Harmony of Depravity

BY : Noiciba
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“Your knees must be killing you.”

- Raoul Silva

Blue candle flames crossed together in a forbidden dance. Wax dripped into steaming pools of white cream and clear lavender. Four bodies heaved and writhed as one in the dark and gloomy castle chamber, a small Legion driven by carnal hunger.

The Succubus rode her beautiful silver stallion in a side saddle position. Her corset was unbound and she kept her torso pressed against the stone floor while the rounder lower portions of her body did all of the heavy duty work. Her hips were stretched across Alucard’s waist, rapidly rising and plummeting on their soft but resilient rear curves. The buttons of Alucard’s surcoat had been torn away to reveal his pale and statuesque physique, while his belt buckle was in shambles with his pants pried open. His wooden stake stood erect as the rest of his body writhed underneath the demoness, impaling her over and over again to the sounds of slapping flesh. He thrusted with hundreds of years of pent up passion, making them both groan in unspeakable pleasure.

Maria was crouched and bent over the two of them with her suede-covered wrists yanked behind her back, parallel to Alucard on the floor and perpendicular to the Succubus sandwiched between them. Her emerald blouse was torn open with her naked breasts swinging excitedly. The seam going down the center of her flexible shorts was pulled several inches apart with the lips between her legs unmasked. The Incubus was leaning into the base of her spine, driving his one-eyed hound into her warm and slippery foxhole with a devastating doggy style attack. Being the only mortal in the crowded union didn’t earn her any mercy.

Alucard’s and Maria’s minds were both trapped in spells of seduction. Lost in their own perverse illusions, they believed they were alone together. They may have envisioned themselves as a newlywed couple privately honoring the sanctity of their marriage. In reality, there was nothing sanctified about the act they were committing.

They were both being tricked.

Their memory of how they had been brought to this state was clouded. Their perceptions were dulled and their innermost desires were brought to the surface. All they knew were each other’s bodies. Their imaginations put them in the comfort of a modest cottage room, or on a soft grassy hill underneath the stars. Anywhere but a dingy chamber in the deepest, most haunted depths of Dracula’s castle.

Maria would gaze straight down and see Alucard’s majestic features sprawled underneath her. Alucard saw nothing situated around his waist except a hazy fog and Maria’s thighs, with the front of her embroidered green dress keeping the place where their bodies met hidden. Behind her, the Incubus secretly had her black shorts frayed apart and the back part of her dress viciously hiked up to the dimples of her spine. His eyes were locked intensely on her penetrated womanhood and the perky puckered dot that summarized her hind end.

There were faint moments where Alucard would see wisps of red hair out of the corner of his eye, hear the creasing of a leather garter, or feel long sharpened nails clawing through the skin on his bare chest, things that couldn’t have belonged to Maria. For a second, the supple and charming contours of her maiden body would disappear and be replaced by something boldly endowed, obscenely voluptuous, and almost vulgar just to look upon. Then she would change back to the Maria he knew in the next instant.

Maria experienced the same notions, where she would sense fangs gnawing on the nape of her neck, damp and rigid abdominals pressing against the small of her back, or cold iron hands ruthlessly squeezing and twisting her naked breasts. She and Alucard would see the mauled tatters of the outfit their partner was wearing for a single blink, and then they would appear only slightly disheveled or naturally nude in the next instant. Every time the illusion briefly failed, they would still be gazing into each other’s eyes and their swirling thoughts would become even more confused. And the more their confusion grew, the deeper they feel under the Succubus and Incubus’s spells.

Maria’s eyes were weary and half-closed as they gazed into Alucard’s, absorbed into a dream-like trance. His teeth were grinding with pleasure and grief as the veins in his neck grew tense. Her lips dripped with sweat and saliva, with the tip of her tongue dangling lightly.

“Aa… Alucard…” she said in exhaustion, her voice squeaking in rhythm as she slammed her hips backwards into the Incubus. Alucard only uttered the syllable “Ma” before he lost his grip on his senses and grunted with a sharp “Ughn.” He was pumping himself in and out of the Succubus on instinct alone.

