Silent Hill: Fateful Dreams

BY : Predaliena
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Silent Hill and its characters. They belong to Konami. I do not make any money of this story.

Thursday morning started off as usual. But Linda couldn’t be truly peaceful deep inside after her encounter with Mitch yesterday. That man really couldn’t leave her alone once and for all. What is his problem? I still can’t really comprehend, – she thought to herself. It seemed that he had so much hate in his heart that Linda was unable to understand how he could even live with it. Such people usually lost their minds in the result. And that’s what exactly was happening to Mitch.

“He will get what he deserved,” Linda whispered to herself, drinking tea while having breakfast, and an evil grin appeared on her face. “If James told the truth about those abominations that roam around in Silent Hill, Mitch sure will have his “fun”. I somehow have a feeling he will not get out of that town alive.”

The young female finished breakfast soon enough and left her flat. Luckily the bus stop was practically right in front of the main entrance into the building, and after a couple of minutes the bus arrived. It took twenty minutes to get to her workplace and Linda could only think of Saturday – they day they were going to the mysterious ghost town, known as Silent Hill. Different thoughts raced through her mind while she tried to imagine what awaits them there, and that scared her the most. She knew that only the unknown can instill true fear.

The time passed quickly as Linda finally arrived to her workplace. She didn’t even manage to open the door when suddenly a female voice called from her back:

“Hey Lin! Wait for me!”

It was no other that Alice, and Linda was more than happy to see her friend, although they see each other every day.

“Hi Alice! How are you doing? You look especially happy today. Seems to me you had a good time yesterday evening,” Linda said with a wink.

Alice blushed a little when she understood what Linda was talking about.

“Oh, I sure did,” she replied. “But come, let’s go to our office and talk there. It’s a bit cold outside early morning, isn’t it?”

“Sure, let’s go then.”

Both women entered the building and went up to the third floor where the translation agency was. Greeting Mrs. Parker, they went to their office to prepare for work. Linda was rather curious to know if Alice had any luck with James yesterday.

“So… how was it yesterday? Judging by your face, it went great.”

“You’re right, we had a good time. As I said, he invited me to a café at eight o’clock. We talked a lot, he told me things about himself and I told about myself. He is originally from Ashfield and works as a clerk in an office for years. As you know, he has been married and lost his wife two years ago. As I remember, her name was Mary. Mary Shepherd-Sunderland. Unfortunately she fell ill and her disease couldn’t be healed, so in the end she died. This is sad, indeed. It’s such a mental torment – watching the one you love literally fading right before your eyes.”

“Oh yes, it sure is,” Linda agreed. “I already expressed my sympathy to him when we met first time.”

“I know. What’s worse – he said that Mary didn’t want to die. When she found out that she was about to die, she became terribly depressed and it affected her mood. Once she could be aggressive with James, and the next minute already begging to forgive her. It was torture to them both. He said she looked like a living dead in her last days and death was actually a salvation.”

“So it is. In situations like that the only thing you can wish for, is death. Sometimes it can save you from all your torture.”

“That’s right,” Alice agreed. “He loved her very much and still misses her. But, on the other side, he understands that it’s better to let it go and continue with your life. Some people can’t get over it and commit suicide. It’s good he found the strength within him to go on.”

“Agree. Even if you lose someone dear to you, it’s not yet a reason to end your life immediately. We’re not living in a fairytale like Romeo and Juliet. Life goes on and each of us can find happiness again.”

“Exactly. I told him approximately the same. Oh… and while we spoke about it, he… he took my hand in his,” Alice continued, blushing heavily. “And when I met his eyes, it was visible that he has new feelings within him. He was looking at me with hope in his eyes. So… we really might start dating. Most likely, I’d say.”

Linda smiled at her with all her kindness.

“Well, then. I only hope that your relationship develops into something more. Seems to me, everything goes in that direction. Oh, by the way… Did he say anything else about Silent Hill?”

“He did,” Alice said. “He warned that it’s dangerous to go there unarmed and that we need weapons.”

“Wow… is it really that bad?” Linda asked, slightly frightened.

