Lara Sells Herself Into Slavery

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own the Tomb Raider game series or any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from writing this story.

I’m a big fan of Tomb Raider Stories, particularly the Fat Man Chronicles, Taming The Raider and Lara Swift Is Colonized (, but I've noticed that virtually every Lara Croft story involves either Blackmail, Mind Control or Rape.  So, I wondered, how much more satisfying would it be for a desperate tomb raider to give in to bribery instead – to willingly sell herself, rather than being forced or coerced?  That’s the question I’d like to explore.   How far would Lara be willing to go to maintain her lifestyle and status?


Thanks to everyone that provided feedback.  I’ve gone through and proofread all of the chapters, so hopefully no more typos, and I’ve reworked some of the sections that felt rushed.  I’ve also decided to reformat the story into longer chapters, as I think that previously the chapters were a little too short.


Day 1 – Lara Signs The Contract

Lady Lara Croft, the 11th Countess of Abingdon, awoke to the insistent ringing of the front doorbell.  In her sleepy daze, she wondered why Winston, her butler, hadn’t answered the door yet.  Then she remembered: she had been forced to dismiss him and the rest of her staff over a week ago, no longer able to afford to pay them.  Dressing herself in a grey tank top and blue jeans, she wandered downstairs and answered the door.  She immediately wished she hadn’t.

Smiling back at her was the beautiful face of her old high school nemesis, Anjelica.  In appearance, Anjelica’s delicate features, long blonde hair and tall, thin, model-like body made her look much like her namesake, an angel; however, her personality – deceitful, spiteful and cruel – was definitely more daemonic than angelic.  After graduating from high school, Anjelica had married an internet billionaire, who died just a year later, leaving her his entire fortune.

“Hi Lara, I hope I didn’t wake you.” The blonde said.

“If you’ve come here to gloat, you can just leave right now!” Lara said bitterly.

“Not at all, Lara,” Anjelica said innocently, “I was soooo sorry to hear about your financial problems.  The bank said I could come by and inspect the house and grounds.  I’m thinking of putting in an offer at the auction next week.”

Lara had let several potential buyers through Croft Manor during the past week, but no one she had known.  Having a rival from her own social circle come to inspect her home was humiliating.  Lara stood aside and allowed Anjelica to enter.

Lara bristled as she led her childhood enemy on a tour of her house.  She tried to block out Anjelica’s snide comments about how “old and dated” everything was, and thought about how she’d squandered her inheritance.  The battle with her Uncle Lord Errol over her inheritance had cost the estate almost a million pounds in legal fees, and the inheritance tax owed to the government had cost many millions more.  Deeply in debt and with all of her wealth tied up in her Abingdon Estate, Lara had been forced to take out a bank loan to cover her debts and expenses.

Initially, she’d been able to cover the repayments by selling artefacts she found on her expeditions around the world.  But her last few expeditions had come up dry, and she’d fallen behind on her repayments.  Finally, the bank had called in her loan.  Unable to pay, she would be forced to sell Croft Manor and the surrounding estate to cover her debt.  And though she would still be very wealthy after the sale – the estate was valued at over 25 million pounds, which should still leave her with around 18 million after her debts were settled – her noble title would go to the next owner.  She would no longer be Lady Lara Croft, Countess of Abingdon.  She’d just be another commoner.

As if reading her thoughts, Anjelica said, “To tell you the truth, Lara, the house itself doesn’t interest me.  I’d buy it just for the title: Lady Anjelica Sutton, 12th Countess of Abingdon.  It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Lara blushed, but remained silent.

“Of course,” Anjelica continued, “I could pay off your debts, so you could keep your house, and your precious title.”

Lara put her hands on her hips disbelievingly.

“I’m serious!” Anjelica said, sitting down in a chair in the library, and motioning Lara to sit opposite her.  “I’m prepared to pay you 20 million pounds, cash.  Enough to pay off all your debts, hire back your staff and keep tomb raiding around the world for as long as you like.”

“And what would you want in return?”  Lara asked.

“I want you to be my slave.” Anjelica said.

Lara’s jaw dropped.

