Keeping It In the Family

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey there! Thanks for dropping in. Whether you’re familiar with my other Pokémon fics, or are new and stumbling upon my work for the first time, I warmly welcome you!  Feedback is always awesome but no pressure. I’m just happy you’re giving my work a chance. 
Anyways, my prior laptop was a near broken mess and as of Christmas I now have a new one! Decided to christen it with some fresh new writing for the night. Here we go, guys! Hope you enjoy! 
(For those who are here because they’re reading my Paul/Ash fic “Tipping the Scales” and needed a Paul fix before the update, the update and the one shot I promised are both about half down each. They just got left on the back burner while my old laptop was on the fritz. Didn’t want anyone to wonder why I promised one one-shot and then produced something totally different.) 

I'd heard of "keeping in the family", but never once gave it much thought. Funny how that all changes when you have a pair of brothers both eyeing you hungrily, one of them watching as the other roughly pulls your shirt and jeans right off you, just like unwrapping a gift. 
"Paul, be gentle." 
"Don't fucking tell me what to do, Reggie." 
My clothing went flying over Paul's shoulder as he chucked them away. My jeans landed at the foot of the king-sized bed where Reggie sat, my shirt landing not too far off away from it.  I was roughly flipped from my back to my stomach, Paul tugging off his own shirt with a gruff grunt during a brief pause he’d taken. My underwear was practically ripped from my lethargic body as soon as he got his hands back on me. 
“W-What’s…what’s going o-on?” 
“You’ll figure it out.” 
The bedsprings creaked for a moment, weight being relieved from one end of the mattress, and soon there were footsteps walking alongside the bed, a pair of tan khakis coming in to my view. I raised my eyes off the mattress beneath me and looked up at the deep-violet haired man taking a seat by my head. His coal eyes were much kinder than Paul's, as was his entire persona. Or so I had thought. I stared at him helplessly, struggling to stay conscience. 
My eyesight was blurry, and my limbs were heavy. I could hardly remember a thing. It was crazy. Just an hour prior I’d been having a few glasses of wine with dinner, Reggie’s treat as Paul was up in his room doing whatever. I didn’t feel anything until we polished off the bottle… then suddenly I was hit with it. The floor was unsteady underneath me and I couldn’t stand well on my own. Reggie had caught me before I hit the floor and carried me up the stairs. 
I’d been drunk before, completely smashed… but this didn’t feel like that. There was a helpless feeling to this intoxication. My questioning eyes must have conveyed a growing suspicion, because as I blinked with eyes that were ready to fall shut he could only give me the briefest of explanations. 
“Our last pet left us.” 
I'd never felt a chill so eerie or frigid quite like the draft in that damp basement. Gray walls were all around, the floor and ceiling littered with water stains. The pipes down there were rusted, probably from years of neglect to the maintenance.  I wondered if the metal pipes were cold like the cuffs around my wrists... my wrists were chaffed and bleeding, old dried blood turning a brownish color as days went on.  

The blood on my wrists, it reminded me of the rusty pipes. They were suffering, to put it bluntly. Staring down at my restraints, I didn't flinch as the basement door opened, footsteps coming down nonchalant and casual, a merry tune whistled along the way down the stairs. I shivered from the cold, my naked body having been left to the fend against the horrible conditions of that basement.  
It wasn't the first time. 
"Good Morning." I was greeted. "How are you?" 
There was a chuckle, a quite content one at that. So painfully far from the sweet, empathetic man I knew months before. 
One finger touched the chain link wrapped around my neck, connecting me to the wall. That metal was shiny... and it was new. 
"Guess you behaved yourself this time around. You learn your lesson?" 
"R-Reggie, I want to go home." 
Long violet hair tied back in a low ponytail, Reggie threw it back over his shoulder as he leaned over me. Two large hands came forward and took me by the face gently, the tip of Reggie's nose touching mine. A gentle nuzzle and he smiled, the expression fully reaching his coal eyes. That smile didn’t make my stomach flip in the same way that it used to. 
