Four Kunoichis and a Bottle of Sake.

BY : JusticeForAll
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"It’s an ancient tradition," Yuffie consoled herself as she knelt at the low table with the others.

This ‘ancient tradition’ involved kunoichis from different parts of the world gathering to drink sake together. Possibly thought up by some old, drunk kunoichi, the tradition lived on to this day. If Yuffie was forced to guess, she would have bet on him or her being an ancestor of Mai Shiranui. She loved a drink more than the rest of them put together, and it was at her home that they had gathered.

There were a couple of reasons Yuffie had such disdain for this gathering. For one, she didn’t even like the taste of sake. Her favourite thing to drink was milk, which would have gotten her laughed out of any bar. But the fact that sake turned people into annoying morons was another negative.

Secondly, she had to spend the whole day staring at some of the biggest breasts she had ever laid eyes on. For whatever reason, it seemed to be a requirement as a kunoichi to have enormous, heaving boobs. Nobody had informed her, however, her own chest being practically non-existent.

An innocent looking redhead was kneeling across the table. Yuffie didn’t buy it. Nobody with boobs that huge could be innocent. And, holy shit, were they huge. She was dressed in a white outfit with red trim complete with thigh-highs. Her fleshy, creamy breasts were bursting from her dress, pleading to be free.

Kasumi would often talk about a male ninja by the name of Ryu, going on about how she was too shy to tell him how he really felt. Yuffie didn’t buy that, either. She would have put gil on him having motorboated those beauties.

The mature Taki was sat beside her. She liked to pretend she was all contemporary and honourable, but then always wore a skin-tight bodysuit that revealed every muscle and curve of her slim yet busty body. Her spandex coated tits, full and heaving, were resting atop the table, nipples erect and clearly visible through the revealing material. Even Yuffie, who was as straight as a ninja blade, felt her heart race whenever she saw her in that outfit. She was an incredible physical specimen that was built for fighting and fucking.

Unlike Taki, the last occupant of the room, Mai Shiranui, didn’t try to pretend she was anything but a slut. She was already drunk off her face, her cheeks bright red. Her outfit was quite similar to Kasumi’s, a large amount of cleavage on view, and while Kasumi sported an impressive set, Mai’s dwarfed hers and perhaps even Taki’s.

Yuffie stared with pure envy as Mai leaned over the table to retrieve more saki. She got a perfect view down the crevice of her heaving juggs.

“C’mon, Yuffie,” Mai slurred as she clasped the bottle, “have a drink.”

Sober Mai and drunk Mai were barely distinguishable. Yuffie only answered her with an annoyed glare.

Taki mimicked Mai, leaning over the table, her plentiful breasts gliding over the table.

“Ooo,” Mai cooed, her eyes taking in Taki’s shapely buttocks beside her. She slapped her hand against the spandex, and Taki grunted in response.

“Behave yourself,” Taki said sternly as she sat back down.

“I couldn’t resist,” she giggled. “You’ve got an amazing ass.”

Taki ignored her and took a swig of sake.

“You remember what I said last year?” Mai grinned, devilishly. “I said I was gonna fuck one of you this year. You’re not getting away from me this time.”

The others exchanged awkward glances.

“Ignore her,” Taki said, her own cheeks beginning to glow. Whether it was from Mai’s words or the sake, Yuffie was unsure.

“Don’t they sell sake in that bar… uh, 6th Heaven?” Mai asked Yuffie, her brow furrowed.

“7th Heaven,” Yuffie corrected her. “And no.”

“Yeah, 7th Heaven,” Mai giggled. “In ‘Madgar’.”

“Midgar,” Yuffie corrected her again, a tint of annoyance in her voice.

“When are you gonna tell us where you’re really from?” Mai asked, rolling her eyes. “We all know it’s not a real place.”

They had this conversation every year. Yuffie decided to ignore her.

"So, Kasumi," Mai said, already turning her attention to someone else, "did you make a move on that... Ryu, was it? I think it was Ryu."

"No," she blubbered, her eyes falling to the sake in front of her.

"Man, if it was me, I would've had him as soon as I laid my eyes on him," Mai said.

