Disrespecting the Business

BY : JusticeForAll
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Dragon prints: 2008
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Chun-Li stared nonchalantly at her trophy cabinet. It was filled with various martial arts tournament trophies, yet it gave her no joy to look at. She had won every tournament imaginable, and now there were none left. She had always called herself 'The Strongest Women in the World', but now she was, in fact, 'The Strongest in the World, Period'. She had defeated every opponent she had come across. Some of the greatest fighters of all time had succumbed to her strength, including Ryu, Bison, Akuma, and the list went on.

With no one left to defeat, she had become bored. When would another challenger step up to face her and give her an actual challenge?

She sighed as she moved over to her couch. She snapped up the TV remote and flicked it on.

A familiar face appeared on the screen. It was Rainbow Mika, the so-called strongest female wrestler of all time. Or at least that's what she was claimed to be until Chun-Li destroyed her at the Street Fighter tournament. Perhaps she could still claim that title, as Chun-Li herself wasn't a wrestler.

"Hm," Chun-Li mumbled, thoughtfully. "Wrestling, huh?"

Suddenly, she had a surge of excitement that she hadn't felt in months. Perhaps she should become a wrestler? She'd done everything else, after all. With her vast knowledge of martial arts, it shouldn't be too hard to get into the business.

It was decided: she would become a wrestler and take that big gold belt from Rainbow Mika!


The next day, Chun-Li gave Mika a call, telling her about her wishes to be a wrestler. With a shaky voice, Mika had tried to dissuade her, but Chun-Li knew what she was up to. It was obvious she was terrified of the Chinese woman after the beating she had given her, and she didn't want to lose her belt.

Eventually, Mika told her that she would let the representative of IJWPW, Yoko Harmageddon, know that she was interested and that they should meet up at the arena.


Backstage at the arena, Chun-Li waited outside Yoko's office. She eyed up all the wrestling talent. Not one of them would stand a chance against her.

Just before Chun-Li lost her patience from waiting, Yoko called her in.

Her huge frame was sat behind a desk, her large bust piled on top. Despite her obvious strength, Chun-Li felt she would be able to take her on.

They discussed what her ring name would be, her attire and her entrance theme. Obviously, Yoko already knew she was a capable fighter, even if wrestling wasn't her forte.

Naturally, they decided that her ring name would be 'The Strongest Woman in the World'. Her entrance theme would be a generic Chinese jingle, which she was slightly offended by. Yoko told her to go home and think about what she would wear to the ring, and then come back tomorrow for her first match.

Her first match already? Chun-Li was confident she would gain the victory.


Back at her home, Chun-Li was stood in front of her mirror. She was wearing her typical qipao and was debating whether to wear that or the blue unitard to the ring.

"Nah," she said, shaking her head. She wanted to wear something different. She was sick of these outfits. But what could she wear?

She thought back to the various outfits she had seen backstage at the arena before her mind finally settled on Mika's attire. She had to admire the blonde's boldness at wearing such a thing. Each of her perfect butt cheeks were hanging out and she didn't give a shit. In fact, the audience loved it. Some might call her a slut, but Chun-Li knew she was just proud of her body. Her butt was her main weapon in the ring, after all, while Chun-Li's weapons were her bulging thighs.

She suddenly began to blush at the thought of wearing something so revealing. True, she had worn that black dress of hers, that practically had her boobs hanging out with her legs completely exposed, and the bodysuit also showed off every inch of her incredible body.

Sure, why not? If Mika could do it, then so could she. After all, as awesome as Mika's body was, it still couldn't compare to her own.
She walked over to her wardrobe, and after a few seconds of rummaging inside of it, she withdrew her black dress. She also hauled out a thong from her draw.

