The Size Queen of the Great Sea

BY : TheEnviousEnvy
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"There we are, nice and clean," Tetra stepped out of the tub to complete her usual bath, "Link, would you care to bring my towel over here?"

"It's right here, Tetra," Link approached her.

"Wonderful, it's on my favorite towel rack too," she grinned, referring to the fact that he wasn't holding it in his hands but rather hanging it on his erect manhood.

"Just like you always want it," he presented himself. It was common for the two to now bathe together, but he couldn't be around her for that long without having his arousal show up, a fact she was more than happy to take advantage of.

"Thank you, Link," Tetra took the cloth to reveal her clothes also hanging underneath it, "Wow, you really are useful."

"I've got a lot of space down there," he chuckled.

As Tetra began to dry herself, Link's attention was starting to be drawn to his own body. He had long since gotten used to living with such a blessed physique. One that he had been made aware was well above average in certain spots. but when using it like this, even he couldn't help but notice how large his hardened appendage looked even to himself. While Tetra focused on straightening out her hair, Link took a seat on the toilet and began to play around with a spare roll of toilet paper.

"Hey, what do you have going on here?" Tetra inquired as she watched him poke at the roll with his member.

"Yeah, it won't fit and it's not even close," he discarded the tube with a sigh.

"Well, of course. I'd be disappointed if you were defeated by something as trivial as a roll of toilet paper," she commented.

"Does it ever hurt, Tetra?" he suddenly asked.


"You know, it," He got the implication across with a nudge.

"Who's ever heard of pleasure without a little pain," Tetra dismissed his concerns while failing to deny his allegations.

"So that's an affirmative, then?" Link deflated along with his erection.

"What? Don't be like that. Nobody's perfect," she quickly tried to cheer him up.

"But it's eventually going to reach a breaking point. I'm just a little concerned is all."

"As far as I'm concerned, that's a hundred percent my problem," Tetra declared but to little avail from Link.

"When you have to worry about getting pregnant because I was too big for any sort of condom, I don't see how it's not somewhat my problem too."

"Whatever happens happens, and it was more than worth it to watch you tear through the rubber with your sheer size," Tetra let out a light moan at the memory while Link appeared to remain unmoved, "You know, you really are an interesting example of how the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Are you aware of how much awe and jealousy that you are the subject of?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure how much you realize it, but a lot of girls wish they could have a turn with you, and I certainly hear your fellow pirates talk about how they wish they could have what you do, but here you are moping about how your dick is too big. It's fascinating how we all want what we don't have even when what we have is what everyone else wants."

"What is it that you want that you don't have, Tetra?"

"I'm a pirate. I've spent my life using force to take what is denied to me through conventional means," she answered, "It's not in my nature to mull over stuff like that."

"Oh," he hung his head.

"But then there are the things you don't realize you needed until you have them. I certainly never figured I'd ever be wanting a boyfriend."


"I never told you this because there was never a need for it, but I was actually conceived on a one-night stand."

Link broke out of the grip of his guilt upon hearing this sudden revelation.

"My mom didn't want to settle down with anyone, but she had her needs, you know?" Tetra continued, "She said she never thought badly of any of her partners but was always ready to move on to the next adventure. By the time she realized that one of their condoms broke, it was too late to pinpoint who or where my father was. I wasn't into the notion of domestication either, but I didn't want to end up with a child who didn't know who their dad was either, so for a while I told myself that I would stay away from this sort of stuff. Of course, that changed when I met you, Link."

"How so?"

"You showed me the true value of family. I felt alone when my mom died due to a lack of blood relatives despite the support of my crew, but you proved that family is about how you choose to support one another and what you will risk for them. It helps me remember that I'm not fit to be a ruler just because my blood says so. I can't go about trying to restore my kingdom on my own. I need people like you and the guys around me, but with you I know the value of being able to commit to a single person with all my heart rather than constantly hopping around for fear of rejection."

"Thanks for telling me that, Tetra," he pulled her into a hug, "I guess I've been missing my own family too and feeling down."

