The encounter

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Disclaimer: This product is a work of pure fiction as to the fact it does not relate to any recorded history and I do not take full credit for this either. I do not own The Witcher and Beowulf. I do not get profited for this.

It all started back when Corvo was back in his hometown staring at his ex-wife from a rooftop. "Anna if only I could hold your hand in mine again", Corvo though to himself.

He was using the spell called distant eye which allows the caster to see in long distances. It was then that Mason appeared behind Corvo. "You have to stop coming back here", Mason said.

"I can't I still love her I can't let her go", Corvo Replied

Corvo stopped using distant eye and stood up to face Mason. "If she catches you and if anyone catches that puts you and her in danger", Mentor said from the shadows.

The mentor that's what they called him because no one knew his real name was their leader. Corvo looked to the ground he knew that what he was doing wasn't smart on his part. "When I found you that night you were dead Corvo because that woman made a pact with the wrong people", mentor said.

Corvo remembered that night he was walking down the street when suddenly demons surrounded his path they beat him and tortured and performed a dark ritual on him. He died shortly afterward the mentor found his body laying in a dumpster. The mentor knew what happened to him so he took the body to the temple of light where he performed the outsider ritual on him and brought Corvo back to life. But Corvo was no longer human he was an outsider meaning he was half human and half demon. The outsiders were a group of demon-hunters. They are the guardians of darkness. "I'm sorry mentor", Corvo said.

"You should be", mentor said sternly

The mentor looked around the city, "It's getting cold, and we have reports of demons all over Denmark I'll leave it your hands Mason", mentor announced.

The Mentor disappeared into the darkness as Mason approached Corvo. "I could use some help with Denmark", he said as he handed Corvo a gun.

Corvo took the gun and made sure it was loaded. After that Tina appeared she also was an outsider. "You boys aren't leaving without a navigator mentor's orders", she remarked.

Mason smiled, "Well then navigator get ready to open a portal to Denmark the coordinates are written here in the mentor's scroll".

Mason was a bald man tall, muscular, and he always wore black gloves on his hands but then again we all pretty much wore black all the time especially when we were on the hunt. I still didn't understand the gloves though he had them all the time cold or hot it didn't matter he always wore them even if there was no need too. Corvo wondered this as well but he was to afraid to ask him about it. Tina was taller than most women not too tall but still tall. She had long thick dark brown hair  and green eyes she always wore her hair down in a french braid. One time she wore it up in a cute bun. Corvo had trouble working with her because he was attracted to her. Tina wore black leather boots sometimes boot heels. She also wore a leather jacket with leather pants. Corvo wondered why she dressed like a stripper or a hooker even on the job as odd as it seemed. He never dared to ask why. He never knew this but sometimes when Corvo would watch his ex-wife she would watch him because she found him attractive too. But she was too shy to tell Corvo herself besides there just never seemed to be the right moment. They all were white as well Corvo found it odd as to why there wasn't a huge number of black outsiders. He guessed demons can be racist too but that probably wasn't the case. 

Tina was reading the scroll preparing to open the portal while Corvo and Mason checked their equipment on the rooftop. It was then that it started to rain, "Damn don't let anything metal get wet", Mason said.

Corvo then covered the equipment while Tina covered the scroll. "The rain's picking up get that portal open and grab your gear", Mason shouted.

Tina then cast the spell the portal opened as they all went through but when they got to the other side everything had changed.

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