“I’m serious.  I’ll pay you 20 million pounds to be my sex slave.” Anjelica said.

“You’re mad!” Lara said.

“Our arrangement will be strictly confidential – I don’t need the scandal any more that you do – so your reputation would remain intact.  And it wouldn’t be full time – I’d only you need you on weekends.” Anjelica continued.

“There’s no way you could keep something like this secret,” Lara said.

“Have you heard of the Hellfire Club?” Anjelica asked.

“That’s just a rumour…” Lara said.

“It’s not." Anjelica interrupted.  "I’m a member, and so are many of the richest and most powerful people in the world.  We control the media, so we control the rumours."

 “I can’t believe I’m even considering this…” Lara said.

“If it will make you feel better, I’ll put a clause in the contract that says you get an extra 50 million pounds if any word of our arrangement becomes public.” Anjelica said.

Lara hated that she was in this position, but she hated the thought of losing her title and ancestral home more.  With steely resolve, she decided to do whatever it took to save them.

“How long would this arrangement be for? Lara asked.

Anjelica smiled, seeing that Lara was interested.  “5 years – that’s 4 million pounds a year.”

“Too long,” Lara said.  “6 months.”

“I’m sorry Lara, but even you’re not worth that much.” Anjelica said.

“1 year.” Lara offered.

Anjelica shook her head.  “4 years.”

“2 years,” Lara countered, hardly believing that she was negotiating her price like a common whore.

Anjelica shook her head again.  “3 years is as low as I’ll go.  Take it, or leave it and kiss your title goodbye.”

Lara blushed and lowered her eyes.  “I accept.”  She said.

Anjelica smiled in triumph and removed a contract from her handbag.  There were actually 5 contracts inside her handbag, each in a sealed envelope numbered from 1 to 5 (how many years the contracts were for).

“Here’s a copy of the contract.  Of course, it wouldn’t be legally binding if we included that slavery bit, so instead it talks about you being a contracted adult performer for one of the pornographic studios I’ve bought.  That way, if you try to double cross me, you’ll either have to perform as a pornstar or I can sue you for breach of contract.”  Anjelica said.

“I can’t be a pornstar!  My reputation would be ruined…” Lara said.

“It’s just so you don’t take the 20 million and then try to back out of the deal.  If you hold up your end, I’ll hold up mine.  There’s even a bit in there about you getting an extra 50 million pounds as soon as any of your movies are released to the public – the no scandal clause.”

Lara spent several minutes reading over the contract.  Then she took the pen from Anjelica's hand and signed.


Day 4 – Lara Begins Her Training (oral)

The 20 million pounds was transferred into Lara’s accounts the following day.  She immediately rehired Winston and her other staff and payed off all of her debts.  When Winston had asked her where she had gotten the money, she told him cryptically that she had a secret new client that was paying her very handsomely for her expertise, but that she would be working most weekends from now on.

Anjelica had a courier deliver a box containing an outfit and instructions for Saturday.  At 6pm Saturday night, Lara arrived at Anjelica’s London apartment.  As instructed, she was wearing a pair of expensive 5 inch black heels and a stylish, long black evening dress that was backless and had a slit running up to mid-thigh on the left side.  Lara was surprised – the dress was actually beautiful and quite tasteful, and not at all what she had been expecting.

A tall, muscular African man wearing a tuxedo answered the door, and led Lara into the main lounge, where Anjelica was reclining on a couch.  She was not alone – with her was a pretty brunette girl, who was setting up some professional looking lighting and camera equipment.

“Lara, I see you’ve already met Marcus, and this Sarah.  You’re going to get to know both of them very well.” Anjelica said.

“You promised I wouldn’t have to be a pornstar!” Lara said, looking over at the camera equipment.

“You won’t.  These photographs are for my private collection.  Your reputation will be safe, I assure you.” Anjelica said.

Lara wasn’t happy about being photographed, but Anjelica had kept her word so far, so Lara decided to trust her.  But the presence of two other people raised a second question.

“I thought I’d be doing stuff with you?” Lara said.

