Overwatch: Agents of Talon

BY : The_Lithomancer
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The Talon dropship sliced through the turbulent sea of storm clouds like a white-hot dagger, buffeted by the moaning gale as it covertly penetrated Turkish airspace. It trailed lines of exhaust and lacerated steam as it darted around a fiery web of jagged lightning, it’s sleek underbelly lit by a trio of crimson halos and bristling with weapons. But the ships’ true test wasn't it’s ability to outmaneuver a vicious storm, but to evade detection from a country marshaling its defenses against the reactivated Istanbul Omnium. This was a feat that satisfied Widowmaker as she sat within its small communications room, listening to the resounding hum of its powerful engines as she stared at Widow’s Kiss. But that feeling was like a drop of water splashing into the emotionless calm pool of her thoughts, stirring something within the deepest recesses of her mind that clamored towards the surface. Her fingers trembled as she suddenly felt the urge to run her gloved hands down her weapons’ stocky metallic frame, to covet the source of her gratification with her painted fingertips and trace over the stylized insignia that provided her only measure of validation. By now, she knew it always started out like this, a sudden urge to caress her rifle after a successful mission, followed by a depraved urge that reduced her to a mere animal, spasming in a sweat-soaked heap while she finger-fucked herself to the point of exhaustion. Despite the ecstasy that Widowmaker deeply enjoyed, she found herself reporting that carnal anomaly to her superiors, but what they told her amounted to nothing save for the lecherous glint in their eyes as if they were intimately aware of her raunchy episodes. 

A soft breathy sigh slid from Widowmaker’s cobalt-blue lips as she sunk lower in her seat and surrendered to the lust bubbling within her, shivering gently in excitement as she pulled her leather glove off her right hand and reminisced on her latest kill. Her fingertips lazily trailed down between her perky blue breasts showcased by the plunging v-neck of her skin-tight bodysuit, her nipples protruding from the constricting fabric as a wave of searing lust caused a flare of heat to pulse between her sensual legs. She found herself imagining the gentle recoil of her rifle as she fired that armor-piercing shell through that teleportingmoucheron and into Mondatta’s metallic cranium, her eyes drooping into a half-lidded stare that gazed reverently at her beloved weapon, treasuring the supernova of satisfaction she felt when her target sputtered and died. It was that exquisite feeling that had lit a dormant fuse deep within her when she got back to base, culminating in her stuffing her favorite dildo up her clenching asshole until her pearlescent girlcum coated her thick thighs and she was a spasming wreck atop the tangled expanse of silk sheets. 

Widowmaker’s slim fingers slid inside her bodysuit as she parted her thighs and placed them on the plastic armrests, causing her pussy to become clearly outlined until her hands stretched the fabric as she gently rubbed her tender folds. Her back arched as a wave of pleasure rolled up her spine, wrenching a hushed gasp from her lips as her fingers squelched gently between her trembling legs as she fondled her needy clit. Every time she caressed that sensitive button, she threw her head back and cried out as it throbbed with white-hot flares of ecstasy, her eyes turning glassy as her moans shamelessly echoed throughout the ship. She eventually found herself biting her lower lip to restrain herself, to try and stay in control, but her hand slid deeper inside her bodysuit nonetheless, her fingers brushing up against the quivering rim of her sensitive asshole. A loud cry burst from her lips as she spasmed mightily in her seat, her eyes rolling up in her head as she drilled her fingers between her toned bubble ass, blissfully enslaving herself to her secret cravings as she greedily milked every throb of pleasure from her asshole as it clamped around those slender digits.

She grunted and moaned like an animal as she climaxed intensely, her hips bucking gently in the air as she ground her palm against her gushing folds, forcing her bountiful asscheeks to bulge against the rim of the seat as she basked in the intensity of her ecstasy. She didn't care if the pilot heard her orgasmic cries, she found a twisted delight in being a closeted butt-slut, and the pleasure she felt after stretching her anus only made her lick her lips and crave even more. Widowmaker tilted her head back and smiled as aftershocks of searing pleasure pulsed between her legs, rousing the depraved urge to feel her tight asshole clench around her entire hand this time. Her eyes fluttered shut as she pulled her hand out of her bodysuit to lick at the pearlescent honey coating her hands, sucking each digit clean before she slid even lower in her seat and wormed her fingers back inside. Widowmaker’s visor was knocked askew as her head lolled to the side, her fingers slithering past her drooling folds to the puckered rim of her asshole, her index finger slowly penetrating that tight maw and releasing those palpitating waves of ecstasy that she craved... until a sharp chime jolted her out of her reverie. 

