The Cock and Cow Inn

BY : JusticeForAll
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Makoto froze in place, mid-crawl. The mystery female, with the biggest boobs she had ever seen, was waking up. She sat upright, the bed cover falling from her body, exposing her heaving juggs in all of their naked glory. After rubbing her tired eyes, she reached for something on the bedside table. It was a pair of glasses. So that explained why she hadn't seen her, yet.

Makoto took this opportunity to crawl quickly across the floor and slip under the bed.

"Hey, wake up, you two," the busty woman said groggily.

Surge did as she commanded, as did Tifa. The three of them sat up, stretching and rubbing their tired eyes. Surge glanced at the two gorgeous women he was sharing a bed with. Their hanging tits, large and heavy, were certainly a welcome sight first thing in the morning. He was hard and ready, and so he decided he wanted to go another round. He curved his arms around Tifa's slim waist, grasping a nipple between his lips.

"S-Surge, we just woke up..." She said, her breath beginning to quicken.

"So?" He said, he voice muffled by her breast.

"W-well, I've gotta go find my friends. I don't have time for this."

"Oh, come on," Beatrice whined, capturing Tifa's neck in her arms. "Think of it as our way of saying goodbye."

Tifa felt guilty, but it wasn't enough to deter her. She slipped her hand beneath the bedsheets, taking his warm cock in her hand. She was continually amazed at its length and girth.

Makoto's face was so red she felt she could light up the dark room. The combined sounds of slurping and moaning above her were making her incredibly uncomfortable.

"Bend over for me," she heard the man demand. She heard the ruffling of the bed sheets as, Makoto assumed, the woman did exactly as he asked. Screams, and the repeated sound of flesh slapping against flesh, filled the air.

That was all Makoto's young mind could take. She had to get out of here, even at the risk she was seen. She re-emerged from under the bed and quickly, but quietly, crawled across the room. As luck would have it, the door was barely open. She continued towards it.

Despite the dangerous situation she found herself in, her curiosity got the best of her and she glanced backward.

The bespectacled woman was on her back, while the other woman was leaned over her on all fours. Their huge breasts rubbed together, as the woman on top was pounded from behind by the man. Makoto was shocked at how young he looked. He couldn't have been much older than herself. He was also quite the looker. His eyes were the same colour as her own, and they burned down fiercely at the woman he was nailing.

Makoto finally got a hold of her senses. She turned back to the door just as Surge's eyes fell on her.

What's this? Someone unknown to him was in their room, and she was crawling towards the exit. Surge's attention was immediately drawn to her shapely backside, packed inside a form revealing, black bodysuit. She blended almost perfectly into the shadows. Was she a ninja, of some sort?

He was sad to see her perfect rump disappear behind the bedroom door and out of sight. Once he was done fucking Tifa, he would have to welcome their new guest. He gripped the barmaid's hair and thrust into her with increased speed.

Makoto placed her back against the wall, her heart ramming against her chest. She closed her eyes and all she could see was the previous scene. She began to wonder what they would have done to her if they had caught her. Perhaps forced her to join in?

She reverted her thoughts to the matter at hand: she had to find the treasure. She leaped to her feet and began her search.
She entered every room, each as familiar as the last, but she found nothing.

She glanced back at the room where the threesome was taking place. The sounds of pleasure were still emanating from within, so she was safe, for now. As there was nothing up here, she made her way downstairs.

However, the screams of ecstasy were about to end. Surge had unloaded all over Tifa's back, and Beatrice was busy lapping it up. Surge left them to it and got dressed, before exiting the room.

"Now, where is she?" Surge said to himself, his eyes scouring the hall. He searched every room, and just like Makoto, found nothing. He descended the stairs, quietly.

And there she was, bent over, her head stuffed under a table. Her butt cheeks strained against her outfit, pleading for freedom. Was she looking for something?

"Oh," Surge said casually. She thumped her head against the table, in surprise, and turned to face him, her eyes widening. "A customer! My apologies," he said in fake surprise. What an unusual outfit, he thought.

Makoto froze. Here he was, stood in front of her. At least he had his clothes on. Again, she noted his handsomeness.

