The Needs of the Hero of Winds

BY : TheEnviousEnvy
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The sound of a trumpet resounded in the hallway leading to the center of the still fairly new royal sanctum of the young kingdom. The queen of this budding land had returned to her home after six arduous months of working hands-on to aid the people she had sworn to lead. The news of the birth of the daughter she sired with her hero and king buzzing around helped to make her visits highly anticipated, but now, with a longing she never quite expected to feel, it was incredibly uplifting for her to return to her castle's regal surroundings. It gave her a rush of energy that she hadn't felt anything like in months when she finished climbing the stairs to the top of New Hyrule Castle.

"Hell yeah! It's good to be back!" Tetra barged into the royal bedroom she shared with Link,

"Tetra!" Link shot up from a slouched position on the couch, almost flabbergasted to see her, "You're really here?!"

"Damn right I am! Your captain has returned!" she proclaimed.

"I know we've been keeping in touch through your charm, but it was starting to feel like forever," he sighed heavily.

She had been away on official business as Link stayed behind to watch over their now eight-month-old daughter, Zelda. He was as surprised as anyone to learn that Tetra wanted to return to the naming traditions for the daughters of a kingdom long forgotten, but their time together had changed both of their outlooks on a lot of things.

"In hindsight I shouldn't have allowed myself to fall as far behind on my duties as I did, but everyone was so overprotective of me when it came out that I was pregnant," she recalled, "I got so sick of all the worried looks I got the moment my belly started growing that I had no choice but to take a royal maternity leave. Now, I'm swamped with all the work I missed out on, but I finally said that enough is enough and gave myself a week off. I hope it hasn't been too bad here without me."

"No, it's been fine," Link answered, "Just very... lonely."

"But you had our baby girl to keep you company, right?" Tetra inquired.

"Yeah, she's been simply wonderful too, but that's not quite what I..." he began to speak before being cut off by her sudden approach

She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss. Pulling him closer immediately alerted her to something pressing against her lower stomach. She immediately recognized the familiar poking but was still somewhat surprised by it. Usually, she had to make the first move before he started to get frisky, but here he was already pitching a tent that would've had any other girl convinced that he was stuffing his underwear, but fortunately, she had already secured a good deal of private time for them having had her own plans in store for him as well.

"Oh, it's that kind of loneliness," she giggled, "Not exactly appropriate to pop a boner the moment you get a look at your queen."

"Crap, I'm sorry!" he clenched his teeth, "I was fighting to make sure I didn't spring it on you like this. I wanted to at least wait for you to get settled down, but just seeing you and holding you is enough to make we want to lose my mind. It's been... hard without you around here."

"Anyone who's seen what you're packing would call that quite the understatement," she reached down to cup his crotch with a grin, "but I've been feeling the same way too. It really is a little hard to believe how long it's been. Not since you knocked me up actually. I'm glad to see it's still as proud and strong as ever."

"Tetra, please," he started grinding against her hand, "I know you just got home, but I'm so pent up right now I feel like I'm going to explode. I need you."

There was a desperation in his voice that she didn't normally detect along with a weight behind his breathing. He was even lightly sweating and starting to tremble. So often it would be her who would come onto him for sex that it was somewhat surprising to see that his libido could manifest itself this way. He seemed so defenseless yet so dangerous at the same time, but it made the opportunity only more alluring to her.

"Sure thing, Link. I owe you at least that much for holding down the fort for me," Tetra dropped her teasing, "Tell me what you're in the mood for, and I'll gladly help you rub one out."

Link blew right past virtually all of his usual formalities but planting himself right out the sofa and tearing open his fly for a massive erection to break free. Just getting his manhood out in the open seemed to alleviate a great deal of stress for him, but with nearly unrivaled size and firmness, Tetra was still faced with quite the heavy burden for her to relieve him of.

"I'm sure you can tell, but I really missed you, Tetra," he bashfully rubbed the back leaned back with his member towering directly upwards,

"Yes, I can see that quite clearly, a marvelous sight indeed" Tetra brought a finger to her lower lip to marvel at how it was already twitching, "Now, is it just me or have you grown even larger down here. Maybe it's just because I haven't seen it in such a long time, but, damn, you sure are looking juicy today."