"You are home, Ash." 
I could only swallow, too exhausted to plead. It never worked. Ever.  What was the point? 
"Now, are you ready to behave? Are you done playing games?" Reggie questioned, tinkering with the metal chains. "If not, I'll give you another day to think." 
"N-No, I'll be good. I promise." 
Reaching in to his pocket, Reggie pulled out a key ring. Two keys twinkled at me, dull lighting caught on the steely service. Carefully he released my hands. They were lacking some circulation, and they were raw. I didn't try moving them as Reggie unlocked the chain holding me to the wall. The metal leash fell to the ground, Reggie pocketing the cuffs and key in to his apron’s pocket. 
"Let's go." He instructed, picking me up in to his arms. "I'll run you a bath." 
He carried me like it was nothing, up the stairs with no problem. The smell of baking bread hit my nose as I rested my head on Reggie's shoulder tiredly. He pecked my forehead gently, walking me right past the kitchen and to the upstairs bathroom. 
The hot water stung my wrists but I didn't fight as Reggie washed them while promising to bandage them up afterwards. My hair was washed and as the conditioner set, soap was being rubbed over my body. Arms raised, my underarms were washed before the bar of soap ventured under the water. 
"We'll get you all cleaned and dressed, then you can have some breakfast before Paul gets back." 
"Hopefully he's had enough time to cool off after your last stunt. If you try running off on us again I don’t think you’ll get off so easily next time. He’s lost his patience these days.” 
I recalled vividly my attempted escape days prior. The coast had been clear, or so I had thought. In a split-second I felt as if a truck had hit me, my body going down to the grass with Paul’s. He was livid, near snarling as he hoisted me up and dragged me back to the house as I screamed for someone to hear me. Anyone. Just my luck, Paul and Reggie didn't have neighbors for a mile each way around the house. I distinctly remember seeing Reggie standing at the door waiting for Paul to get me back inside so he could shut and lock the door again.  
"You got pretty far this time, I'll have to keep a closer eye on you." 
"I said I'll be good..." 
"That's what you said last time yet here we are." 
Water was dumped on my head and I sputtered. Reggie hummed to himself and grabbed a towel to dry me off once I stood from the tub. A pair of underwear and an oversized T-shirt were given to me to wear. As promised, my wrists were bandaged.  Reggie pulled me from the bathroom and guided me downstairs, sitting me down in the living room. From his apron pocket, he pulled out the black leather collar, one silver ring on it. 
"I’ll get this back on you and... there. You're all set." He praised as he fastened it around my neck. “Perfect.” 
That was that, Reggie reduced me to a pet again. As if I were some little Eevee, he pet my hair, told me to behave, and walked away to finish cooking while Paul was still out on his morning run. I could watch T.V, wander the house and entertain myself however I wanted.  So long as I wasn’t called or ordered to do something, then I was basically the equivalent of an actual house pet. With Paul gone and Reggie occupied, it was safe to say I was off the hook. 
I waited for Reggie to leave before getting comfortable. Oil popped as Reggie fried something up, my guess was he put eggs on the skillet. After a few minutes I could smell that it was eggs, and bacon. As hungry as I was, my stomach didn't growl. I tried my best to ignore the weight of the collar around my neck, but Reggie had fastened tighter than usual this time. It was probably by order of Paul. 
The man himself showed up as I watched T.V in a lethargic heap on the couch. The front door opened and shut with Paul's arrival, his voice cutting through the house as he called for his older brother. Reggie answered, asking what he needed. 
“Yes, Paul? What is it?” 
“I’m going to go shower. Can you go grab him for me?” 
“… I already bathed him. I thought you would have wanted him ready for you when you got back.” 