“Oh no, I’m not a lesbian.  I might have you pleasure me later on, but mostly I just want to watch you fuck other people in front of me.” Anjelica said.

“I’m ready.” Sarah interrupted, picking up her camera.

“So, Lara, today Marcus will begin your training to be a sex slave.  He used to be one of the finest pornstars in the industry, before I convinced him to retire and come to work for me.  Are you ready to begin?” Anjelica asked her.

Lara nodded.

Marcus moved forward and started removing his clothing, laying each item neatly over the back of a couch.  When he was completely naked, Lara marvelled at his muscular 6’2” frame, particularly his thick, 8 inch long cock.  He moved towards Lara and said, “We’ll take it nice and slow.  Just do what I say and you’ll be fine.”

Lara looked over at Anjelica, who was sitting on the couch sipping champagne, and then to Sarah, who was looking at her through her camera’s viewfinder.  Taking a deep breath, Lara forced a smile and said, “What’s first.”

Marcus started slowly, his instructions very precise and clear.  She was told to grab his cock near the base while French kissing him.  Lara caught the flash of the camera, capturing the image of a finely dressed Lara Croft in the embrace of a naked black man, jerking him off while passionately kissing him.  Then he told her to undress.  Lara unbuttoned the neck of the evening gown and then slid it down over her hips.  It dropped to the floor, leaving her wearing just her black lingerie and heels.  Another instruction from Marcus saw her ditch the heels, and then the bra and panties.

Next Marcus had her pose naked, so that Sarah could take more photographs.  Lara turned around and bent down, touching the ground with one hand and looking back through her legs, exposing her shapely ass to the camera.  Then, blushing heavily, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing both her holes to the flash of the camera.  Then she was told to recline back on the couch, spreading her legs wide apart, while holding the undersides of her large breasts, presenting them to the camera.  Finally, Marcus had her alternately finger herself and suck on her fingers while looking straight at the camera.  Lara blushed deep red at the lewdness of the acts, but obeyed.  Then they were ready for the next stage.

“Drop to your knees.” Marcus said.

Lara complied, kneeling on Anjelica’s soft, expensive rug so that she was eye level with Marcus’s hard cock.

“Grab my cock and slap it against your lips.” Marcus said.

Lara grimaced, but complied and started slapping the swollen cock against her full red lips.

“Rub it all over your face.” Marcus said.

Lara rubbed the cock head all over her beautiful face, leaving a thin trail of pre-cum on her cheeks and forehead.

“Run your lips and tongue along both sides, all the way to the balls.” Marcus said.

Lara kissed the tip of the cock and then started running her lips along both sides.  Then she repeated the procedure with her tongue, licking along the cock until it was slick with her saliva.  Marcus smelt and tasted like he had recently showered, for which Lara was grateful.

“Now take the head in your mouth and start moving your mouth up and down on it, while rubbing the underside with your tongue.” Marcus said.

Lara obeyed and started bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.  Marcus grabbed the sides of her head and started slowly thrusting in and out of her mouth.  Lara tried her best to accommodate him, while licking the underside of his shaft with her tongue.  Soon, Marcus’s cock was all the way to the back of her mouth and pressing under her tonsils.

“Ok, we’re going to deep throat now.  Try to relax your throat muscles and fight your gag reflex.” Marcus said.

Before she could object, Marcus thrust his full 8 inches between her slips and into her throat.  Lara’s eyes misted and she beat her fist against his legs, as she gagged on his thick cock.  Then he pulled out in one swift motion, leaving a drooping string of saliva joining the tip of his cock to her mouth.  Marcus rubbed his wet cock against Lara’s face, messing up her makeup.

“That was great Lara.  Take a few deep breaths and then we’ll go again.”

Lara managed to recover and then Marcus re-entered her mouth.  He did a few shallow thrusts first and then thrust into her throat again.  This time, Lara didn’t panic and when he pulled out, she gulped in some more breaths and opened her mouth again.

