Sombra's Dirty Obsession

BY : ScienceofPorn
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Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch or any characters found within the game. This is a non-profit non-canonical fanfiction.

Sombra pressed herself deeper into her chair as the purple light of her computer screen caressed her figure. There was no greater feeling than late night hacking, especially when it involved exposing little Korean fucktarts to the world. Hana Song, known better by her gaming alias had found her Starcraft livestream suddenly interrupted. 

Sombra had watched the view counter climb over the last hour, through the obnoxious noises of pretend robotic ships clashing on alien worlds.’s face-cam showed her cute and determined expressions as she laid waste to everything in her path. She had a habit of wrinkling her tiny nose in satisfaction every time she landed a good kill, or downed another Mountain Dew. It was clear why she hosted over two million pairs of eyes. Her soft brown hair was parted by her bunny-ear headphones which matched her skin tight body suit that peeked into the camera when she bounced around excitedly.

As a new boss fight commenced, Sombra knew it was time to strike. In an instant, pouted and cursed in Korean as her character slowed and lagged.

“Hey, no fair!” The petite gamer hammered her keyboard and rolled her eyes as her army was disintegrated.

Her tune changed yet again as a prominent purple skull conquered her screen. Her innocent brown eyes looked desperately into the feed, as if begging her tormentor to stop what she knew was coming next.

“Enjoy your new fame, chica.” Sombra cackled as she flooded the server with pornographic images.
Hana had dug her own grave. She had built up quite the backlog of naked selfies on her phone. A heavy portion of them devoted to her tiny svelte body and smooth pussy. Still more had her displayed in idiotic poses, with splayed lips and peace signs. Some of the videos available for download showed her enjoying intimate times with close friends and fans. She drooled and moaned as a bent dick speared her asshole over and over again. In the center of the collage, Sombra presented a gif that looped endlessly, sperm splattered over the starlet’s face and smeared the pink whiskers with runny white, as she lapped up the cum around her lips.
Meanwhile the chat exploded with links and discussion over their slutty new idol.

“Shibalyeon!” screamed. With tears welling in her eyes, she hurriedly rushed off-screen.

“Oh, fuck yessss.” Sombra’s fingers hooked her quivering pussy as her brain melted in orgasm.

Sweat had pooled in the small of her back and made her slippery as she reclined against the leather cushion. She felt hot and wet, taking in her latest achievement. She reveled in the mortification of others, and the brat needed to be taken down a peg or two. She tried to envision as she fingered herself silly. She was probably crying into her pillow, her cheeks flush with anguish and her ears burning. Sombra wanted to rape that adorable, blubbering face. She wanted to choke the innocence out of her, yell at her to give up gaming and be a full-time slut.

Her hand like lightning, she rammed her knuckles into herself again and again until she managed to ride her full fist. Upon her person she wore nothing but a dark landing strip and a smile. Her chest leapt, offering nipples like tiny sand dollars on a pristine shore.

“Just a little more! Ugh!” She grew crosseyed as her toes gripped the edge of her desk and flung her head back.

A small spurt of liquid dashed across the screen, causing the images to give off the faintest of pixelated rainbows.

“Ayyy, me amor mi trabajo, hehehaha!” She licked her freshly fucked fingers and sucked up the remaining girl juice.

Sombra sighed and swiveled in her chair. She had spent the better part of the day masturbating, as the numerous gold and black dildos scattered around her room could attest. Flipping a tendril of purple hair from her face she rose and stretched.

Her meager apartment in Dorado wasn’t much to look at, with only a single bedroom and bath. Even so, it suited her needs as she had converted the far wall into a collection of servers that wired her to the rest of the planet. She hadn’t gotten out much since she had betrayed Talon. She had practically made a career of selling information to Overwatch and vice versa. The only person she served was herself. Most of the funds she had stolen from both groups was safely stored away in a location only she knew about. For the time being, it was best to lay low while Gabe and Amelie forgot about her, only then would she feel safe splurging on luxury items. Going into hiding wasn’t all bad. She had lived near Dorado as a child and enjoyed the small, festive community. Plus, with the coming of fall, her favorite holiday was now upon her.

Cheerful shouts echoed beyond her apartment walls as the Day of the Dead festival commenced. She couldn’t go out on such a crowded night, could she? The temptation of local music and drinks was quite powerful, though even more tempting was the thought of the inebriated masses, she could bend to her will, with the right persuasions.

On her bedside table was a solitary bottle of neon green paint. Plucking a brush from it, she bit her lip and began to adorn her body. A lot of people were entertained by body paint on this occasion. While most were happy with turning just there faces into delightful colorful skulls, most didn’t have the advantage of invisibility to really bring a full skeleton to life. Though she loved the mortification of others, she relished to humiliate herself as well. Her dream was to dance naked in the streets.

After she finished painting the bones on her arms and legs, she paid special attention to her pelvis. Goosebumps formed on her thighs as the cool coating tickled her pubis, and the same sensation greeted her as she painted a sternum between her toffee breasts.

Satisfied with her artistry, she picked up a glowing band that she secured around her wrist. It alone allowed her to become one with the shadows. Of course she had primarily used her older model for missions of espionage and theft, but with this updated version, she would be using it for something even more fun. Instead of seconds, it would allow her a full hour of invisibility. Enough time to entertain an oblivious crowd, and dance naked to her heart’s content.

She posed in front of the mirror and activated the device. Before her a very convincing neon green skeleton stood. She would likely scare people at first, with something so unusual and animated, though people were more accepting of the strange on the Day of the Dead. With any luck she could convince people it was a new kind of hologram.

She had sixty minutes to enjoy this hot, intense humiliation. Still invisible and shaking under her lime green exterior, her hand hovered over the door knob to her apartment. She smiled, even if she was found out, Sombra didn’t think she would mind too much, after all what was the worst that could happen?

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