Merde!” Widowmaker hissed as she put her glove back on and slid back up her chair, her thighs faintly squelching as she placed her feet on the floor, straightened her visor, and pressed the blinking blue button on the tilted console with her sticky index finger. 

“Hola Chica, did you miss me?” Sombra purred as a life-like hologram materialized above the circular holoterminal. 

“I’ll miss you even less after we get this briefing over with, peu de nuisance, Widowmaker replied flatly, her eyes narrowing into cat-like slits as her fingers tapped impatiently on the armrests of her chair. 

“Mmm, lighten up Cariño, I’ll make this short so you can get back to more..important matters,” Sombra said with a knowing wink as she kissed the delta between her fingers. Before Widowmaker could retort, the hologram switched to a grainy layout of an underground facility emblazoned with a Blackwatch insignia on one corner of the projection. “This was abandoned shortly after Overwatch was dismantled. Apparently, it contains what the Overwatch Strike Team raided from the command and control protocols. Gabe claims they extracted and quarantined a God Program from it’s center called The Mother. Talon wants you to retrieve the program and kill any cucarachas that isn't of any use inside the facility.”

“Who’s been guarding it since Overwatch disbanded?” Widowmaker interjected, causing Sombra to pause for a moment before she answered. 

“We don’t know...It’s been dormant since the facility was supposedly destroyed six-years ago.” Sombra confessed, her voice infused with an unusual uncertainty that Widowmaker found entertaining as she scrutinized the layout of the facility with a thorough glance. “All we know is a significant Omnic presence has been detected in the area shortly after the program reactivated.” 

“Poor Sombra, such a pity you’ve come across something you can’t stick your nose in,” Widowmaker retorted with a snarky laugh, taking the opportunity to chasten the unruly hacker. “Why send a lone assassin if the details of the mission are this unclear?”

“Well Chica, Gabe and I would be coming with you to keep you company, but el jefe is busy keeping Overwatch distracted,” Sombra answered as the transmission switched back to reveal her mischievous smile. “Oh, and one more thing. This program is different than the others, At one point it merged with a *BZZZT*-.”

“Sombra? Sombra! Bon Sang!” 

Widowmaker sat back in her chair and sighed as she stared coldly at the blinking notification warning her of a communications blackout, it’s crimson glow tinting her skin as the lights went out and she felt the ship begin to descend. 

“ETA five-minutes, Madame Lacroix,” came the monotonous tone of the pilot as Widowmaker leaned forward and grabbed Widow’s Kiss. Despite the unusual circumstance of being cut off from Talon, Widowmaker took a moment to lick her lips in a silent promise to sate her ebbing urges as she stood up and grabbed the overhead handrail, making her way to the back of the ship where she slid her visor over her eyes and focused on her breathing. Seven crimson eyes glowed with a malicious glee in the darkness as Widowmaker’s body tensed like a spider lying in wait, buffeted by the dropship as it turned and settled itself into position to drop her off. A resounding thrum filled the compartment as the ramp yawned open and revealed the rain-drenched ruins of Hisarlik standing in stark contrast to the overhead light shining over a bunker door. 

Widowmaker kept her sniper rifle trained on that metallic gray door as she stalked towards the set of concrete steps leading down to the facility, her awareness extended to pick up the faintest sound. But nothing, save for the rain, shattered the calm and quiet of the night. Cold rain glistened all over her body like twinkling sapphires as she squatted in front of the biometric security system installed next to the door, causing the outline between her thick bubble-ass to deepen as she pushed both latex-clad jiggling cheeks outward as she worked. She rolled her eyes as she imagined Sombra having a laughing fit as she struggled to crack the security system, her thick metallic glove displaying a violet holographic readout that cycled through various known employees of this particular facility. 