"That's my fault too. I'm still too stubborn to always let you know how I really feel," she lamented, "If you ever even got the remote idea that your dick is painful for me or that O have an issue with any part of your body, then I clearly haven't been communicating my thoughts correctly."

"It's got to hurt at least a bit. You're flexible, but not made of rubber."

"Sometimes there's a sting but it's a good sting. It's the kind of soreness in your muscles that lets you know you just had your best workout in a while. When I meet up with Mila for a girl's day out and she can draw frighteningly accurate conclusions about our recent sex life simply from the way I'm walking that particularly day, how can I not be amazed by what we have together. I said it before, but you're a legend both on and off the battlefield, Link. Your innocence is adorable, but you have no idea how the island girls now look at you."

"I appreciate their admiration, but I'm not sure how I should feel about being as famous for my penis as I am for defeating guys like Ganon and Bellum."

"I'll fill you in. Back on Windfall Island, Mila renamed the large hotdogs in her diner as the Jumbo Link, and it's actual size if you catch my drift," Tetra winked slyly, "The few who are versed enough in local gossip like Maggie and Sue Belle to know what it means have contests fitting them in their mouths. Now, if only we could make them actual taste too..."

"That might be going a bit too far..." Link winced, "And you seriously aren't bothered by her doing that?"

"Bothered? I'm the current record holder for their competitions!" she boasted, "I know you've big into the emotional side of sex while I like to run wild and talk dirty, but beyond that, you're fun, Link. You're just fun."


"It's a treat seeing their faces when I demonstrate what I can do to my gag reflex. Your sister's reaction was pretty funny too."

"Huh? What did you do?!" he immediately grew flustered

"Well, your problems with pants over the years have been well documented. In fact, a few of the times you've gotten an erection in public, I told bystanders that you were just carrying a full-blown flintlock pistol in your pocket and they actually believed me. The shops around have never been equipped for your special needs. Because of that, the last time we visited your home island. I saw Aryll doing some sewing and asked her for a special favor in adding some breathing room to the crotch of your pants. I didn't tell her specifically why, but she's not as naive as the girl you remember. When it clicked in her head what it was that I was really having her do, those eyes of hers went wide as dinner plates."

"Aw, man" Link held his head in his hand,

"Don't get so down," Tetra comforted him, "After forcing the truth out of me, she went out of her way to make them extra comfortable for you, citing how important it was to her to see both of our family lines be passed on."

"Well, they certainly are comfy," Link conceded.

"And I'll never forget that one time we were lost in the wilderness. I knew it was big but never realized it was so big that it's shadow could function as a makeshift sundial, not to mention that scorching heat working as an emergency hand warmer."

"Those were just spur of the moment,"

"Hasn't sopped you from finding other uses for it. It's hard enough that when I jokingly suggested using it as a hammer for a small nail, you went and actually did and had it working almost perfectly, there's no topping those shadow puppet shows you put on, and forget just making a nice towel rack, it's sturdy enough that I still haven't found a limit to how much jewelry I can hang on it."

"What can I say?" he shrugged, "Dungeon crawling is all about making the best of what you have."

And that's what makes it so excited, the way you make use of every bit of mass. Even during the times it's less than convenient, how can I begrudge you for the fact that you must be careful when turning around when you've got a boner, so you don't knock over anything valuable or straight up cock slap me. I know the times, I've scolded you for the sake of the ship's finance, but I just need you to know that it also had me crazy horny every time. Even now, I can't help by soak in the glorious scent your dick leaves on the clothing I put on it," Tetra gushed.

"You don't say..." Link watched her take in a strong whiff of the garments,

"Link, when you get an erection, it's nearly always because of me, right?" she shifted gears, "That boner you had earlier was from seeing me in the bath, correct?"

"Yes, if you want to put it so plainly," he affirmed, "Trust me, I almost never do it for fun except when it's time for shadow puppets."

"Then what more could possibly matter?" she concluded, "Regardless of if it's the size of the biggest banana at the fruit market or the smallest, how could I possibly feel any true pain from something that's responding so strongly to me and my often less than feminine charms? I'm grateful to have you the way you are. I'll be clearer about that from now on if you're willing to be more proud of it."

"Alright, I'll give it a shot," he nodded.