With curiosity, Paul came around the corner and sure enough I was sitting there all cleaned up and freshly dressed. He looked at my collar then raised his eyes to look at me. I swallowed dryly. Paul narrowed his eyes and walked away. He didn’t have to say anything, I caught the message loud and clear. That was the thing about Paul, he didn’t have to say anything for you to know he wasn’t happy with you. But when he did speak… 
Upstairs the water turned on and I breathed a temporary sigh of relief, but it didn’t last long at all. When the water shut off, Paul emerged in fresh sweatpants and a black T-Shirt minutes later. It was identical to the one I was wearing except Paul was big enough to fill it out. 
The table clicked and clacked as Reggie put dishes down for breakfast, Paul coming over to get me. A finger hooked the silver ring of my collar and I was being dragged up from the couch. From the kitchen, Reggie heard me garble and croak. I knew he did. He didn’t say anything though. Normally he scolded Paul for handling me so roughly. Somehow, I felt like I’d earned the rough-handling this time. They sure made me feel like I did. 
“I should make you eat on the fucking floor.” Paul near growled, dragging me to my usual seat at the table and roughly shoving me to sit down.  
My ass hit the seat and I sat tense, watching Paul carefully before he stepped away. 
“Keep testing me.” Paul warned before taking his own seat next to me, at the head of the table. “You’ll be eating naked from a bowl by my feet.” 
My food was served to me on a plate and I ate quietly, listening as Paul and Reggie spoke back and forth from opposite ends of the table. One was at the head of the table on my left, and the other on my right like I was a book trapped between two book ends.  Between bites of food I looked around, taking notice of the new locks installed on the doors leading out of the house. They were double locked and key padded now.  
Reggie went on about some usual topics how he often did, nothing catching my attention. The Pokémon were all behaving well, even my Pikachu. Proudly, Reggie made note of how Pikachu was getting along with the other Pokémon.  
“I think he’s finally come around.”  Reggie proclaimed, reaching over to serve me another portion. “Here, you need to eat. You’ve slimmed out more than usual this time.” 
“You had me down there longer…” 
“It’s not like I didn’t feed you. Behave yourself and you won’t have your portions cut again either.” 
Whenever I got locked up my food got cut too. It’d been a bit since I’d last had a hearty plate like the one in front of me. Shamefully I was happy with the extra food, even if it was incentive for good behavior.  Once I’d begun eating I felt the hunger catch up with me. Reggie watched me eat with approval present in his black eyes and a smirk on his lips. 
“I don’t enjoy being the bad guy. Be good and I can feed you.” He said. “The more I get to cook the better. Paul doesn’t like left overs so we need an extra mouth to feed to get rid of it.” 
“Whatever.” Paul grunted from around his fork. “Just keep his ass fat. Whenever he acts up and we gotta take his food away his ass and thighs are the first thing to go.” 
A sharp stare was turned on me. 
“So, cut the shit.” 
“Oh, Paul… as rough and harsh as ever. You wonder why he tries to run.” 
The two brothers sat there and had a conversation as if I wasn’t even there. And so calmly. It was like they completely overlooked that they were inhumanely, and criminally, holding someone against their will. They didn’t see it that way, especially not Paul. He didn’t care. Not one bit. It was enough to send a chill down my spine. He always spoke about me like I was a possession, an actual fucking possession. As far as he was concerned, I was. 
The day seemed to stretch on forever, almost more torturous than being cooped up in the basement. Aside from Paul walking around with an air of disgruntlement about him, everything was oddly serene. Strange, serene was never a word I thought I’d associate with the situation.  

It was evening when the house came to gentle halt. The Pokémon were left outside to laze about in the Spring weather, many of them having dozed off according to Reggie. It was mildly chilly and as Paul watched a local battle on the television, laid back in the recliner by himself as I sat on the couch with Reggie.  
I’d brought my legs up on the cushions, curling them to my chest and hugging my knees for warmth. A hand on my shoulder startled me, although it had been gentle. I was pulled in close and situated to sit in Reggie’s lap. I didn’t dare struggle. Fingers appeared in my hair as he held me close to his warm chest, eyes on the TV screen as he stroked my hair mindlessly.  