Marcus nodded in respect and started thrusting slowly in and out of Lara’s mouth.  He would push into her throat and hold it for a second, then pull back so that only his tip was inside her mouth, allowing her to take a breath, before thrusting back in.  After a few minutes of throat fucking, Lara was comfortable enough to start taking in other things happening in the room.  She looked to her left and saw Anjelica had hitched up her skirt and was rubbing herself through her pink panties.  She looked to her right and was blinded by a flash as Sarah took a close-up shot of Lara deep throating Marcus.

After a few minutes, Marcus pulled out.  “Lick my balls until I’m ready to cum.” Marcus told her.

Lara tilted her head to the side and started lick Marcus’s swollen balls, while he furiously jerked himself off.  After about a minute, Marcus grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.  He let out a deep groan as he came, spurting several strings of cum across Lara’s lips, cheek and forehead.  When he was done, he held his drooping cock next to her cum-covered face, so that Sarah could take some photographs.  Then Marcus rubbed his cock over Lara’s face, coating it in more cum, before putting it back in her mouth, making her taste his salty cum.

Anjelica clapped and got up to get a closer look at Lara's beautiful face, now coated in a thick layer of gooey cum.

“That was amazing!” Anjelica said.

“She’s a natural,” Marcus replied.  “Do you mind if I shower before I go?”

“Not at all,” Anjelica replied. “See you tomorrow.”

Lara, still on her knees, wiped the cum off her face.  “Can I leave too?” She asked.

“No Lara, you’ll be staying here until Monday morning.  And you must call me Mistress from now on.  Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” Lara answered.

“Be back in this room at 10am tomorrow.  Make sure you’re naked and washed.  Until then, your time is your own.  Feel free to use the gym or the pool, and my chef has left you some dinner in the kitchen.”

“Yes Mistress.” Lara said.

Sarah showed Lara to her room, which was a very posh guest bedroom room with its own en-suite and a wardrobe full of clothing in her size – again not what she was expecting.  Lara had imagined some kind of sex dungeon out of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Instead, Anjelica bid her goodnight and told her that her time was her own until 10am the next morning.  After showering, Lara went into the kitchen, where Anjelica’s private chef had left a small meal of meat and vegetables warming in the oven.  Lara went to bed early and dreamed of what awaited her the next day.


Day 5 – Lara’s Training Continues (vaginal and anal)

Lara awoke bright and early the next day.  After a light breakfast at 8am, and with nothing to do until 10am, she went for a quick run on the treadmill in Anjelica’s gym.  Afterwards, she returned to her room to shower and get ready.  At 10am, as instructed, Lara walked back into the living room, completely naked.  She was relieved to see only Anjelica and Sarah present, although she still wasn’t happy about Sarah’s camera equipment.  She was surprised that Marcus wasn’t there.

“Marcus will be joining us this evening for your next session.” Anjelica said.  “In the meantime, I want you do demonstrate the oral skills you learned yesterday, on this.”

Angelica reached into a bag at her feet and produced a large dildo that Lara recognised (although she would never admit it) as a Bad Dragon fantasy dildo.  It looked like a horse cock but without the flared head: it was approximately 14 inches long in total, with a dark red shaft about 12 inches long and just over 2 inches wide, ending in a wide base with large black balls.

Anjelica placed the Dildo on a small coffee table took seat on the nearby couch.  Lara knew what was expected and knelt down by the dildo, grabbed the shaft and started licking her tongue up and down it.  Sarah was hovering around her, snapping pictures from different angles.

“Put your tits around it.” Sarah instructed.

Lara pressed her breasts around the horse cock while continuing to lick and suck on the head.  Sarah took some more photos, including several close-ups that made Lara blush with the lewdness of the situation.  When Sarah had the shots she wanted, Lara started bobbing her head up and down on the enormous horse cock, taking more and more of it into her mouth with each attempt.  She tried to deep-throat it as Marcus had taught her, but it was too big, and she pulled away couching, a line of saliva dribbling down her chin.

Anjelica frowned.  “Well, if you can’t deep throat it, then you’ll have to ride it.  Put it on the ground and squat down on it.” Anjelica told her.

