YixAhri:The Headhunter and The Dauntless

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"Ahri! Where are you? "

Yi cried, but there's no response.

After the battle between Ionia and The Void Army, the Ionia Field was completely destroyed. Grasses was blown out, stones were flipped over, and the muddy ground was shown in a large scale.

Yi only recognizes Ahri was facing Vei'koz alone when he was overthrowned by the amount of the Void Army.

"Ahri! Please respond! "

Soon almost at the far front, Yi saw a human-like image who wears pink-purple coloured metallic accessories, reclining in the muddy ground.

Yi's heart sinked like a stone. He knows only the Dauntless wears those shining pink-purple coloured metallic accessories.

When he eagerly approaches, the human-like image becomes clear. Yi almost recognizes "her" immediately when he sees those nine fluffy fox tails spreading onto the ground-

-Ahri. She recliners on the ground, looks seriously wounded, and keeps her eyes shut, likes she's already unconscious.

“Ahri! " Yi quickly bent down, putting his head on Ahri's breast, checks if Ahri's heart stop beating. If yes, Yi probably needs to give Ahri CPR immediately, or even defibrillation if there's a defibrillator-

-he heard Ahri's slow and weak heartbeat.

Thank God.

"Ahri, Ahri, wake up! " Yi shakes Ahri's body lightly, trying to revive her.

First a loud breath comes from Ahri, then she opens her eyes slowly. She recognizes Yi's magnetic voice, and turns her head towards the direction of the voice.

"Yi...I made it. I...defeated Vei'koz."Ahri look at Yi and said weakly.

"Ahri... I'm sorry I come late."

With a soft and gentle word, Yi carefully carry Ahri in his arms, who was seriously injured.

"Vei'koz's tentacles...hurted a lot. " Ahri looks at her seriously injured body.

"...I'm sorry. "

"...You don't need to claim yourself...in guilty. "Ahri smiled weakly, continues "...What a inspiring journey...into this ending."

"...Huh? "

"I...love you."

Yi was shocked and says nothing. The two have been keeping company for a short period of time, but for the first time, Ahri shows love at him.

"Am I... your woman?"

"...Sure you are, my foxy Ahri."

Ahri uses almost her remaining strength raising her shaking right hand, trying to have a good touch at Yi's cheek but she failed.

Yi realized what Ahri wants to do. By now, Ahri still haven't have a good look to Yi's face under the Headhunter Armor.

He slowly takes off the metalled but light helmet, with both of his hand-

-two light blue-cloured eyes appeared in front of the wounded Ahri. Yi's face isn't too attractive but bruised. Ahri tries to lift her right hand again.

Yi grabbed Ahri's right hand gently, and put it on his right cheek.

"...So rough, so bruised..."

"Yi. Don't you...want to have a good grab...on my breasts? Ahri blushed.

Yi blushed also. He doesn't makes out why Ahri wants him to do so.

When does Ahri truly transformed into such humanity from a fox woman? Yi has no clue.

"Indulge...me.." Ahri grabbed Yi's left hand, placing it onto the buckle of the push-up bra-shirt.

Such a waste of time on guesting what a woman is thinking.

With a gentle hand, Yi unclaspes Ahri's bra. He can clearly sees Ahri's milky breasts which are not big but not small, those nipples blushed with light-pink color.

"I'm your adjunct...I can't surpass you, I am a woman."

"So you are going to sacrifices your body."

Ahri blushed heavily when her topless body being exposed to Yi. Yi can feel that how soft Ahri's breasts are, with a tight grab.

Ahri moans softly, feeling her vagina becomes seriously moist. She felt her panties become wet, and she really wants Yi to take off all her clothing and having a "great time" with him, but Yi seems unfazed.

How big does Yi's penis have? How far can he reach in her vagina? How high the pressure will be if Yi rape her instantly?

But Ahri soon realized that she's having her menstruation. Those “fairy tales" won't happen now, at least.

Ahri can just tells Yi she's having her period in order to gain Yi's utmost care, but she knows she needs to be strong instead of depending somebody, as a woman.

Maybe the opportunity isn't belongs to her, forever. She knows that.

After the pleasurable knead, Yi generally helps Ahri wears her push-up bra-shirt.

"My breasts... were hooped again." Ahri smiled weakly.

Yi and Ahri stair with each other at this moment:

A bruised bladesman with a kind and steady personality. Nothing can defeat his ironic heart. He's the Headhunter.

A wounded fox-woman with a seductive and brave heart. She stands against any enemies until she falls. She's the Dauntless.

They approach their face closer, until they have a good, long kiss-


After the kiss, Ahri starts to cough heavily, spitting a small amount of blood.

Yi soon realized the weak fox-woman had been seriously injured. He was roused by the truth.

He hugged the perplexed Ahri tightly.

"You're a true woman, to me."

"...I really want to live for longer..." Ahri spits some blood again.

"Say it, slowly. Don't reluctant." Yi gently cleanses those blood on Ahri's corner of her mouth with his finger.

"... I can't...make it... probably..." Glistening teardrops spring from Ahri's canthus.

