Dragonheart: Trials of the Arch Mage

BY : LadyKae
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A/N: So this story is going to be a spin off from the prologue of Rise of the Harbinger. There have been quite a few edits made to said prologue to help it better fit this story, but other wise I am hoping to make this one a stand alone from the Dragonheart Series. Depending on how well this is recieved, I may write something concerning the Dark Brotherhood. I should hopefully have more for this out sometime this week. This plot bunny kicked me in the ass outta nowhere, but I'm not complaining. I hope all of you enjoy!

Dragonheart: Trials of the Archmage
An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fanfiction



Tarrowlyn Dragonheart was muttering to herself as she shuffled through the papers of her presentation, all the while using magic to float her coffee back over from the end table in the living room. “ I swear if that stupid, pompous git tells me that my research isn’t sound…” she hissed as she then made a copy of the stack before her for Professor Holmar Traven to read.

The year was 189 of the 12th Era , and Tarrowlyn was a full time student at the college of Winterhold. Her area of expertise with her magic was restoration, though she was no slouch when it came to her destruction magicks or when it came to alteration and enchantments. She would admit that she was better with her sword work than an ordinary mage would be when she was forced to carry a blade for ceremonial reasons or for when she was forced into the wilderness to find ingredients for her potions and experiments. That was just a result of her upbringing and despite having grown up in a house full of fighters, she had taken to the arcane arts like a duck to water. It enthralled her, captivated her interest. Wizards had done some of the most amazing feats in history since the fourth era! Things had grown more technologically advanced, thanks to the wizard Calcelmo’s research on all things Dwemer, and Tarrowlyn found herself wishing to see what things could have been like back then. If everything went right with the experiment that she had been outlining for the better part of the last two years, she would be able to take a glance into the past to see what it was like.

It was days like today that Tarrowlyn loved magicka. Hopefully the archmage would be amenable to her request concerning this experiment.



" The theory is sound, Tarrowlyn,  but where would you get a magicka source powerful enough to do such a thing? I can't allow this to happen on the college grounds unless you have a way of containing it as well."

" I've been reading about an oculary in the dwemer ruins of Mzulft. If I can focus enough starlight to convert it to magicka I believe that will more than sufficiently run the apparatus I have designed. As for containment, I only need a mirror made of quicksilver. The magic would allow me to use the mirror to peer into the past of any given location." Tarrowlyn replied, confidence very evident in her voice.

Holmar Traven sighed as he rubbed his temples. The gift of foresight ran strongly in his line and the more he tried to press the matter of this endeavor that his student wanted to undertake, the more the timelines became distorted. One of them clearly showed her being forced to her knees at a headsman’s block in what was more than likely the far past. If this was one of the possibilities that could happen to her, then he didn’t have a choice. She would be on her own. He could not put other students or faculty in danger in such a way in good conscience. " I'm sorry Tarrowlyn, but this seems a mite too dangerous. I'm going to have to say no." He said, affixing the young woman with a gaze that could pierce steel. " You know the rules."

Tarrowlyn was doing her best to keep her temper in check. This would be more dangerous if she attempted it on her own. Then again, it seemed as if she wasn't being given a choice in the matter. " Very well then. I'll do it off grounds and alone." She hissed, standing abruptly and making the chair she was seated in scrape against the stone floor. " I'll be in Mzulft."



Energy was crackling as Tarrowlyn adjusted the dials on the Oculary, attempting to stem the funnel of starlight that was being channeled through her conversion device. She was swearing as she rushed over to another podium where the device was glowing a brilliant white, the metal starting to warp and crack from the heat. The mirror, which was sitting below the device, was white as well and was cracking under the strain of all the power she was trying to put into it. How had she been so grossly inaccurate with her calculations?! Without warning, there was a bright flash as the device exploded, sending bits of searing hot metal and raw magicka through the entire room. While she managed to throw up a ward to shield herself from the brunt of the magicka, Tarrowlyn screamed as pieces of the shrapnel hit her face and the light washed over her a second later, blinding her vision in a blanket of white.

Once everything had calmed, Tarrowlyn groaned as she lay on the floor and she rubbed at her eyes in an effort to stem the blindness that flash of light had caused. The smell of smoke was heavy in the air and she coughed as it burned when she breathed. She needed to find a way to either get out of the room, or clear the space of the noxious fumes as fast as possible. “ Damn it to the very gates of Oblivion and back.” she hissed under her breath. She was having trouble seeing from her left eye because of the wound she had sustained, though it seemed her vision was only red. That was promising. Her robes were quickly turning scarlet from the blood she was losing and the mage cast a weak spell to heal her wounds.

Another swear fell from her lips as she tried to draw upon her magicka, but it wouldn’t come. Had the blast disabled her temporarily despite the precautions that she had taken or was there just too much arcane ether in the room for her to manipulate properly? “ Shit. Thank the nine that I can use a sword.” Tarrowlyn groused. There was no telling how long her power would be out of commission for.

A pain filled groan of someone returning to consciousness filled her with both dread and surprise. Had the explosion caused a temporal anomaly? In all the equations and possibilities that she had run through, she hadn’t anticipated that something or someone would be brought to this time!

“ Ugh...My head. Vilkas?” The voice was undeniably male, and the timbre of it sent chills through her skin.

Tarrowlyn looked around the room. The smoke was still clogging up as much space as it could, limiting visibility to almost zero. She threw her hand up, and an orb of light flew up and bounced against the oculary mechanism before sticking to it. She looked around once more, searching for a shadow in the haze, and after a few moments she saw him. “ Don’t try to get up! I’ll be right there!” she called out to him.