"Good, because you'll be showing me some of that pride right now," Tetra told him, "Having to recall all those tales of your past triumphs has gotten my crotch burning up her. My juices are already about to make a mess of what I just cleaned. You're going to be helping out with plugging the leak."

"Sounds like a big job."

"It most definitely is. Even those shady shops in the bad part of town don't carry any tools with the right... dimensions to fill it in properly."

"I've got something that's a bit heavier duty for it, but it's really only for extreme cases."

"Show me, and I'll be judge if it's up to the task, that is, as soon as you actually get it up to the task" Tetra grabbed onto his member.

"I think what I've got will be more than adequate," Link smiled when he caught the hint before leaning back and letting his inner urges take over.

Letting out a light growl as the trigger, he astonished her all over again by having his member spring to life in her gentle grasp. Her eyes locked onto each move it made as it snaked around within her grip. Through her usual impatience and his eagerness. She had never gotten to experience his arousal emerging quite like this, in her very hands, before her very eyes. His flaccid penis that still offered more than enough room for her full hand soon expanded enough to allow for her to add second and even a third if she had one. She could also feel her fingers being slowly pried by his ever-increasing girth, and a moan escaped her lips when she envisioned having this sensation within her own womanhood. It gave her a greater appreciation for his natural stamina to see how many extra veins were popping out to get it has hard as it was which only seemed more like steel to her compare to how squishy it was before.

"Oh my, what a piece of equipment you certainly have here," she let out a haughty laugh while playfully squeezing it, "but enough of the stupid plumber roleplay. Your cock is absolutely something else. You already have a cute face and it's pleasant to look at when you first take it out but then it just goes full monster out of nowhere. It's so ridiculous, I love it. Your dick is even more wonderful to touch than it is just to look at and not just for its mammoth proportions. Those girls may diddle themselves while thinking about it, but they have no clue what a difference it makes to get a cock like this in their hands. Even if they did make dildos that are the same size, nothing could imitate how it reacts to every subtle move I make to how I can feel the very blood coursing through your veins. I really love how your head and shaft feel in my fingers too. It's so rigid yet somehow also still delightfully squishy. It's like each squeeze makes another one of my troubles melt away."

"Still, it feels like it wasn't that long ago that at least some of the tip would fit inside one of those things," Link commented when she began trying to fit his manhood through the toilet paper roll from before with no greater success than he had,

"No kidding," Tetra tossed the roll aside and inspected him up close, "Since a month or two ago, Mila was wondering if you're still growing based on how wide I tend to spread my legs when sitting. She's absurdly accurate with this stuff, I suppose I owe her an update for her hotdog business, but I don't think I have the heart to do it with an increase in thickness like this when those things are already on the verge of being choking hazards."

"If you do that, she'll be having to change the menu every other week," Link added, clearly not delighted with the idea of people suffocating on meat modeled after his meat."

"Yes, it's getting to the point where it'd would be disrespectful to watch you have here to try and always confine it to exact numbers. Sure, I can venture a guess that you're creeping up on twenty four centimeters in length and seventeen in girth, but that seems trivial compared to the ability to take a measurement by holding my forearm up to it," Tetra did just that to prove her point while he continued to grow harder and even started oozing pre-cum, "Just take a moment to admire it, Link. Hell, for all your frustration earlier, look at how that dong of yours is still expanding."

"Well, it is kind of sexy when you show it off like that," Link chuckled with still increasing arousal, "It's a strange sense of perspective."

"It's as exciting for me as it is for you, Link. I can really feel the shaft fattening up to try and show that it truly is thicker than my wrist while the head is fighting to reach all the way past my elbow. Instead fussing over millimeters, I can proudly say that I've got a boyfriend with a cock as big as my arm. Now, you should be able to admit to having a dick as big as your girlfriend's arm. Come on. Own it."

"I still think it's not quite as..." Link tried to deny it before Tetra shut him down with a glare after managed one more growth spurt to settle the issue, "Tetra, my dick is as big as your forearm."

