Silent Hill: Fateful Dreams

BY : Predaliena
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Silent Hill and its characters. They belong to Konami. I do not make any money of this story.

Since Linda and her friends left Silent Hill, her nightmares stopped. A week has passed, and not a single time she had dreamt of this town. She has seen what she had to see, and now it was all over. But after what she had gone through, Linda was now sure that even if she sees the town in her dreams again, she wouldn’t feel afraid anymore. Now she was sitting in Alice’s dining room and having tea with some pieces of cake. James was also there, invited for dinner by Alice. That evening Alice announced that she and James had begun to date and were now a couple. Linda felt happy and proud for her friend.

“I’m very glad you are now together,” she addressed her words to both Alice and James. “And I wish you happiness with all my heart.”

“Thanks, dear,” Alice said with a warm smile, and James thanked Linda as well. “And I’m so glad to live in peace finally after all what we experienced in Silent Hill.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” Linda giggled. “I guess now all of it seems like an exciting adventure, no?”

“Well, sort of,” James replied. “Although when you are there, it doesn’t seem that exciting at all, and all you can wish for is to get out of there as soon as possible.”

“All I know that if I ever dream of Silent Hill again, it won’t scare me anymore,” Linda added. “In that case it will be Alessa who would call for me.”

“Yes, you told us about her,” Alice said. “Who could have imagined that you turned out to be a reincarnation of her school mate?  It’s just incredible.”

“It was a surprise for me as well,” Linda admitted. “This was one of the reasons she called for me. She wanted to see me again. I was the only one who treated her well in school, as she had been an outsider because of her unique abilities. And second, the most important reason I had to go to Silent Hill, was my hatred for Mitch and desire to punish him.”

Alice nodded in agreement.

“Pretty understandable. Although I never wish death to any living being, but in this case I am glad that Mitch is dead. He deserved it. It was just amazing how earth could even carry such person like him.”

“Yes, I didn’t have a good impression of him either when we met him in Silent Hill,” James added. “He was rude to us and behaved like the entire world owes him something.”

“That’s so typical of him. But now he will never leave Silent Hill. He found his home in hell.” Linda’s lips stretched in a satisfied smirk. “You know, we encountered monsters in Silent Hill, but I’ll tell you that there was one true monster that lived among us. And that was Mitch.”

“Well, that’s true, couldn’t agree more,” Alice agreed. “But ok, let’s forget about him and think of something good. I think that now our lives are turning to the bright side.”

And that was true. After Silent Hill all three felt like being born again, especially Linda. Thus they spent several hours, having dinner and then drinking tea with sweets. It was a nice, pleasant evening for three good friends. Time was approaching eight, and Linda began realizing she felt rather tired and told her friends that she would like to go home and rest. Saying goodbye to James, she went into the hall to dress up for leaving. Alice followed to close the door after her.

“I wish I could stay a bit longer, but I’m afraid I’m really tired,” Linda said and yawned. “Thank God it’s Friday today, so I can sleep as much as I want. And I think I would be better if I leave you both alone so you can be together in private atmosphere.”

“Sure, no problem, dear,” Alice said, giving Linda a hug, and she returned the gesture. “Sleep well and good night.”

“Good night.” Linda said and exited Alice’s flat, hearing the door being closer after her.

While walking to her place, Linda couldn’t get rid of thought about what Alessa said before Linda departed from the Otherworld. “As for Valtiel… you might see him soon.” What did she mean by that? And on Linda’s question about what she meant, Alessa just winked playfully, and her reply was “You’ll see.” It was obviously some kind of a hint, but what? A week has passed since she left Silent Hill, but there was not even a single sign of anything connected to Valtiel or to Silent Hill as such. So all that was left for Linda to do is wait, as only time will show what happens.

As she had dinner by Alice, Linda went right into the bathroom to take a shower before going to bed. Shower felt even more calming than before, especially after she arrived home from Silent Hill. She remembered how glad she was to see the sky again, and when they were out of Silent Hill’s zone, they saw it was daytime and the phone showed that it was Sunday. Thus all this adventure took one whole day and night, and while you are stay in that foggy ghost town, you never know whether it’s now day or night. The only thing that changed was two different versions of the town – the foggy world and the Otherworld. And not even for a second there was a desire to rest and sleep. Now her life has finally returned to normal, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Linda slept peacefully and was oblivious to the fact that thick and sinister fog began covering the entire city. And tonight was the first time she saw a dream connected to Silent Hill since she left the town.

