Tempting Treats

BY : RandomJaz
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"Let's get this party started!"

Blaring music filled the Pokémon Center, the walls covered from each corner with what felt like miles of tacky black and orange streamers. Various ghost Pokémon-themed decorations hung from the ceilings as well as centered the multiple counters and surfaces littered with both bowls of snacks and bottles of sodas to pick from. Jack o' lanterns were carved and lit with little lights that were meant to look like candles, for safety. A young man stood with black hair tucked under a Eevee hood, their large brown eyes apprehensive of their friend's enthusiasm as he eyed one Jack o' lantern that was placed by a seemingly massive tower of red solo cups.

"Dawn... you said this wasn't really a 'party'."

"Not yet it's not!"

A look of betrayal overcame the young man's face, shoulders slumping.

"I knew it, you tricked me in to coming. Why do you always do this?"

"Lighten up, Ash. It's Halloween. Don't be a wet blanket for once. Jeez."

Ash frowned and gave his friend, Dawn, a look that was anything but encouraged.

"Seriously, Dawn." He attempted to reason. "I don't do well at parties... I always end up sitting around like a dumb nobody. Everyone always drinks and hooks up at these types of things."

"You're going to have fun."

"No, I won't... Gary and I just broke up. How am I supposed to have fun?"

"Well, you won't with that attitude. Open yourself up a little and maybe you'll actually have a good time. Mingle, alright? I don't want to hear you whining tonight."

The Pokémon Center had yet to fill up yet, Nurse Joy walking around dressed as a Chancey while she set out more stacks of red solo cups. Dressed with her usual nurse cap atop her head, she wore a pink dress decorated with what was a fake egg painted along the front. The chipper woman was all smiles for the social gathering. Of course, she'd been the one to give Dawn permission for the event in the first place.

"This was a wonderful idea that you had, Dawn. I wish I'd thought to throw a Halloween event here years ago." Joy remarked as she arranged piles of napkins along the parameter of a nearby table. "Just in case these run out later, there are plenty more in the storage closet."

"Awesome, I'll make sure to keep them stocked. "

"Also, I know you're all adults, but please do take it easy on the booze... last thing we need is for this to get out of hand. I would love to be able to do this again next year if all goes well tonight."

Dawn assured Joy all would be fine, explaining the alcohol wouldn't be cracked open until later on in the evening to avoid things getting out of hand. She wanted everyone to actually party before getting alcohol involved. The last thing she needed was a room full of young adults, drunk and excited too early. That was asking for trouble. Ash thought over the possibility with a grimace and meek shift of the eyes towards the tower of red solo cups.

"The spiked punch will be made later, way later. Don't worry, we aren't party animals... at least Ash isn't. Look at him."

Being Ash's Eevee "costume" was actually a Eevee Pajama adult onesie with a long zipper in the front and holes for the hands and covered feet, it was clear he wasn't exactly the epitome of "Party Animal". His anxiety aside, in comparison to Dawn's Piplup costume, he looked childish. Granted, Dawn's costume was on the polar opposite of Ash's style of costume. It was far too adult...

Her short light blue ruffled skirt was on the revealing side. The knee-high heeled yellow boots she wore covered more of her legs than her skirt did, the hem only reaching about mid-thigh, if that even. Ash had seen more than he bargained for when Dawn had bent over to fix the lace of her boots... He now knew exactly what style underwear she was wearing.

The sweetheart neck line of her midriff top wasn't cut too low, but her cleavage was visible. Very visible. As Dawn snickered at Ash's expense, the front of the Pokémon Center began filling in with local Sinnoh residents and travelers. Dawn perked up and hurried to go greet some of the people arriving. Nurse Joy chortling as she gave Ash a pat on the back.

"I think you look endearingly cute." She consoled him in a motherly fashion. "If only more chose to dress like you...at least no one can see your bum. It can be rather drafty in here, regardless. You'll be warm, count your blessings. "

As polite as Joy was, her vague comment regarding attire alluded to many of which had entered the building dressed like Dawn. Half-naked, to put it bluntly. She shook her head with a soft sigh and waved a hand as she walked away.

"Being young." She chalked it up to, talking to herself. "It'll pass. It always passes"

It took about an hour for the Pokémon center's large lobby to be fully utilized. People were dancing amongst strobe lights that Dawn had set up, colors flashing along the floor and over party goers. Each table had groups of two, three or four mingling around bowls of pretzels and chips, some flirting undoubtedly going on. With a handful of pretzels in hand and a cup filled with cola, Ash walked away to find some place to sit alone.

"I hate this crap..." He grumbled. "Fuckin' Dawn. The pretzels aren't even salted, ugh."

He wound up taking a seat at one of the cushioned booths by himself. All around him were people having fun, throwing their caution to the wind. He couldn't help but notice how much effort everyone put in to their costumes. And embarrassingly enough, he'd worn pajamas. Raising the handful of pretzels to his mouth, he snatched one up with his front teeth and idly chewed when suddenly someone was sidling in to the seat next to him.

"Well look at you all ready for bed. That's cute."

"Hey, Barry..."

Arms threw themselves around Ash's shoulders, hugging him close. As Pink filled Ash's cheeks, the leather seat across from him squeaked as someone else took their seat with a more notably aggressive plop. The purple haired arrival leaned back with large hands shoved in his sweatshirt's pocket's, scowl eating up his face ever so familiarly.

"Paul quit huffin'. It's Halloween."