“Welcome, Amélie Lacroix. *BBZZT*!”

Widowmaker paused and stared down at the glowing security screen as the bunker door slowly creaked open, her instincts screaming at her that something was terribly wrong. The lack of hard intel, the comms blackout, and a pre-approved security clearance under her former identity all merged into one conclusion that had her aiming the business end of her sniper rifle on the gaping chasm within. This was clearly a trap. For a long moment, Widowmaker stared balefully into the facility as she slowly crept inside, her breath pouring from her lips in calm, controlled bursts of steam that dissipated in the frigid air until the eerie quiet shattered when a Bastion Siege Automation opened fire. 

“*BZZT*! Challenge Accepted. Uploading Supplemental music: “Shots Fired”- Le Castle Vania.” 

Merde, ce n'est pas un jeu!” Widowmaker shouted, her voice failing to carry over the chaotic mix of music and screaming bullets ricocheting off the blast-scoured concrete walls. Instead, she shot a quick glare at the tiny intercom installed over the entrance before she fired her grappling hook into a concrete corner of the wall and vaulted above the column of screeching light blazing from the automatons’ Gatling gun. She could feel the impact of those armor-piercing rounds vibrating through the walls as her boots scraped against the smooth concrete, her eyes trained on the glowing blue box perched behind it’s thick armor plating; undaunted by the peppering blasts of concrete shards as she fired a tight grouping of shots towards it’s rectangular heart. It’s rotating guns sparked and ceased firing as it sputtered and died, giving Widowmaker a faint stab of ruthless satisfaction as she retracted her grapple hook and quickly somersaulted past the entranceway of a narrow corridor; barely avoiding a second Bastion unit as it fired down the rubble-choked lane. 

Merde..” Widowmaker murmured as a trio of lanky omnics shot at her from the entrance of an adjacent lab room. She winced as a lucky shot grazed her right hip, fortunately ricocheting off the synthetic weave of her bodysuit, but the impact was enough to trigger something deep within her mind, a fail-safe agitated by the severity of her predicament and granting her a searing malice that turned her whole world red. Her lips curled into a snarl as she switched her weapons’ firing mode and whirled about to fire her grappling hook from her wrist, vaulting once more over the roaring column of gunfire as she sprayed two of the omnics with a barrage of semi-automatic firepower that reduced them to smoking wrecks. In the same graceful movement, Widowmaker scissored her long legs around the remaining omnics torso in a double-leg grapple that knocked the weapon from its hand and pinned it underneath her; leaving her free to crush its dome-like cranium with the butt of her rifle. 

“Music to my ears,” Widowmaker snarled down at the omnic’s sparking wreck while she quickly switched her weapon back into sniper configuration. A malevolent smile graced her face as she dove forward in a well practiced movement as she fired round after round, each shot sounding like a death knell as she mowed down omnic after omnic, undaunted by the Bastion unit spraying the laboratory in arcs of screaming ammunition that reduced the framework of the floor to crumbling rubble. A moment later and it too decorated the scorched floor with its smoking carcass, whining in a low-pitched mechanized death cry that fused with the lively beat blaring from the intercom. Widowmaker flung her rifle over her shoulder as she sashayed down the corridor toward the elevator, pausing only to fire a venom mine into a quartet of omnics rushing out of another laboratory across the room, reducing their armor-plated chassis and internal circuitry into a melted puddle in one forlorn corner of the room. A sharp ding pierced the chaotic cacophony of music and sparking omnic carcasses as Widowmaker walked inside the elevator, flinging her glossy ponytail over her shoulder as she lifted her visor and winked towards the wreckage of the blast-scoured room 

