Feng Sex Engine

BY : JusticeForAll
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Juri leaned over to check out her new eye in the mirror.

Her battle with Bison hadn't exactly gone to plan. He had defeated her and ripped out the Feng Shui Engine implanted in her left eye, just to rub it in. So a replacement was needed, and she had found it in an abandoned S.I.N. laboratory.

This new eye came with a couple bonus features. It still granted her super speed and enhanced strength, but now she had the ability to hypnotize her victims.

The second feature was a little more alarming, but when you took into account the hypnotizing, it was clear whoever designed this thing had a depraved mind (so just like her). Between her legs hung an enormous cock and two balls.

Most women would have been distraught at such a thing, but Juri was enjoying her new appendage. She was also enjoying her new ability to hypnotize people. Several men and women had fallen victim to her sexual assaults. She would lure them to her apartment, put them under her spell, and then have her way with them. They would eventually come to and be none the wiser.

There was a slight drawback, however: the trance would only last one hour, at most. She would never forget the look on the face of a man she had been taking from behind. She masturbated to that image to this day.

Juri grinned at herself, her hand massaging her crotch. While she'd had fun with her previous victims, it was time to up the stakes. There was one woman she hadn't stopped thinking about ever since she had met her: the Interpol agent, Chun-Li. The determined look in those eyes when she had confronted her; the way her fists had clenched, and thus, her biceps had bulged. And those thighs! Those ridiculously proportioned thighs that swelled beneath her pantyhose.

Juri licked her lips as she instantly hardened. It was time she made her move.


A few days later, and someone was in Chun-Li's apartment, sat on her bed, but it wasn't Chun-Li.

Juri had found the Chinese woman's home relatively quickly. She was the most famous woman in the world, after all, so it wasn't exactly difficult. There was a point where she had contimplated hypnotising Ryu, to force him to tell her of the cop's whereabouts, but he was impossible to find, as usual.

She was waiting for her to return home from work, like a good housewife. She was sat with her legs crossed, her hands lazily splayed out on the bed. She was hard and ready.

Just before Juri ran out of patience, the apartment door swung open and in stepped her next victim. Her thickness was stuffed into a sexy police uniform. It was good to see those bulging thighs, again. If only she would allow them freedom, for once. She closed the door and tossed the keys on the table.

Juri had a grin waiting for her when she turned around. The look on her face was priceless. She immediately pulled her gun out and pointed at her, but Juri didn't even flinch.

'Juri!' She yelled fiercely. 'What the hell are you doing in here?'

'I've come to turn myself in,' she lied, getting to her feet and raising her hands. 'Arrest me, officer.'

'I'm not falling for your tricks,' she said.

'It's not a trick. I've seen the error of my ways,' she held out her hands out forwards. 'Cuff me.'

'You'd like that, wouldn't you?' She said, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

Juri failed to hold back a smirk, giving her away, not that she had fooled the Chinese woman for a second.

'What game are you playing?' She asked, her vision continuously lowering to her crotch. Had she noticed the bulge? It was hard not to, considering how tight her outfit was.

'It's a fun game,' she replied. 'Wanna play?'

Before she could reply, Juri's left eye began to glow and then rotate. Chun-Li's own eyes stared into it. They glazed over and her mouth dropped open.

'Close your mouth,' Juri ordered, lowering her hands. 'You look ridiculous.'

She did as she asked; it had worked.

'Good girl,' she continued. 'Now lower the gun.'

She continued obeying her.

Juri was ecstatic. She was going to enjoy this.

'Let's see,' she said, tapping her chin with her finger. 'You've just come home from a hard day of work, and you want to relax by having sex with me. Got it?'

She nodded before speaking. 'I've had a hard day at work,' she gave an overexaggerated stretch. 'Want to have sex?'

Her erection was painful at the thought of taking this beautiful woman, but she wanted to admire her a little longer.