"Shut up, Barry. Don't tell me what to do."

"...Yet you just told me what to do. Charming."

The blonde laughed and rolled his eyes at Paul. Ash chortled uncomfortably, Paul's expression having yet to lighten up in the least. If anything, Paul glared daggers at Barry who didn't seem to care at all as the blonde himself stole a few of Ash's pretzels. As Ash looked between the two all he could think was, as odd as the two were, if anyone was meant to be together, it was them. No one handled Paul's bullshit the way Barry did. He ate it up just as would be expected from Paul's number one fan, if anything.

To think Paul wound up with his fanboy.

"My man's grumpy. He didn't want to come." Barry explained casually, playing idly with one of Ash's long, furry Eevee ears. "I said if he wanted me to follow up with some 'special' promises that he had to come here with me. So, here we are."

"Too much information?"

At Ash's uncomfortable comment, Barry shrugged and acted as if it hadn't been strange at all. The blonde was quickly fixated by Ash's choice in costume, looking it over and running his hands around the soft light brown material.

"Like I said, this is kind of cute. I'd never wear something so silly like this, but it suits you. Doesn't he look kind of cute, Babe?"

"You're asking me?"

"You better change your attitude before I lock you out of my room."

Apparently, Barry had been renting a room at the center for the Halloween weekend. And although Paul had his own house somewhere nearby with his brother, Paul had been staying with Barry in his room. Paul didn't seem to care for the blonde's threat of being kicked out, mostly because it was implied that he'd be missing out on something. It wasn't like he wouldn't have anywhere to go, obviously. He had an actual home.

"Whatever. Maybe I should just go home. This is fucking pointless."

"Yeah? And what are you going to do at home?" Barry challenged. "Jack off in your room all night while your brother deals with the trick or treaters? Bet that doorbell going off every thirty seconds while you have your hand down your pants will get old real fast."

At that, Ash's eyes flew wide open.

"Last time you jacked off on your own, to spite me no less, you were so pent up that you fucking destroyed my ass next time I let you have it...I had the rawest asshole ever. I had to tell my dad that I fell when he got home, I was walking around all fucked up."

"Barry!" Ash squawked, horrified. "What the hell! I'm sitting right here, Dude!"

Paul scoffed, ignoring Ash's horror just as Barry did.

"You like your fucking asshole raw and you know it."


The couple still ignored Ash, looking at one another with such casual demeanor.

"Fuck yeah, I like my ass raw."

"I can't wait for later. I'll fuck you up good if you do that thing-"


Both Paul and Barry set their sights on Ash, a smirk forming at Barry's lips. He reached over and pinched Ash's cheek in a teasing manner, getting his hand swatted away from Ash's face promptly afterwards.

"Do you want to go home now, too?"

"Kind of yeah..." Ash admitted, clearing his throat. "I've wanted to go home since I got here."

"...The party just started."

"I know."

Paul nodded in some sort of sympathy, his jaw tense as he looked over the sea of bodies dancing to music that suddenly seemed a notch too loud. And obnoxious.

"Halloween is for kids." He concluded after surveying the crowd. "When anyone past middle school-age celebrates it's just an excuse for people to prance around half naked and drink like they're at an unsupervised party."

"Those were the days..." Barry sighed contently, smiling at Ash while ignoring Paul's small rant. "Well, I guess you missed the 'half naked' memo, huh? You and Paul both. He couldn't be bothered to wear a costume at all."

"Cold day in hell."

Paul paused and mused for a moment at his own remark.

"It's pretty cold out tonight, now that I think of it." he surmised, getting swatted by Barry. "What? This is fucking hell to me."

Dressed in fitted black shorts that never stood a chance against his long legs, Barry had so much pale skin showing that it seemed to completely defeat the purpose of even wearing pants at all. A ruffled white muscle tee paired with a blue tie was worn with his tiny shorts, Barry clearly meaning to be an Empoleon. The large triton yellow crest on his head that matched his shoes was the icing on the cake, the piece a creative work of Barry's. Some acrylic paint, hot glue and a woman's headband and he'd made quite the accessory. Ash was impressed, wishing he was creative like that. Barry was a bit eccentric though, he easily got carried away with things. Ash could visualize him working at the headpiece for hours until he got the shape right.

As Barry finished his mini inspection of Ash's costume, a song the blonde liked came on. The hand he'd had on Ash's arm paused as his attention was grabbed fiercely. Like someone had taken a Tauros by the horns, Barry was bolting from his seat. He totally skipped even trying to entertain the idea of getting Paul out on the dancefloor and, instead, he took hold of Ash's arm again.

"Let's go dance!" He urged. "C'mon!"

"I'm all set, really. I don't want to." Ash rejected, pressing himself as close to the back of the booth as he possibly could. "I'll stay here...thanks."

"You'll be stuck here with that though."

Barry gestured to Paul who scowled at that last statement.

"Fuck you too."

Rolling his eyes, Barry then tried again to persuade Ash. Having to tug with all his might, he fought off Barry who tried desperately to get him out of the booth.

"Dawn's out there. Go find her." He urged. "Please, I really don't wanna go..."

"Fine. Play nice with Paul then, make sure he doesn't run off."

"Not sure I can do that..."

Barry was off, running quickly as to ensure his song didn't end before he could get on the dancefloor. As he left, Ash saw he also had a black triangular tail sewn to the back of his shorts. He snorted at that. The amusement was cut short as he realized he was now alone with Paul. Clearing his throat dryly, Ash twiddled his thumbs. Silence filled the space between them.