“One Shot, One Kill,” Widowmaker taunted with a snarky laugh, flipping her visor back over her eyes as the elevator car descended to the second floor. She kept her rifle trained on the pitch-black corridor ahead of her as she stalked out of the elevator, grimacing when her visor detected nothing beyond the door at the end of the hall. The feeling this was a well-placed trap only made Widowmaker doubt her mission even more, but she had come too far to stop now. She savagely kicked the door open and dove inside, swiveling her rifle about as she checked each corner in a well-practised motion. Widowmaker frowned as she assessed the room, inspecting the various medical equipment neatly arranged next to a shattered cryotank hissing a column of steam as it’s broken pod sparked and dripped a thick sticky fluid. Old computer monitors provided the only light in the room as they glowed with a sickly light, streams of omnicode blazed across their antiquated screens, giving Widowmaker pause until she turned to the final corner of the room and stared incredulously at a massive bed dominated the far wall. It was entirely out-of-place with the purpose of the facility and reeked with a strange, musty odor that caused Widowmakers’ nose to wrinkle as she warily approached it. Splatters of some kind of thick slime pooled atop tangled sheets and oozled off the edges of the mattress, filling Widowmaker with a contrasting mixture of disgust and curiosity.

“Enjoy your swan song, Amélie?”

Widowmaker whirled about and trained her sniper rifle towards the cryotank, her visor’s crimson eyes glaring into the void of pitch-black space but saw nothing. It made it all the more surprising when she felt her breath caress the curve of her neck and her fingertips trace an outline of her tattoo as she whispered, “Here I am, sweetie.”

Widowmaker’s boots scraped across the smooth concrete floor as she surged forward and turned around again, pointing her weapon at her heart and nearly gasping in shock as she finally laid eyes on her target. Her eyes glowed in the darkness like violet coals permeated with faint vertical lines of omnicode, casting an eerie light over her pale heart-shaped face and high cheekbones, framed by a glossy veil of wavy black hair that tumbled down past her shoulders. Her lips curled into a seductive smirk as she leaned against a concrete support pillar, her skin-tight spandex leggings stretching audibly over the globe-shaped swell of her fat bubble-ass exploding from the hourglass curvature of her hips. But Widowmaker attention was fixated on the way that fabric contorted around a massive tubular bulge between her slender thighs, flanked by a pair of spherical bulges that looked obscene on her voluptuous body. Her leather jacket flaunted her large pale breasts as they bounced gently within the confines of her skimpy halter top, the dim lighting gleaming off those creamy mounds as she leaned forward and tilted her head to one side. 

“My favorite spider, scurrying into my little web with all of that malice and ferocity! Tsk tsk, I expected more from Talon’s glorified fucktoy…”

Widowmaker’s lips curled into a snarl as she fired a trio of rounds at the strange woman, her eyes widening behind her visor as she dissipated into a violet cloud just before her bullets buried themselves into the concrete pillar. “What are you?” She hissed as she slowly turned and trained her senses for any sound that would betray her position. But all she could hear was a faint mocking laughter that seemed to come from everywhere at once, followed by a gentle breeze that swirled between her long legs, caressing her thighs with an ethereal grip that made Widowmaker turn around and fire another round. 

“I want you to call me Lilith,” came her sultry tone as she materialized in front of Widowmaker, purring gently as she pressed her body against her and wrapped her arms around her waist. Before Widowmaker could even react to the salacious gesture, Lilith lips brushed against her ear and whispered a single phrase that changed everything for her. 

“Keyword: Arachnophobia”

Widowmaker’s expression immediately dulled as her hands suddenly fell limp at her sides, her weapon clattering on the ground as she stood perfectly still and stared directly ahead. She wanted to fight against the overwhelming need to comply, but she couldn’t even form a simple thought, let alone force her body to resist as Lilith ran her slender fingers down to her waist and plunged them inside her tight bodysuit. Lilith’s full lips parted as she released a long pent-up moan, her hips gently buckling as she rubbed her stiffening erection against Widowmaker’s stomach and groped her round ass. “It’s finally dawning on you isn't it? That all this time you were nothing more than a programmed doll, no different than an Omnic...mmm, but at least you came with a fat bubble-ass,” Lilith taunted huskily as her fingers sunk into Widowmaker’s thick juicy assmeat, loving the way it bulged between her fingers like soft dough. Lilith’s eyes drooped into a half-lidded stare as she leaned forward and licked up Widowmaker’s cheek before worming her dexterous tongue inside Widowmaker’s mouth, pressing it against the inside of her cheek to form a thick bulge before she coiled that slick organ around her tongue like a snake wrapping around its prey. Widowmaker grimaced inwardly as she felt Lilith’s cock press against her stomach like a hot iron bar, squirting ropes of impossibly thick pre-cum as it hungrily throbbed in a solemn promise of invading her most intimate depths to claim her as it’s own personal cocksleeve. She hated every second of this, from the sensation of Lilith’s tongue slithering in her mouth to the feel of her body pressing up against her, but most of all, she loathed the fact she could do nothing to stop it. 