'Yeah, in a sec,' Juri said. She walked towards her, taking the gun from her hands to place it on the table. She looked into her eyes: she was completely gone, just like the others had been. Her vision lowered to her soft lips, before moving in to kiss her.

Chun-Li just stood and took it.

Awkward, Juri thought, breaking the kiss. There were more enticing things she wanted those lips to do, though.

But before that, Juri grabbed at her breasts. She squeezed at the soft mounds, before slinking her hand around her back to take a chunk of her ass.

That was certainly a lot of ass. Perfection gripped in her hand.

'Not bad,' she grinned. She didn't know whether to be turned on or envious. Even her own butt, magnificent as it was, couldn't compare.

Juri slipped her hand down Chun-Li's thigh and her cock stirred. At last, the main attraction. The amount of muscle stored in there was breathtaking. She couldn't wait to see them bare.

She suddenly moved to the bed and sat down.

'Kneel,' Juri ordered, pointing to the spot in front of her. Chun-Li did as she asked. With the Chinese woman between her legs, Juri began to zip down her bodysuit. Her perky breasts popped out and her tight stomach was revealed. She stopped at her crotch and dunked her hand inside her outfit. She fished out her newly acquired nine-inch appendage.

It was amusing watching Chun-Li's expression, which was completely blank, thanks to the hypnotized state she was in. She was forced to imagine what her reaction would have been.

'Blowjob,' Juri ordered again.

Chun-Li obliged, taking the thick shaft into her hand. She glided her tongue up her length, making sure to lather it up in spit, before placing it into her mouth.

Juri was already attempting to hold an orgasm back. Her hated rival slurping on her cock was, by far, the hottest thing she had ever laid eyes on. She interlaced her fingers behind her lover's head and forced her head down. The tip of her dick touched the back of Chun-Li's throat, and she choked in response. Saliva cascaded down her shaft as she abused Chun-Li's face, thrusting her hips forward without a care.

She finally relented, allowing the Interpol agent to breathe. Juri took her spit speckled prick and slapped it violently against Chun-Li's cheeks and lips until her face was dripping in her own saliva.

'That was so good,' Juri said, releasing a satisfied sigh, 'but you missed a spot.' She held back her shaft and forced Chun-Li's face into her hefty sack. She immediately got to work, sucking a testicle into her mouth.

It was certainly a priceless image: Chun-Li's face smothered in her sack.

'Alright, that's enough,' Juri gasped, pulling her sex toy's face away from her. Her cock and balls were thoroughly lathered. It was time to get her out of those clothes.

She slipped off the bed and pushed Chun-Li's face exactly on the spot where she had been sat. She was on her knees, ass up in the air. Also kneeling, she glided her hands around Chun-Li's waist and to the front of her bottoms. She began unbuckling her belt and unzipping her pants. With that done, she slipped her fingers under the hem and slowly removed them. A pair of white panties were revealed. Juri's own choice of underwear was a thong.

'Just because you don't wear a thong, doesn't make you less of a slut,' she snarled, as she continued discarding her thick lower body of her pants. With much effort, she pulled them over the swell of her thighs. Every day was leg day, apparently, but the hard work had paid off. Finally, they slipped over her bulging calves and over her feet.

Her panties followed and her superb rump was finally revealed. It was the best ass she had ever laid eyes on, and that included her own. Her panties joined the rest of her clothes on the floor.

Juri had to admire the body before her. Her tongue wet her lips as her eyes fell from her awesome buttocks, down the lines of her hamstrings and to her bloated thighs, which ballooned out from the sides. Juri's eye was manufactured, but to anyone none the wiser, they would assume Chun-Li's whole body was designed in some laboratory, as it defied logic. And it was hers to do with as she wished.

Juri tugged herself with her right hand as her left scooped up a handful of ass. She took a chunk into her mouth and sucked, her tongue sliding over the smooth skin. She freed it with a pop.

'Delicious,' she purred, bringing her wrist across her mouth.

She glanced over at the clock. Fifteen minutes had passed. Juri couldn't resist any longer. It was time to fuck this bitch.

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