Life Is Strange: A Different Kind of Story

BY : LettucePrey
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(AN: This is another one of those 'I don't know where the hell it came from' stories, also written in one sitting)


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Life Is Strange: A Different Kind of Story

Chapter 1 - Bad Vibrations


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Eighteen-year old Maxine "Max" Caulfield felt like she was about to go insane.

It had all gone so wrong, the final steps of the investigation she and her best friend Chloe Price had launched into the disappearence of Rachel Amber.  After the text from Nathan -- faked, she now belatedly realized -- they'd gone back to the junkyard and Rachel's shallow grave, only to be ambushed by the man behind it all, Mark Jefferson.  He'd drugged Max into a stupor, then tased Chloe before she could react.  Max dimly remembered seeing Chloe dragged, bound and gagged, into a smaller room inside Jefferson's "Dark Room", but only knew that her blue-haired friend was still alive.  At least, she thought so.

She shrieked as another orgasm rocked her slender frame, her body reacting mindlessly to the powerful, merciless buzzing of the vibrator resting snugly against her clitoris.  She was still loopy from whatever Jefferson had dosed her with, unable to rewind; though given the increasing strain her powers had begun putting on her, it was unlikely she could have gone back far enough to escape or prevent their capture.  She'd blushed crimson when he stripped her clothes off, horrified that this monster was seeing her naked.  Then he'd put her in a chair in yet another small room, this one brimming with harness straps, binding her so completely that she could only move her fingers.  The telltale lump in his pants had terrified her, but to her relief, he'd shown no inclination to disrobe...instead, he'd brought out a piece which connected to the chair, tilting them both until they lined up perfectly.  Max's limited experience of pornography had let her identify the ball-headed white device attached to this new piece as a Hitachi Magic Wand, had watched as he slowly moved it forward until it was pressed against her sensitive nub.

And then he'd switched it on.

Even though she was a virgin, Max wasn't a prude by any stretch of the imagination; she'd been masturbating since shortly after her thirteenth birthday, knew all about her body and how to have orgasms.  But she'd only ever used her fingers, and favored making her journey toward that peak as slow as she could bear.  Sometimes, it was almost ten delicious minutes before she climaxed, but the Hitachi made her cum within thirty seconds, the moans she wanted to loose kept down by sheer force of will.

Jefferson didn't turn it off.

As soon as her first orgasm ended, Max felt another one beginning to swell, the Wand's constant vibrations against her post-orgasm clitoris almost painful.  Clenching her teeth, she fought against her own arousal, but her inexperience with the sex toy's effects meant it was a battle she was destined to lose.  She began to panic as the climax steadily built, then gasped as it rocked her body barely a minute after the first one.  And still, he didn't switch the vibrator off.  Her sex even more sensitive now after the two rapid orgasms, she whined in pleasure-pain as the tension again began to pile up between her legs.  She'd never cum more than three times in a single session of masturbation before (even then only once, while reading a particularly steamy romance novel, and spread out over a quarter hour), but as her third orgasm in as many minutes stirred to life, she found herself wondering just how long Jefferson was going to keep doing -- Max came again, this time unable to stop the moans of raw, physical ecstasy that spilled from her lips.  As this one finished, she hung her head forward, panting like she'd just tried to run a three-minute mile, but then felt a fourth orgasm already building and shook her head robotically, trying to deny the message her body was sending.

It had been at least an hour since then, and Max had literally lost count of how many times she'd cum.  Around the seventh one, it had finally begun to take a few minutes each time instead of them just arriving bam-bam-bam like the first three, but through the fog of constant arousal she guessed it was at least twenty.  As yet another explosion ended, she was totally limp in the chair, and finally spoke.  "Ssstop...please," she blushed, hating that she was begging him, but knowing she couldn't bear much more.  "Mr...Jefferson...please,"

"What's that, Max?"  Mark Jefferson stepped around from behind her -- so that's where the bastard had been, she realized -- and smiled engagingly down at her, apparently unconcerned by her nudity.  But why not, he'd already seen everything.  "I'm afraid I didn't hear you."