“It seems so. He told me that while he spent time there with his wife, everything was great, no sign of fog or any monstrosities. But the second time, when he arrived there, things changed drastically. All town was engulfed in fog, so thick that you can’t see a thing in front of you in a distance of a few metres. And, of course, the creatures of hell, aggressive ones. So yeah, there are low chances to survive without weapons.”

“But where are we going to get them then?” Linda asked. “All we can take with us are kitchen knives.”

“Yes, I told James that neither you, nor me do not own any weapons,” Alice explained. “He said it’s not a problem, because he has a few weapons that he will bring with him when we go to Silent Hill. And those aren’t melee weapons.”

“Oh, all right then,” Linda exhaled in relief. “Good to know we will have the possibility to protect ourselves if needed. But I’m nervous anyway. The thoughts about going to that ghost town give me no peace.”

“I understand you. I’m not completely peaceful, either,” Alice replied. “I just hope we won’t stumble on any of those abominations, if they’re really there. Oh, and we made a deal that at six in the morning he comes to my house and we go at once. Is it fine for you?”

“Yes, of course. By that time I’ll be there, by you,” Linda agreed. “Hey, now I have news for you. Guess whom I met yesterday on my way home?”

Alice fell into thoughts for a moment and suddenly widened her eyes.

“No, it cannot be…”

“Yes, you’re thinking right,” Linda huffed with dissatisfaction. “When you think of shit, it always happens.”

“And? What did he do?”

“Well, just as expected – such phrases like “you broke my heart”, “how could you leave me?”, etc., etc. We argued and I said directly that I don’t want to have anything to do with him, knowing his true nature. I guess it made him snap, and… he slapped me on face.”

“What?! Are you serious?!” Alice was shocked. “He did that right in the street?!”

“Yes, right then and there, and not to mention the threatening,” Linda replied.

“Damn that retarded bastard!” Alice barely kept herself from starting to swear. “No, seriously, he needs a psychiatrist. Or better a place in a mental asylum.”

“Couldn’t agree more. Mental hospital is a place meant for him,” Linda said.

“So, how did it all finish?”

“Well, he grabbed my hair, but one of the passers interfered. Mitch was rude even to him, and that kind man pulled out his cell phone and warned that he would call the police if that moron didn’t let me go. So he had nothing else to do but to let me go, but, of course, he threatened that next time we meet, there will be no lucky escape. I showed no emotions and said that if he wanted to find me, I’ll be waiting for him in Silent Hill, and then I just left. Believe me, he won’t give up, and if he has to go there, he will do it. He wants to show me what hell is, and in the result he will be the one to go to hell. And I have a strong feeling that he will not return from Silent Hill alive.”

“I hope he won’t,” Alice clenched her teeth in anger. “Death is the least he deserves. He deserves torture for everything he has done to you.”

“Right. That’s what I was thinking about in the morning. If what James said about monsters is true, it will be fun to watch that douchebag squealing like a pig while being attacked.”

“Haha, I’d love to see that,” Alice laughed. “That would be one nice sight.”

“True. Now all we can do is look forward for the travel,” Linda agreed. “That would be one hell of an adventure.”

While both ladies worked, the day was approaching its end. Saying goodbye to each other at the bus stop, they parted. Alice boarded the bus and went home, and so did Linda. After arriving home she slowly began packing things for the travel. As she felt tired, the young woman made tea and a few sandwiches for supper and took a shower to relax. Surprisingly for her, this night was absolutely peaceful, without a single nightmare, so in the morning she felt quite good. Friday passed peacefully, without any unpleasant incidents. Linda came home after work and finished preparing herself for the travel tomorrow. She remembered that James promised to bring weapons with him, but took the large kitchen knife with her anyway. It won’t occupy much place and may come in handy, - she thought to herself. As it was ten o’clock already, she took a quick shower and went to bed, but she couldn’t fall asleep for a while. All Linda could do is thinking about what awaits them when they arrive to the infamous ghost town.

“Silent Hill… Tomorrow…” she whispered, “tomorrow…”

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