"See, honesty is good. You might feel bad about what you can do with your size when acting carelessly, yet you can't hold it back when you see your dick up against something comparable to it. You need to keep pushing the envelope until you reach that limit you were so worried about. Don't fight it. Embrace it. I think after this we need to check how it stacks up to the barrel of my pistol."

"If you do that, I'll also need to demonstrate my superior rate of fire and wider spread on my shots," he joked.

"Then it'll have to be when we're away from the ship because I'm not cleaning up a mess like that. Speaking of cleaning, you didn't properly wash yourself yet. I think I'm going to have to do it myself to fully show my appreciation for this beautiful body of yours."

Tetra moved him over to the tub where she prepared to service him with a rag and some soap. She started off wetting down his upper body to prove that her eyes weren't locked in a permanent downwards trajectory. The rising tension between them had caused some sweat to build up on his chest which she washed off while tracing his pectorals. She then grabbed his arms and wiped them down while he then pulled her into a kiss.

"What happened to plugging the leak?" he teased.

"The time for utilizing your natural gifts will come soon, but you deserve a moment of appreciation for the parts of your body your earned on your own. It's the proof of the strength you need to keep up with me, even if I'm not as fond of the princess carry as you are."

She moved down to his abdominals which showed remarkable definition. Tetra gave them a careful cleaning as well while Link's manhood only began to tremble more and more the closer her hand got to it.

"But I'm going to wait on cleaning this," she decided when finally reaching his groin, "I don't want it to lose that precious odor before I'm done with it."

"I'm in no position to argue since I certainly won't be getting any pants on like this," Link shrugged, "I'm glad that this is so much fun for you, but I'm stuck here until it's taken care of. I hope you can handle it because I don't know what it will take this time."

"Absolutely, you know how important it is for me to keep this tool in good condition," Tetra moved herself down in between his legs where his member was now hanging straight up besides, "And I've been prepping some extra special treatment for it, and now feels like it's finally the right time. Please do sit back and enjoy it."

Tetra took full hold of his erection with hands restless, lips moist, and eyes transfixed. Having already set up her plan of attack for the evening, she gave what started out with a double-barreled hand job, but it was more than simple stroking that she was starting off her with. In her quest to be a more effective lover she had carefully studied Link's reactions to every technique she experimented with. In doing so she had gained a mental map of his manhood that advised where and how to touch him to evoke certain sensations, and it was now time to put it to full use. She implemented a studious massage on his most strained spots than would relieve him of a good deal of his tension while also readying him for something more intense later. The treatment proved quite effective as her hero released his pent-up stress for her.

"Oh Tetraaaa…" he released an exasperated groan. "That's peeeerfect. I don't know how you're doing it, but your every touch is magic. It's like all of the weight is being lifted but I'm still getting even more excited."

"That's no surprise, this is still your cock after all. The bigger you get, the more weak spots I seem to find. Handle it in just the right way, and you're totally helpless." she continued her rubdown.

His most crucial vulnerabilities lied in the underside of his shaft. The rugged exterior of his length typically demanded ferocious stimulation, but the soft underside offered her a gateway to his most sensitive nerves. With precise motions, she stroked the spongy tissue which sent exhilarating tingles all throughout Link's body accompanied by a pounding throb. With glee and desire, Link was clearly savoring her every touch, but one look at her face told him that she really did equally savor the feel of his manhood in her hands. Her juices started pouring out as intensely as his before she finally had to take a hand and offer her womanhood something.

"Tetra, you know I don't like to see you needing to pleasure yourself while pleasuring me,"

"No, it's fine," she huffed, "I know I'll be getting this beast in me soon enough, but right now, I can't bear the thought of letting go. I need to experience this cock with all of my senses, the towering sight of its colossal mass and majestic shape, the overwhelming scent of its masculine aura, the firm touch of its impenetrable rigidity, the rapturous sound of your blissful excitement, and that remains is the ravishing taste of its succulent meat.

Taking a moment to soak in the atmosphere a bit more. Tetra held his appendage up like an oversized popsicle. Her face became inflamed with as much hunger and passion as Link had ever seen, and with his erection standing tall, Tetra gave it an almost agonizingly slow lick on his shafts underside from bottom to top the likes of which he had never experienced, capped off by her stopping to inhale as much of his odor as her lungs would allow. Then she began to lick it again and again. Coating it with her saliva and always getting as much of his meat on her tongue as she could.