"I...said...please...stop it..."  Max's breath began to speed up as another orgasm built; she needed this to end before her brain got fried.  "I -- I can't take...please, I'm, please turn"

"Turn what off, Max?  We've gone over this in class, you need to be specific," he replied in his best teacher voice.

Max's outrage at this muted the pleasure for a few seconds.  The son of a -- he was actually going to make her say it, as some kind of power play.  Fine, she decided as the orgasm loomed closer, whatever it took.  "Turn off...the vibrator.  Or...or move it away."

"Away from what, Max?"

She'd walked into that one, Max realized.  "From my...clitoris.  Mr. Jefferson, please, I...oh, fuck, make it stop, not again -- "

"Language," he interrupted.

"Turn it off!"  Max yelled at him, feeling herself getting closer to yet another unwilling climax.  "Turn the vibrator off, move it away from my clit, I don't care, I can't take much more of -- "

"And what is your clit part of?"  His smarmy voice asked.

Max resisted for a few seconds, then broke as the orgasm began to crest.  "My pussy!  Get it off my pussy, don't make me cum again, please, don't make me -- Aaaaah!"

This one caused nearly as much pain as it did pleasure, Max thrashing around in her restraints, her muscles trying to move but not able to make any headway.  The Wand's omnipresent buzzing against her body made her howl, and her tears, which had dried up long ago, began to flow again as her torment started up one more time.

"Max!"  Jefferson raised his voice.  "Listen to me.  Calm down and listen to me."  Max glared at him but forced herself to be quiet.  "Let me make you a deal.  I'll turn the vibrator off -- " Max nodded her head as vigorously as she could manage -- which wasn't very, given her exhaustion -- "But in return you have to do something."  Max waited expectantly, not even daring to imagine what price was about to be asked.  After a few seconds, during which she felt yet another orgasm creep closer, he spoke.

"You have to ask me to rape you."

Max's eyes almost bulged out of her face.  "WHAT?!"  She shrieked, taking a small amount of comfort as he winced from the volume.  "You -- you sick motherfucker!  What kind of bullshit, asshole, bitch-ass fuckhead are you?!"  She dimly realized that Chloe would probably have been cheering her on for that string of curses, but then continued.  "In -- in what world do you think I'd ever ask you that!"

"Oh, in this world, Max," Jefferson answered, his voice as smug as ever.  "Because, you see, it's a very simple choice.  Door number one: you ask me to rape you, I turn off the vibrator, give your body a chance to calm down, and then I...well, then I rape you.  Door number two: I leave the vibrator on.  For the next twelve hours."

All the blood drained out of Max's face.  Twelve hours...there was no way she could take that, she'd have a heart attack or a stroke or something.  Hating herself -- but not as much as she hated Jefferson -- she nodded, blushing.  "Mr. Jefferson...I want you to rape me."

Jefferson looked down at her for a few seconds without saying anything.  "Max, I noticed you didn't have any tampons in your purse.  When did your last period end?"

After what she'd just said, there was no point in resisting further, so Max answered honestly.  "A week and a half ago."

"Hmmm," Jefferson muttered.  "So...well, see, Max, I was intending to cum inside you.  And now I realize you're probably ovulating either now or in the next couple days...and I don't have any condoms, Max, what should we do about this?"

Max's blood ran cold at the thought of getting pregnant from a rape, much less this piece of shit, but as another orgasm closed in, she knew it was either take that risk or possibly die of strain.  "'ll have to do it."  She saw him open his mouth, guessed what he was about to say, and cut him off.  "You'll have to...cum inside me.  I -- I want you to.  I want you to rape me, and I want you to cum inside me."

"Excellent," Jefferson said, and reached over to the vibrator, sliding its switch to 'OFF' and ending at least this portion of her torment.  "Rest a while if you can," he said as he detached the Wand's mount from the chair.  "I have something I need to do before we move on."  He turned and left the room, and Max sighed in relief as her body finally began to relax.  A small part of her brain yelled at her about what she'd agreed to, but there had been no choice once he made the threat: twelve hours of torture versus maybe five minutes was a no-brainer.  She could only hope that the events of the last two weeks had thrown her cycle off; it had happened to her before.  Assuming Jefferson didn't just intend to kill her, that was, and Max's mind went blank as she slipped instantly into an exhausted slumber.

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