The Incubus roughly pushed Maria down, stretching her navel across the succubus's thick haunches and crushing the soft mounds of her chest against Alucard's rock hard pectoral muscles. Their faces were so close together that they could almost kiss.

The added weight drove the Succubus down onto Alucard's stake as far as she could go. She chuckled under her breath as the up and down motions of her thighs added some extra lateral movement to Maria's waist pivots, sending aftershocks through the Incubus's shaft. The two lust demons toiled over their hapless morsels with overwhelming eons of experience.

“This one’s almost had enough,” the Incubus said to the Succubus in a complicit tone, gripping Maria’s head by the back of her long golden curls. “How’s yours?”

“Even weaker than I expected,” the Succubus purred over her shoulder, drawing her hips in a disgraceful circular motion to churn Alucard’s primal urges to the breaking point.

“Look at him. He’s been consumed by his suppressed desire for this girl. I knew my idea would work better than what Dracula suggested.”

“What disguise did he want you to use?” the Incubus asked. He winced as his pelvis slapped Maria’s rear cheeks in rigorous intervals.

“His mother,” the Succubus hissed with disgust and rocked her legs forward.

She moved her hand to Alucard’s lap and coveted his twin grapes in her greedy fingertips. A few inches above her, the Incubus reached under Maria’s thighs and delicately stroked her rosebud.

Alucard cringed in torment as he reached his end. He poured every ounce of himself into the petals of the Maria-via-Succubus, willingly giving up his human inhibitions and casting them into a profound void of darkness. It was an offering that would boost the Succubus’s power for decades, and all that was left of him was an empty husk driven by demonic instincts.

Maria surrendered in the same instant, coating the shaft inside of her with a fresh wave of nectar and opening her pink curtains to welcome who her body thought was Alucard. The Incubus unleashed a flood of destruction through her unsuspecting channels, drowning her innocence and filling her with pure disdain. With a little bit of grooming, a physically able and magically-gifted young woman like her would make a fine demon bodyguard for the Prince.

The Succubus and Incubus unhinged their genital traps and slowly withdrew themselves. The Succubus formally straightened her leather garter, pulled the strings of her corset closed, and slid her thong back into place while tiny droplets of Alucard were still dripping out of her. The Incubus laced the front of his leather trousers shut while Maria still coated him. They stood beside each other stretching their wings like bats engorged after a feast.

Maria and Alucard were left dreaming soundlessly on the musty floor, their sweat-soaked flesh crumpled in defeat. Alucard looked relaxed and serene, the first time he was able to rest peacefully in centuries. Maria was nuzzling him with her arm draped over his bare chest and her head tucked under his chin, smiling gently.

It didn’t take long for them to reawaken.

Alucard and Maria rose up as stained and tainted shadows of their former selves. Their eyes were filled with glowing red malice. They acted unfazed by the ruined state of their clothes and their gratuitously exposed bodies. His manhood and her womanhood glistened and pulsed with the same powerful curse, corrupting them to their cores. Alucard's vampire fangs permanently extended from his mouth, giving him a more rabid and beast-like appearance that he could no longer subdue. Maria's wavy blonde locks gently flowed through the air in ripples, but there was no breeze passing through the chamber.

“What does father wish of me?” Alucard asked soullessly, his gaze set on the Succubus.

“Nothing for the moment. He simply asked me to wring the humanity out of you so you wouldn’t feel so conflicted,” the demoness said with a grin. “But I think we should get you in something more presentable before you worry about your royal responsibilities.”

“I want to come with him,” Maria said in a cold but insistent tone. Her ruby eyes flickered toward Alucard and constantly kept him in their sight.

“Of course, little huntress,” the Incubus said alluringly, her sweet taste still lingering on his senses. “We weren’t going to forget to invite you to the party.”

Author’s note: This was more of an experiment to see how I could get this jigsaw puzzle of cheesecake and beefcake to fit together than it was a valid reason to write a fanfic. The “Incubus” character is just supposed to be a generic version of Magnus from that SotN radio drama.

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