Silent Hill: Fateful Dreams

BY : Predaliena
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Silent Hill and its characters. They belong to Konami. I do not make any money of this story.

Nightmare. Everything surrounding you is a pure nightmare.

What is this place even? Looks like a small rural town like many others around. But there’s something wrong with this one. This town is covered in eternal fog, and the sunlight never gets here. You try to understand what could be the reason to this, but you can never truly understand. All you know that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Silent Hill. The name perfectly fits to a place like this. The town is dead, swallowed by eternal silence. You could only guess why it is deserted. But is it really so dead as it looks?

The seemingly abandoned town hides a horrifying secret. Suddenly a loud, ear-piercing siren blares, and everything around you is consumed by darkness. That’s where the nightmare truly begins. It gives you a chance to meet the town’s inhabitants.

Those creatures look like if they have crawled out of some psychopath’s sickest fantasies. Monsters – this is the most exact word to describe them. But one thing you know for sure – some time ago they were human. Those unfortunate souls trapped in this nightmarish world of darkness that turned them into hideous beasts. The true inhabitants of Hell that now have only one wish – to kill.

You run, you try to avoid them at all costs, even try to fight them… Luckily, they aren’t as strong as you could guess. It’s possible for a mortal human to fight and kill them, and maybe so you could free them of this torment… Maybe…

What? What is that sound?

Something distracts your thoughts. It sounds like… metal screeching? It’s such a feeling that something heavy is being dragged. And it is accompanied by… a scream? No, more like a pitiful moan…

“Please, don’t! I’ll do anything! Don’t kill me!”

So there is still anyone alive? You run to that direction to save this poor soul while you still can, but in the result you face something you’ve never seen, even in a nightmare. The creature resembled a pale, muscular man, dressed in a blood-covered robe, wearing bloody gloves and black boots. But what shocked you the most was a large, red metal pyramid on his head. Who was he? For a moment a thought of him being human flashed in your head, but then you remembered that nothing is human in this place. And the growling sound that he made only confirmed him being a monster. In one hand he carried a giant knife that made this unpleasant screeching sound while being dragged. It sure was heavy, so this creature had to be very strong. And in the other hand he was holding a young man, which somehow seemed familiar to you. Only God knows what this beast had done to him, but it was more than clear that he won’t last long.

The monster noticed you but strangely, didn’t show any interest. Instead, he was occupied with his victim. In a split second he threw the poor lad on the floor, lifted his giant knife and, paying no attention to the victim’s pitiful pleads, pierced his body in the spot right underneath the stomach. But it wasn’t all. The creature wasn’t planning to stop there. He held the guy’s feet with his boot, so the body doesn’t slide together with the blade, and with a single move cut the body into two parts. Every normal person wouldn’t even watch it and run away, some would vomit from such horrible sight. But you… Surprisingly, you didn’t feel disgust from what you saw. What’s more, you somehow didn’t feel sorry for the victim the monster just killed. You had such a feeling that you wanted this man to die, the feeling of hate filled you. And right then, when his body was split in half, you felt… relief.

Finishing with his victim, the monster dropped the knife and turned his attention to you. Now it was time for you to get frightened. Was he going to do the same to you? Well, probably. And what else could you expect? He was a monster after all.

The pyramid headed beast approached you with slow, heavy steps. Looks like he wasn’t hurrying at all. You froze in fear, and at the moment all you could do is pray that your death would be quick. The monster came closer and closer, reaching his bloody hand to you…

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