Palutena's Vist

BY : Scary Guy
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"Are you surprised to see me ?"

As sweet as that voice was it frightened him, causing to recoil back from his praying position. He didn't notice that the marble floor beneath him were replaced with soft clouds or that he was not in the temple anymore. All his attention was on the fact that Palutena the goddess of light was right in front of him. Also that she was completely naked!

"Umm La-Lady P-palutena I-" He tried to speak, but seemed to have trouble getting it out of his system.

The goddess only smiled bemusedly, not the least bit ashamed to be utterly nude in front of one of her subjects. With her big breasts and plump completely exposed. It complimented her lithe yet well-tone figure and long vibrant green hair which flowed down her back. He even got a better view of it as she knelt down to his level, hand reaching to softly caress his blushing cheek.

"Now, Now don't say anything..." Palutena said leaning close with their faces only inchs apart as she looked deep into his eyes. "Just let me take care of this."

With that she closed in to press her lips against his, in a passionate as his eyes widen in response. He couldn't believe it, the Goddess he was just praying was making out with him! A Mortal human and a priest no less!

He could clearly feel the bulge in his pants forming as he was lustfully kissing his goddess, their tongues mingled together. Just then Palutena suddenly gripped his ceremonial robes and ripped them in two! Leaving him completely naked with his erection standing tall ad proceeded to pull them from their kiss, panting but the sultry grin on her was unfalteringas she looked down at the priest's hard member

"Well Well it seems somebody's excited, thats good" The goddess of light purred, she then reached down and grasped it firmly, before stroking it up and down making him groan. "That means we can get started."

Palutena then lowered herself down placing a soft kiss the top of his cock, before inserting it entirely into her mouth. This time the priest was groaning loudly as his goddess was sucking and licking on his cock while bobbing her head up and down.

By now the young man was groaning in absolute pleasure. This was just unreal! How good it felt with her mouth around his hard cock, enthusiastically giving him what he assumed wasthe best blowjob in the whole world. After all it was the goddes of light that was doing this to him!

He was damn sure nothing in this world could be this great. Her tongue gently licking all around his dick. while at the same time she was driving it in and out of her mouth as she sucked into it deligently. It was really indescribable.

It was so great in fact that he could already feel his very first orgasm, despite having no experience in such things. He eagerly grasped Palutena's glorious green hair, pulling it hard as he was rapidly driving it into her oral cavity with carnal vigor.

"AHH lady Palutena!" He moaned loudly. This only made the green hair goddess smiled around his dick, as she continued to pumping it in and out of her mouth. Before long the stiff dick started to throb inside her, signaling his climax to come.

With that she redoubled her efforts, now repeatedly thrusting his hard cock into her mouth. In terms his grip on her viridian tress grew more rough and his speed of bucking his hips become erratic. Then he let cried out to the heaven's above when he finally climaxed.

The hot white load of his seed made its way into her mouth as she devoured it eagerly. Still sucking on the solid shaft to drink all of his salty essence and savoring it's taste in her mouth.

Soon however, he was spent collapsing on the ground and losing his hold on her green locks. Breathing heavily as his still hard erection was buried in the wetness of Palutena's mouth. That was until she pulled out.

Leaning in close to his loins she was panting lightly, but fared better than her lover who was tiredly heaving. Yet she was still as erect as if nothing happened.

This only made the goddess of light, smile a mischievous smirk. As another scandalous idea came to her mind. Moving up close to him her ample breasts were placed right on top of his hard cock.

"My my aren't you just insatiable" she said press the tip of the hard cock against the underside of her cleavage. Quickly grabbing his attention. "Well in that case I'll just indulge you more"

With that positioned his member, in between her breasts. Wasting no time the goddess began to thrusting her tits up and down his cock, tightening her bosom around him delightfully. A new surge of pleasure now going through his body.

Once again he didn't expect how amazing it truly was! The feeling of her tits around his stiff shaft was even better than when she she give him a handjob. Her soft skin caressing his cock, slowly drawing him close to orgasming again.

Palutena watch him intently, listening to his groans of pleasure. Her own hands cupping the sides of her breasts while she was pumping his erection between the flesh mounds, squeezing it tightly. Her boobs slightly jiggling with her movements.

The young man stated to writhing on the floor, while l bucking his hips to into her cleavage. It was all just too much for him to bare! That same orgasmic bliss returning to him as he received a boobjob from the voluptuous goddess of light.

But now his member was pulsating in her bosom. Now she was driving it in and out between her breasts as fast as she could. This yeilded good results for the goddess of light when her apostle quickly climaxed for the second time!

A hoarse cry of pleasure leaving his parted lips, while his erection shoot it's hot load once more. This time spray the chest and face of her patron goddess with copious amounts of semen. She only giggled as she felt the warm cum on her body.

More and more leak out of his shaft and decorated Palutena's delicate features, until his climax finally subsided. Buy that time her face and bosom was showered with drops of his seed.

You've made quite a mess of me." Palutena said, slipping his erection out of her cleavage before sitting upright properly. "But no matter."

The eyes of the goddess began to glow green and a second the outline s of semen on her body, did as well. Using her magic the drops of cum stated to separate. Now flying upwards from her and hovering in the air.

Opening wide the bits semen went into her mouth as she drank it whole. Enjoying it's Savory taste that was as good as the last one. Before long the last few drops of cum, went down her throat and she turned her attention to the young prest she was servicing.

Unsurprisingly he was exhausted. Panting and breathing heavier than before as his chest moved up and down in rythm. He looked tired enough to pass out, yet his cock was still hard

This only made the godess smile...A mischievous, seductive smile...

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