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"Kurt Irving...wait, you mean Irving the Steel Captain from academy? what are you doing here?" asked Anastagi to his company


"...really? you dont have any look of it"

Anastagi and Kurt are both soldier that thrown into squad 422 or the nameless. they didn't know what kind of squad is this but commander Ramsey Crowe, which surprisingly look like cigar lover than veteran, said this is an unusual squad where death is a breakfast. for both of them, they think it's common why death are coming from many side. this is war not water balloon contest.when they arrived, they were greeted by a sight of death soldiers carried to the military truck. 

"that's welcoming" mutter Anastagi

"we need to find the captain then" said Kurt

after a few minute searching, they both didn't found any person with a captain armband which is confusing. decide to be a little talkative, Anastagi aproach a long hair Darcsen who observing the damaged tank.

"you're the new guy" said the person with number 06

"yeah. Anastagi"

"number 9999? that's uniqe code you got there"

"blame the millitary" mutter Anastagi "anyway do you know where captain is? or maybe his tent?"

"you just see it being carried" 06 said plainly

"oh for god sake...then there is no authority now?" 

"until further notice yeah"

Anastagi scratch his head "then can you tell me about this squad? commander Crowe didn't say much about this squad"

06 look unhappy "this is a squad where we always sent to the frontline no matter how great is our handicap. we always asked to clear a path before a Gallian army arrived. some sort of black ops sure but unfortunately, we never allowed to retreat"

Anastagi raise his brow "meaning?"

"you do as you asked, or face desertion punishment"

"sick fucker...really? i mean if that's the rule that mean we diminishing our country soldier!"

"nope, just us"

Anastagi facepalmed "oh for god sake....i'll be fucked...FUCKED i said!"

"you're not the only one who frown here" said 06 "most of us come here unwillingly"


"yeah. they will tell you why they even here. but don't be alarmed when you found anyone who is bellow average to join this war"

later inside the tent...

"that's what i heard from the 06 guy" said Anastagi

"i also heard the same thing from number 13"

"look, i don't know about you but this squad right now is headless chicken. no captain, no authority, no order, they all busy on their tent or someone they count as favorite"

"that's bad for teamwork"

"you'll be fucked when you meet  number 15 and 03. a 14 year old and a damn old lady! shit me to the bone"

 "actually, i got a direct order from Crowe that we need to move to clear a path to old Bruhl"

"really? with this kind bunch of misfit that barely know each other?"

Kurt sighed "then we gotta find anyone who willing"

after the announcement of the mission, Kurt waiting for Anastagi who still telling the member of the squad who miss the meeting. a few moment later, 3 person approach both of them and received very sinking feeling about it.

"this is it? all of you? what the hell! where the rest of you!" shout Anastagi

"they don't trust you" said 06

"horseshits it's Christmas already? fuck!'

Kurt clear his throat "like i said, we gotta do with any number we got"

"number? we only five against bunch of empire strutting ahead of us! we risked of instant lose or if you consider this lucky, run out of ammo in mid battle!" said Anastagi

"the empire are moving as we speak. we move now or they will surround us" said Kurt

"you got a plan then?" asked Anastagi

"back in academy i go to battle with only 2 assault and one medic. i hope that assuring"

"what about tank?" asked 13

"did they bring it?" asked Kurt

"i scout ahead and see a small number. still greater than us of course, with a tank and one APC"

"ok now listen"

the battlefield may big but offer many cover for ambush such as tree and bushes. luckily 06 are actually tank pilot so they have another cover should they need to move around. since their number are smaller, they need to be quick in this. first, Anastagi fired the shot. while distracted, 13 fired from the flank. meanwhile Kurt handle any soldiers left since he carry assault rifle.

"that's odd" said Kurt

"what is it?"

"last time before departure we were 5 is it? who is other one?"

"it's 01. strange, she should be here" said 13

then the radio pick up "07, the tank is destroyed, path is clear"

"is APC heading here?" ask Kurt

"no, it also destroyed"

"what? wait a minute from our strategy plan isn't it too far for you to attack?" ask Anastagi

"yes but number 01 beat me to it"

even tough it's relieve to hear, Kurt actually not pleased. not only 01 didn't follow order but also risk herself in the open. he met 01 first time he come here but she didn't say a thing. now with this, she better talk or another trouble will loom over their victory.

they back from battle and greeted by the rest of the squad with much of stunned expression and much praise. but this only tick off Anastagi.

"really? so other than us the rest of you is a goddamn parade?"

the rest seem offended but most vocal are 21 "hey, do you think i wanna fuck myself there with just that number!?"

"see those both girl? they come here willingly without give a fuck in the first place! what's wrong with every one of you!?"

Kurt also agree "while i'm not pleased, i'm also curious. why you guys don't want to come? just answer why and we don't need to make this problem a fuss"

then they answered willingly. most of them are held back by trust matter, some of them held back by ridiculous reason such as being asked, busy with research, tea time, and anything that make them look like a damn civil instead a soldier.

"what kind of shit hole Gallian just dig here" mutter Anastagi

06 smile bitterly "then let me introduce you both in detail with this army"

"squad 422 is actually a squad that never exist in record. we are like shadow that move forward for Gallian army. this group may look like a normal squad but i assure you it's a little complicated. most squad here are just like you both. punished for any war crime. instead of executed, they choose to use you to be in this squad of cannon fodder"

"i keep hearing the last part, it's unsettling" said Kurt

"the mission last time is a cakewalk for you. but since you just join, you don't know what i- no, what we going through. most of the order are too risky that may causing our number diminish greatly even before the battle. walk through the landmine, going to battle in the choke point battlefield, distract a heavy armored unit, you name it"

"the hell was that? sure i come here because disobedience but this is just madness!"

06 suddenly have dark expression "and imagine a soldier with an age like number 15 and 03"

"did they..." Kurt wasn't able to finish

"15 and 03 are not the only child and elder here before...."

Anastagi gritted his teeth "damn it why those fucker ignored us? if they know Gallian use this kind of shitty group to be a tank fodder, they will sue them right?"

"we are not on record remember?" said 06 "even when we die, our record goes to the wind and our grave has nothing written in it"

Anastagi sighed "we all locked in this right? goes to landmine or face desertion...blasted shit"

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