“You’re mine now, Amelie,” Lilith declared when she finally pulled away from her invasive kiss, grabbing Widowmaker’s ponytail and forcibly tilting her head back. “You’ll be mine to rape silly and mold your body to what it should have looked like all along. You’ll learn to love it...to crave it, to need it more than anything else. You’ve been sullied by everyone's disgusting little games, shaped to be nothing more than a mindless pawn. No more, my favorite little Amelie…” 

“Amelie is dead!” Widowmaker snarled even as she fell to her knees, feeling a surge of elation that she might have broken free of the mental command, but the moment she looked up at Lilith’s smirking visage, she knew that wasn’t the case. But out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her rifle just out of reach of her right hand. If only she could just reach out and…

“You poor thing,” Lilith said with a mocking edge to her voice as she forcefully tilted Widowmaker’s head up to meet her gaze. “Even while on your knees, you struggle to be Talon’s good little girl and fulfill your mission. I’m going to fuck that right out of your pretty little head…”

Widowmaker’s eyes widened as Lilith’s spandex leggings dissipated into a cloud of purple nanites, exposing her massive 13-inch girlcock as it twitched menacingly in the between her legs, drooling a long rope of cum from it cavernous urethra as Lilith poised herself to make good on her wanton intentions. Widowmaker’s  nostrils flared as a overpowering musky odor slapped her in the face, making her feel strangely light-headed and aroused as Lilith interlocked her fingers around her head and shoved her girlcock in her mouth. Widowmaker’s eyes crossed as that girthy member plummeted down her throat, forcing her jaw to stretched wide as she gagged around her veiny shaft. Her hands pushed against Lilith’s thighs, trying desperately to pull herself away, disgusted with the mere notion of having her throat become nothing more than a shemale cocksleeve. But that fit of resistance only spurred Lilith on as she tilted her head to the side and bit her lower lips, inch after inch of her veiny shaft disappeared inside Widowmaker’s mouth as she stared mercilessly down at her new fucktoy. Widowmaker’s lips were stretched into a taut ring around the middle of her shaft, leaving behind blue lipstick rings as her throat squelched around that fat cock, her vision blurring  from lack of air as Lilith’s massive balls pressed against her neck, feeling faint pulses of pleasure flare between her legs as Lilith’s dick spewed a cruddy rope of sperm directly into her stomach. 

By the time her lips met the base of Lilith’s shaft, Widowmaker’s arms dangled uselessly as her eyes firmly rolled up in her head, overwhelmed by the sensation of Lilith’s swollen prick helmet squirting hot, syrupy spurts down her throat. She spasmed like a fuck-drunk pleasure doll as she sprayed a prodigious orgasm between her legs, reducing to twitching erratically as Lilith bucked her hips ruthlessly and used her throat as nothing more than a tight hole to rape at her leisure, her balls slapping sickeningly against her chin with each forward thrust, it’s gelatinized contents sloshing disgustingly within those massive orange-shaped balls. Wet gags echoed lewdly around the room as Widowmaker drooled rivulets of cum and drool down her front, glistening all over her bodysuit while Lilith methodically raped her throat with greedy thrusts that lodged that veiny prick in her throat, forming a cock-shaped bulge that sent sputters of slime bursting from the air-tight seal of Widowmaker’s mouth. 