He coughed a little as he still struggled to get to his feet. “ Who are you?” he asked, turning his head her way. He finally stopped trying to get to his feet, and just sat on the floor sitting up. “ Where am I?”

“ You’re in the dwemer ruin of Mzulft. My name is Tarrowlyn.” she replied as she got closer to him. “ Where did you come from?” She held out her hand to him in an effort to get him to his feet as the smoke continued to clear and he looked up to her. She had never felt so pinned by a single glance before, there was something wild and untamed about the gaze she was being affixed with.

“ My brother Vilkas and I were ambushed by Stormcloaks not far from here. I gotta get back...gotta help him.” he answered as he took her hand. Delightful shocks made his skin tingle as he touched the soft skin of her hand and he heard her soft inhalation of surprise at the contact. His blue eyes met her green ones for the first time through the haze and he rose to his feet while holding the gaze.

By Shor, Mara, and Dibella he was tall! Taller than any man she had ever come across before. A bright rouge colored her cheeks as he towered over her and Tarrowlyn realized that she had yet to let go of his hand. His eyes were such a beautiful shade of blue, like a calm river on a sunny day. His jaw was strong and bearded, giving him a rugged chiseled look. His shoulders were broad and strong, much like the rest of him and she took notice of his armor. To her it was ancient, but it looked well maintained and perfectly fit against him. Hadn’t he just mentioned that he and his brother had been ambushed by Stormcloaks?

He was from the fourth era?! More importantly, he had been around during the bloody civil war that had nearly torn Skyrim in twain? Tarrowlyn had so many questions to ask, but more importantly she had to figure out how she was going to send him home.

“ Where are my manners? Name’s Farkas.” He purred as he turned her hand in his to bare her knuckles and he brought them, to his lips in a debonair fashion.

Tarrowlyn gasped in delight at the feel of his lips on her skin. The rest of him looked to have been carved straight out of stone or marble and seemed just as unyielding, but his lips were soft and felt like satin in their caress. What I Dibella’s name was going on here?! She had never really paid the menfolk heed, but Farkas was commanding her attention. What she needed to do was to get both of them on a different topic, one that didn’t involve copious amounts of touching. Just admit it, you’d love to be feeling his body under your fingers right now… her subconscious teased. “ I doubt you’ll be less than thrilled that you won’t be able to go to where you were moments ago, and for that the fault is mine. You weren’t just transported here via magic, Farkas…” Tarrowlyn began, and her gaze lowered to the floor in shame. She hadn’t meant to uproot someone from their life like this, and yet it had happened. “…You’ve gone through time as well. And it is going to take time in order to figure out how to send you back.”

Farkas weighed what she had just told him, and he looked down at her after a few moments of silence between them. She obviously hadn’t meant for this to happen, and he couldn’t very well hold it against her. For all they knew, this was divine intervention at its finest. He studied her for a moment, as she was oblivious to his perusal. She was a tiny little thing, barely coming up to his chest, but Farkas could tell she wasn’t much younger than he was. He knew from meeting her gaze not too long ago that she had the greenest eyes that he had ever seen on a nord woman and they were narrowed in frustration currently. She had long, crimson colored locks that were braided down her back, though some of them were matted to her face and the side of her head from blood. The left side of her round face where she had been wounded was still bloodied from when she had tried to stem the bleeding, in fact she had been casting healing spells every few moments while she had been speaking in an effort to stop it completely. She was a mage, a wizarding type. He didn’t trust them easy. But she had very little reaction to the wound she had just gotten. She was made of sterner stuff than most mages he had the displeasure of knowing. “ How did I get here to begin with?” he asked as she used her already bloody sleeve to clean her face with. “ You’re going to need water and a mirror for that if you want to be sure everything heals the way you want it to.”

“ I’m trying to figure that out myself. Out of all the numbers I crunched, nothing gave me an outcome where someone was pulled here. It could have been any number of factors, but rest assured that I won’t stop until I find a safe way to get you back home, Farkas.” Tarrowlyn assured him. “ As for this wound, my healing spells aren’t doing enough. I managed to close it, but I think it’s going to scar. Yet another thing I need to look into.” She looked up as she rose her hand and she called the magelight back to her. “ We should get out of here for now. Besides, I need to get you to my mother’s. You can’t go around wearing that armor all the time.”

Farkas couldn’t help but smirk as he began following her. “ So you expect me to go around naked?” he joked.

Tarrowlyn looked over her shoulder at him with a cat like grin. “ If you’re confident enough to do it, by all means. I know I won’t mind in the least. But, I do have access to my late brothers’ clothing and at least one of them was pretty close to your height and build. If not, my pa’s clothing may fit you.” She retorted with a flirtatious purr. " But we have to get you to my mother's home first. I hope you don't mind riding horseback." Farkas was chuckling at the joke that she had made and she led the way into a lift. " In all seriousness, Farkas..." Her tone was worried as she pulled the lever to take them back up top. "...things have changed, drastically. A lot of what you've known is gone. Are you going to be okay with that?"

Farkas thought about it for a moment before he nodded. " You're trying to make sure I don't experience too much of a shock. I appreciate it, but I'll adapt well enough. Let's just get to your ma's place." he replied. 

Tarrowlyn gave him a wan grin as the lift brought them outside once more. " I want to make this as smooth as possible for you considering you'll be stuck for a while and it's my fault. I swear by the nine divines though, I will get you home again Farkas." she told him earnestly.

Farkas patted the mage's shoulder, silently conveying that he appreciated the sentiment from her. " I normally don't like you mage types, but there's something about you that I can't help but like. Somehow I know that you'll do it one way or another."

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