Silent Hill: Fateful Dreams

BY : Predaliena
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Silent Hill and its characters. They belong to Konami. I do not make any money of this story.

This time Linda slept more or less peacefully. The town of Silent Hill was still present in her dream but no one attempted to attack her and no one was killed before her eyes, and she was grateful for that. But this time she saw something different, something she had never seen before – another strange creature, but not the one with a pyramid helmet on its head. In every case she was determined to share it with Alice first and to know the opinion of her best friend.

Both women contacted each other by phone around noon and arranged a meeting at the local cinema. When Linda arrived there after thirty minutes, Alice was already waiting for her.

“Hey, Alice, you’re here already? Were you waiting long?” Linda asked, hugging her friend.

“No, no at all,” Alice smiled “I arrived just a minute or two ago, not more.”

“Oh, I thought I made you wait too long,” Linda sighed with relief. “So, what are we going to watch?”

Alice was lost in thoughts and scratched her chin.

“Hm… I was thinking about some comedy. Would be nice to watch something funny, especially for you,” she said. “How about “Scary Movie 4”? It’s a pure comedy but on horror film theme. As you can see from the poster, there is a parody of one of your favourite Japanese horror film – “The Grudge”. So, what do you say?”

“Ok then, let’s see it,” Linda agreed. “You’re right, I really need a good, healthy laugh. I’ve seen the third part of this franchise, so yes, I’m sure the fourth won’t be worse. It would be a rest from my nightmarish dreams.”

“Speaking about dreams… have you had any today?” Alice asked curiously.

“Yeah, I had. Still this strange town called Silent Hill, but not that bad this time. There was something new, though. But we’ll speak about it later, after the film, ok? I invite you to a cafeteria for tea after the film is finished. Then I’ll tell you everything.”

“Alright then,” Alice agreed. “Now let’s go.”

The film lasted one and a half hour, and both friends laughed from time to time at the funny parodies of several famous films like “The Grudge”, “Saw”, “The Village” and others. They had a good time, it was indeed fun to see how scary films were made non-scary in this strange but funny project. After leaving the cinema, they went to a nearby cafeteria. Linda insisted to buy everything herself as Alice bought tickets for them both.

“So,” Alice began, “you said you’d tell me about the dream you had today? You mentioned there was something new in it.”

“Yes, sure,” Linda replied. “As I said, I found myself in this ghost town of Silent Hill again. Comparing to the last one, when all the world was foggy, this time I was surrounded by darkness, like in some nightmare world. The dream was short, I don’t remember much, just one moment, I’d say. I can’t even describe the place I was in, but it was a building for sure. And it was horribly dark, in addition. Only a faint red light illuminated everything, although it was enough light for me to notice a ladder behind my back, so I started climbing up. The higher I went, the brighter the light became, but still not bright enough to blind the eyes. And there, behind the ladder… there was a creature…”

Linda stopped talking, trying to collect her memories. Alice watched her with a slightly worried look.

“What creature?” she asked. “You said it was not the one with pyramid-like helmet. Who was it then?”

“Yes, it was a different monster,” Linda continued. “But somehow it was similar to the previous beast I saw before. I noticed that it looked male, like the pyramid helmeted creature, and even had the same clothing on – filthy robe and black boots, even gloves were the same. The only difference was the absence of helmet. This monster’s head was completely bald and… he was faceless.”

“Interesting… do you think it was the same being?” Alice suggested. “Maybe that’s how he looks without the helmet?”

“No idea. Everything is possible,” Linda sighed. “You can never know anything about that town and its nightmarish inhabitants.”

“No doubt,” Alice agreed. “Um… and what did this creature do while you climbed up the ladder? Do you remember?”

“Yes, I remember that. While he was behind the ladder he was turning a red valve with his left hand. He didn’t pay any attention to me, being too busy with his work. But when I turned my head right or left, he was there, slowly climbing the wall. I could only wonder how he could do that. Literally, he could move on the walls like a spider. Although his face lacked any features, I could feel he was watching me. I had no other choice than just continue my way up. And from that moment I don’t remember anything.” Linda stopped again and sighed deeply. “In any case, I have to admit that he looked frightening, despite being rather passive.”

After Linda finished her story, Alice frowned, looking thoughtful.

“Well, judging by the things that occurred in your dreams…” she raised an eyebrow “this might indeed be the same creature, only this time it appeared without the helmet. That would be my best guess. But it’s just a guess, you know, I might be wrong. But I’m somehow sure about one thing – the dreams about Silent Hill don’t appear just so, without any particular reason. I noticed that they are repetitive for most part. It means that some of your ancestors might have had connection with this town. Only so it could be explained logically.”

“You know, such thoughts flashed in my mind, too. And it gives me more reasons to go Silent Hill and find out the answers to all my questions.”

Linda looked very determined now. If there was time to find out the truth, it has come. Alice smiled softly and nodded.

“Right, the faster you get through it all, the sooner you will have peace of mind. You know I’ve always supported you and I’ll support you in this dangerous adventure.”

Linda was happy to know that Alice understood her and she could trust her.

“Thanks dear. You’re a true friend. Despite we aren’t relatives, but you’re like a sister to me, you know it?” Linda asked playfully. Alice nodded again.

“Of course. That’s why I always support you and do everything to help you if needed. Oh, by the way, will you tell anything to your parents? Maybe they know something?”

“Umm… I’m not sure about that,” Linda muttered. “If they do know something, I’m afraid they might not let me go there. So I’d better go by myself, without telling anyone.”

“I’ll go with you then,” Alice said. “Do you remember what it said online about Silent Hill? It’s a dangerous place, so I don’t want anything happen to you.”

“Are you sure you want it?” Linda asked timidly. “It’s just… um… all this Silent Hill thing concerns only me, because I see the dreams. I don’t want you to become part of this nightmare. I’m afraid you might also suffer from it.”

“I understand your point,” Alice replied “but think for a moment – if there are any of those creatures roaming the town, it’s safer when someone else is near you, and it’s better possibility for us to protect ourselves and get out of town alive. Don’t you agree?”

“Well… I guess you’re right,” Linda agreed.

“But anyway, before going there, you should get more information about the town’s history. What we read online was very brief and it’s not enough.”

“Yes. I was planning to go to the library today after we finish. Will you come with me?”

“Of course, I will. We must know about the place we are going to visit,” Alice replied.

“Alright then,” Linda said, taking a sip. “As soon as we finish with tea, we go instantly.”

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