"Um," she started. She had to play along. "Yes, I-I would like a room, please."

Just then, the bespectacled lady appeared at the bottom of the stairs, and, luckily, she was also dressed. Though, the shirt she wore struggled to contain those massive boobs. Makoto had to admit that they weren't like the previous residents of past Palaces that she had infiltrated. They didn't have crazy looking eyes or a certain tone to their voices. Something about this place seemed off.

"We have another customer!" He beamed at the woman.

"Excellent!" She also beamed.

They introduced themselves, as did Makoto, but with a gulp. There was the fear inside that they would pounce on her.

"Would you like a meal?" Beatrice asked. "I'll whip something up in the kitchen."

The kitchen? Perhaps the Treasure was in there?

"C-can I help?" She spluttered, taking a chance.

"Don't be silly," Beatrice smiled. "You just relax."

The couple vanished into the kitchen, leaving Makoto alone in the lobby. She would have to search when they weren't looking. She decided to take a seat, for now. The sounds of footsteps made her spring back to her feet. Someone else was descending the stairs.

In the kitchen, Beatrice was furiously slicing up a bunch of vegetables.

"I like the new girl," she said, licking her lips. "Young and inexperienced."

"She's alright," Surge shrugged, his back rested against the wall. "No tits."

"I'll have her to myself, then," she replied, scooping up the vegetables to drop them into a pot.

"Hey, I said she was alright. She's got an ass, at least."

"You don't deserve to have her," Beatrice scowled at him. "Go sit in the corner."

Surge did as she ordered, sulking all the while. "She was in our room, you know. She saw us."

"Ooo, interesting," Beatrice's eyes lit up. "I hope she enjoyed the show."

Back in the lobby, Tifa was surprised to see a new face. "H-hey," she stuttered, her face beginning to burn. She wondered if this girl had heard what she had been getting up to upstairs.

Makoto's face also began to glow. The image of this woman on all fours, her huge breasts swinging was still clear in her mind.

Despite the awkward atmosphere, they managed to introduce themselves.

"How did you end up here?" Tifa asked. "The Ancient Forest isn't exactly a popular place to visit."

"Ancient Forest?" Makoto said, raising an eyebrow. "Oh... oh, yeah, Ancient Forest." She laughed awkwardly, attempting to keep up a pretense. She didn't want her to get suspicious, after all. "I just came for a walk and found myself here."

Who goes for a casual stroll in Ancient Forest? While wearing that? Tifa thought there was something fishy about this girl.

Half an hour of small talk later, and Makoto's meal was ready. As she ate, she began to wonder what exactly she was doing: eating the enemy's food, having a casual conversation with three people she had seen having sex.

Tifa was having similar distressing thoughts. She could still fee Beatrice's tongue sliding up her back to lick up Surge's seed. She was almost ashamed of her behaviour. As much as she enjoyed last night and this morning, she had to find her friends.

Little did they know that a third woman was about to stumble upon the inn.

A crimson blur, darting from branch to branch, could be seen through the treetops. It was a woman, adorning a tight red bodysuit. Traversing the trees like this would be an impossibility for most humans, but the woman's body had a look that showed excursions like this were common. The tightness of her outfit revealed how fit she truly was. Her stomach was flat and etched with muscle, and her thighs and calves swelled with every demanding step. Thanks to trecks like this, her ass was sculpted masterfully, and her bodysuit was straining to contain each bloated cheek. And while she was slim and toned, her breasts defied odds with their size. They bounced uncontrollably in her outfit, like red jello.

Taki halted, her heart racing and her legs throbbing. On her search for the evil sword, Soul Edge, she had come across a house. Who lived here, in the middle of nowhere? Curious, she landed to the ground, crunching leaves beneath her feet.

As she got closer, she realised it was an inn. Usually, a kunoichi such as her would never consider staying at an inn. When it was time to rest, she would find a cave, or would just drop down where she stood. But, as toned and strong as her back was, it was beginning to ache. The thought of sleeping in a real bed was too strong for her to resist, and her back would thank her for it.

She stepped through the doors.

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