"See, it's not just about your pleasure but I much I straight up adore the flavor of your dick," she slobbered away, "I'm not sure when it hit me. I went through the trouble of learning fellatio to prove that I could do things solely meant to make you feel good, but something changed. You came in my mouth for the first time, and I somehow didn't hate it. Over time, I began to notice the subtle differences in your taste based on your diet and daily activities and even started adjusting our daily routines according to what turned out to be my preferences. Then I found myself relaxing more while giving oral, focusing as much on the sensations it had me feeling as much as yours. Each time you came, I spent a little more time with your semen on my tongue before swallowing. Ultimately, I realized a feeling of great dissatisfaction would come over me of we did it without some sort of blowjob, the taste would swirl in my mouth endlessly until I got to the real thing. I was never ready to say it out loud before now. It seemed too vulgar even for me, but the truth is that I thoroughly enjoy sucking your dick and how each time it seems you're giving me even more to suck on. I'm feeling as good down here as you are up there. I hope you aren't creeped out at all."

"Are you for real, Tetra?" he shivered, "I wish I had known sooner. I always held myself back and hurried myself along when you would blow me. I thought you found it demeaning but made yourself do it anyway for my sake. If I knew you liked it, I would have made sure to last as long and cum as much as you wanted."

"Well, do whatever you want this time. I have nothing left to hide," she repeatedly popped her mouth on and off it," No matter what, we won't be finished here until my pussy has been wholly ravaged by this gargantuan fuck stick. My face, my throat, my womb. All will be completely coated in your heroic essence!"

Tetra finally moved to a direct assault and devoured the upper half of his length into her cheeks. Her suction was like that of a girl who just discovered the world's finest milkshake. Even with his substantial growth, her mouth wanted his manhood far too badly to not be able to open wide enough for him. Without any lingering worries about Tetra's personal level of comfort, for the first time, Link let himself really absorb how it felt to reach the back of her mouth and her throat. Even her tongue felt better than ever as she slurped away, his shaft as juicy and taste as raunchy she as she could ever remember, and these sensations only intensified when he started to swell up with his first load of cum for her. Link also allowed himself to put a hand on her head, not only as an act of reassurance but to brace himself for the oncoming orgasm he had promised her.

"Fuck, Tetra," he let out a rare curse, "Even as well as I feel like I've gotten to know you, I feel like I've gotten so much wrong with you. I always felt so many amazing sensations during your blow jobs, but I never once paid enough attention to feel how much you truly wanted to be doing the things you do for me. I'm won't be remotely satisfied until I've given my absolute best to your fiery womanhood, but I'm also going to offer up everything I've got now for this loving mouth. I'm cumming for you, Tetra!"

With a bold thumbs up, Tetra accepted his climax as he broke his personal restraints with vicious groan. If Tetra would ordinarily describe Link's orgasm as drinking soda from a bottle, this was one that had been heavily shaken beforehand. Lost in all her awe of how much meat he was packing, Tetra found it too easy to forget how equally ridiculous his ejaculations were when he was serious about them, and he was beyond serious now. He released an outpouring of semen into her mouth as if he was a busted fire hydrant. She could barely distinguish where one shot ended and the next started. It felt almost like a single continuous stream of his seed. Fortunately, for her, this batch of semen fully surpassed the ones that she merely tolerated or viewed as a quick snack and was instead downright delicious to her. It definitely needed to be for her to be able to drink it up as fast as it was coming in. A few healthy bursts of his sperm landing in her stomach even sent Tetra into her own orgasm while she kept on slurping. Alas, this was a moment where Link demonstrated the full merit of his legendary status. As much as she enjoyed the cum that was flowing into her mouth and down her throat, she couldn't match the ferocity of his orgasm and his seed managed to fill her mouth completely with Link leaving the excess on her face and lips. It didn't feel like too much a defeat for Tetra who accepted the greatest load of her life as a fine consolation prize.