"I don't know, but if you could just... put your mouth on it a bit that'd be great."

"If you're asking me to give you a blowjob, you've got to be more concise about it than that."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you what you really need to say is "Tetra, suck my dick!""

"Why? I'd never want it to come across as so demeaning."

"For someone of my rank, it is demeaning."

"But you've done it plenty of times," he grumbled.

"By my own choice. If you're actually asking me to do it, you need to show me that you truly want it. Now, be honest with me."

"Tetra, please," he whined.

"Please, what?" she egged him on

"Fine, please suck my dick!" he finally let out. His erection had grown too hard for him to risk stalling any further.

"Absolutely," Tetra gladly dropped to her knees as he opened his legs to give Link a reminder of how his penis compared to even the size of a human head while from her perspective it offered a phenomenal view of how his beastly member contradicted his helpless expression. Despite her mischievous nature, she was still sincere when it mattered and truly felt for Link being under the burden of such an enormous desire. Especially when that desire was for her and her alone. With a crack of her knuckles, she had no intention to waste any further time on tease. She took firm hold of his pulsing tool and dove down on it with her lips to provide the treatment he so badly needed.

"Oh damn, Tetra!" he exclaimed when she really started to bear down on him.

There was no hint of playing around in her technique here. Her suction was at its peak from the get go, and her tongue wasn't sparing a single moment to relish his taste more than necessary. It was solely focused on getting at the spots on his shaft that she knew would offer him the most pleasure. In that moment, he became fully aware of how much she was typically holding back when dealing with him, but he was also reassured that he didn't need to hold back with her. The only thing she hadn't done yet was go down more than halfway on him. While he knew it was quite the task with a case such as his, his manhood still craved complete consumption and he had to oblige it by placing a strong yet tender hand on the back of her head to pull her in bit by bit. Amazingly to him, this didn't seem to upset her at all as she continued to bob her head along his length before finally getting him in her throat.

"Woah, Tetra, that's so awesome!" he lovingly stroked her hair, "I still have no idea how you manage to do this, but you're so incredible at it I don't know how I'd ever be able to live without it,"

"Knowing you, I'm sure you've got an obscene amount of cum saved up, but go on ahead and do it in my mouth whenever you want," Tetra advised him through telepathy with her charm, "I'm not interested in having that kind of mess in here."

"I'm not sure how much is going to come out when I do bust it, but if you insist on swallowing, you've got no objections from me," he gave her head a pat.

The moment when Tetra got three-quarters of the way down was where Link really started to make some noise. She was still doing all she could to bring him to orgasm as quickly as possible. The amount of pre-cum he was excreting told her that her methods were more than effective, but after waiting so long for this, Link wasn't going to be giving in so easily. Instead, he only held on tighter to nestle himself firmly in her throat with his shaft throbbing so strongly that it reverberated through the rest of her body. Once she had gotten all the way to the base, his manhood started twitching with delight, and he finally found himself truly struggling to hold off a thunderous climax and braced himself by clinging to her with both hands as best he could.

"Don't even try to fight it," she cooed, "Give it all to me, hot and creamy."

Link's only response to her prompting was the huskiest groan that she had heard from him in a while. He had hoped to savor the moment for just a little longer, but, with Tetra going all out, his limitations, as incredible as they were, soon became strictly defined. Given how hard she was trying for him though, there was no hesitation in him once he hit those limits. With a buck of his hips, he let all the stress that had built up release itself in a ferocious burst. Her mouth immediately became filled with his plentiful essence while her ears continued to feast on the vibrant sound of his voice. It was clear that he hadn't lost an ounce of his virility in their time apart, but the rate that it was pouring out was so frenzied that it almost seemed like the precursor to something far greater. Still, it was a sensation that had eluded her for so long that she couldn't fail to savor it. It was the same for Link too in a way. Compared to how much he had stored up in all the time away from her, this was just him getting his reserves back down to manageable levels, but the way she caressed his loins and showed tremendous care for every little bit he was letting out was also something he sorely needed to experience. Still, it took the weight of his mind to allow him a moment of clarity in which he finally understood what it was that he truly needed.