A few minutes and adjustments to the dress later, she was wearing what would be her wrestling attire. Her perky, plentiful breasts and enormous, fleshy thighs bulged from within the outfit. She turned her back to the mirror, exposing her thong-clad buttocks. She had completely removed the back of the dress that usually covered her backside, and now her perfect butt cheeks were bare, a thong sandwiched between them. Her hamstrings and calves swelled proudly, their victims many.

Chun-Li licked her lips at the sight. The thought of everyone seeing her like this was a delightful one. She was seen by many as a classy lady, unlike many of the other street fighters, so her walking out like this would be a shock, to say the least.

She went to bed with this arousing picture plastered in her mind.

The following day, Chun-Li had arrived at the arena. She stood at the door that led to the backstage area, the cold air nipping at her bare buns. She was feeling nervous, but it wasn't because she was about to have her first ever wrestling match. It was because she was about to expose her naked buttocks to everyone.

After a deep breath, she stepped through the door. As expected, every eye dropped to her bulging lower appendages, and then to her bulging backside when she walked past them.

She couldn't help but blush and was thankful when she finally reached Yoko's office.

"Damn, girl," she said when Chun-Li walked through the door. "The crowd are gonna love you!"

Yoko explained that she had entered her into a tournament for the world title, which shocked the Chinese woman. It was clear Yoko saw her potential, what with her being one of the most famous women in the world.

"I'm sure you'll be a huge star," Yoko added. "Especially wearing that!"

Yoko showed her to the entrance curtain, garnering a few more glances.

Her match was soon, and Chun-Li was feeling the nerves. Soon, thousands of perverted eyes would be bearing down on her.

She heard the ring announcer call her name, and the crowd roared. She cringed when her stereotypical theme began playing, and with a deep breath, she stepped through the curtain.

As expected, all eyes in the audience fell to her bare thighs and backside. The men, and some women, whistled excitedly. As anxious as she was feeling, she couldn't help but enjoy the attention. She knew her body was a masterpiece that should be worshipped, bt she would never outright say that. The whistles intensified when she squatted down to slip under the bottom rope, her butt cheeks bulging from each side of her thong.

Once the announcer himself had finished gawping, he announced her first opponent, and her name was Sunrise Nishisenba.
The crowd's excitement grew with every bounce of her ass and tense of her thighs, but despite being her first ever match, Chun-Li managed to win easily.

Chun-Li proceeded to run through her opponents with relative ease, and with every win, her confidence grew. She truly was the best. She had defeated every person that had dared to challenge her, and now she was even dominating in wrestling.

There was nothing notable about the rest of her opponents, aside from a woman known as Fuka, who was obviously a lesbian considering how distracted she was by her body. She fell easily like the rest.

She had made it to the final, and only one person stood in her way: the reigning champion, Rainbow Mika. It wasn't often that Mika's body was overshadowed, but despite her incredible thickness, Chun-Li was just as voluptous and then some.

Mika was her toughest opponent by far. She would never admit it, but having Mika's enormous ass in her face hadn't been the most unpleasant thing she had ever experienced.

It was a hard fought battle, but Chun-Li was the victor.

Beautiful, strong, intelligent. She truly had it all.

Filled with confidence and pride, she snatched the belt and microphone from the ring announcer. With the belt slung over her shoulder and the mic to her lips, she began to cut her first ever promo.

"I entered this tournament to prove that I am truly the Strongest Woman in the World, and that's exactly what I have done. It was laughable to think any of you stood a chance against me. Not only am I the strongest woman in the world, but I am also the most beautiful. Don't you perverts boo me!" She snapped at the crowd. "All of you have been leering at me the entire time, not that I blame you." She whipped her hand across her bloated cheek, and it jiggled in response. "Wrestling has always been a joke, especially Japanese wrestling, and I have proven it today!"

Thousands of furious fans began throwing trash in the ring, which Chun-Li only responded to with a laugh that would rival even Karin.

Suddenly, Chun-Li halted her laughter when a stranger had appeared at ringside. She had long blonde hair and was wearing a purple dress.

Who was this woman?

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