"Awesome," Link heaved, "Having you make a meal out of me like that. It's such a relief to know that I haven't been pressuring you to do something you weren't into all this time."

"I'd say we're more than even here, I literally came myself from doing that," Tetra muttered as she dealt with the left over semen that had accumulated, making sure Link saw just how happy her tongue was with his sperm covering it before polishing it off with one dramatic gulp, "But that was just a warm up. My upper mouth maybe be satisfied, but you've turned my lower one into a roaring waterfall, a raging inferno."

"So much for getting clean," Link observed the vaginal fluids smeared across her inner thighs.

"No matter how clean I get on the outside, I'm as dirty as they come on the inside."

"You're not as dirty on the inside as you think, Tetra."

"I suppose you'd know better than anyone about just what it's like inside me."

"Yes, and that's why I can't wait to get back in there again." Link's erection flared up undaunted from any prior activity.

"Trust me, Link, you're always inside me one way or another," Tetra poked his manhood while hovering over it, "This cock has long since made a very permanent mark on my very being. I can feel my innards never being quite same shape when it comes out compared to when it went in. It's almost like a missing at the very center of my being that always craves to be filled again with that shape, hardness, and heat. There are no substitutes for me. Never forget that, Link."

She spread her vaginal lips wide to prepare herself for penetration, but despite her overwhelming need, she made sure to go slow and give him the best view possible of his member going inside of her. With his manhood larger than ever, she wanted him to fully comprehend what her body would do to accommodate it. With his bulbous head pressed up against her entrance, she wrenched herself open and bore down with tremendous force. Inching her way down, she wasn't going to leave any doubt in his mind over what she was feeling on her end.

"Oh Goddesses," she gasped, "It doesn't matter how many people see it or measure. Only when you're here in my position does anyone have any right to say this with total certainty. Link, you're fucking huuuuge. It's like a sledgehammer in my belly."

"I don't you want to take more than you want to, Tetra," he reminded her.

"What I want is irrelevant, this is about what I fucking neeeed," she got to the base with a heavy moan, "I need every last bit of the vacant space within me filled with cock. From my opening to cervix, I need to feel this dick, and like I said, there are no substitutes. No piece of plastic will ever be able to give me what you give me. You radiate a heat that makes me feel like I've taken in a piece of the sun itself. All of my most pleasurable spots have adjusted to where my womanhood knows every vein and bump on your shaft will be rubbing up in me nicely. Of course, it's easy to be overcome by the urge to let my inner muscles try to crush it completely, but your rigid tool won't budge in the slightest. Instead, I can feel every beat of your heart inside my belly through that incomparable hardness, and then of course, there's your glans. Your tender, wonderful glans. While the rest of me is being yanked around and rearrange, your head is always sure to cozy up nicely with the door to my precious baby room. I almost feel guilty about it, having this thing in there when I know it's not the right time for a child. Not until the kingdom and royal family are re-established, but I can sense how badly it wants to give me a baby, cuddling up to the door, begging for me to let it in. With how fired up we've gotten, I just might this time. Still, even if not, I will always remember its careful touch against my most sacred places and feel grateful for every drop of semen it offers up to me."

"And it doesn't hurt or at least feel uncomfortable?"

"It does a bit, but it's vital part of the experience. I wouldn't be who I am now without the struggles of my life. A small dose of pain mixed with this immense helping of euphoric pleasure gives me a moment to remember where I came from and where I am now, and where you are now," Tetra grabbed his hand to place on her abdomen, "You're right there. This is where I can feel your manhood nuzzling with my cervix. Yearning to release itself to my anxiously awaiting womb. This is where we have joined to become one."

She guided his hand up and down her belly to let him feel as best he somewhat was going on within her. Realizing how deeply he had managed to reach inside of her made him also become aware just how much fully he could feel her flesh enveloping him and how fondly her walls were caressing his length.

"Tetra, no matter what you say, there is no doubt that you're as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. How else can I describe I'm currently feeling in there?" he moved his hand over hers, "You've exposed yourself fully to me just to show me what it is that you're going through to accept all of my manhood within you. I'm opening you in ways you've never been opened and touching you in places you've never been touched. It's humbling."