Yuffie could believe that.

"What about you, Taki?" Mai grinned, jabbing her fellow kunoichi in the ribs. "Have you got your eyes on anyone?"

"I don't have time for men," she said with a glare.

"Oh, I get it," Mai purred, her grin widening. "You're into women, aren't you?"

"I think you've had enough," Taki said, not realising her hypocrisy as she took another sip, herself.

Mai was really starting to piss Yuffie off. She was always flirting like this, but she was taking it way too far and making everyone uncomfortable. Luckily, she would be passed out soon, and then they could sneak off. That's what happened every year, at least.

Yuffie's eyes shot to Kasumi when she downed a full cup of sake. Usually, she was like herself and rarely touched the stuff, but it seemed she was really hurting over this Ryu guy. She was beginning to remind her of a certain someone who was also constantly pining over a guy. The only other similarity between them was the size of their boobs.

Maybe all three of them would end up passing out.

"C'mon, you can tell me," Mai said, her red face inching closer and closer to Taki's. "You're always teasing me by wearing that bodysuit."

"It's comfortable," Taki slurred, pulling her face away.

"How can it be comfortable? I bet you can barely breathe. Just admit it that you wear it to show off that amazing body."

"Fine, I admit it!"

"I knew it!" Yuffie blurted out. Though it was obvious the only reason she had conceded was that she was drunk.

"Well, then, let me show you how much I appreciate it," Mai said as she took one of Taki's spandex concealed boobs in her hand. She squeezed the soft flesh between her fingers before bringing her thumb across the erect nipple.

Yuffie's mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe her boldness. Mai had gone too far, this time.

"Mai, what the hell are you doing?" Yuffie fumed.

"Stay out of this, no-tits," Taki shot back, her eyes closed shut in pleasure.

"Wh-what did you call me?" Yuffie stuttered, her rage beginning to build.

Here she was trying to help, and she threw an insult at her that sounded like it was from some bottom of the barrel anime.

Mai took her actions a step further, planting her lips on Taki's.

Yuffie watched in shock as they blatantly made out in front of her and Kasumi.

Mai leaned in closer, her huge breasts squishing against Taki's equally generous pair. The spandex-clad beauty fell backward when Mai advanced even further. As Mai crawled over her victim, the back of her dress fell to the side, revealing a thong embedded between two jutting butt cheeks.

Yuffie bit her lip at the sight playing out before her. She didn't consider herself to be a lesbian, at all, but even she couldn't help but find the two gorgeous women fondling each other erotic. She was sure they were gonna regret this in the morning.

Yuffie was contemplating what to do. It was such an awkward situation, and the fact she was getting turned on wasn't helping matters. She had to get out of here.

She glanced over at Kasumi, who seemed to have her eyes glued to Mai's bare butt. She was dabbing her lips with her tongue, indicating that she was also enjoying the show.

Yuffie's vision fell to Kasumi's creamy cleavage piled on top of the table. She then turned her attention to the empty sake cup in front of her. Was she drunk, too? Maybe if she was, Yuffie would stand a chance.

Yuffie shook her head and pounded it with her palm. What was she thinking? She was the only one who was sober. She hadn't even had a sip.

Now that she thought about it, she sure was thirsty. She glanced at Kasumi's boobs again and began to wonder how much milk she was packing in those things.

Kasumi finally noticed Yuffie stares and their eyes met. The redhead had a devilish grin on her face. Yuffie had never seen her like this. Drink had a crazy effect on people.

"You want to have some fun, too?" She said, her words as slurred as Mai's.

"No!" Yuffie snapped. "I'm not into that shit!"

"Neither am I, but it's been so long since I've felt another person's touch, I'll take anyone."

Damn this Ryu guy! Why couldn't he have just nailed her when he had the chance?

Kasumi boobs flopped from the table as she began crawling towards Yuffie. Behind that innocent face was a horny slut who just wanted a quick fuck.

Yuffie clawed herself backward as Kasumi crept closer and closer, her hanging breasts swinging within her dress. She finally came to a stop when her back hit the wall, and now there was nowhere left to go.

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