This time she saw herself in the diabolical Otherworld again, but this time she felt no fear at all. And she wasn’t alone. A faceless monster, Valtiel, was standing behind her, hugging her waist, and Linda pressed her own head to his chest. They stood somewhere high, and deep underneath a bunch of suffering souls of sinners could be seen, each of them locked forever in his or her own hell. Their torment will be eternal, and the town of Silent Hill will never let them go.

“What will happen to us now?” Linda asked Valtiel, turning to face him. The monster said nothing, not a single emotion on his blank face. He caressed her hair and face, and Linda thought that she would give anything for hearing his thoughts and feelings. She nuzzled to his chest and closed her eyes, darkness surrounding them both…

This time she didn’t jump in her bed in cold sweat. Dreams about Silent Hill did not frighten her anymore, and it was only normal seeing them after her terrifying journey through the ghost town. Linda got up from her bed and saw that it was night already, the clock showed fifteen minutes to midnight. Remembering the dream she saw just now, Linda pondered if that was what Alessa meant. And while she thought about it, she peeked to the window and noticed that the entire street was covered in fog, so dense that the streetlights seemed dim.

“What? Fog? It’s so thick, just like in Silent Hill,” Linda whispered to herself, feeling a bit confused, as nothing was said about the fog in weather forecast. She just had a dream of Silent Hill and Valtiel, and now the city was covered in fog. Was that a coincidence? Somehow Linda had a feeling that it was no coincidence at all, that something was about to happen, and as a confirmation to her suspicions, she heard a noise coming from the living room. Linda froze in her spot, hear heart beating frantically. It seemed like something broke. What could be the cause of that sound? She didn’t own any pets, so it could mean only one thing: someone or something was in her flat.

The frightened woman crept carefully into the living room and pressed the light switch, illuminating the room with bright light. Looking around for some broken object, she saw nothing, not even one shard. Then her glance fell to the open window on her left. Linda’s eyes widened in horror and surprise as she remembered closing that window. Then how could anything get inside? It just wasn’t possible. While Linda was pondering about it, she thought she heard something like rustling above her, and when she looked up, it took much of her strength not to lose consciousness. There, attached to the ceiling like a spider, was a monster in a dirty ceremonial robe, and Linda didn’t have to guess who it was. And then, like sensing that she was looking at him, the faceless humanoid jumped down on the floor, landing on his feet, and now he was standing face-to-face with Linda.

“Oh, my God… Valtiel… How you… What are you doing here? How did you find me?” Linda was so overwhelmed with a feeling of surprise and terror that she could barely form coherent sentences. The monster was silent, and at this moment Linda wished to know what he was thinking more than anything else. It was difficult to communicate with someone who was mute and whose face expressed zero emotions. But at least she got the answer to her question about what Alessa meant by saying that Linda might see Valtiel soon. And here he was, in her flat, standing before her. Linda studied him with her eyes and had to admit that this monster had rather good body shape, although most of his body was hidden under the robe. Looking at his muscles and realizing that she wanted to see more, to see what was underneath the filthy robe, Linda’s face grew crimson. Valtiel noticed that, and Linda didn’t even manage to react when he was already close to her, their bodies nearly touching. She gasped from this unexpected move, but soon relaxed, feeling his hands caressing her hair. In a second Valtiel took off his gloves and continued exploring the woman’s hair and face. Linda put her own hand on his, the one that touched her face, and nuzzled to his palm. It didn’t feel rough or calloused and even lacked the claws. Generally his hands looked very human-like, just being stained with dried blood in some spots. Linda caressed his face, feeling a bit sorry that he had no mouth and she was unable to kiss him, but nonetheless, she brought her face to kiss and gently pressed her lips to the spot where his mouth should have been. The monster seemed a bit surprised about this gesture, but it only made him wrap his muscular arms around the woman’s waist and rub his head against hers. Linda found his movements cute, as it reminded her of a cat rubbing his snout against his master’s hand or face. During this process, Valtiel moved his hands up and down her body, caressing the curves of her waist, and Linda realized she was slowly getting around from the feeling of how he was touching her. It was nothing to lose after all, so Linda decided to take the initiative in her own hands. Taking the monster’s hand, she led him into her bedroom, switching the light off in the living room and turning the night lamp on instead. It produced enough light for them to see each other, but not too bright either, thus creating a good intimate atmosphere.