"So." Paul spoke up, confident and as disinterested as ever. "I take it you were dragged here, too?"

"Yup. I don't really want to be here, at all. This isn't my thing."

A blank expression came over Paul's face. Ash blinked, assuming it was merely a typical lapse in the usually tense interactions he encountered with Paul. But, to Ash's surprise, he'd been thinking.

"I'm gonna stick around a little longer to humor Barry enough to not bitch and whine. After that I'm going up to his room."

"Oh..." Ash commented lamely, not knowing what to say. "Okay. I'll just... be here. Not like I have anywhere to go."

Quiet again, Ash looked anywhere but Paul's face. When finally taking a peek, he saw Paul was looking right at him. Ash flinched a bit but recovered.

"You can come with me if you want."

"...that's alright. Uh, thanks though."

" I'm just gonna watch T.V or whatever. Anything is better than this bullshit. You really want to sit there like loser at a middle school dance all night?"

"Um, ouch?"

Adding insult to injury Paul crossed his arms and stared Ash down with a flick of the eyes, looking over his appearance with obvious judgement.

"Have you seen yourself?"

"Okay, okay. I get it. I look stupid. But, I don't think Dawn will take it too kindly if I just leave." Ash excused. "I can't just disappear on her. She wanted me here."

Partially because it was true, and partially because he couldn't see himself just chillin' with Paul of all people, Ash did his best to worm his way out of the one opportunity Paul had ever given him to hang out, something Paul wasn't normally keen on even considering. Paul proceeded to stare down Ash with his coal eyes, his calculating stare not lost to their childhood. With ease, he picked Ash apart.

"She your girlfriend now?" Paul challenged.


"Then why the fuck do you care what she wants?"

Ash shrugged unsurely, feeling put on the spot.

"If you're not dating her I don't see any reason to humor her demands. What are you? Her Pokémon? Those pajamas come off, you know. She can't order you to dance around and then shove you in to her poke ball."

It was blunt and horribly brash, but Paul had a point. Somewhere in that mess of apathy he was right. Ash could only bring himself to dully shake his head "no" in response to his rhetorical questioning as he stared down in to his drink.

"Rhetorical question." Paul grunted. "Really?"



Paul's eyes went to the dancefloor where Barry had found Dawn. The two were dancing, back to back as they grinded and just had fun in the sea of bodies gathered together. Three songs later Barry and Dawn were spotted walking to a table with a bowl of punch, high fiving as someone was pouring vodka in to the beverage.

"Yeah, that's our cue to haul ass." Paul advised Ash, standing up without further prompting. "Let's go. We'll find something better to do. Or you can stay here like a loser, your choice."

Ash decided to go. What was the worst that could happen?



"Quit fussing and shut up, I'm trying to concentrate."

"But-but I don't want to do this!"

"It's not that bad. Stop whining. It's almost over."

Hiding his eyes and only coming out to peek, Ash winced at the second gory slasher film playing on T.V. Paul sat at the head of the bed, remote in hand as Ash sat next to him. The pillow he'd stolen miraculously hadn't popped yet from how hard he was squeezing it.

The sickening crunch of a poor man getting his arm broken off sent Ash spiraling in to a horrified fit of screams, reflexively throwing himself at Paul for comfort. He clung to him, mortified when realizing what he had done. Ash quickly put space between himself and Paul. He again hugged the pillow he'd taken hostage, uncomfortably watching the rest of the movie.

"Still need a hug? Or, do you need me to call your mom?" Paul teased like an asshole in his gruff manner. "You're already dressed for bed. Maybe she'll kiss you goodnight and tuck you in too, fucking pussy."

"Scary movies aren't my thing!"

"Clearly dignity isn't your thing either. Pathetic."

Ash huffed at Paul's belittling and wondered to himself how Barry managed not to take his shit so personally. Paul didn't give a fuck. He said whatever came to mind, and that's only when he even felt like talking.

"If you're just going to give me shit I'll go back to the party."

"And do what this time? Walk around like some pathetic wallflower while everyone's drunk and having fun?" He shot back, not bothered as the credits rolled. "You don't belong down there. That's not your scene."

"I guess you're right... I'll just stay here. Not like I have anywhere else to go."

His words weren't necessarily spiteful, but Paul just had such a way of talking that came across so razor-tongued. Ash had known him to be like that since childhood... but it still wasn't any more pleasant to deal with. Just a smidge easier. Paul rolled his eyes before staring at Ash, black eyes flicking to his long zipper.

"Are you even wearing anything underneath that?"


"You look silly sitting there dressed like a fucking five-year-old. You've been in that thing for hours."

Scratching at the brown material of one sleeve Ash looked away sheepishly, feeling embarrassed now that Paul put it that way.

"I don't have clothes on under this, just underwear."

"Do me a favor and get out of that thing."

Ash blanched, pausing for a moment before sliding his eyes over to Paul in disbelief. His blood ran cold, warming slightly when Paul spoke again.

"It's an eyesore." Paul reasoned. "I'm sick of looking at it. Take it off."

"How am I supposed to-"

"I'll give you something to wear."

Agreeing to do it just for the sake of alleviating his embarrassment, Ash would take off his Eevee suit. Paul's criticism and open annoyance had made him self-conscious, unbearably now. He was good at that.