Lara looked at the huge dildo in dismay, but grabbed it, placed it on the ground and squatted over it.  She scrunched up her face in discomfort as she pressed the thick tip to her pussy lips, but it was too big to fit without lubrication.  Getting off, Lara started spitting into her hands and rubbing it all over the dildo.  She gathered more saliva in her mouth and then dribbled it down onto the tip of the dildo.  Sarah captured all of the degrading images for Anjelica to watch later.

Once the dildo was drenched in her saliva, Lara squatted back over the dildo and lowered herself onto it.  After some resistance, the 2 inch wide head stretched open her pussy lips and pushed inside.  Lara wasn’t prepared for the strange feeling and almost lost her balance.  She righted herself, and then slowly started to ride up and down on the dildo, attempting to get lower with each downward movement of her hips.  After about a minute, she was managing to get 6 inches of the dildo inside her – half way down the shaft.

She looked over at Anjelica, who had her panties down around her ankles and was openly masturbating.  “More,” Anjelica panted.

Lara grimaced and started bouncing up and down on the horse cock more forcefully.  She managed to cram another two inches of dildo into her stretched cunt before it hit her cervix, sending waves of pleasure through the Tomb Raider.  She started grinding into the cock, backwards and forwards, as she approached orgasm.  Unconsciously, Lara reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clitoris.  30 seconds later, she came hard, coating the horse cock in her juices, while her eyes were temporarily blinded by a barrage of bright flashes from Sarah’s camera as she immortalised the moment.

When her juddering orgasm subsided, Lara got off the large dildo.

“Clean it off, as you would a lover,” Angelica instructed.

So Lara bent down and started licking her own juices and spit off the enormous horse cock.  When she was finished, Sarah grabbed a towel and used it to remove the horse cock dildo from the room.

While she was gone, Anjelica reached back into the bag and brought out another dildo, though this was not one that Lara recognised.  It was pink, about 12 inches long and 1 ½ inches wide at the tip, flaring to 3 inches at the base, but whereas the last dildo had a solid head, this one had a hole in the head and appeared to be hollow.

As if seeing her confusion, Anjelica explained, “This is an ovipositor.  It a sex toy for sickos that fantasize about having aliens lay eggs inside of them.”

“That’s sick!” Lara said.

“I know.  Watching the humiliation on your face as you use it is going to be priceless!” Anjelica beamed.  “Lie down and spread your legs.”

Lara frowned.  She was tempted to say no, but if she did that, she’d lose the money, her title and the estate - and Sarah had already taken a heap of compromising photos of her, that Anjelica would no doubt release if she went back on her word.  Blushing a deep shade of crimson, Lara got down on the floor and lay back with her legs spread wide, as if she were about to give birth.

Anjelica put on a pair of black latex gloves and started squirting thick globs of lubricant into the hole at the base of the ovipositor.  Then she got a second container with gelatine eggs inside it.  She made a point to show Lara the eggs, which were pale yellow in colour, soft and squishy, and about 2 ½ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide.  Anjelica started loading them into the base of the ovipositor.  This turned out to be no easy feat, as she took almost a minute to load just one egg inside.  Then she got the hang of it and managed to push another two in behind it.  Three 2 ½ inch wide bulges were clearly visible in the tube of the ovipositor, where the eggs were crammed inside.

Moving between Lara’s legs, Anjelica spread Lara’s pussy lips with her gloved fingers and pressed the end of the ovipositor against her hole.  As the end was narrower than the horse cock dildo Lara had just used, it slid in very easily.  Anjelica pushed about 3 inches of the shaft inside Lara’s cunt, until the bulge of the first gelatine egg was pressing again her pussy lips.  Anjelica paused and smiled as Sarah took some more happy snaps.  Then she grabbed firmly at the base of the ovipositor, behind the last egg, and started pushing.  The egg moved forwards down the tube, pushing against the eggs in front it and forcing them forward as well.  The bulge of the first egg stretched Lara cunt open around it and then slipped inside her.

Lara jumped and involuntarily pressed her knees together, as the first egg plopped out inside her cunt.  It was followed by the second egg, and then the third in quick succession, each new intrusion making her buck and jerk.  Lara hoped that was the end of it, but she was cruelly disappointed, as Anjelica started loading more eggs into the base of the ovipositor, while leaving the tip embedded in her cunt.  Anjelica loaded another 3 gelatine eggs into the tube and then squeezed them into Lara’s defenceless cunt.

