Silent Hill: Fateful Dreams

BY : Predaliena
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Silent Hill and its characters. They belong to Konami. I do not make any money of this story.

By the time when Linda arrived to her friend, Alice had already managed to bake a new pizza. To do so, she had to wake up much earlier than she usually did to manage making the dough, putting the other necessary ingredients and bake it. This time she decided to make a pizza with minced beef, so that everyone would enjoy it when it’s time to have a snack. Alice wasn’t sure if James liked seafood, like she and Linda did, so she thought it would be better to make it with meat. After taking the pizza out of the oven, she cut it to pieces and put into a plastic box that could be covered with a lid, and then wrapped the box into a plastic bag to be safe. And right after she finished, a loud doorbell broke the silence.

As it was half past five, Alice knew who was behind the door.

“Hey, Lin! Good morning! Come in!”

“Hi, Alice! Good morning to you, too!” Linda stepped in, giving her friend a tight hug and sniffing the air. “Hmm, seems to me that you’ve baked something.”

“Yeah, I’ve managed to bake pizza,” Alice said “this time with minced meat. I was thinking about seafood at first, but… if we love seafood, doesn’t mean yet that others like it, too, you know.”

“Sure, I know what you mean,” Linda winked. “At what time is he arriving again?”

“Well, he promised to be here at quarter to six,” Alice explained “so I’m expecting his call in fifteen minutes.” While speaking, she studied Linda carefully. “You look strange. I have a feeling that something has happened to you yesterday night. Am I right?”

Linda smiled slyly. Alice was always such a person that you couldn’t hide anything from. It’s like she could read things from your eyes alone.

“Actually, yes, something happened after I fell into slumber.”

“What? Another dream about Silent Hill?”

Linda shook her head.

“Well, yes and no. It was a dream, on the one hand, but on the other hand… it wasn’t.”

“I don’t really understand,” Alice sounded confused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean… It felt much more real than any of my previous dreams. In this one I could feel everything, whenever I touched anything or if someone touched me. Like in real life, you know. Besides, now I know one of the reasons why I’m having dreams about Silent Hill.”

“Is that so?” Alice lifted an eyebrow. “And what is it then?”

Linda told her everything about her encounter with Alessa and all the things she said, not forgetting the faceless monster that was holding her in his lap and the infernal world she was in. Alice listened with her mouth agape and after Linda finished her story, it took several minutes for her to absorb the information and comprehend everything.

“This… this is unbelievable…” she muttered finally. “So she meant that your ancestors were from Silent Hill?”

“Pretty much so,” Linda replied. “She made it clear that we knew each other years ago, and I now realize that I’m the incarnation of one of her classmates with the same name. That infernal world is now Alessa’s world and she controls it. So you see now, those dreams of mine were a call of Alessa and the town of Silent Hill. She wants me to come and find out more. As I said, Alessa is just one of the reasons for me to go there.”

“And what’s the other reason?” Alice asked.

“Well, that’s up to me to figure out when I arrive to Silent Hill,” Linda explained. “She said that this faceless monster that held me in his arms, was her guardian and my guardian as well. Before my “return” to reality I asked about this, but Alessa explained nothing. She told me to come to Silent Hill, and then I’ll understand everything. Very much is still unclear to me, so I just need… no, I must go there and finally clear things up.”

“Fair enough,” Alice nodded in agreement. “Maybe after all of this is over, you will find peace of mind, and this Alessa also will find her peace. And that would be the end of your night terrors.”

“I really hope so,” Linda sighed. “But I must admit that I was happy when Alessa jumped into my arms. I felt like I was hugging my sister that I lost many years ago, and now we reunited. Despite all the sorrow she suffered, she’s still a child that wants to be loved. Mother has never loved her, peers bullied her every day, and I was her only ray of light in this darkness. I guess this is one of the reasons she wants me to come to Silent Hill. After all, it’s my spiritual home.”

“Yes, it’s understandable. But don’t worry, soon enough everything will find its place,” Alice said, patting her friend’s shoulder. “James is going to call any minute now, so I’ll just pack the plastic box with pizza slices in my backpack. Would you like to have a piece now?”

“Oh no, thanks,” Linda shook her head “I’ve had breakfast before leaving my flat, so for some time I won’t need food. I’ve packed some sandwiches with bacon, tomatoes and lettuce, and a few bottles of water.”

“Ok, nice. I have pizza and a few bottles of water, too,” Alice giggled, opening the fridge and taking three small bottles of water. “As someone likes drinking much water, there must be large amounts of it.”

Linda’s mouth stretched in a grin, as she knew perfectly that with this “someone” Alice meant her.