"No! Paramedics will approach soon! Don't give up! " Yi said with a fretful voice, and hugged the wounded Ahri again.

"...Woman will become fretful when they saw another glamourous lady...that's the first time...I saw a man is fretful..." Ahri smiles softly, but in pain.

"Don't talk too much. You need to rest you breath, my Ahri."


Ahri's eyes started to shut slowly.

"No, no! Tell me you fight for live! " Yi shaked Ahri's weak and bruised body.

"I'm not worthy to the Wuju Bladesman... I'm...just a...fox bitch..." Ahri started to breath heavily, struggles to breath.

"That's not true. That's NOT TRUE! "


With a final strength, Ahri raised her head to have a good look on her fellow lover, and she slumped her head over Yi's left arm, closing her eyes with a soft satisfied smile. Her fluffy nine-tails slumped onto the muddy ground.


Yi quickly placed the collapsed Ahri onto the ground and put his ear onto Ahri's chest. Without hearing any heart beat, Yi places his folded hands on Ahri's breast and started giving her CPR.

"Come on, come on!"

Ahri is wearing her Dauntless custom, the leathered push-up bra-shirt which obstructed Yi's chest compressions so hard that Yi's compressions wasn't effective at all.

Still, Ahri isn't responding.

"How is she? Does she needs some defibrillation shocks?"

Finally the paramedics arrived, with a defibrillator carrying on one's hand.

"No pulse, her heart stopped beating." Yi replyed.

"Just let us cut off her bra first." One of the paramedics takes out a scissor, ready to cut Ahri's bra off in order to place defibrillator pads on her naked breast.

"Allow me!"

Yi grasped Ahri's bra-shirt on the centre with both hands. With a loud roar, Yi forcefully tears Ahri's bra-shirt apart, sweeping her clothings aside, exposing her topless body.

Yi has seen Ahri's topless body but the paramedics not. They cannot help stairring Ahri's breasts and nipples but Yi just didn't give a shit about Ahri's breasts.

He just want to revive his woman, at all.

"Defibrillator is charging. Just keep on CPR." The paramedics is readying the defibrillator for defibrillating Ahri, while they placed three electrical lead onto Ahri's body, two for her breasts, one under her lefwt breast.

"Ahri, female, 27, caradic arrest.“

When Yi tears Ahri's bra-shirt apart, the Dauntless exposed her topless body. The Dauntless has no more dignity when a paramedic sit astride on Ahri's abdomen, placing his fold hands on her naked breast to give the fox-woman chest compressions.

BEEP-The HUD of the defibrillator shows Ahri's heart stop beating, with disgusting sharp hoots.

"One, two, three, four..." One paramedic started giving Ahri CPR. Each compression towards Ahri is hard, making Ahri's breast and body shakes with a wide margin. Ahri's stomach bulges while her cheast inherits the crush.

Another paramedics put the oxygen mask on Ahri's face and keep on kneading the oxygen purse, letting Ahri breathe in fresh oxygen, bulging her thoracic cavity.

"Make sure Ahri isn't wearing any metal substance, we will shock her soon.“ The one who is giving Ahri CPR points out.

Yi checks Ahri if she is wearing anything metal immediately. When his vision reaches to Ahri's left hand, he found out she's wearing a sliver ring on her ring finger.

Paramedics goes on giving Ahri CPR, Yi takes the ring off from Ahri's swaying left hand ring finger. He soon realized this is the ring he gave to her, for commemorating her became The Dauntless.

He can't believe Ahri actually kept it. Yi remembers the night when she became The Dauntless, the beautiful and touching attitude of the fox-woman...

And now Ahri is receiving CPR resuscitation. Her weak and slim body is being crushed by the paramedics.

He wants to own her. He wants her to become his woman. He wants to marry her.

But the reality is always cruel.

"Defibrillator ready!"

After rubbing those jelly liquid together with the two gel pads, A paramedic pressed one gel pad in between of Ahri's naked breasts and the other on her left-hand side of her left breast.

Now the collapsed Ahri is fully defencelessness. With two gel pad pressed on her breasts, the paramedics can do everything they want on Ahri's body. Electric shocks which delivered by the defibrillator will finally violates Ahri.

Yi glanced at Ahri. She's like asleeped softly, but topless.

"Ahri is ready to shock...shocking!"

A thumping noise made from those two paddles which were pressed on Ahri's breasts. The electric shock first passes Ahri's breasts, then to her entire body. She cooperates with the shock, shaking her delicate body then goes still.

"Ahri!" Yi shouted as paramedics shocked Ahri. He wants to approach her but the paramedics signed Yi not to get close.

BEEP-There's nothing but a lifeless Ahri laying on the muddy ground.

"Starts CPR! Defibrillator charging." One paramedics started giving Ahri CPR.

Are those defibrillation painful to you, Ahri?

Soon the defibrillator has been recharged, A paramedic rubs the paddles together, presses them to Ahri's naked breasts again and delivers another shock.

This time Ahri's back arches, her breasts heaves and her topless body shakes violently, then slamed onto the ground.