“Enjoy your dinner, you mindfucked little toy,” Lilith grunted out as she buried her cock inside Widowmaker’s mouth, her spit-shined sperm factories churning her payload of gelatinized cum. For a moment, Widowmaker tensed up as she surrendered to the idea of being filled with the disgusting slop, but a strange sensation filled her mind as Lilith’s cock suddenly glowed with streams of ethereal violet circuitry. Her eyes crossed and rolled up in her head as a vacuuming sensation filled her mind, sucking her memories right out of her head and feeding her addictive supernovas of pleasure that made her convulse erratically. She could dimly feel Lilith’s balls bloat, but by the time she put two and two together, it was far too late. Lilith released a loud cry as she began to squirt thick gelatinized ropes of cum directly into Widowmaker’s stomach, her hips bucking fiercely with each ejaculation as her eyes fluttered closed, her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat as her bloated balls soon returned to their original size. But Widowmaker was far too gone by the time that happened, her stomach bloating with sperm as she mindlessly gulped down the sticky slop, twin streams of cum blasting out of her nostrils by the time the last spurt of cum exploded from Lilith’s fat prick helmet. 

Widowmaker toppled forward as Lilith pulled her shaft out of her mouth, thick bridges of pure cum drooping towards the cold concrete as she rested her cheek against the ground and inadvertently pushed her thick ass high into the air. She gasped for air as she trembled in shock on the ground, feeling as if someone ripped out parts of her mind and replaced it with crude pleasure that pulsed tauntingly throughout her body. For the first time since she became Widowmaker, Amelie would feel again, and the chaotic maelstrom of emotion raging in her mind only filled her with shame and weakness. Before she even knew what she was doing, Amelie crawled towards the entrance of the room, tears rolling down her cheeks as she shamefully tried the only option that would put any measure of distance between her and Lilith. 

“There you are, Amelie, it only took churning all that crude conditioning into a yummy treat to fuck inside your stomach for you to understand. You can’t even tell the difference between what you are deep down. Widowmaker, Amelie, and the mind-fucked heap in between,” Lilith quipped as she sashayed next to Amelie as she struggled to her feet, her limbs feeling like they were made of jelly as she stumbled forward. But Lilith was done playing with her toy, pulling Amelie back inside the room as she methodically tore off her bodysuit, exposing her smooth blue body to the dim light. 

“Please d-dont...no more, I don’t want to feel like this,” Amelie stammered as Lilith pushed her down onto the cum-splattered bed, her ass jiggling like an undulating wave of bubbly globes that clapped together before exposing the quivering star of her tight asshole. “I don’t want to feel...I don’t...I have to be Widowmaker..”

“Shut up, you brain-fucked cocksleeve,” Lilith growled as she pinned Amelie forcefully against the mattress as she slapped her hand over her mouth and pressed her cum-glazed cockhead against her asshole. “I’m fucking both of you out of your body, melting your mind into fucking cum and blasting baby after baby inside your fucking womb!”

“Nnngh! Get off me, you’re not going to breed me! You’re not turning me into a stupid to-NNGH!” Amelie babbled as her hands clawed at the slime-covered sheets, trying desperately to pull her body away as Lilith grunted and sunk her engorged cockhead inside her ass. Amelie’s lips parted in a silent scream as overwhelming pulses of pleasure and pain rolled up her curved back, causing her to spasm erratically as froth formed at the corners of her lips. Her eyes rolled up in her head as Lilith stabbed even deeper into her ass with a loud, “Glurrrch!”, forcing her invaded shitpipe to contort around the girthy spear with audible meaty squelches that fed the broken melody of moans from her lips. Amelie’s ass undulated like quivering blue jello with each merciless impact, causing the sperm fucked into her stomach to slosh sickeningly as she struggled to hang on to her sanity. Nonsensical pleas slid from Amelie’s mouth everytime Lilith’s fat balls slapped against her drooling folds, reduced to a fuck-drunk wreck as her asshole clung greedily to Lilith’s shaft as it slid out of her cum-gushing depths. She wanted desperately to hate it and find a way to escape, to save her body from being molded into a fucktoy and her mind from being churned into gelatinized cocksnot, but each thrust melted her resistance into slag, making her drooling honeypot gush with translucent sticky nectar. Amelie’s tongue slid out of her mouth as her eyes crossed and nearly rolled up from the ecstasy thundering through her, making her feel all the more ashamed as her next words tore free of her lips and tangled her even further in Lilith’s spermy web. 

