Closer Than Before

BY : GinOle
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Disclaimer: I do not own Closers online nor gain any profit by writing this fanfic. All of the character and the title belong to their respective owner.

A/N : a little note for you, i use the korean name instead japanese one since i want to retain the game integrity. And if you had to ask, its Seha x Yuri.

"Sehaaaa!" shout Yuri

putting his handheld game on his pocket, Seha sighed and face the energetic kendo girl "i have working ears you know"

Yuri just grin "i know. hey, can we go to cafe and order the pancake you promised?"

this make Seha raise an eyebrow "me? it's your promise!"

"is it?"

"goodness Yuri, we even had a duel!"

"well sure but i don't think i can bought the usual"

again Seha raise his brow "usual? what do you mean?"

"well i used to order the highest stack you know. and i'm kinda bit on the knot to pay our bet..."

"then why the hell making a bet that you can't run away from?! and why don't order the normal one?"

Yuri pouted "that won't be enough! i'm a big girl you know!"

"then what is your usual stack of the pancake are?"

"10 to 15"


Yuri scratch her head "since i'm on diet right now, i have 5 to 10"

Seha didn't say a word but his expression is clearly shout out 'bitch, what did you say!?'.


Seha sighed "that's my line. so you pulling me on bet simply because you running short but still want to get that stack of dessert right?"

"if it's not a drag"

"...fine. but make sure you order your diet portion! i don't have much to cover your glutton attitude!"

"yeah! i got treated!"

Seha correct her "only half of it!"

A/N : to be honest, i never ate pancake...

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