"It's an honor that you have every right to be quite proud of. A woman's cervix is not so easily claimed. Most guys and girls will never know this feeling of closeness. The average male lacks the amount of manhood needed to push their way in that far. That area is off limits to anyone who isn't at least comparable to you in size. It's a special place within my being that will only ever accommodate you. We have something special here just between us, Link? How could I ever let a tiny bit of pain stop me from relishing this perfect sensation of fullness. My body is being pushed to its very limits and doing so all so I can achieve this one perfect moment of unity with the man I love. How could I ever want to give that up?" Tetra wriggled with delight through her whole speech, "Now, come on, it's time for you to tear me up with that weapon of yours. Give my innards a ravishing I'll feel for the rest of my life."

"Is that what you really want, Tetra?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"Alright, but this position doesn't let me thrust the way I most would like to," Link remarked, "Do you mind if I take the top position?

"As much as I hate to admit it, I'll never be able to match your strength, and I want your best. You can take over for this one," Tetra ceded to him.

Link held her carefully as he lowered her down to the soft bathroom carpet where he could now thrust with all his might. With his member standing strong, he loomed heavily over her, slowly moving in to where her womanhood still craved his meat.

"I know this isn't the best thing for your pride, but I appreciate it," Link re-entered her with a mighty shove, "You're clamping down me so much that I won't be satisfied if I can't go all out as well."

"Do it! Do it!" Tetra cried out as he pried her open wider than before.

With Tetra on top, her canals were willfully stretching out to match the mass of Link's dick, but with Link's heroic strength leading the charge Tetra's insides were going to make room for his member whether they wanted to or not. Each gargantuan inch Link rammed through her opening sent all sorts of shockwaves through her until he found himself reunited with her cervix once again.

"It's like quicksand. The more I move, the tighter it gets but the tighter it gets, the more I want to smash my way through it.

"That's fine, my insides are for you to use to appease your most carnal desires. Stir them up, rearrange them as you like. Just having your magnificent dick in there, feeling the shape of that beast within me, it's all I'll need to start cumming over and over again.

Link obliged her request with several mighty thrusts. Just being inside Tetra was all he needed to feel at peace, but each time he pulled out her flesh sucked him back in with an offer he couldn't refuse. It was awe inspiring for Link to watch Tetra shake like a leaf underneath him amid a myriad of spiraling sensations, yet her vagina continued to counteract his moves with every ounce of their strength. It dawned on him that the supposed resistance that her womanhood was hitting him with was her body's way to plead him for more even as her mind was enthralled in too much ecstasy for her to speak. A particularly savage undulation accompanied her orgasm along with trembling all over her body which encouraged Link to ease up until she recovered.

"I hope all of that just now was a good thing," he leaned in closer to her.

"Yes, excellent," she answered with tears starting to form in her eyes, "I love you so much, Link, and feeling you this deeply and clearly within me is so wonderful I almost want to faint, and those veins keep rubbing me in all the best places. I can't even fathom ever wanting to go to an "average" dick. No, I need my hero who's hung like the Tower of the Gods itself. Now, let loose and cum!"

"Tetra," took a deep breath, switching between glances at her ecstatic expression and where he could feel himself poking against her very core, aching to go even further.

"Don't hesitate now. I want to experience that glorious moment where you get as hot as you can get, as hard as you can get, and as big as you can get all right in my pussy," Tetra locked her legs around him to bar any sort of retreat, "I'll take everything you've got until that happens."

Even as he paused to enjoy the moment in her, the continued squeezing around his member firmly demonstrated the great thirst growing in her increasingly impatient loins and persuaded him to get back to plowing his way through the tunnel of flesh. They hadn't lost any of their tenacity after the pounding he had delivered, but anything less would not be satisfactory to get him to achieve the scale of orgasm they were both aiming for here. When they started to grip onto the flesh just beneath Link's glans particularly tightly, he felt himself beginning to twitch with the first hints of a climax, but was stunned to feel her vagina pick up on these clues perfectly and react with astounding pressure

"Tetra…" he continued thrusting in part due to a lack of other options, "Does my semen really mean that much to you."

