The Link you thought you knew

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Once upon a time there was a hero of time Link. Link was on a mission to save Hyrule from Ganon. But first he had to round up all of the sages. He was on the last one but first he had to liberate the spirit temple from the whatever evil was inside. Link had no idea what he was walking into. Meanwhile inside the temple were of two of the most sexy witches in all of Hyrule. Wait a minute oh that's later on in the story. Actually these witches were not sexy at all, they were old frail and green no literally green that was the pigment of their skin. Their teeth were falling out of their and they couldn't afford false teeth because they were on fixed incomes. Ganon wouldn't give them any money even though he was the king you know the most powerful man in Hyrule hello. Not to mention they were hungry I mean so hungry they could eat a whole boy. Wait a minute no I mean to say that they were horny and I mean so horny that they could suck a boy dry. Wait a minute Link is a boy and he's headed right for them! No Link don't go in there, there's old grandmas that want to kill you I mean rape you!!! Oh yeah I'm just a narrator which means I'm just a voice that no one hears except all of you. It's not too late for me to start thinking about getting a new day job. Oh well it's going to be a very long day and not just for me but for Link as well. So Link headed through the desert he already passed  the fortess by now he was surprised how. They did manage to catch him and try to rape him but when they dump him into their special cell for him but they somehow forgot to take his weapons from him literally they dropped him in a hole and left him there. "Stupid boy", the guard said.

Link looked up from his cell and whipsered, "stupid indeed".

He took out his hookshot and shot at the open door he then flew back up and before  you  knew it he was free just like that. He then used his hookshot to render all of the guards unconscious. As he left he said, "These are the thieves of the desert well they might want to revise their business model now".

Link then hurried to the spirit temple. Where Koume and Kotake were bored shitless inside. Koume looked at her body, "I haven't had sex in 300 years and who would want us now we're so old that we have so many wrinkles how's a man supposed to put his big strong pecker in our pussy if he can't find it Kotake", She remarked.

Koume and Kotake then began thinking about all of those young Hyrulian dicks that they used to fuck daily when they were younger. But as they got older it became impossible for them to pickup boyfriends. Koume fingered herself in the memory of it but then stopped shortly after she started. She realized that she needed the real thing. Kotake then heard the door of the temple open suddenly. "Yes Koume it sounds like we have a vistor", Kotake spoke.

Koume cast a spell to see who had opened the door it was then that she saw a young Hyrulian teen walk into the temple. "It's a handsome young man a Hyrulian sister", Koume shouted.

Kotake then grabbed her broom, "Let's catch this boy and then I'll have him fuck me hehe".

Koume stared at her twin and said, "How come you get him first and how do you think you are going to seduce a boy with that body of yours", she proclaimed.

Kotake smiled as if she had the perfect solution, "You're right Koume we both shall have fun with this boy you and I", she laughed sinisterly.

"But how you brat", Koume stomped her feet.

"We will use our double dynamite attack on him", Kotake smiled bigger.

"You mean the merging of our powers into one being Kotake this could work", Koume realized.

Kotake sat on her broom and held out her hand to her sister, "Come sister let us prepare ourselves for some company". Kotake said in a somewhat seductive voice.

Koume smiled as they prepared the ritual of reunion.

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