He always had his shit together and always came across as so much more mature than Ash was. Cold and blunt, but mature. Ash's embarrassment was evidence of his more childish side. If he was going to be stuck with the purple haired acquaintance, he'd do anything to find some sliver of comfort, including getting out of his pajamas just so Paul would quit judging him.

"Give me a sec. I'll grab you something I'm sure Barry has some pajamas that would fit you in a pinch."

Paul got up and tugged open one of Barry's drawers, ignoring his own duffle bag that sat beside it. He grabbed something off the top and offered Ash the change of clothes. Problem was, Barry was thinner than Ash was, and, and much taller. His clothes would fit, but they were a size smaller around the waist and such than he was comfortable with.

That was in stark contrast to Paul's clothes which were probably about three sizes too big for him. Barry wore a small for his thin frame whereas Paul wore an extra-large to accommodate his muscular build. Beggars couldn't be choosers and Ash was not about to ask Paul for his clothes instead despite having preferred dramatically loose clothes to fitted ones.

When Ash laid eyes upon what Barry's night clothes were, he paled. They were little blue cotton shorts and an orange and white striped tank top that could have passed for casual beach wear. It wasn't like the room was horribly cold, the heater was on, but Ash didn't want to wear the tiny clothes. He didn't feel like he had a choice though.

When accepting the outfit, Ash looked around for the bathroom. Only he then realized that the Pokémon center he was at didn't have individual bathrooms in each room. That location had community bathrooms and showers on each floor.

"I'll just take this to the bathroom, I guess..." Ash excused as he walked towards the door.

Before Paul could respond, there was a knock at the door. Ash turned the handle and let in Barry who had clearly partaken in lots of fun downstairs. He was tipsy but not drunk, much to Paul's approval. He was impressed.

"Look at you." he commented. "Still coherent and whatnot."

"I stopped drinking earlier. Some asshole spiked the punch too strong like an hour ago and I didn't realize until it was too late. Had to stuff my face with some pretzels and chips to keep this buzz under control- ooo! Ash is here!"

Closing the door behind himself, Barry came in close to Ash and hugged him. His balance was slightly off and Barry had to lean on him a moment, his slender tall form making it a little awkward for Ash to support the blonde's weight from his own shorter height.

"You snuck off on me with Paul. I missed you two."

"You missed us?" Paul questioned dully. "You were off having a blast with Dawn. You were wearing matchings slut costumes and everything."

"That's not true. She was slutty Piplup and I was a sexy Empoleon. That's not matching."

The logic Paul had used went over Barry's head meanwhile Ash snickered, still struggling to hold up Barry who suddenly seemed far heavier than he looked.

"That's pretty close...I mean you were both in the same evolution line and kind of naked. Just sayin'."

"Ash, don't encourage him." Barry retaliated "You're supposed to be on my side."

"Right now, I can't be on anybody's side. I need to go change my clothes. Paul lent me some of your pajamas. I hope that's okay."

The announcement left Barry puzzled. He looked at Paul, giving his boyfriend a baffled look.

"You were going to make him leave to change? What, are you a prude or something now? We all have the same parts, Paul. We're guys."

"I never told him to leave."

Confused, Ash shifted his eyes. He tried nudging Barry off of him, but the blonde wouldn't budge.

"Really, it's fine. I'll go change in the bathroom... or I could go home. It's getting late and the party is over anyways."

"The party isn't over." Barry corrected. "Not by a longshot. It's not even Eleven yet."

"Then why are you back?"

"Because I had my fun down there. I'm over it now. "

It was insisted that Ash stick around, Barry refusing to entertain the idea of Ash leaving.

"I'll get comfortable, you'll get comfortable, and we'll hang out." He reasoned "Not like Dawn is in any shape to drive you home right now. And good luck getting a cab at this hour Halloween night. Psh, everyone's drunk and looking for ride home. Slim pickings."

Left with no other option but to get comfortable and stick around, Ash relented to Barry's offer. Barry clapped excitedly and them promptly took his own shirt off without a care. When the little shorts came off too Ash was left wide eyed. The brown eyes widened further upon Barry looking at Ash expectantly.

"What? Get comfortable. We literally just agreed on this."

"I was going to change in the bathroom..."

"Just change here. Look, Paul's going to change in to his night clothes right now. It's fine."

Clearing his throat awkwardly once seeing Paul was in fact taking his shirt off, Ash felt peer pressured. Still, it didn't spur him to get his clothes off any faster. Especially not when both Paul and Barry were down to their underwear.

Paul's short boxer briefs were a solid dark gray, very masculine along the top of his thick, built thighs, the elastic band hugging the sculpted contours of his V-line leading up to his abs. Ash couldn't help but notice that evidently Paul spent a lot more time at the gym than he'd originally estimated. Had he always been that ripped? He'd never had a reason to notice before. All Paul ever wore was bulky sweats. It was hard to really see exactly how he was built.

"Looking good. Wow, Paul." Barry commented, seemingly voicing Ash's thoughts. "You're really putting in the hard work these days, huh?"

"You best better believe it."

Amazed although he'd seen Paul on countless occasions, Barry groped at Paul's bare bicep. He squeezed it roughly, then beckoned Ash over. Apparently, Paul was bulking.

"Ash, come feel this. He's made of steel."

"I believe it… I can see from here."

"No, come here. Touch him."

"I'm good… I'm just going to go change. I'll be right back."