"Holy shit, I missed this so much!" she started to get turned on herself when she felt his essence start to slide down her throat to quench a thirst that she had also been feeling without truly realizing it, "You never make it easy for me, but you let out so much and it tastes so good. What a treat!"

"Glad you like it, Tetra," he exhaled the breath he'd been holding for a while now, "Do you think that you're ready to have another baby?"

"Another?" she continued cleaning up his leftovers from her hands and lips, "Well, sure, if I had to, but I still feel like we've barely had any time with our first."

"I know, but..." Link sighed under the weight of his member re-expanding at a rate that forced even Tetra to take notice, "I really want to have another child with you, like right now."

The resolve in his voice was firm but not nearly as firm as his reborn arousal. What little relief he had gotten from her ministrations vanished as his loins only grew more bloated than before with his many veins popping out more prominently than ever. On sheer carnal instinct, the sight of his overwhelming arousal sent her own libido spiraling out of control.

"Damn, Link," she struggled to maintain her well-practiced composure, "Are you sure you haven't grown at least a little bit. I know it sounds absurd at this point but not as absurd as the girth I'm looking at here."

"Sorry, to spring it on you like this, but it just hit me all at once how much I've been wanting this. If you aren't ready, I understand."

"No, no! I'm more than ready. In fact, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop having kids as long as it's this cock that wants to give them to me," Tetra hurried to dispose of her underwear. In a move he certainly wasn't expecting, she dropped down onto all fours and presented her vagina to him in fully doggy style, "One look at you tells me that my hips alone won't be enough for the kind of bonking you're looking for."

Link didn't require any further to position himself behind her. He rubbed his appendage up against her backside to reacquainted with the softness of her skin and hypnotic shape of her rear. A prod of his glans against her opening was enough for him to see that her body was as welcoming of him as ever. He had to force himself to pause for a moment because any further approach would've resulted in her cavern pulling him in completely.

"Are you truly prepared for this, Tetra? It's our first time since you gave birth, but I feel so pent up that I don't know how I'll manage to keep myself from running wild on you."

"Then don't! Has over a decade with me really taught you nothing? You still don't know that I'm always ready to go the extra mile for my special man? Go right ahead, and make it count," she spurred him on with her hips held proudly in the air, "My pussy will always savor every millimeter of your cock and every drop of your semen 'til death do they part, and you had better not ever forget that again!"

"I won't. You have my word on that," Link finally gave his first real thrust.

Straight off from the initial heave of his hips, Link found himself thrown directly into the wringer. Each time he pulled out, an incredible suction had him plunging right back in, and each time it seemed he had properly broken her in to the shape and size of his manhood, they tightened right back up on him. Tetra's insides hadn't lost even a shred of their tenacity, and with his libido running on overdrive, nothing less would have been adequate to give him what he needed to start approaching his true climax.

"Unreal, Tetra! Your walls are sucking me in and it's every bit as tight as I remember," he started using his tool to stir up her insides in response to their assault on his length, "No, it's even tighter!"

"Of course, it is! Did you think you were the only one who's been waiting for this moment to finally go all out again? How empty I feel inside to have to have gone to bed so many times without a heaping helping of your cock?"

"I know, but this is still our first time doing it since you had Zelda. I was sure that would've, you know..." he tried to choose his words carefully, but she understood the implication anyway.

"What?! How dare you?!" she snapped at him, "If years of ramming your huge dick in there weren't enough to loosen me up, you really think something as minor as having a baby would do it?!"

Link was about to offer a laugh at her quip before being cut-off by a room-shaking, but rapturous moan bursting forth from her, louder than anything from either of them up to that point. At that moment, her walls clamped down so tightly that sudden blast of pleasure almost caused him to lose his balance.

"And besides..." her voice continued to shake, "How am I ever supposed to be able to ease up on you when you just keep on getting biiiggeeeer?"

"But you're the one who makes me get this big! What am I supposed to do?" he plunged back in to hammer it home, "For months, I've been anticipating the day when I'd get the chance to give my precious little Zelda a sibling. So many nights alone with my pants ready to burst!"

"Oh, damn it! You've never stretched me out quite like this before!"