His apron had been removed and put away from the day, leaving him in just his usual shirt and khakis. The smell of Reggie’s salmon collared button down was so unique, the material seeming to soak up the smell of the house while still holding on to the cologne he wore. Whatever incense he burned, it went lovely with his fragrance choice. 
It was that smell that had lured me in. Walked me right in to the over glorified mouse trap they had set up for me. Reggie and his bright white smile and suave, buttery voice… and eyes that catch the sun just right from the kitchen window over by the stove.  Especially when he’s cooking your favorite dish and making you feel special because you’re dumb enough to fall for it…or just had no reason to question his intentions.  
Still laid up on Reggie, I peered over at Paul with just a shift of my eyes. His eyes were already on me. I flinched and Reggie felt it, shushing me once he saw what had spooked me. A look was shared between the two brothers and Paul resumed watching the battle. A soft pat to my back and Reggie eased me to unhunch my posture and release the tension. 
It shouldn’t have been a safe feeling, it really shouldn’t have. The man who lured me in and practically handed me over like a gift to his asshole brother was who held me. Yet, I clung to that smell. It was the only thing I had left that gave me any positive feelings. A fond memory I could still somewhat reach. I tried thinking back on when my crush on Reggie had still been in untainted light, the memory interrupted by as the battle ended on TV.  
“What else is on…” Paul muttered, picking up the remote. 
Shutting my eyes as he channel surfed with impatience, I decided to simply let sleep come to me if it may. But, Paul had finally found something to watch.  
“In breaking news, tonight, the case of Ash Ketchum, the missing teen from pallet, has still not been located.” 
The volume was turned up, my skin going cold. Reggie continued to play with my hair softly, resting his chin on me. I didn’t move an inch, nor did I look at the TV.  
“Detectives say the year long search may come to an end as a hat and a backpack have been located in the Pallet Region’s river. The area is being investigated by police and dive team experts. Ketchum was commonly known as a traveling trainer who moved from region to region without much notice, it is suspected he had been returning home prior to his disappearance.” The woman’s voice reported. “No DNA has been salvaged from the belongings.  It is suspected that Ketchum may have met an unfortunate fate by the river. The search is still going strong.” 
The news reported handed off the mic to an officer, more importantly the officer Jenny I knew from my hometown.  
“We encourage the public to stay diligent and report anything suspicious. Foul play may still be a factor here. Regardless, we are determined to find him dead or alive.” 
The hairs at the base of my neck stood up as warm breath hit me, Reggie’s mouthing having leaned in towards my ear. The tip of his nose caressed the shell of my ear and he tightened his grip in my hair. 
“They’re never going to find you…” he whispered so lowly even Paul couldn’t have heard him.  
Tears threatened to leak from my eyes. I bit my lip, face hidden in his chest. His fingers loosened and he resumed his gentle petting. Officer Jenny’s report was cut short as someone rushed on screen, a microphone audibly being snatched away from her. 
“Ash, Honey!! If you’re out there somewhere you need to hold on!” 
The officer gently took the mic away as news crew tugged her away empathetically. Officer Jenny cleared her throat and resumed speaking. 
“A reminder, Ash Ketchum is described to be five feet seven inches in height with brown eyes and black hair. Two distinct birthmarks are located on each cheek under the eyes and he is of average build.” She stated before moving on. “The disappearance of a Sinnoh teen is still under investigation, also. Barry Palmer has been missing two years and as the case goes cold the community fears the worst. It is unlikely these teenage boys’ disappearances are connected due to region variations. If anyone has any tips, we urge you to contact us directly or through our anonymous tip line.” 
The TV shut off with a click that was near deafening. My eyes watered, the room silent as neither Paul or Reggie said a word. Lips touched the top of my head and I shuddered at the touch.  
“Good thing we cut the land line years ago.” Paul announced as he stood from the recliner.  
“Mhm.” Reggie hummed in a near sing-song tone. “We wouldn’t want anyone getting any more ideas, would we? 


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