Going Back for Seconds

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"Bye, mom!" Chie Satonaka called out into her house, before sliding her front door shut.

The Sunday Sun was scorching in the cloudless sky. A perfect day for a run. Chie set off down the street, her hair and skirt ruffling in the wind. She had to make sure to keep fit to fight the shadows, and so this had become a daily thing.

Today was a little different, though, as this wasn't just a run around the block. Chie had a destination in mind. She had just got off the phone with her friend, Naoto Shirogane, and arranged to meet at her home. The reason why made Chie blush just thinking about it.

It must have been around a week since Chie had attained her new appendage, down below. Why she suddenly found herself with a penis was unknown. The fact that she was a tomboy made it seem like a cruel joke. Coincidentally, it had been around the time that Yu had begun summoning the Persona known as Mara, which took the form of a giant penis. This was just speculation, however.

Whatever the reason was, she now had a dick, and it was uncomfortably bouncing around in her underwear. Her first thought was to show her parents, and they probably would have taken her to see a doctor, but that would have been the most embarrassing thing imaginable. She could've shown one of her male friends, though that would have been almost as horrific. She imagined Yousuke and Yu laughing their heads off, and Kanji probably would have liked it. Teddie may have stopped hitting on her, at least.

As for her female friends, Yukiko and Rise probably would have understood, but the most logical choice seemed to be Naoto. She was a tomboy herself and had even pretended to be male when they had first met. Surely, she would understand her predicament and be able to give her some advice on the situation? But it wasn't so much advice she gave her, but a handjob, and before she knew what was happening, Chie was nailing her friend on the bed. The sight of Chie's cock had transformed the usually sensible detective into a sex-crazed lunatic. She had always had her suspicions that Naoto was a lesbian, but perhaps she was just into girls with dicks. Of course, the fact she had had sex with her female friend proved who the true lesbian here was.

She hadn't planned to fuck her friend, but it was the most incredible thing, at least sexually, that Chie had experienced, and that's why she was on her way over for seconds. It was a good thing nobody needed saving from the TV world, because Chie would have just to let the shadows consume them.

Twenty minutes later, and Chie had arrived at Naoto's home. Her breathing heavy and her body speckled with sweat, she gulped down a full bottle of water. She then knocked on the door, her arousal beginning to build.

Naoto's grandfather answered the door with a smile. Funny how he could hear her knocking on the door, but when it came to her and Naoto's screams yesterday, he hadn't heard a thing.

He moved out of the way to allow her passage, before sliding the door shut.

"She's upstairs," he said, pointing towards them.

"Thanks," Chie smiled as she began to ascend.

In Naoto's room, the young detective was splayed out on her bed, her hand down her pants. Her eyes were shut tight, and her thoughts filled with Chie.

When Chie had revealed her penis to her, all rational thought had abandoned her. She had always been a lover of futa and had a huge collection of pictures on her computer.

The sex had been awkward and was over quickly, the two of them having never done it before. Naoto had been ashamed of her behavior, not that it had stopped her asking Chie over again. This time, however, Naoto had all kinds of things planned.

She jabbed her finger in a little too hard when a knock came at her door. Slightly sore, she swiftly removed her hand from her pants and buttoned them up.

"Y-yes?" She said, her breathing heavy.

"It's Chie."

Naoto adjusted her hat and hurriedly moved towards the door, her heart racing. She opened it, and before she knew what was happening, she found herself pinned against it.

Chie wasn't known for her patience. She had spent a whole night dreaming of all the things she was going to do to Naoto, and she was ready to act them out. With her hands placed on Naoto's shoulders, she pushed the lips against the young detective's neck, and Naoto responded with a cute yelp. This was followed by a yelp of her own when Naoto's hand found her crotch. Already hard and ready, Chie welcomed the attention.

Naoto was very much enjoying Chie's approach. She, herself, had been the one to initiate proceedings last time, so it was a welcome change. Chie was rough, which was no surprise, considering her personality. Last time, she had railed her with the same force she exerted to kick shadows into the stratosphere and was displaying the same ferocity today.

Naoto couldn't wait any longer. She fell to her knees, Chie's lips leaving her neck, and got to work removing Chie's skirt. It dropped to her ankles, revealing a tight pair of bike shorts that were hugging her lower half. The outline of her penis bulged from within. Naoto, with some difficulty, yanked her shorts down, allowing her enormous cock to spring free. Naoto gaped at the pulsating organ, examining it like she was doing some detective work.

Chie half expected her to take out a magnifying glass.

She took it into her tiny hand, her fingers not even reaching all the way around the shaft, and then she did something she fantasized about since this morning.

Chie braced herself for Naoto's next move. Her tongue began to roll around the head of her cock, lapping up her precum. Chie grit her teeth as her sensitive flesh was lovingly caressed, and then she had to place her hands on the door when Naoto brought it in her mouth.

Naoto watched every reaction, intently. It was satisfying to see the tough tomboy squirming thanks to her actions. Keeping her mouth wrapped around Chie's throbbing meat, she moved her hands over her sweaty thighs and up and under her shirt. Her fingers glided over her flat stomach and developing abs. It was admirable that such a young girl already possessed such a toned body.

She shifted her hand back to Chie's rod, only to remove it from her mouth, a strand of spit following. Naoto held it against Chie's abs, eyeing the girl's sack. Being as gentle as possible, she sucked up a testicle into her mouth, before releasing it with a purposely loud pop.

If Chie thought having her cock sucked felt incredible, that was nothing compared to this.

Naoto took left nut into her mouth, this time, rolling it around with her tongue. Another overexaggerated pop followed and she went back to working on her prick.

Overwhelmed by lust, Chie took Naoto's hands and forced them against the door. Without a care for her well being, she began pounding her cock against the back of her throat, knocking her hat to the floor. The sound of her gagging only caused her to move harder and faster. Her balls, still wet in Naoto's spit, slapped against her chin. She had never felt something so incredible in her life. Not even eating a steak bowl or going on a Bruce Lee movie marathon could compare to this.

Chie froze when the door handle suddenly began to move. She glanced, wide-eyed, at Naoto, who was looking equally anxious.

"The door seems to be jammed," he said. "Would you girls like some tea?"

It was Naoto's grandfather. Chie released Naoto's hands and retracted her spit-speckled cock to allow her to speak.

"Girls?" He repeated,

Naoto struggling to reply. Her throat was throbbing from the oral assault. Chie grinned at her, a guilty glint in her eyes.

"N-no, thank you," she finally managed spouted.

They waited for the sound his footsteps to fade away.

It was a close call. They hoped for no more interruptions.

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