“I know, but it might be a problem to find restrooms in a ghost town. Everything is abandoned, you can’t get into any shop or café to use a bathroom.”

“Ah, come on, I’m sure it’s not that tragic. In every situation there’s always a way,” Alice tried to calm her down. She knew that Linda often dramatized too much, and in the result everything turned out better than expected, even when it seemed that the situation cannot get worse.

While Alice was zipping up her backpack, her cell phone on the table suddenly rang. Both women jumped slightly from the sound as it was rather loud. Alice picked it up and glanced on the screen.

“It’s him,” she smiled with a light blush and answered the call. “Hello? James? Yes, it’s me. Are you here already? Ok, good, we’re ready. Just give us a minute or two, we’ll be down. See you then.”

Finishing the talk, she put the phone into the pocket of her jacket and put her backpack on, and so did Linda. She went out of the flat first, while Alice switched the lights off and locked the door. Both women walked downstairs quickly and went outside. The fresh morning air and dawn greeted them first while they went a few metres further where James was waiting. There was no other option as to park a bit away from the main entrance, as the bus stop was right in that spot. After a few seconds they saw James standing at his car and approached him.

“Good morning, ladies,” he greeted, shaking hands with Alice and Linda. “Ready for the trip? I hope you had a good rest, as the journey is long.”

“Sure, no problem,” Linda replied and then suddenly remembered him mentioning about monsters and wanted to make sure if he took the weapons that he talked about. “Um, James? May I ask you something? When you told about the dangers of this town, you said you own some weapons. Did you take them with you? I just want to make sure we’ll be able to protect ourselves if needed.”

“Yes, of course,” James said, nodding. “I have them in my trunk. Would you like to see?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind.”

James opened the trunk and unzipped a large bag. There he had a handgun, a shotgun and a hunting rifle that he had to use in his fights with the nightmare incarnations in Silent Hill. In addition to that there were several boxes of ammunition for each weapon and a few first aid kits. Beside the weapon bag there was his backpack, as Linda assumed, filled with food and some items of first necessity.

“There they are. You can’t go to such places like Silent Hill unarmed,” James explained. “Luckily the creatures I encountered were all mortal, and I hope we won’t have problems when protecting ourselves. Their strength may vary from very weak to strong, but one of them was invincible. I’m talking about the thing with a red pyramid thing on its head. If you see him, don’t try to fight him. Better run and don’t look back. Oh, and one more thing. There are a lot of things you can find, like wooden planks, steel pipes and more. Don’t hesitate to use them as weapons, too, because I highly doubt that there will be ammunition scattered around.”

“Aha, all right, thanks for the advice. We’ll remember that,” Linda said and Alice just nodded.

“Alright then, hop in and we go. If you wish, you can put your backpacks into the trunk.”

“I’ll take mine with me,” Alice said and winked “as you mentioned that the journey will be long, I have something delicious for you to try.”

“Oh, really? Thank you very much,” James said with a kind smile “but I’ve taken some food with me, too.”

“So did I,” Linda giggled “but believe her, if she says it’s delicious. Alice is professional in baking pizza and by the time I arrived to her place, she had already made one. And the slices are in her backpack. So when it’s time for a snack, you should definitely try it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“Well then, I must say I’m already intrigued. I’ve always loved a good pizza,” James laughed and turned to face Alice. “So alright, when it’s time for lunch, I’ll gladly taste your work.”

“Ok, deal,” Alice looked happy like a child that has just got a pack of sweets. “Come on, Lin, drop your backpack in the trunk then. I have water here, paper towels and, if needed, some plastic cutlery.”

After Linda put her backpack in the trunk, James slammed it shut and sat in the driver’s seat, starting the engine. Alice and Linda occupied the back seats, but before the car began moving, Linda asked:

“James, excuse me, one more question. May we have a look at the map of Silent Hill? As I remember, you had one.”

“Yes, of course. Just a moment.” James opened the glove compartment and took a map out, handing it to Linda. While the ladies checked out the map, James had his own thoughts in mind. What awaits them in this terrifying ghost town? Will he encounter those creatures again and the red pyramid thing? He has repented his sins, so this being shouldn’t appear to him anymore. So it means he will see nothing there? After all, he was just offering these women a lift, as they would definitely have problems getting there. No, it was definitely not about him, it was about these women, specifically Linda. Just like Silent Hill called for him a year ago, using the illusion of Mary’s letter, now it’s calling for her through her dreams. James could only wonder what her reason was to go to this ghost town. But at the moment he couldn’t find answers to his questions. Things will clear up when they arrive to Silent Hill.

With that thought he pressed the gas pedal and the car started moving.

Their dangerous journey has just begun.

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