Valtiel was growing impatient. He desired to see more of her, so he brought down the straps of Linda’s nightgown, making her understand that he wanted her to take it off. Linda didn’t mind at all, and without hesitation she slid the nightgown off her body, remaining nude before him. Valtiel devoured her body greedily with the glance of his invisible eyes, feeling his own body heat up. He couldn’t resist the temptation to explore the anatomy of the young woman, so he moved his fingertips along her body, savouring every centimetre of her tender skin. And when his fingers touched her already hard nipples, Linda let out a quiet moan. Valtiel understood that she liked to be touched there, so he cupped her soft breasts with his hands and massaged them gently, pinching the sensitive tip from time to time. It sent pleasant tingling through Linda’s body, and in this moment she decided it was her turn to explore his body. Thinking of the way to put it better, she took one of his hands in hers and spoke:

“You know, your hands look very much human. I wonder if the rest of you looks as human too?”

The monster understood the hint at once. He then sat on her bed, taking off his boots, and then lay down, supporting himself on his elbows. Linda presumed that he wanted her to undress him and thus find the answer to her question. So she took the edges of the robe and started lifting it up, revealing more and more of the monster’s flesh until she finally took the robe off over his head and tossed it aside on the floor. Studying his body with her eyes, Linda realized she liked what she saw. Aside from the lack of facial features, his body looked human-like and she had to admit, a very well-shaped one, looking at his muscled arms and torso. And when her glance fell on his semi-erected member, she felt herself calming down, as it was of an acceptable size. And as it wasn’t her first time, it shouldn’t cause much inconvenience.

Valtiel then sat up on his knees behind Linda and wanted to play with her body more before they get to the main part of their sexual intercourse. His hands slid up and down her skin until one of them stopped on her left breast, massaging it, and the other hand moved down to her private area. Feeling his fingers touching her slit, she realized she was already wet from his manipulations with her body. Linda’s back arched as she let out another moan, this time louder, when one of his fingers found the sensitive spot and started making circular moves on it. It continued like this for a few moments until Linda turned around to face her lover and began playing with his male parts, moving her hand up and down the entire length and massaging the testicles with the other. The faceless humanoid responded on this with a growl of approval, and when his member was fully erect, Linda lay on her back with open arms and legs, inviting him to enter her body. Valtiel was more than happy to accept her invitation, positioning himself between her legs. Taking his member in his hand, he rubbed its tip against her wet folds and then started pushing it inside her entrance. Linda half expected to feel pain, as Valtiel’s member was slightly larger than human one, but the feeling was better than she thought. As his organ was of an acceptable size, everything was fine. Valtiel stayed still for some minutes, allowing her to get used to his size, and when Linda finally nodded, he began moving. With each thrust, the miserable pain she felt, subsided, being replaced by pleasure alone. The monster moved his hips faster and faster, and every time he hit the sensitive spot, Linda’s moans became louder. Her body writhed and undulated under his, responding to each thrust with the movements of her hips. Valtiel just growled loudly from pleasure, this feeling of mating with the one he desired was intoxicating. This was pure bliss for him. They kept this smooth rhythm for some time, and then Valtiel began moving faster and hit her sensitive spot more often. Linda felt the knot in her lower part of stomach getting tighter until she was unable to hold anymore, and with a blissful moan she finally enjoyed her release. In a couple of seconds, Valtiel also couldn’t bear this pressure anymore. With a loud growl, he released his seed into her and collapsed on her chest from exhaustion and overwhelming euphoria.

For several minutes they both lay motionless, panting heavily, until their breath finally returned to normal. Linda turned the on her side to face her lover and whispered:

“Valtiel, please, stay with me tonight. You made me feel what true happiness is. Please, I want you to stay.”

The monster nodded in response and pulled the blanket on them, slowly falling into peaceful sleep. Most of all he wanted to be with his mate, and he won’t leave her side tonight. But Silent Hill was his home, and when the time comes, he might take her with him, and this time forever.


Morning sun shred its rays upon earth, and a few of them got into Linda’s home as well. She opened her eyes and stretched her limbs lazily. And in that moment she realized she was alone in her bed. Remembering what happened yesterday, she tried to concentrate her thoughts. Was it another dream? If it was, it felt so real… Much more real than any other of her dreams that had something to do with Silent Hill. Linda sat on her bed and only then it dawned on her that she was naked, and her nightgown was lying on the floor beside her bed. She then smiled in bliss, realizing that all what happened last night, happened for real. Valtiel was in her flat and they made love. This is the night she will never forget. No one has ever made her feel such unadulterated euphoria, and Valtiel was the one who showed her what it means to be happy. Linda giggled at the thought that she was most likely in love with a monster. But if he was the one who made her happy, nothing else matters. Linda just hoped she would see him again in her dreams, and after what happened, she most likely would. And if Silent Hill calls for her again, she wouldn’t hesitate to go there again.

Every person comes to that town for a reason. And Linda will come there for Valtiel.

He will be her reason.

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