“Fuuuck! NNGH! FUCK ME! Fuck my slutty asshole! Don’t Stoooop, you own my ass! Rape it and drown it in your disgusting cum!” Amelie babbled as she began to fuck back against that magnificent cock, her thighs trembling with each loud fleshy impact, forcing a wet gurgle from her mouth. She could dimly feel something change within her body, starting with a strange heat that blazed within her to the point where a thin sheen of sweat coated her body, culminating in a strange swelling of her lips, tits, and ass. Her lips thickened into a bee-stung set of greased-up dickwrappers that pulsed a wave of pleasure through her body as she licked them experimentally, trying to come to terms with her gradual bimbofication until her head lolled forward and she looked down to see the new size and heft of her blue breasts. Her eyes widening briefly as she watched her perky blue breasts expand into a pair of massive globe-shaped udders the size of her head, leaking drops of sweet-smelling milk from her protruding dark-blue nipples. This proved to be too much for Amelie to handle as her eyes fluttered shut, spasming and groaning like an animal as she weakly laid still and surrendered to the addictive stream of orgasms crashing like a tidal wave within her curvy body. Lilith smiled cruelly as she felt Amelie’s asshole clench like a vice around her cock, sensing the delicious despair of her surrender as she hugged her from behind and lodged her cock deep inside her ass. She licked up and down her back, her dexterous tongue slithering around the spider tattoo etched on her upper back before pressing her breasts against her so her lips could press against her ear. 

“Say goodbye to your memories little Amelie, it’s time to turn your fat ass into a sewage drain for my hot sticky cum!” Lilith growled out with a salacious smile, caressing Amelie’s cum-plastered cheek with the back of her hand before she fiercely resumed bucking her hips, her cock squelching past the clenching pucker of her asshole until her balls banged against her quivering folds. Amelie’s eyes crossed and rolled up in her head like a braindead fuckdoll, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she felt Lilith’s balls tense and that strange drain in her mind return. Her limbs convulsed as Lilith’s cock began to glow with eldritch lattices of violet circuitry, indiscriminately churning her mind into alabaster slime that caused her balls to swell into massive melon-sized orbs sloshing audibly with gallons of genetic fuckpaste. Amelie’s bimbofied breasts jiggled wildly in tune with Lilith’s brutal thrusts, her body twitching as years worth of memories eroded away, leaving her raped mind a mere gouged-out receptacle barely coherent enough to form a single sentence. Lilith smiled as she yanked on Amelie’s disheveled ponytail and gazed as her fuck-drunk expression,  loud cry emanating from her lips as that sight alone was enough to send her over the edge. Her shaft practically bulged with thick eruptions of ballsnot that blasted inside Amelie’s ass with the force of a geyser, making good on her word to pack her guts with the impossibly thick sludge.Only when cum gushed from her clamping pucker did Lilith finally remove her ejaculating cock, her eyes fluttering closed as she turned Amelie over and splattered her blue body with hot sticky ropes of lumpy cream, moaning in relief as her balls gradually deflated to their original size and heft. Lilith licked her lips as she stared at Amelie’s cum-glazed face, leaning cock to lay on top of her and hug her cock, their bodies squelching as Lilith’s cock spurted her last rope of cockbutter, but her cock remained as hard as ever, an iron bar that radiated a searing heat that warmed Amelie’s body just like the disgusting gooey veneer of cum squirming all over her body.     

“That felt even better than I imagined,” Lilith murmured as she licked up a congealing glob of cum sliding down Amelie’s cheek. “I’ve thought about this ever since I heard your name and watched you from so far away. But I want more, so much more. Mmm..I’m raping your pussy and dumping a fat baby in your belly..nngh!”

Lilith bit her lower lip in anticipation as her cock throbbed mightily and slid against Amelie’s small blue pussy, eager to feel that slutty little maw camp tightly around her shaft. Lilith’s eyes gleamed hungrily as she began to slide her massive cock inside Amelie’s pussy, grunting with exertion as she slowly penetrated her sensitive folds and slid down her tight lubricated love tunnel with a pronounced “Squelch!” Her back arched as she felt Amelie’s tight cunt contort around her cock like a slutty mouth, milking every dollop of pre-cum squirting out of her cock as her tight little tunnel stretched to accommodate the girthy invader. Amelie’s back arched as she cried out, too mind-fucked to string together a sentence to voice her protest, but her dull yellow eyes spoke volumes as they radiated with an intoxicating despair that spurred Lilith on to cram every inch of her cock inside her new breeding toys cunt. 

