper into her body. She let a soft moan out into the other girl's mouth, her hands coming to cup her breasts. Aina didn't know what to think, given that she really couldn't at this moment in time. Her mind was blank, swirling with supposed thoughts that she just couldn't get out. Neither her or Manami, who was clinging to her now, feeling herself clenching around her husband. 
He could also feel it, having to stop licking to focus on her, knowing in just a moment, he'd have Aina in the same place. Aina could hear her, listening as she let a cry out, followed by a moan with a few small pants. She heard him groan, felt his body move as he gave his wife a few more pleasurable thrusts. 
"Your turn." He said, groaning as he picked her up from his face.
Aina gave a high pitched noise as he moved her down his body, sitting her down on his cock and sitting up himself.
Aina nodded, feeling him moving a bit more, then thrusting. She moaned out, arching her back and putting her hand on his shoulder behind them. He put his hand on her waist, rocking them together. She whimpered, her cheeks red as she squeezed her eyes shut, feeling him against her sensitive area. She panted, feeling him rolling up against her. She felt him pushing on her, making her go on all fours while their lover watched. 
Her hands hit the floor, feeling her body move with his thrusting. She closed her eyes as his hand moved down, rubbing her clit and his other on her breast. She pushed back against him, making him move faster and harder inside of her. The more he moved, the more her pleasure rose. She felt her strength slipping, knowing she'd fall if he hadn't put his hands on her belly, keeping her up. She gritted her teeth, trying to fight against her own orgasm. 
She lost to herself, feeling him pulling her against him, hugging her to his chest with his own teeth clenched as she came, squeezing him repeatedly. She could feel him shaking, feeling as he panted, his chest rising and falling until he released inside of her. Aina felt a hand pressing up against her chest, near her throat, slowly letting her slip down until Manami could pull her away, into her lap.
"Think she might be about ready to sleep."
"You think?"
"I know."

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