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Disclaimer: i don't own Valkyria Chronicle, nor gain any profit for writing this. the game title and character are belong to the respective owner except my OC.

A/N : this will be a first-person POV

I just arrived at my new post today. The trip to reach this camp is quite a ride but no ambush or anything. I never thought i'm gonna write this kind of journal. it felt too girly for me but i won't deny i felt a little comfort doing this. I'm not coming here by myself, but along with bunch of intimidating looking fella who ready to crush my head if they got a chance. However one of the guy seems rather busy with his mind. a number 07 is written on his uniform. After we arrive, i talk a bit to the 07 guy. He said he is from regular army but thrown here for treason. honestly, judged by his look, he really got a brain to do that. But that's just thought.

Anyway, just a second i split up with him, he already cause a scene. 07 guy just had it rough being pointed a knife by a woman with a 13 number on her uniform. Her appearance is really sticking out, you can't miss it if you see her yourself. Thinking he may really got into trouble, i decide to interfere. but in midway, some Darcsen come to check. He look like a decent guy. Then he explain what kind of squad is this. which in the end, make me wish they sent me home already.

I'm ready to die for my own country. But being meat shield for the poor excuse of regular army?

Here i am writing on this worn book. Not very long after the drill, we got an order to clear a scouting party near the river. Sounds easy yes? no. If it's that easy, i end the journal here. There is a problem among our rank. When we start assemble at the meeting point, there is only 5 soldiers, me included, come up. We thought the other will come but no. 06, now known as Gusurg said they refuse. Kurt, the 07 guy seems losing it. i felt that guy, plan cooked for nothing. After a little breakdown, 07 get his sense back. 

However another drama come to us as 01 going around to destroy the enemy by herself. Hearing that stunt making Kurt questioning this squad integrity. I doubt that thing even exist in this squad. Anyway, the mission went smooth thanks to Kurt quick thinking and also 01 skill in destroying enemy back line. Even so, Kurt still berate the squad attitude but Gusurg just shrug and saying that they simply don't trust Kurt on their behalf.


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