Barry stood in orange bikini briefs were more on the feminine side, hugging his hips and rear snuggly. He didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable standing there in them, all the while gravely perturbed by Ash's modesty.

"You've got underwear on under that, don't you? What are you so shy for?" Barry asked him. "It's just us. C'mon."

That was the problem for Ash. It was them. Barry and Paul were the beautiful epitomes of male physique. The beauty to them was their polar difference. They were the end of each spectrum. Barry had a slender look to him with a long neck, a little rear and shapely calves. Such lithe shoulders. A flat, smooth stomach.

Paul was massively tall, build large with muscles and squared around the shoulders. The abs he'd acquired over the years were defined and bulky complimenting his bulging biceps and thick thighs. He looked masculine, and powerful. His rugged features were a classic pairing to Barry and his big, pretty brown eyes that were heavily lashed and filled out a face adorned with high cheek bones and little chin.

They were the epitome of a beautiful couple.

And Ash... he was, well, he was himself.

As he looked between Paul and Barry shyly, the blonde's face lit up with understanding. And, his eyes filled with amusement. Barry took his head accessory off and tossed it aside, grabbing Ash's zipper.

"Do you need help undressing?"

"N-No, I don't need-"

"Oh, I just want to help. You're so self-conscious. What are friends for?"

Ash chuckled uncomfortably and tried to pull Barry's fingers off the zipper to his pajama suit. Barry, who was frequently as Ash considered to be a little out there, wasn't giving up that easily. Ash insisted that he cut it out, cautiously placing his hands over Barry's.

"Let's not make this such a big deal."

Barry told him to quit fussing, only it resulted in Ash more furiously avoiding Barry's hands as hr resumed trying to undress him. Following Ash's movement and stepping in closer, Barry made Ash back away reflexively. As Ash made a final attempt to free himself, he was successful. Except, his back hit what he felt was a warm, brick wall. Paul was behind him and Barry smiled coyly.

"Should Paul here hold you still for me?"


Ash's zipper began sliding down, air caught in his throat as the metal unwound. Suddenly the tension was broken. Busting out in laughter, Barry couldn't contain himself.

"You should have seen the look on your face."

"I-I'm just going to go the bathroom now."

"Okay. Stay sexy."

With that, Ash blushed and made his exit to the bathroom to promptly escape Barry's teasing jokes. It wasn't busy when he arrived, but a few stalls were occupied party goers throwing up. Inevitably the result of overdoing it at the party, confirming that as Barry had said, someone had messed with the punch bowl too much. A particularly loud gagging made Ash cringe.

"Nurse Joy is not going to like this…" he mumbled to himself. "This is bad."

After changing clothes, Ash folded up his "costume" with an internal kick to himself. What a dumb idea, and now he had to pay for it by parading around in Barry's tiny pajamas until he could get home. The thought irked him as he left the bathroom, noting the sound of someone getting more aggressively ill. Someone needed to tell Nurse Joy quickly.

Getting back to Barry's room, Ash intended to excuse himself to alert Joy of what was going on. Instead, he walked in on Barry still clothed in nothing but his striped bikini briefs, pinned down on his back with arms wrapped around Paul's neck. Thier heavy kissing came to a pause as the two heard the door open, Ash silentily noticing that Paul had only managed to get his black pajama bottoms on in the time he was gone.

"Uh… I'm going to go let nurse Joy know there are some people getting seriously sick in the bathroom." Ash managed to squeak, clearing his throat and turning his back to the two immediately. "I'm just going to take my stuff with me…"

"You can leave your stuff here. We're going to behave. Come back, alright? Don't sit down there alone."

Once ensuring that Ash promised to come back, Barry let him leave. Paul grumbled something, and a smack was heard, followed by a yelp. Ash could only presume Barry's ass got swatted after Barry whacked him in the chest. Opening his eyes wide and blowing a puff of air out his mouth that tousled his bangs, Ash shook his head.

Music practically shook the walls when Ash went looking for Joy, ducking away from the crowd and going behind the service counter in search of her. To his relief, the pink haired woman was easy to find. She sat in one of the empty cots, reading a book. It wasn't quiet, but the backrooms were far away enough from the party that his footsteps could be heard. Nurse Joy looked up upon hearing Ash's sneakers.

"…Ash, is everything alright? You're a little wide-eyed."

All Ash could surmise to himself was that he'd seen too much for one evening.

"I'm fine, but someone's getting really sick upstairs… multiple people are throwing up but someone sounds really bad." Ash explained. "I know you specialize in Pokémon, but I didn't feel right not letting you know."

"You're so sweet. I'll go check on them right away. Could you do me a favor in the meanwhile? Let Dawn know that the party needs to simmer down. I'd like the Pokémon Center quiet by Midnight, one at the latest. It's getting a bit wild out there..."

Gathering a bag with supplies, Joy left. Ash went in search of Dawn to relay the message. The cobalt head of hair he looked for was found at the snack table chatting up some green haired young man with thick framed glasses. He wasn't in costume, but he was entertaining Dawn's drunken attention with some story about his Slow King.

"Heyyyy" Dawn greeted, voice elongated with a growing slur when Ash sidled up beside her as politely as he could, giving an apologetic glance to the guy she was talking to. "Where have you been? You finally having fun yet?"

"No. Listen-"

"Ash, you're supposed to be having fun! You can't keep being such a loner."

"Dawn, whether or not I'm having fun isn't the problem here. You all are having too much fun, that's the problem."

