The Cock and Cow Inn

BY : JusticeForAll
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Perhaps she was too horny for rational thought, but she decided on the second option. With a simple push, the door swung open.

Both sets of eyes fell on her.

"There she is," Beatrice smiled.

"Don't just stand there," Surge said sternly. "Join us."

Blushing, Tifa did as he asked, sitting on the bed, and the couple knelt at her sides. Despite having a body every man and woman desired, Tifa was like a schoolgirl virgin in the bedroom. Tifa's eyes wandered to Surge's throbbing pole, coated in his wife's juices.

"You can touch it, if you want," Beatrice whispered in her ear. "I won't mind."

"My wife is very understanding," Surge added.

Tifa didn't have to be asked twice. She took the warm organ in her hand, flabbergasted at the length and girth of it. Her hand began to move and her eyes lifted to his handsome face which was contorted in pleasure.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" Beatrice asked.

"Um, no," she gulped a response. Though it was the boy she was more interested in, it would be almost impossible for her to keep her hands off those curves. A sudden shudder struck her body when Beatrice began taking her tongue along the side of her neck, her colossal pair pushing against her arm and side. Surge mimicked his wife, his tongue caressing her neck.

"One of these is not like the other," Surge said, his breath tickling her neck.

"Yep," Beatrice agreed, "let's get you out of these clothes."

Tifa allowed them to remove her top and bra, her generous mounds flopping free. It was rare when her breasts weren't the biggest in the room. Next, they discarded the bottom and panties, and her creamy form was free.

Her body was slimmer and more toned than his wife, but it was her face he was focusing on. She had gone bright red, seemingly shy about being naked, while his wife was up for anything.

Surge yanked her down by the hair, he and his wife taking a stiff nipple into their mouths, while their hands slinked between her legs.

Tifa sighed as she was pleasured in all the right places. She placed a hand on the back of each of her lover's heads, pulling them closer to her breasts. Notably pleasing were their fingers simultaneously probing her slit.

Beatrice released Tifa's nip, wiped her own mouth, and shifted her hefty globes to her female lover.

Tifa suddenly found Beatrice's enormous tits in her face. She gave in to her lesbian desires and captured a nipple between her lips. She had been reluctant to engage in any sexual activity with her, but even Tifa couldn't resist those awesome curves. She kept her sight on the bespectacled beauty's face as she pleasured her teet.

Surge lowered his hand to clutch at his cock, the image before him particularly pleasurable. Her teeth clenching at her bottom lip indicated that his wife was very much enjoying herself.

Then it occurred to him: what was he doing? He had two of the hottest woman he had laid eyes on in his bed and here he was jerking himself off. He shifted his body until he was between Tifa's lithe legs, and positioned his cock in front of her sheath. She removed his wife's nipple to moan, as his thick crotch meat entered her.

Tifa sighed, the feeling of a cock inside her almost foreign, considering how long it had been. And even then, she had never had one this big. Once he began to really thrust into her, she couldn't even attempt to hold in her screams.

Surge flopped forwards, enveloping his head between Tifa's soft pair. He appreciated his wife placing her own, even larger, breasts on the top of his head, until everywhere he looked, all he could see were tits.

Tifa was surprised at how willing Beatrice was to have her man fuck another woman. She almost felt guilty, but his cock felt too good for her to care. She entangled his waist between her fleshy thighs, pulling him in further.

Beatrice's huge ass caught her attention. She wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab it, but, despite the current predicament she found herself in, her shyness took over. She mentally cursed herself for being silly and helped herself to a handful of hefty butt meat.

"That's more like it," Beatrice purred, returning the favour by grabbing Tifa's breast.

Tifa squeezed and jerked her hand, smirking at the oscillating flesh.

Surge surprised them both when he finally came up for air, gasping, his hair matted in sweat.

"Ready to come for us?" Beatrice asked, sliding her fingers across his sopping hair.

Tifa wished she could spout some dirty talk of her own, but the thought of her even attempting it, made her cringe.

He shook his head, immediately tidying his hair, again. "I'm not done with you, yet."

He removed himself from Tifa, before crawling over her. He scooped both of her heavy globes in his hands, enveloping his thick dick between them.

Tifa didn't protest. She had never given a man a titjob, though plenty had wanted her to. The warm organ pulsated between her mounds, as he thrust his hips. Whenever the head peeked out to say hello from within her cleavage, she swiped at it with her tongue, causing the young man to grit his teeth.

Beatrice, possibly feeling left out, lied down beside her, holding up her own tits for him. He obliged, retracting himself from Tifa's pair to insert himself between his wife's.

While his huge cock had been more than a match for Tifa's sizable globes, Beatrice's mounds completely swallowed it up. She frowned when he knocked her glasses off her face with his end.

He continuously swapped between the two of them, his climax building.

"Ready, yet?" Beatrice asked, her impatience clear in her voice.

"Fuck, yeah," he grunted. He removed himself from Tifa, and took her wrist in his hand, guiding it to his loaded cock. He knelt beside his two busty lovers, planning to shower them both in his sperm, as Tifa took him in his hand.

"Brace yourself," Beatrice warned. "He always makes a mess."

Tifa waited in anticipation, excited to see the results of their lovemaking. He looked hot, with his bottom lip caught between his teeth, and sweat cascading down his abs.

Despite the warning, she wasn't quite prepared for his load. She squealed as his seed erupted over them, splashing over their bodies. She continued moving her hand, her mouth agape at the amount he expelled on them. Four, five, six spurts later and he was still going.

"Shit!" Beatrice suddenly blurted.

Tifa managed to yank her eyes away from Surge's cock and rest her eyes on Beatrice. A glob of spunk had landed right on her lenses. She returned her vision back to Surge. It seemed he was finally spent.

Surge glanced down at the spunk stained beauties. The look on Tifa's face was priceless, while Beatrice's expression was one of fury.

"I've told you before to watch the glasses!" She fumed, wiping them clean with her hand.

"My bad," he sighed, laying next to Tifa.

"So did you have fun?" Beatrice asked.

"Yeah," Surge replied.

"I wasn't talking to you," Beatrice said, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, it was great," she replied, her breathing heavy. As her lust faded, she began to feel a little awkward about the situation. "I, uh, should go back to my room, now."

"No, stay here for the night," Beatrice said, snuggling up to her.

"Hey, let me in," Surge said, as he slipped between them. His face was sandwiched between both women's breasts, and in record time, he was asleep.

Tifa thought he looked adorable while sleeping. She decided to stay, for now, but tomorrow she would have to leave to find her friends. Why would they say if they saw her now? She tried not to think about it as she dropped off to sleep.


Several hours later, and the bedroom had a fourth occupant.

A young girl, with hair as dark as the current night sky, had appeared out of nowhere, plopping onto the floor with a thud.

Makoto Niijima, or 'Queen', found herself separated from the rest of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. There had been rumors of an inn, run by a sex-crazed couple, that seduced any who dared stay the night. They had come here, the couple's 'Palace', to steal their treasure, returning goodness to their hearts. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to her, her friends weren't here. Somebody was here, however.

Her crimson eyes scanned the darkness. She gulped at what she saw. Two women were sharing a bed with a man, and all three were naked. The women had enormous breasts and she found her vision lingering on them, unable to believe what she was seeing. Thankfully, their lower halves were shielded by the bedsheets. This imagery was all too much for the young, inexperienced girl to take. She had to get out of here and find the treasure.

Her face burning hot, she started towards the bedroom door, but one of the women began to stir.

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