Lara writhed with overstimulation, as the slippery gelatine eggs squished and slid around inside her, pressing against each other and rubbing against every surface of her cunt.  Lara started involuntarily bucking her hips as the slimy eggs kept slipping and sliding around inside her.  Lara had never felt so full, and her lower belly started to bulge outwards as if she were a few months pregnant.  Anjelica managed to fit one last egg inside her and then said, “I’m going to remove the ovipositor, but I don’t want the eggs to come out until I say so, so clench you pussy lips closed.  If any come out, we start all over again.”

Lara wanted this nightmare to be over as quickly as possible, so when Anjelica slid the tip of the ovipositor out, she clenched down hard, struggling to keep the slippery eggs from slipping out.  Sarah moved around her and took some close-ups of Lara’s distended lower belly, while Anjelica brought over a basket filled with straw.

“I want you to squat over this and lay your eggs like a hen,” she said.

Lara wanted to cry with the obscenity of it all.  Blushing a deep shade of red, Lara squatted down over the basked and obeyed the degrading instruction.  As soon as her ass was hovering just over the basket, she relaxed her muscles and started “laying” her eggs.  The first egg plopped out into the basked, then the second and third.  Sarah captured every moment with her camera, completing Lara’s humiliation.

After the fourth egg was out of her, Lara’s flat stomach had returned to normal, but she was having a more difficult time getting the last few eggs out.  She grunted as she forced the fifth and sixth eggs out of her cunt.  She felt like a cheap hooker performing a Ping-Pong ball trick.  The seventh egg took her over a minute to extract, and it shot out of her cunt like a cannonball, bouncing out of the basket and sliding across the floor.

“Crawl over to it and put it back in the basked.  Use your mouth.” Angelica ordered.

Lara scrunched her face in disgust, but obediently crawled across the floor to where the egg lay and scooped it into her mouth.  It had a strong taste of gelatine and her own juices, and it felt obscenely warm and alive in her mouth.  Lara crawled back over to the basket and dropped the last egg inside.

“Now smile and give Sarah a thumbs up!” Anjelica said happily.

Lara obeyed, forcing a smile and giving Sarah a thumbs up as she snapped more degrading photos of the naked tomb raider on all fours, smiling and apparently proud of just having laid a basket full of eggs.

“That’s enough for now.  Go get cleaned up and be ready for Marcus at 6pm.  Be clean and naked when he arrives." Angelica said.  "And no lunch - you'll see why later."


Lara returned to the living room at 6pm, to find Anjelica, Sarah and Marcus waiting for her.  Marcus was already naked and had a bottle of lubricant with him.

“Lara, are you on the pill?” Anjelica asked.

Lara shook her head.

Anjelica frowned and said, “That will not do.  I can’t have Marcus fuck your pussy and run the risk of him knocking you up, can I?”

“No Mistress.” Lara said.

“This is your last night here until next week,” Anjelica continued, “I expect you to be taking contraceptives by then.”

“Yes Mistress.” Lara answered

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” Anjelica asked.

“No Mistress,” Lara answered, not liking where this was going.

Anjelica nodded to Marcus, who moved to the rug at the centre of the living room.

“Get down on all fours.” Marcus told her.

Lara wanted to refuse, but instead she did as she was told, getting down on her hands and knees.  Marcus squeezed some lubricant onto his finger and started rubbing it up and down Lara’s backside.  Lara tensed her body at the strange sensation.  Then her eyes shot wide open, as she felt his finger slide inside her ass.

“Just relax,” Marcus told her in a deep voice, as he slid a second lubricated finger inside her anus.

Laragroaned as he slowly pistoned his fingers in and out of her, adding more lubricant to them as he went.  Finally, when he was satisfied, he pressed the tube of lubricant to her sphincter and squirted more lube directly into her anus.  Marcus added more lube to his cock and then knelt down behind her.  Sarah moved in close to capture the moment Lara was sodomized for the first time, while Anjelica got down on the ground in front of Lara, until she was nose to nose with her.  Lara realised that Anjelica wanted to see the look on her face, as she lost her anal virginity.