"But now I have you to finally satisfy this tremendous, throbbing need of mine!" the pounding in his chest and his loins intensified, "Trying to do it myself accomplishes nothing. It demands the velvety smooth grip of your holy womanhood. Oh damn, I've wait been waiting too long to do this. That warm up before is nothing compared to how much semen I still feel that I have left. I can't remember the last time I've been so excited. Now, it's got me really aching to let loose inside you again."

"It's not like you'll ever fit anywhere else..." she retorted sheepishly before he really picked up the pace.

For all his talk of how much of a difference to have her vaginal walls caressing his manhood, the opposite might have been even more true. With the updated information she now had on Link's personal dimensions, a small part of her thought she must be insane to allow something this massive to run roughshod over her most sacred places, but the rest of her was eager to devour every extra bit of meat she could now feel on Link's shaft. Just as she talked about earlier, the way Link was doing her here was not remotely fit for a woman of her stature, but she didn't care. For years she had delighted in teasing her hero every now and then, but this was the first time she had ever seen him lose control and devolve into such a state of utter and desperate need for her. His lunges weren't only driven by love and the desire to father a son with her, but the pure and most simple fact was that he was holding onto a load he could not bear to contain any longer and that her womanhood was the only means of release he had available that would be sufficient to take it. Beyond how much it was turning her on, it made her happy to be able to assist him in his time of need.

Of course, the newly enhanced form of his heroic phallus running its way through her vagina was what was really getting her wasn't just longer and fatter, but it had a rougher, more distinct shape than ever before, especially with a much more swollen head that rubbed spots in her core in ways she had never experienced. In this moment it seemed incomprehensible to her that she lasted over a year without his magnificent member. It was a mistake she vowed to never repeat and instead it compelled her to hold her rear up higher for him in hopes that he would pound her innards into jelly. With her distinct hourglass figure, the chance to hold onto the hips that bore his child was an offer he couldn't refuse. He latched onto them with a mighty growl. Letting out an erotic gasp, she peeked back to get a direct look at his face to bask in the fire that burned it. It was an inferno that spread through her whole body as she launched into an orgasm. She buried her head in the sheets while her climax sent delightful sensations to every corner of her being, and Link wanted so badly to take the time to admire her in this state of euphoria but something far greater was building inside of him and it wouldn't let him slow down for an instant. Her orgasm had her insides oscillating all around him with searing intensity and it only made his fervent erection angrier.

"Tetra, are you still with me?" he raised his voice slightly to make it clear over the sounds of his continued thrusting.

"Yeah, somehow despite cumming so hard it made me want to pass out," she murmured with the bliss still fresh on her voice, "I'm so sorry to have ever blue balled you this badly."

"Good things cum to those who wait, right?" he cracked the terrible pun to both her amusement and disappointment, "And now it's my turn. You practically wrung Zelda right of me, but this one's going to be my extra special gift to you."

"I'm looking forward to it," she smiled, "Our Royal Family is going to be bigger and better than any that came before it, but for now I'd be honored to have another one of your beautiful babies."

That proposition really got his groin boiling. Her walls were doing all they could to squeeze his next orgasm out of him, but he had reached the point where the things he was feeling were so incredible that it felt like time had stopped for him. Being apart for so long, just the closeness and comfort of being inside her again was something worth treasuring to him, but he knew that he had to unleash his essence within her to keep his word and achieve true unity with her again. Tetra was still having trouble processing all the ways his erection continued to hammer through and rearrange her inner flesh into all sorts of new and wonderful shapes, but her mind was totally zeroed in and waiting to have his gooey warmth rushing through her cervix once more as her body quivered with anticipation. Link picked up on this sudden shaking, and truly feeling her trembling around him with the desire for his seed proved to be just the enticement he needed to break through any and all remaining barriers holding him back from his ultimate climax. He nestled himself up against her luscious bottom as snugly as he could, so he could get his manhood settled right up against the door to her womb to offer her another helping of his essence of life, and it responded clamping onto him in a hospitable grasp to get his cum shooting out in earnest. Him firing himself off into her was nothing new for obvious reasons, but he had never held her this tightly while doing so. She was quick to accompany his climax with another one of their own which had their combined passion spilling all over each other. This loving reunion of mind and body was completed as they both moaned for each other at the top of their lungs until the typhoon they had been sharing finally subsided.