Dawn took a moment to process what Ash had said and put her hands on her hips. Meanwhile, her acquittance crossed his arms and looked between the two attentively.

"Says who? You? No offense, but you're the last person who would know about fun, Ash. For once don't be a buzz kill. For fucks sake, I said I don't want to hear you whining.

"Dawn, I need you to listen-"

"No, you listen. Okay? Cut the shit, you're twenty-one years old. Do us all a favor and act like it. You wonder why you're singe now? It's because you're such a little kid. No wonder Gary moved on."

It having took everything for Ash to control the churning in his stomach, Ash swallowed heavily as he braced himself to speak up. Only, Dawn was still going.

"He really liked you, you know. But you were dragging him down socially. I don't blame him for dumping you, you're kind of annoying."

Dawn's acquaintance cleared his cleared his throat, adjusting his thick frames at Ash.

"I haven't got much to go on but from the looks of it, I can surmise that you must be a pretty insecure person." He commented. "However, Dawn, maybe you should take it easy on the guy. He seems pretty pure-hearted..."

"I really don't care, Conway. He needs to grow up-" Dawn retorted back before pausing as she finally took notice of Ash's changed attire. "… hey, why the hell are you dressed like that? You didn't bring a change of clothes."

With a lump in his throat, Ash held himself together to pass along Nurse Joy's message to Dawn. He completely ignored Dawn's question.

"Nurse joy says the party ends at midnight. You might want to start toning it down."

"…Wait, why?"

Walking away, he left Dawn to stare at his back. Ash didn't answer her right away. While Dawn focused on the slump of his shoulders, she missed the wetness threatening to leak from his eyes, the puddles growing larger as the distance between them increased.

"Don't worry about it." Forced, nearly out of earshot. "Now shut it down."

"Ash, where are you going now?"

Ash didn't respond.

The elevator's doors had shut just as Ash rounded the corner to board it, a flash of pink hair disappearing behind the metal doors. Ash sighed, wiping his eyes, glad Nurse Joy hadn't seen him. When the elevator returned, he boarded and took it up to the floor where he'd left Barry and Paul. The doors opened and Ash expected the hallway to be empty as it'd been before, but to his misfortune it wasn't.

"There's a familiar face." A voice greeted him. "...Ashy boy? You okay?"

"Leave me alone, Gary."

A brunette with striking green eyes stepped aside to let Ash off the elevator, but instead of boarding it he followed the distressed looking Ash. Ash had made it to the door of Paul and Barry's room, destination just within in reach when a hand came out and grabbed him by the bend of his elbow. Evidently, Gary had followed him.

"Hey, I'm talking to you."

"I don't care, let go of me. I don't want to talk to you."

"Maybe I want to talk to you."

A swift yank and Ash freed him arm, knocking on the door. Gary, Ash's sudden shadow, looked puzzled and faltered as someone let Ash in to the room. It was Barry, now a pair of tiny pajama shorts and a white t shirt on. Barry took in Ash's teary face and his sudden tag along with apprehension.

"Ash... is everything alright?" The blonde asked carefully.

"That's what I'm trying to find out." Garry interrupted before Ash urged him to leave again.

"Would you just go?"

Gary made no such effort to adhere by Ash's request.

"Hey, come here. Let's just talk-"

"Fuck off."

Gary blanched from Ash's reaction. Barry pursed his lips inward for a brief moment before very calmly calling for Paul seeing Ash's posture grow tense and defensive, notably more wound up than how he'd left the room prior.

"Paul, Babe. Could you come here for just a second please?"

As requested, Paul appeared behind Barry in moments, still shirtless. Confused, Paul took in the scene before him before making the right assumption of what Barry wanted.

"I don't have a fucking clue what your business here with Ash is. But, why don't haul your ass elsewhere for now, alright?" Paul told him confidently, not caring in the least that he had absolutely no context to what was going on. "Scram."

The brunette tried reasoning with Ash but Barry cleared his throat, signaling for Paul to step in. Barry took hold of Ash's wrist and pulled him in gently.

"Come on, Ash." Barry coaxed. "Paul will take care of this."

It didn't take another warning. Gary left. Paul shut and locked the door, following Barry back to the bed where he now had Ash sitting down.

"Hey, what happened?" Barry tried asking him, but to no success. "You look horrible...did that guy do something to you?"

Paul stood by silently, leaning against the wall with arms crossed in a way that made him arms bulge. As Ash refused to speak, Barry and Paul met eyes. Paul spoke up.

"If he touched you I'll go fuck him up." He promised. "I really don't care. I need an excuse to hit someone."

Ash looked alarmed and Barry brushed it off.

"He's sexually frustrated. Ignore that last part." Barry told him. "Now, seriously. What did he do?"

"He didn't do anything. He's just someone I don't talk to anymore."

"Then why does it look like you were crying?"

Barry lifted Ash's face to look him in the eye.

"...and why does it look like you're still trying not to cry?"

"I'm fine. Dawn just hurt my feelings is all." Ash explained reluctantly, standing from the bed to get his pajamas. "I'm gonna get dressed and just walk home. It's fine."

"Where do you live?"

"My apartment is across town."

Barry pulled him back down to the bed, forcing Ash to look at him. He wiped at Ash's eyes against his will. Ash tried resisting but Barry wasn't having it.

"Ash, so help me I will have Paul hold you down if I have to." He threatened with good intention. "And, you're not walking across town at this hour."