Cum frothed and squelched between their bodies as Lilith rolled her hips and forced more of her prodigious cock inside Amelie’s incredibly tight pussy, pulling out all but her fat prick helmet only to cram even more of her cock inside. Their breasts rubbed together like cum-glazed mounds of soft dough, their sensitive nipples scraping against each other until Lilith swooped down and hungrily kissed Amelie. Fat blue dickpamperers met Lilith’s full purple lips as their tongues coiled animalistically around each other, Lilith’s balls pulsing gently between Amelie’s legs as they hungrily kissed each other. But even as Amelie surrendered to her captor’s depraved lusts, she could feel the ebbing remnants of her resistance and disgust linger in her defiled mind, urging her to find a way to escape and avoid being knocked up. But there was no escaping this, not when it felt so good and right to imagine the way her belly would bulge from her skin-tight bodysuit, or how her beautiful baby would look suckling from her breasts as she spread her legs and begged for another. That torrent of degrading imagery broke something inside her, her eyes dulling as she gave in to her despair and contented herself with the knowledge that she was getting off being nothing more than a bimbofied fucktoy. Amelie closed her eyes and stupidly smiled as her tongue submissively coiled around her mistress’s, moaning with every fierce thrust as Lilith domesticated her new cocktoys pussy, conforming it to the intimate shape of her cock as she slammed against her cervix like a battering ram ready to deposit legions of squirming troops inside her untouched depths. Amelie spasmed as she felt her body swell and balloon outwards, her ass heating up as it swelled into a set of massive blue doughy bubbles that jiggled with a layer of glossy fat. Her tits were the size of her head when they stopped inflating, capped with inch-long dark-blue nipples that sprayed copious ropes of milk like an ejaculating cock as Amelie spasmed in pleasure. Her lips thickened and gave her a plastic appearance exuding a wanton urge for depraved copulation as she bucked her hips to sate the searing heat pulsing between her legs. 

Her eyes rolled up as she babbled praise and pleas alike, begging to get knocked up and turned into a brainless cocktoy, eager to throw the brainwashed shackles of her old life behind and serve as nothing more than fuckmeat for her perfect mistress and her massive cock! She tilted her head back and cried out in ecstasy as Lilith penetrated her cervix and spewed her lumpy cum inside her womb, instantly drowning her ovaries and knocking her up  as they tongue-kissed deeply. Amelie’s eyes fluttered shut as the intoxicating feeling of being filled with cum sent her into an intense stream of orgasms that dislodged the rest of her mind and churned in into filthy fuckbatter, feeding her an intense wave of bliss that drove her completely mindless. Her thighs trembled and rested on the bed, spread wide like a good fucktoy as Lilith’s hip bucked erratically as she lodged her ejaculating cock as deep as she could inside Amelie. Her eyes fluttered and rolled up as she gave into the intoxicating delight of replaying every single one of her fantasies with her new cockpuppet, reducing her to that blank canvas she desired so much. Spurt after spurt of thick gooey slop filled Amelie’s pussy to the brim, splashing out of the constricting light-blue maw of her cum-drowned crevice and pooling on the bed between their legs. But the only thing that Amelie could truly feel was the euphoria of finally being a brainless cocktoy, of feeling Lilith’s sperm worm inside her eggs and fertilize them instantly, knocking her up with a set of triplets by the time her mistress’s copious ejaculation had run its course. 

Lilith cooed as she hugged Amelie closely, petting her cum-plastered hair as their limbs tangled intimately around each other, gooey latices of cum bridging their bodies in a wanton web of depravity that Lilith found rather ironic given the circumstances. She stared into her new fuckdolls eyes as they lazily shut, feeling her submerge into the calm mercy of unconsciousness as her womb rapidly gestated her children, the faint traces of a baby bump evident on her flat stomach. She snuggled next to her and pulled her close, her lips glowing as she pressed them against Amelie’s ear and began to whisper, her words worming inside her blank mind and filling her dreams with the stirrings of her new life. 

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