Taking a few more seconds than normal to bask in the afterglow he withdrew himself from her, and once she could finally start soaking in the batch of his seed he had left for her properly. It was as steamy and slimy as ever but still flooded her being with fuzzy feelings of joy that were difficult to put into words aside from resolving to use it to deliver another healthy child to raise alongside the tiny miracle they had already created. After another moment for her body to special delivery properly, she acted on a new urge that she had and tackled him onto the bed with a kiss, so they could lie together.

"It's a bit early to celebrate, but after that rampage of masculinity you just went on, it's hard to envision myself popping out anything other than a darling baby boy in nine months."

"I certainly hope so, Tetra, Our Zelda deserves a brother and I hope you get that son you've always wanted," he agreed, "It's the least I could do for you in exchange for putting up with me."

"I owe you a bit of an apology, Link," she admitted, "I know better than anyone about your particular gifts and burdens, yet between having Zelda and working on my new royal obligations, I neglected you to the point that you reached such a hopeless state."

"It goes both ways, Tetra," he replied, "After all these years, that thing of mine still has a mind of its own that I really can't control when it matters."

"No, Link, you don't need to force needless restraints on yourself," she corrected him, "You know, when I try to envision how our lives would be if we never found each other that day, one part is always the same. You're effectively stuck living as a virgin because you can't find a girl who will even let you attempt to get your dick more than halfway inside of her while I end up never having any children because I never encounter a man remotely worthy of releasing his seed in me. You might view yourself as difficult, and, perhaps you are, but I wouldn't change you for the world."

"That means more to me than you know, but at the very least we should try to keep our kids from ending up the same way."

"I concur, but with these genetics it might not be possible. Just look," Tetra teased while starting to stroke his rod that had already sprung back to hardness, "It seems this guy still hasn't quite forgiven me for leaving him all alone."

"No, that's not it," he shuddered, "He knows how much you missed him and wants to make sure you get your turn to play since we've already more than had ours. just for fun, you know."

"Only you could fill a girl with that much cum and then talking about doing it "just for fun"," she laughed.

"Is that a "no"?"

"Fuck, no." she prepared to mount him, "It's not like you can knock me up twice, right?"

"I would if I could." he admitted.

"Well, you can't!" she boasted, "And that means it's time for the ride of your life, so keep it coming Mr. Hero and show me what you really got!"

-Five Months Later-

"Twins?!" Tetra shouted loud enough for even the crew waiting outside the door to hear.

"That's what it looks like," Nudge, the original ship doctor, confirmed.

"Oh Tetra, isn't it beautiful?" Link hugged her as she still struggled with what her ears just told her

"I see you two need a moment, but congratulations, you guys!" Nudge slipped out of the room to give them some time alone.

"Do you have any idea how exhausting it is having a baby, and now I've got two in there?" she cradled her burgeoning stomach. "I felt like I was getting bigger than last time but damn it. This is going to suck!"

"But think of how much happier we'll be once they come out of there," Link wrapped an arm around her.

"Easy for you to say, you and your stupid semen... shooting out, pumping me full, flying absolutely everywhere like a... damn horse..." Tetra bit her lip with overwhelming disgust and arousal at the memory of what they did for the rest of that evening, "I told you that I only wanted one more that night."

"You kept clamping down on me like you wanted two, so I merely did my best to give what you wanted" he retorted, "You were so cute that I couldn't help it anyway."

"Nor could I..." she shook her head and joined hands with him over her abdomen,

"We really don't know when to stop, do we?" he chuckled.

"Maybe I don't know, but you just don't care, but if this is where it got me, I suppose have no real business complaining." she offered a sincere smile as she felt her new little lives stir within her, "A little extra weight will be worth it in the end, but, please, one at a time from now on."

"If you insist," he accepted, "No guarantees on how many more I have for you though."

"And I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to finding out," she pulled him close for one embrace with him and their unborn sons.

With three heirs down and three more on the way, any questions about the future of the royal family of Hyrule were put to rest much sooner than the passionate love life of the duo that would become legendary for ending them.


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