The price of spying part 2

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The price of spying part 2

Ethan couldn’t believe his luck

Having decided to travel to Kalos after hearing Serena go on about how beautiful her second home Region was Ethan eventually ended up in the famous Pokémon Village, his ‘reputation’ of being a close friend to the Champion of Johto deeming him trustworthy enough to enter, something Wulfric made sure to drill into his head was an honour not to be scoffed at

Whilst he wasn’t sure about the ‘honour’ part Ethan had to admit that the Pokémon Sanctuary was a beautiful testament to nature without human interference quickly getting lost in its natural beauty until finally coming across a huge waterfall deep into the forest of the Sanctuary

What was in the waterfall however proved to be far more eye catching and beautiful to Ethan than any of the trees and flowers that filled the Sanctuary as stood bathing in the waters completely naked was Misty and Iris

“Holy shit” Ethan gasped as he kept hidden behind a tree, not wanting to be immediately caught and potentially shock and anger the girls, he may have slept with Iris several times in the past but the girl was entitled to her privacy and since the Sanctuary was so hard to gain entrance to both she and Misty most likely thought they had total privacy

As Ethan hid Misty and Iris didn’t seem to notice him straight away as they continued bathing in the cool pristine waters of the waterfall and small spring it formed at its base, their skin glistening in the midday sun making Ethan’s pants far too tight as he couldn’t stop himself from staring

As Misty bent over to splash water on her face Ethan gasped at the sight of her huge ass jiggling in the air along with the sight of her pristine little slit making his growing erection even harder to ignore “maybe if I’m quick and quiet” he muttered to himself as he then undid his pants, letting out a sigh of relief as his throbbing erection spring free to which he began to slowly stroke, pleasuring himself to the sight of Iris and Misty bathing

Seemingly completely unaware of Ethan’s presence Misty turned her attention from her own body to that of Iris’s, a lustful smirk on the redhead’s lips as she admired the petite girl’s pristine dark skinned form, her small but perky A cups bouncing ever so slightly with every move she make as the light shining from the water clashed perfectly with the darkness of her skin

Licking her lips Misty waited for Iris to turn around before making her move, sliding up behind the shorter girl and reaching around to cup her breasts from behind, making Iris gasp and shudder as Misty’s skilled fingers went to work on her tiny chest to which the Dragon Trainer reached back to grab hold of the Water Trainers thick meaty ass

“Sweet Arceus” Ethan groaned at the sight of the girls starting to grind against each other, Iris letting out little pleasured whimpers as one of Misty’s hands travelled down her body to between her legs starting to play with her little clit, her soft high pitched moans and gasped travelling through the air sounding like music to Ethan’s ears as he stroked his cock faster

Moving her fingers faster on Iris’s clit Misty parted the smaller girls hair so that she could teasingly bite her neck, making Iris stiffen as a mini orgasm struck her, her toes curling as Misty lifted her slightly in the water, one hand remaining on her groin whilst the other held her chest holding the petite girl against her front as she sucked a hickey out of her dark skin

“M…Misty…” Iris moaned as the redhead then pushed a finger into her tiny cunt, her hands grasping at the taller girls arms as Misty lifted her up higher giving Ethan the perfect view of her little pussy as she was lifted out of the water

The sight of Iris’s little cunt was just what Ethan needed to finish himself off, the Johto native letting out a quiet groan as his cock erupted splattering the grass between his legs with his load as his hand continued to stroke his length, his climax so strong that he even phased out of reality for a moment, his mind going blurry as his body relaxed in his post climax after shocks

When he eventually came to roughly twenty or so seconds later Ethan became very aware of the two shadows that were now covering his body “wakey, wakey pervert” Iris tittered as she and Misty stood naked and still dripping wet in front of him “did someone enjoy the show?”

“I think he did” Misty purred licking her lips at the sight of his still hard cock resting against his thigh “what do you think we should do with him?”

“Well I don’t know about you but I think a guy beating off to me is quite the compliment” Iris breathed back as she squatted down to get a closer look at Ethan’s cock, having greatly missed it since it had been a good few months since she had last tasted it

“Iris I’m a pornstar, of course guys jerking off to me is a compliment” Misty tittered “but I still think a little pervert like this should be punished for not being man enough to just approach us when he had an erection that needed dealing with, I’m thinking we make him nut so hard he’ll be limping out of here” she giggled as Iris eagerly agreed, Ethan seemingly showing no protest either as his cock suddenly sprang bolt upright

Giggling at the sight of his cock standing stiff and proud Misty and Iris exchanged a glance seemingly silently agreeing on something as they both proceeded to lay down on their fronts across his legs, their mouths quickly meeting his shaft to lace his length with heated kisses and licks making him shudder with pleasure “Arceus yes” he groaned resting his head back against the tree as Misty proceeded to lick all the way to his cock head and deepthroat him to the base whilst Iris kissed along his thigh

