The Cock and Cow Inn

BY : JusticeForAll
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Juri froze in the doorway, her jaw hanging open. She couldn't believe her eye. She was expecting some old bitch to be behind the counter; a sad old hag with a sickly sweet smile. And while the woman wasn't "young", she certainly wasn't "old", either. More importantly, she was laughably busty, like a real-life anime character. Her tits were so huge they were resting atop the counter. She was also short in stature. She was like a small, busty plaything, that had been gift wrapped in a blue shirt and jeans, just for her.

'Welcome,' she smiled, her puffy lips curling into a smile. 'I'm Beatrice. Would you like a room for the night?'

Juri tried to compose herself. She had hit the jackpot. There was nothing Juri loved more than huge tits, and these were, by far, the largest she had ever seen up-close.

'Yeah,' she smirked, leaning closer to her, 'I'd like a room: yours.'

'Mine?' Beatrice said, tilting her head. 'I'm afraid I don't understand.'

'C'mon,' Juri said with a sigh, 'you're not fooling me. Anyone with tits that huge is a sure-fire slut.'

Beatrice glared at her, but her vision quickly shifted to the stairs for some reason.

'My husband is upstairs,' she said when she turned back to face her.

'That's a shame,' Juri said with a shrug. 'You've gotta stay loyal to him, I guess.'

'No... I mean this is our chance,' she said, her lips curling into another grin, this one much more devious than the last.

Juri frowned. Was she fucking with her?

The busty brunette took her by the shoulders, pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

Guess not, Juri thought, her eye wide in surprise. This was definitely not what she was expecting, but she was ecstatic with the outcome.

'Get your tight ass back here,' she said between several kisses. She took handfuls of Juri's bodysuit and yanked her over the counter, her lips on hers the entire time. Once her whole frame was over the counter, Beatrice deftly lifted her onto it. She lowered her face between the Korean's legs and her mouth got to work pleasuring her bodysuit encased crotch.

Juri couldn't believe her boldness. Her husband could come down at any moment, yet here she was giving her head. Juri didn't give a shit. Whoever her husband was probably wasn't good enough for her, anyway. And were there any other guests? Juri wanted to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, but Beatrice was doing enough pinching with her teeth and lips.

As Juri laid back to get comfortable, someone appeared at the bottom of the stairs, but as soon as Juri laid her eyes on the stranger, she had disappeared, only leaving giving her a short glance at an ass so perfect it defied logic. They had been wearing a bodysuit like her own, though it was red.

Who the hell was that? Juri wondered. It wasn't her husband, so it was presumably a guest; a guest with the most incredible ass she had ever seen. What kind of place had she stumbled upon?

Juri was eager to find out but was too busy writhing under Beatrice's tongue.

It had been several minutes since Juri had laid eyes on those enormous juggs, and she still hadn't grasped them in her hands or between her lips. She had to rectify this immediately.

With a single shove of Juri's hand, Beatrice's mouth was separated from her crotch. The Taekwondo practitioner buried her face in between Beatrice's mountainous mounds, while her hand snaked around her expansive hips. Juri sighed lovingly as she moved her face from side to side, the cushy flesh sliding against her cheeks and nose. She could've stayed in her cleavage forever. Perhaps she could live here one day when she had retired from murdering people.

Upstairs, Taki had bumped into a naked Surge, who had just exited his bedroom. She had to admire his confidence, walking out into the hallway without a care. What if she had been a new guest? Speaking of new guests, she told Surge about the woman who was currently sucking his wife's tits.

'Then I should get revenge by having sex with you,' he said simply.

Taki was tempted, her eyes on his ridiculous cock. After all, there actually hadn't been any penetration between them. She had stuck her tongue up his butt and scissored Tifa, but that was all. However, knowing where that cock had been (Ivy's pussy) put her off a little bit. She slapped it away and he winced.

'Don't you want to greet your new guest in your own special way?' She asked.

He did.

He passed Taki and descended the stairs. If the new guest was already having her way with his wife, it didn't matter if she saw him naked. There was no reason to pretend this time. He was a little relieved.

When he reached the bottom, he was treated to a delightful scene. His wife was on her back on the counter, as naked as he was. The new guest, who had a fit and slightly muscular form, was on top of her, a fat nipple pinched between her lips. It looked like she was having the time of her life sucking on his wife's tits. It was a shame he was going to interrupt them.

'So is this your idea of revenge?' He asked, crossing his muscular arms.

The two lesbian lovers spun their heads to face him.

The new guest (who was wearing an eyepatch for some reason) released Beatrice's wet nip so she could gape in shock at his huge cock.

'Holy shit,' she gasped.

'That's just my husband,' Beatrice said dismissively, 'ignore him.'

'How the hell am I supposed to ignore that?' She said, her vision switching between his giant prick to her gigantic knockers. 'What kind of place is this?'

'By the look on your face,' Surge started, 'it's the kind of place you're gonna love.'

He was right. Somehow, she had stumbled across her dream Inn. She had been disappointed about losing Chun-Li, but she had somehow ended up with an even better scenario.

'You two carry on,' Surge said as he handled his pole. 'Put on a good show for me.'

Juri was more than happy to oblige. She resumed her oral assault on Beatrice's succulent nipple as her eye watched Surge pleasure himself, his muscle tensing with every tug of his huge meat.

Surge's eyes fell to the new girl's toned rump, which she was wiggling constantly. He liked the new girl. She was an open slut, unlike many of the others who pretended they were anything but.

'Mm, you're a much better lover than my husband,' Beatrice moaned, her hand slapping Juri's butt.

'Hmph, doubt it,' Surge said dismissively, though his hand quickened at her words.

Juri was going to prove it. She slinked her hand between Beatrice's thick thighs, probing her nether lips with her fingers, while her own crotch ground against Beatrice's said thigh.

Surge was already ready to explode. He found himself intrigued by what this girl's story was.

Outside the Inn, a breathless beauty had her back against a tree.

Chun-Li had lost her target: Juri Han. It was unlike her to fail a mission, but when Juri had led her into this forest, she just seemed to vanish into thin air. And, despite her high fitness level, she found herself out of breath. How shameful.

She quickly gathered herself. She had a spotless record and she wasn't going to let Juri put a black mark on it. She continued up the path, not knowing where it led.

Surge pointed his loaded cock towards the two beauties' open mouths. He filled their throats instantly as he released his trademark load.

Juri was slightly taken aback by the amount he expelled inside her, though considering the size of him, it wasn't that surprising.

His sperm splattered against their lips, tongues, and faces. One spurt hit Juri right in the eye, though, luckily for her, it was the one shielded by an eyepatch. It cascaded down her nose and cheek, before dripping onto Beatrice.

Once he was spent, they attempted to swallow as much as they could, even going as far as to lick it off of each other's face.

'You know,' Surge said with heavy breath, ' there're more tits upstairs.'

'Hell yes,' she said, leaping off his curvy wife. 'Looks like I'll be staying.'

And she vanished upstairs. Surge absolutely adored this girl. If he wasn't already married (and if her tits had been slightly bigger), he would've considered proposing to her.

Chun-Li halted in front of the Inn, her body sticky in sweat. She would question the owner about Juri's whereabouts and then, hopefully, find and arrest her. She stepped inside.

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