"Nothing. Starts CPR! "As the paramedics started giving Ahri CPR again and recharging the defibrillator, Yi's heart beats rapidly. Watching the paramedics ravaging Ahri, he knows that Ahri's situation is extremely bad, and he's going to lost her.

“Come on Ahri, show us you are worthy for the Dauntless! “

The two defib paddles are placed once again on Ahri's breasts, but the fox-woman is already as dead as a dodo.

"Clear!" With the third shock, Ahri's breasts jiggle with a thumping noise. Her back arches and she flops back down on the ground.

DUUU-Although three violent shocks was delivered, Ahri isn't responding at all. She is just looks like asleeped, but serenely.

The HUD shows Ahri's oxygen supply is completely shut down. The Grand Dauntless is dead.

"We've lost her." The paramedics announced this pathetic news to Yi, and started removing those three electrical leads which were attached on Ahri's body.

"NONONONONO! It can't be!"

Yi pushed the paramedics aside, and grabbed Ahri's shoulders, shaked her dead body violently.

"YOU'VE PROMISED TO LIVE FOR ME YOU BITCH!" Yi gives a hard slap on Ahri's lifeless face, and started giving her CPR.


Yi gives Ahri CPR compressions with a crazy and forceful speed and strength, Ahri's lifeless body shaked violently but she's not going to respond anymore.

"You can't save her. She's dead." A paramedic patted Yi's rigid shoulders.

"FUCK!" Yi waved off that paramedic's hand, and continue crushing Ahri's chest. "COME ON AHRI! COME ON!"

A "crack" sound appeared between Yi's pressing hands and Ahri's chest. Yi knows that Ahri's breastbone or ribs has broken by his violent compression.

Yi's compressions started to slow and finally stopped, as he realised that his woman, Ahri was gone. He embraced Ahri's corpse in his hug, tears dropping from his eye, and then onto Ahri's dead body. Although Yi is wearing the Headhunter armor, the formidable helmet can't cover his weakness of emitions.

"Time of death, 6:24pm.'' The paramedics announced Ahri's death pitilessly.

"That's OK, Ahri..." Yi gently lifted up the dead Ahri in his hug, and walks away slowly and despondently.

Yi glanced Ahri's topless body. Those breasts are plumped and good-shaped. Those two pink-blushing nipples protruded.

"Now you can truly have a good rest, my Ahri..."

After miles of walking, Yi finally reached the place where the story begins : South Ionia woods.

He glanced the dead Ahri whose in his hug. Those memories started emerges in Yi's mind :

He can't forget the night she attacked him.

He can't forget how seriously injured she has.

He can't forget the wolf who chased her down.

He can't forget the first time he did CPR to her.

He can't forget how she react after she woke up and realised she is in Yi's house...

The Headhunter cannot refrain anymore. He pushs over the dead Dauntless on the ground like a doll, ravaging Ahri's topless body like a thirsty beast. Grabbing the fox-woman's plump breasts tightly, sucking her nipples until milk runs out... and then he takes off Ahri's trousers and her purple-lace panties.

Yi soon realised there's an amount of blood on Ahri's sanitary towel, hinting she's having her menatruation; but he doesn't care about it. He takes off his trousers, pressing his body onto Ahri's dead body, pushing his penis into Ahri's already-wet vagina.

"Already wet? Interesting...I will rape you like what you said by your last breath! "

Of course Ahri is already dead, she doesn't have any response. Yi kisses Ahri's lips, pushing his penis front and rear in Ahri's wet vagina. When Ahri's dead body has finally satisfied Yi's lust, he forcefully ejaculates tones of sperms into Ahri's vagina, then cums on her entire body, including her face.

"...Good girl. Be a obedient bitch, then I will indulge you..."

With Yi's cum all over Ahri's dead body, The Dauntless, Ahri, finally gets conquered by The Headhunter, Yi.

Yi then helps Ahri put ting her panties and trousers on, but remaining her topless, then kisses her chest.

"I will let you remain topless. I need you to be ashamed for being defeated by Headhunter, and becoming my woman, Ahri."

After some tidy-up work, Yi started to dig a tomb for Ahri. When Yi settles Ahri's dead body whose full of his own cum into the tomb and, with the final soil have been paved, Ahri's body have completely buried into the South Ionia woods soil.

"Rest in peace, my Ahri, my woman."

White foxes which live around the woods started to emerge, as if they know their fellow nine-tailed fox : Ahri was dead.

Yi glanced at those white foxes. One of it approached aside Yi, looking at him curiously.

Yi bend the kee, giving that small fox a hug.

The small fox looked at him more confused.

The man smiled.


Ahri's journey comes to an end.

From a fox to a fox-woman.

They met in Ionia. They become enemies with each other at a short period of time.

And finally, the Headhunter met the Dauntless, as an ally.

Although the Dauntless collapsed, there's still a man who wanders in Ionia, huntung those who are worthy for his glory. No one have seen his real face under his metalled helmet, but recognized his swift but fury swordsmanship. They don't have a clue who he is, and they can't prove if Master Yi and Ahri's disappearance connects with him.

There's one thing they can do. They called him : the Headhunter.

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