"I don't think I've encountered a greater treasure on these oceans than your seed," she locked her legs tighter, "At this moment, my body craves it like air and water. I'm a woman, Link, but it isn't makeup or fancy dresses that makes me feel like one, it's your cock, but you can't pull it out without leaving something behind to fill the emptiness. I've done all I can to show you how I feel inside, but now I want you to make me feel rich, gooey, and white inside until I'm overflowing. Cum Link, fill me to the brim!"

"To the brim," he pressed down even harder on her, "I think I can manage that."

Link's penis began an all-out rampage inside the girl he loved with thick anticipation as they both counted down to his climax. Link felt the pressure building within him while Tetra made note of every warning signal she could notice. Each twitch of his dick was met with a shiver, each swell was met was a squeeze, and every gasp and groan from Link prompted Tetra to pull him just a bit closer with her leg lock. Soon enough Tetra got the sign she was truly waiting for was his entire member bloated within her.

"Oh fuck, there it is," Tetra groaned, "You're getting bigger and biggeeeer. You're about to let loose with all your hot, sticky cum, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm about explode, but when I do it'll be so much you won't know what to do with it!"

"Bring it on! Bring it all on! I'll cum right with you!"

"Here it is!"

Link's second orgasm of the night struck with a vengeance. It released heap after heap of seen into the girl with every blast hitting squarely against her cervix. Despite his bold words, what mattered most to Link now was filling her with as much of his sperm as he could muster. He'd have no regrets about what happened here as long as he could leave Tetras insides as a sea of white. Tetra attained an entirely new level of wholeness as she watched and felt Link use his massive member to pump her with as much seed as she could handle and then a lot, lot more until she had a steady stream of it seeping out of her and onto the floor. Any sense of cleanliness from before was washed away by Link's torrential release accompanied with an odor that overwhelmed that of any soaps or cleaning products in the bathroom. Tetra pushed him through the final waves of his orgasm with several hearty pats on the back.

"That's it. Make the mess of a lifetime!" she encouraged him until she deemed it was time to let him go.

"That was so amazing, Tetra," Link pulled himself out of her.

"Not as amazing as you, Link. Take a look if you don't believe me," Tetra opened her legs to display his work. Her womanhood was entirely flooded with semen which was pooling into a puddle between her thighs, "Even now I can still feel the shape of your cock in me along with all the cum you poured in there as well as that first helping down my throat. What more can I possibly do to make you get how perfect your gigantic cock is for me after the greatest fuck of your life?

Link could see it in her eyes that she was ready to start a third round if she still needed to prove herself to him.

"Okay, I'm sorry for not having more faith in you," Link sincerely apologized

"Apology accepted, and no more going easy," Tetra sat down beside him to begin stroking him back to hardness yet again to have a third round anyway.

"Shouldn't we clean this up before doing anything else?" Link sensed her intentions and looked around the cum covered floor.

"It's not your problem since you did it on my orders. I'll deal with it myself later," Tetra dismissed his concerns to finish revitalizing his erection, "Besides, watching this thing keep on getting bigger is something I'll never get tired of and it doesn't look like you're done cumming quite yet. "

"It'll keep on growing as long as you keep on taking care of it,"

"Sounds like a deal," Tetra leaned in to initiate one more blowjob before a disturbance emerged.

"Hey, are you still in there, Captain?" Niko suddenly knocked on the bathroom door, "Nudge and I really have to go!"

"I'll be out in a minute!" Tetra called back before turning back to Link, "Of all the shitty timing."

"Come on, Tetra," Link reasoned with her, "If you want to keep going we should at least go back to your cabin.

"Fine," Tetra threw on a towel, "If they have to go that badly, I'm sure they won't mind the odor."

"And what about me? I can't go out there with a boner this large."

"Sure, you can. In fact, you look better with it. If anyone points it out, I'll just yank off the towel and start sucking it right then and there."

"Perhaps you really are a dirty girl, Tetra." Link wrapped himself up as well

"And you know how much it turns you on every time!" Tetra ogled his clearly defined and visibly rising bulge, already looking forward to her next chance to sample the finest dick belonging to the finest man she had ever known.

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