Marcus pressed his slippery cock head against Lara’s tight sphincter.  Lara gritted her teeth as her virgin asshole slowly opened up to admit the intrusion.  Anjelica watched her face intently.

When Marcus’s cock head finally pushed inside, Anjelica said, “Imagine what your father would say, if he saw you now: down on your hands and knees, being fucked in the ass by a big black cock.”

Lara gritted her teeth in discomfort, and turned red with shame.

“Do you think he’d be proud of his little anal slut daughter?”  Anjelica said.  “Answer me!”

“No mistress,” Lara grunted, as Marcus slid another two inches of thick cock inside her.

“Say it!  Say you’re a dirty anal slut!” Anjelica demanded.

“I’m a dirty anal slut,” Lara panted, blushing in humiliation as Marcus pushed into her up to the hilt.  She couldn’t think; the cock was too big.  He slowly pulled out until just the head was inside her, and then thrust in balls deep again, causing Lara to shudder.

Anjelica had taken out her phone and was recording Lara’s facial expressions, while Sarah was snapping pictures from every conceivable angle.

“Say your name is Lady Lara Croft and you’re a dirty anal slut!  Say it!” Anjelica ordered.

“My name is Lady… (grunt)… Lara Croft and I’m… (grunt) a dirty anal slut!” Lara panted.

Marcus was now fucking Lara at full speed, his balls slapping against her pussy and stimulating her clit.  Lara unconsciously reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit, bringing herself to climax.  Lara shuddered and then felt suddenly empty as Marcus pulled out of her.  She was confused, as she hadn’t felt him cum.  Marcus moved around in front of her, and suddenly Lara had a sinking feeling that things were about to get worse.

“Lick my cock.” Marcus said.

Lara’s eyes misted again as she fought back tears.  This was the most degrading thing she had ever done.  To taste a cock that had just been inside her ass.  What was wrong with these people?  Screwing up her face in disgust, Lara reluctantly stuck out her tongue and started licking along the length of Marcus’s cock.  Unsurprisingly, it tasted like ass.

Marcuslet her lick it for about 30 seconds, while Sarah photographed and Anjelica filmed.  Then Marcus pressed his cock between her lips.  Without being prompted, Lara started bobbing her head up and down on his cock.  Seemingly satisfied, he pulled out of her mouth, went around behind her and slid his cock back inside her slippery asshole.  It went in without any resistance, causing Lara to gasp as he bottomed out and resumed his fucking.

“Say you're Lara Croft and you love ass to mouth!” Anjelica ordered, clearly getting off on the situation.

“I’m… (grunt)… Lara Croft… (grunt) and I…(grunt)… love ass to mouth!” Lara said.

Anjelica started masturbating in front of her, while Sarah continued to snap pictures of Lara's wanton display.  Marcus pulled out again and moved around to Lara’s face, so that she could lick her ass juices off his cock.  He fucked her face for about 10 seconds and then went back to fucking her ass.  Marcus apparently had superhuman control.  Any normal man would have already cum, but he just kept switching between fucking Lara’s ass and face, doing so 6 times before finally pulling out of Lara’s ass for the last time and moving around to her face.

This time, he thrust straight into her mouth and held her head in place by hair, while he fucked her mouth.  After another 20 seconds, he tensed and came, coating her tongue and filling her mouth with his warm, salty cum.  Lara swallowed several mouthfuls, while more of the gooey cum spilled out from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.  As she swallowed Marcus's load, Lara orgasmed for a second time, having never stopped rubbing her clit.  Finally, Marcus stopped cumming and pulled out.  He slapped his cock against Lara’s cheek as a prompt, and she dutifully started licking his cock clean with her tongue.

Next to her, Anjelica finished her own orgasm and looked extremely satisfied with herself.

Breathing heavily, Anjelica said, “That’s it for tonight Lara.  You can leave in the morning.  See you next Saturday at 10am sharp.  I'll send you the outfit I want you to wear.”

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