Sucking him deep Misty pressed her hot skilled tongue to his balls, showing off her well-earned skills from the porn industry before pulling back to let Iris have her turn, the dark skinned whore showing the same level of skill from her many nights orally pleasuring her Dragon Type Pokémon, both of them humming and moaning in delight blatantly loving the taste of his cock on their tongues

After a minute or so of sucking and licking Misty and Iris exchanged another silent glance before moving to sit up, both of them facing each other as they then proceeded to press their cunts to either side of Ethan’s cock, completely encasing it between her warm wet fuck holes making him gasp and pant as they then moved in near perfect synchronicity making it seem that they had done this more than once more, their movements soon bringing him to climax, his head hitting the tree behind him as he came all over them making both girls titter at the feeling of his hot cum covering their tits and stomachs

“Oooh so thick and warm” Misty cooed as she rubbed his cum into her tits like lotion before licking her fingers clean of it “I call first on riding him” she then stated sticking her tongue out cheekily as Iris pouted, the Cerulean Gym Leader playfully pushing the smaller girl back so that she had full reigns of Ethan’s dick

Taking hold of his shoulders for balance Misty eagerly mounted his lap, her hot tight skilled cunt swallowing his cock to the base in one fluid motion making them both moan with ecstasy “shit this is a good dick” Misty hissed rolling her head back as she gyrated her hips, squeezing tight around Ethan as he just enjoyed the rolling waves of pleasure washing over him as Misty started to bounce hard on his cock

Biting her lip as she watched Misty ride Ethan’s cock like she was riding a wild Tauros Iris squatted on her heels and started to play with her clit, her fingers soon glistening with her arousal as she kept herself worked up, her eyes glued to Misty’s bouncing tits as she rode Ethan harder

“Yeah…yeah…you like that hot whore pussy don’t you?” Misty panted as she pumped her hips harder and faster, her world famous cunt squeezing him in all the right places as she worked towards making him cum harder than he had ever done before, seemingly so focused on making him cum that when her own orgasm struck it took her by complete surprise, her back arching as she screamed to the sky with pleasure

Grabbing hold of Misty’s bouncing ass as she came hard around his cock Ethan grit his teeth trying his best not to cum so soon but with how hot and wet and tight Misty’s cunt was on his dick he couldn’t help but blow his second load into her hungry hole moments after her orgasm started, the redhead’s pussy never stopping as Ethan’s cock filled it with his hot thick sticky cum

Letting out a soft moan of need as she watched Misty’s cunt quickly begin to overflow with cum Iris grabbed hold of Misty’s arm shaking it for her attention “come on, it’s my turn!” she whined as Misty came down from her orgasm high

Panting heavily Misty wiped the sweat from her brow before begrudgingly dismounting Ethan’s dick, her cunt squeezing tighter desperate to keep his cock inside of it “alright, alright hold your Horseas” she tittered as she moved out of the away allowing Iris to take her place in front of Ethan, the dark skinned whore presenting herself ass up face down wiggling her hips at him in invitation to take her, an invitation Ethan wasn’t going to pass up no matter how much his body was telling him to rest, the two powerful climaxes having drained most of his energy

As Ethan moved to kneel behind her Iris let out a soft needy gasp as he took hold of her waist and dragged her back to him, her eyes crossing as she felt his cock push deep into her tight tiny cunt feeling her insides stretch to accommodate him “oh my fuck yes!” Iris shrieked digging her fingers into the dirt as her hips worked, pumping back hard against Ethan’s groin as his cock plundered her dripping cunt

Completely lost in sexual ecstasy as Misty and Iris refused to let him stop Ethan completely lost track of time, only realised that they must have been going for at least a few hours as the sun was no longer high in the sky and the sky itself was starting to turn into the pale red of evening, the Johto native now kneeling naked with sweat pouring down his tired aching body, Misty and Iris lying on their backs before him with his cock over their faces as he jerked off over them, the sluts wanted his final load to cover their already cum stained faces, every inch of their bodies painted with his seed and their cunts both overflowing with it as they had made him cum well over ten times from his last count

With a shuddering tired groan Ethan came for the final time, his load coming out in just a few thin streams as he stroked his cock, his cock sore and oversensitive as he added the final layer to Misty’s and Iris’s faces making them sigh and simper before he finally collapsed back against the tree behind him

“Mmmmm, nothing better than a full afternoon fuck session!” Iris beamed as she sat up and stretched, the petite slut seeming to have been reinvigorated by the several hours of rigorous exercise “we are so doing that again!”

“No complaints from me” Misty moaned back as she stretched herself “haven’t been fucked like that in Arceus knows how long, you think you’re up to star in a few of my upcoming movies if you can cum like that every time?” the redhead asked turning to Ethan only to find him passed out against the tree making her chuckle “think he learned his lesson about spying?”

“I dunno, maybe we should wait until he wakes up and make sure he really gets it” Iris tittered back leisurely licking up some of the cum that covered her arm “I could do with another bath”

“Me too and since he’s out like a light we might actually get some privacy this time” Misty replied with a smirk as she and Iris got up and headed back to the waterfall

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