"It's fine, I just want to go home."

"What's wrong? You were only down there for like five minutes. You were okay before. Did Dawn say something that horrible to you? Seriously, you were down there for barely any time at all."

Barry's words pushed Ash over the threshold, eyes watering dramatically.

"It was enough time to realize that no one likes me."

"...who said that? Dawn?"

" Don't worry about it. I just want to go home. This was a bad idea."

Barry was insistent and couldn't be convinced.

"Ash..." He tried again. " Dawn said that to you?"

She always drags me to these things when I don't want to come." Ash finally caved, coughing up the information. " Then she basically calls me a loser because I never hook up with anyone...like I don't already know it. Then she throws it in my face that I'm always going to be single. It's not my fault Gary and I broke up. His friends' opinion of me mattered more to him than I did and I should have known better than to think it would work. I'm an idiot and-"

A finger touched Ash's lips, Barry shaking his head. Ash ceased talking, eyes watering again. A tear welled at the outer corner of his eye, falling down his cheek to his jawline. It dripped off of him leaving a wet trail along its path. Barry sighed, wiping at Ash's face again. This time, Ash didn't fight him.

"Dawn can be a little... mean...when she wants to be."

"You pronounced 'troublesome obnoxious brat' wrong." Paul corrected.

"Anyways... she's been drinking. She doesn't know what she's talking about."

Paul nodded in agreement from behind Ash, sharing a look with Barry.

"She doesn't have a fucking clue about anything. Don't think too much in to what some annoying drunk broad has to say." He advised gruffly. "Ain't worth it. Pull yourself together."

"Paul..." Barry warned. "Tone."

"I can't sugar coat shit. I talk how I talk, Barry. "

Reassuring Ash that Paul actually had meant well with what he said despite the gruff delivery, Barry tried comforting Ash again.

"Listen, just stay here. At least until you feel better. You don't need to be walking home at this hour, especially not with drunk drivers out. Half the people here are going to drive home completely smashed."

"I'll be fine. I'm intruding on you and Paul's alone time."

"Don't worry about it. I'd rather know you don't get hit by a car."

With hesitancy, Ash looked over his shoulder at Paul expecting to see him disgruntled at Barry's open sacrifice to their personal time that night. Paul just shrugged his large shoulders.

"Shit happens." He chalked it up to with his scowl, but without any venom to his tone. "Don't worry about it. Barry's right. The roads are going to be fucked. Don't go walking at this hour."

Feeling as if he'd thrown a wrench in Paul and Barry's night, Ash was reluctant to abide by Barry's encouragement to get comfortable in the bed to watch T.V. The blonde was firm though, and Ash laid along the edge of the bed. Paul took his spot on the other side just as he had earlier that evening, except now they had Barry between them. The trio went on watching T.V well in to the evening, Barry patting Ash's back gently as Paul laid on his back with arms bent under his head casually.


The night had caught up with Ash hours later as he lay fast asleep at the edge of Barry and Paul's bed. The television played reruns of the Halloween movies which has aired all day, the programming going unwatched as its original audience had its attention diverted. As Ash lie asleep, Barry and Paul were cuddled up to one another on the other end of the bed.

"He's fast asleep." Paul noted as Ash snored softly. "And he's a snorer."

"It sounds so cute. He snores softly like an actual Eevee, kind of."

Ash carried on snoring, oblivious to the conversation going on right beside him. Barry stroked at Paul's bare chest, smiling up at him. Paul raised a brow down at the blonde, wondering what he was up to.

"What's with you?"

"...Ash is different, isn't he?"

Paul looked at Ash, then back at Barry.


"Yeah, different." Barry repeated, talking quietly. "He's so sweet. How many guys do you know that would go to a Halloween party and wear pajamas? He didn't even drink."

"You're losing me."

"Oh, don't act like he isn't adorable. He totally is."

Tickling Paul's rugged chin, Barry smirked coyly at the apparent silence on his boyfriend's end.

"Admit it, you think he's cute too."

"He isn't hard on the eyes, I'll give him that."

"...did you see how round his ass is? My shorts left almost nothing to the imagination. You gave him those tiny ones on purpose, didn't you?"

"And if I did?"

A near Cheshire grin overcame Barry's features as he walked two fingers over Paul's shoulder.

"If you did, then thank you."

Barry pinched Paul's earlobe playfully before leaning up to kiss him along his face. The playful gesture soon grew less playful in the moments that passed, Barry quietly climbing up to lay himself down on Paul. Open mouth kisses ensued, Barry burying his long, slender fingers in Paul's violet hair as Paul hands began roaming up the blonde's sides.

"Hey." Paul chided lowly as something hard and pulsing began pressing down in to his stomach.

"Yes?" Barry pried.

"What are you up to? We aren't alone."

At that, Barry only chuckled naughtily. He swayed his hips side to side on Paul, bringing his lips to Paul's ear.

"I think we should wake him up."

"… and you think that's a good idea?"

"I think it's a great idea, actually. Look at him."

"What are the fucking odds he going to interested in any of your shenanigans?"

Barry climbed off Paul and carefully crawled towards Ash. Assuming the worst, Paul snatched him by the hem of his shirt, keeping him from going any farther. Unbothered, Barry simply lifted up the sheets and revealed to Paul the lovely way in which the tiny shorts as ridden up Ash's rather round and prominent backside. Barry turned to Paul and wiggled his eye brows.

"You sure it's not worth waking him up?"

