The Cock and Cow Inn

BY : JusticeForAll
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Every eye fell on the busty, bodysuit-clad kunoichi when she stepped through the doors.

Surge's stare lingered longer. It was like someone had delivered him a parcel, wrapped in tight red spandex. Her tits alone made up for Makoto's lack thereof.

Tifa was stunned at the beauty who had joined them. Her body wasn't dissimilar to her own: busty, yet, athletic. Her sexual acts with Beatrice had been fun, but she began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with this new woman.

Makoto was frowning. What the heck was going on? Another woman with unimaginably sized breasts had made her presence known, and she had no shame, every curve of her body bulging from within a bodysuit. Makoto was beginning to feel self-consious.

Taki's eyes were also wandering. She thought that maybe she had come across an inn exclusively for women with enormous breasts, but then she saw a young man behind the counter, and a young girl sat to her right. Perhaps it was actually an inn exclusively for attractive people, as every one of the inn's occupants was of high quality in the looks department.

After the pleasantries were out of the way, she got talking with the woman known as Tifa. She said she was from a place called Midgar and that she was looking for her friends. Taki had never heard of such a place and hadn't seen anyone in the forest.

During their conversation, Tifa was finding it quite a task not lowering her vision to the kunoichi's stacked body. She was having uncomfortable thoughts the entire time. She had never thought about another woman like this, but ever since sleeping with Beatrice, it seemed she had changed.

"Well, I'll be leaving, now," Tifa announced, regretfully.

"It was nice having you," Beatrice smiled. "Have a safe journey."

It was nice having you? What did she mean by that?

Reluctantly, Tifa left the inn. She had to find her friends. She had no choice. She continued to console herself as she started up the forest path.

Back at the Inn, Surge and Beatrice were in the kitchen, talking about their new guest.

"Did you see that ass?" Surge asked, his forehead sweaty. "She could break my cock in two with those cheeks."

"She's certainly of high quality," Beatrice replied, as she broke some eggs into a frying pan, "just like Tifa."

"Hey, why did you let Tifa go so easily, anyway?" Surge asked, tapping his fingers on the kitchen side in annoyance.

"She'll be back," Beatrice replied. "Didn't you see how she acted around our new guest? She's obviously dying for more."

Beatrice was proven correct when Tifa arrived back at the Inn.

"Did you find them?" Taki, who sat on a chair to her left, asked.

"No," she sighed. Truthfully, she had barely looked. Her treck up the path was a short one, as she immediately turned back, not wanting to lose sight of the Inn. And she did this several times, looking like a complete fool.

Aerith could be dead and all Tifa could think about was sex. What a terrible friend she was.

"What was her name, again?" Taki suddenly asked, pointing towards Makoto, who was sat at a table.

Tifa responded and Taki continued. "She's just been staring at the kitchen this whole time."

"Um, she must be really hungry, I guess," Tifa shrugged.

As if on cue, Beatrice and Surge exited the kitchen, plates of food in their hands. They smiled at the returning Tifa, repeating Taki's question to her.

"Well, maybe you should try again, tomorrow," Beatrice suggested.

"Looks like you were right," Surge whispered when Tifa was out of earshot.


Night had fallen and the couple were showing Taki to her room.

"Sleep well," Beatrice smiled, taking a glance at the kunoichi's perfect ass as she turned to enter her room.

They returned to their own room, only to find Tifa hanging around outside, like a naughty schoolgirl waiting to enter the principal's office. She was hoping to go another round with the couple, and was also hoping that Taki would fall for their trap, just like she had.

"Yes?" Beatrice said.

"Um," Tifa started, shuffling her feet, "well... are we going to... you know?"

"Oh," she replied, straightening her glasses, "that was a one-time thing. Sorry."

Tifa's mouth was hanging open, stupidly, while Surge was frowning at his wife.

"I'm only kidding," she said with a roll of her eyes. "Get in there." And she shoved Tifa through the door, eliciting a yelp from her.

Back in Taki's room, the kunoichi was snuggled up peacefully in her bed. It had been such a long time that she had slept in a real bed. It certainly made a pleasant change from rocks and dirt.

Just as she was about to take a visit to slumberland, a scream captured her attention. It was coming from outside her room. Was one of the women in danger? She grasped her blade and flew out of the room, her body a red blur. She continued towards the noise, quickly but quietly. It was coming from a room down the hall, the screams growing in volume with every step. Once at the door, which was hanging slightly open, she burst into the room, her weapon held at the ready.

Her jaw dropped. Those weren't screams of pain, but pleasure. Tifa had shed her clothes, revealing her awesome, creamy body, and she was on top of Surge. Taki had halted their lovemaking, but Tifa's huge breasts were still jiggling, slightly. Beatrice was behind Tifa, her arms hugging her waist, her enormous pair resting on her back.

After a few moments of staring, Taki turned away, shielding her vision with her hand.

"My, uh, apologies," Taki stammered her heart racing. "I thought one of the women were in danger."

This was all very unprofessional, Taki thought, sleeping with the guests, and all while your other guests are trying to sleep. She was especially surprised to see Tifa here. Despite her assets and choice of outfit, she seemed like quite a shy woman.

"No, we're fine," Beatrice replied. "Thank you for your concern, though."

"Um, don't mention it," Taki replied, baffled at her calm reaction. "I'll be leaving, now."

"Oh, you're not joining us?" She asked.

Taki had to admit, she was very tempted. She had never seen such a collection of beautiful people in one room before, and she was very open to threesomes or certain sexual acts. That would come as no surprise to anyone, considering her choice of outfit. She may as well be walking around naked.

She finally lowered her hand, taking in their naked bodies, again. They had convinced her.

"Why not?" Taki said with a shrug, before walking over to join them.

As Taki began to peel her bodysuit off, Tifa removed herself from Surge, causing his huge cock to spring free.

"Wow," Taki said as her large breasts were also granted freedom. That was the largest she had seen and it belonged to such a young man. She was betting that was one of the main reasons he had convinced these two women to lay with him.

Every eye followed her bodysuit, as she struggled to tug it down her body. Her rippling abs, pubic hair, and, finally, her shapely legs were revealed.

"Damn," Surge said, his hand gripped around his prick, "and I thought you two were tens."

They frowned at his harsh words, but they didn't disagree.

Taki crawled onto the bed, her heavy globes swinging as she did. She instantly gravitated towards Surge's cock, replacing his hand with hers. She had never handled one this big and was eager to play with it.

"Oh, I like you," he said, resting the back of his head in his palms.

He liked her, even more, when she placed it in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but was already gagging with only half of it down her throat. She removed it, curious as to why the others hadn't joined in. They were too busy staring at her ass.

"Excuse me," she said, finally drawing their attention away from her butt, "are you going to give me hand or what?"

They obliged, laying down beside her. Taki held his cock in place, still dripping in her spit, so Tifa could take it into her own mouth. Beatrice, meanwhile, lashed her tongue against his sack. With both his penis and balls occupied, Taki had her eye on new territory. She lifted his legs up and dived face first into his taint.

"Oh, shit," Surge said in surprise, "it's a party."

Taki wouldn't have done this for any man, but since Surge was such a pretty looking thing, she was more than happy to.

"Let's do this for real," he said, and he turned over, sticking his toned ass in the air.

The three women resumed pleasuring him with their mouths. Takispread his butt cheeks, and made sure to lather him up with a wad of spit.

The sounds of pleasure carried into the hall, where Makoto was standing and listening. Now it seemed they had lured that Taki woman in to join them. Makoto's heart thudded violently against her ribs. They were surely coming after her next.

She had to find the treasure and get out of here.

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