"Don't get my fucking hopes high. You wake him up for this shit and he's going to flee." Paul responded, watching Ash with a withheld intrigue. "You're testing your luck big time."

"Well, maybe I feel lucky."

Sitting back while Barry did as he pleased, Paul could only watch on as Barry sidled up to Ash's back. The blonde spooned him in closely, gently playing the ebony wisps of hair lying flat along his lightly tanned neck. Dead to the world, Ash didn't stir, prompting Barry to be so bold as to press his lips to the beautiful tanned skin.

"Barry." Paul hissed lowly.


A few more peppering kisses and Barry carefully placed his hand along Ash's hip where the fabric of his shirt has ridden up slightly. A peek of skin lay uncovered, Barry quickly finding it and tickling it ever so gently with the cushioned tips of his fingers. Ash began stirring from his sleep, groggily coming back. It took a few moments, but he became aware of the feeling of someone spooning him snuggly from behind. Carefully, Ash touched the arm wrapped around his waist.

"...Barry?" he asked, feeling the long, slender limb.

"Mhm." The blonde chimed back softly, bringing his nose in close to run up along the length of Ash's neck.

"W-What are you doing?"

Barry played with a strand of Ash's hair, giving him chills all the way up his spine. Ash shivered from his hips up to his neck, all of which was pressed directly in to Barry. Behind Ash the blonde smirked.

"Oh, nothing. I just thought it looked like you needed a little love is all."

Silence fell over the room, the television in the background the only sound for a moment. Paul anticipated Ash to leap up from the bed, ready to prove to Barry his voyeuristic scheming had blown up in his face. But, Ash relaxed in to Barry's arms.


To both Barry and Paul's surprise, Ash didn't fight him off or ask him to move let alone leap from the bed in a panic. If anything, Ash seemed full set on falling back asleep like that. Suddenly, something dawned on Barry, something so very sad.

"You're lonely, aren't you?"

Ash hesitated but nodded in to his pillow. Barry paused for a moment to gather his thoughts, rethinking his approach. Slowly, he began playing with Ash's hair again, fully aware of Paul's undivided attention behind him.

"Maybe we could help you with that."

Without warning, Ash's relaxed posture tensed. It dawned on him that Barry's little hug wasn't as innocent as he'd interpreted in his sleepy state of mind because now he could feel that something was poking him... Careful not to make any sudden movements, Ash cleared his throat awkwardly. Both Paul and Barry became very alert to the shift in tone.

"T-That's okay." Ash declined the offer. "Um, you don't have to do that."

"Never said we had to." Barry corrected. "We were just looking to extend a little... physical contact... your way, is all. Consider it some friendly attention."

"Really, n-no thank you."

As Ash made a move to sit up, Barry held him a little tighter as if Ash were finally going to take that leap. With the room still lit and the television going, Ash wondered how long he'd been asleep for. If it wasn't too late surely someone would hear him if he screamed. But, Barry unknowingly drew his attention before that could happen.

"Could you relax? You're so tense now."

"Yeah, um. I think I'm going to go."

"Don't be like that."

This time, when Ash attempted to get up he made a full attempt and succeeded. He just about threw himself off of the bed, yanking his body back from Barry. Ash stood facing the bed from a fair distance, holding his palms up defensively with wide, fearful eyes.

"I'm just going to go home. Thanks for everything but-"

"What are you so scared of?"

"I'm not scared of anything. I just want-"

"You want to run home at two in the morning instead of getting a little loving? Sounds like you're scared to me."

It was ridiculously blunt, Barry's rhetoric statement to Ash's now anxious rambling. Ash couldn't be bothered to find a reason to try and lie so he threw his arms up.

"Well this is a little weird to me, okay? What the hell is going on? Did you plan this?"

Looking between Paul and Barry for an answer, Ash swallowed thickly. Instead of offering any explanation, Barry put a hand on Paul and used the other to pat the bed gently. Ash shook his head in refusal. Barry nearly rolled his eyes.

"We have good intentions." He promised. "Please come back?"

Ash looked between the bed and the door. Barry again drew his attention back and repeated the action of patting the bedspread in a welcoming offering. Caught between the eyes, Barry and Ash said nothing. Ash's stare slowly went to Paul who looked to where Barry was patting the bed, then back at Ash. Paul crossed his arms and shrugged, nodding towards the bed.

Had Ash's jaw fell any lower, it would have unhinged.

"A little fun never hurt anyone..." Barry offered in coaxing. "You could always rub it in Dawn's face later, you know. She was awfully mean to you earlier wasn't she? I mean, if I were you, the first thing I'd want to do is prove her wrong however I could. Just saying, catch my drift?"

The suggestion peaked Ash's interest, the small detail not going unnoticed by either Paul or Barry. Thinking it over to himself for a moment, Ash began taking the offer in to consideration. If he hooked up with someone, it would be the last of the grief he ever heard from Dawn.

"We aren't strangers." Barry chimed in as Ash took the offer in to consideration. "Unless you want to go hunt down some people whom don't know, that's your business. Not the safest thing. At least you know us."

Barry's remark regarding the danger of strange hookups seemingly lit off a lightbulb in his head. Barry shamelessly fed off of that peaked interest, honing in for the kill.

"I don't take it that you're going to go scouting one-night stands let alone parties to find them at so you may as well just take this offer, don't you think? We're practically handing it to you. So, what do you say?"

"...I've never had a threesome before?"



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