Planet of the Slaves

BY : LadyInfinite
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Three Years Ago...

--Planet Douleia, 2903 AD

 lord of the planet Douleia slept after a long night of ravaging slave girls taken from the Zeta galaxy. He would savor the eight hours of sleep all while looking forward to what wonders the world of dreams has in wait for him. This dream, in particular, was something out of the ordinary.

The darkness felt solid as Ardor stepped forward. No beginning, no end to the ink that surrounded him, but he kept walking, knew he had to keep going. It felt like an eternity; that walk through the dark. Then all the sudden a door appeared, open, a soft light emanating from within. Stepping in he stopped, a woman was on the bed, light brown skin glowing in the dim flicker of the candles strewn across the room. Blinking in wonder when he opened his eyes he was on top of her, lips sinking into her stomach. He had such a feeling of control, of complete dominance running through his veins. His body was shivering from the force of it. Blinking again he was inside her. Her tight pussy was hugging every inch of his engorged cock sending thrills of pleasure through him. 

His thrusts were slow, deliberate, savoring her slick folds around him, encasing him in molten heat. Then everything started to waver as he gazed into her emerald eyes, green eyes filled with lust, need, and something else, something darker swirling within their depths. For the first time in his life, he dreamed of this - A dream with a girl he didn’t know, one that he’d never seen, a fantasy girl who loved to be dominated - WILLING to be under Ardor's control. A contrast to many he took prisoner, prior to these dreams he had yet to make a reality. 

Everything around him shifted all of a sudden. His entire bedroom transformed into a populated strip club. Standing in the pulse of the club he had one mission, one thought in his mind, seduction. Many watched him, interest apparent in their eyes, but he passed them all, searching for the perfect target. Then he saw her, off to the side, leaning against the wall. Ardor slowly approached her, studying her, planning what he wanted to do. Her clothes were tight, jet black hair hung straight and below her shoulders, while her eyes gave off a radiant green light. The moment her eyes met his he knew she was sunk.

Only a few feet away she pushed off the wall and came towards him, his arm slipping to the small of her back as they sought the dance floor. No words were needed as she grinds her body into his. He guided her hips against him pressing into her hard enough to let her feel just how hard he was. The pulse was fast, driving their bodies together. Ardor's hand turned her around, her entire backside against him, grinding them together. Trailing fingers along the edge of her tight jeans he slipped a finger just barely in to caress along her warm skin.  He could feel her shiver as he dragged a nail slowly along the edge.

Her body responded wonderfully to his touch, even in such a crowded area he could nearly smell her damp pussy, begging to be used. His lips found her neck, a bare brush of lips against that scented skin before dragging his teeth along it. She pressed back harder against him as he did it, using more and more of his teeth on her. The lust that began in her eyes made him want her even more, a need to get away from there and to a secluded area pulsing deep inside. His teeth dragged along the edge of her ear, tongue tracing afterward, her small noises lost to the music. "Come with me," he whispered, digging his fingers into her hips. She didn’t even reply, just nod as they headed off towards the back, private rooms for those who knew how to get in. He swiped a small card and into the dark they went, instinct and memory guiding him to where he needed to go. Ardor could almost smell her fear of that complete darkness, her hand trembling in his, made him even harder at the thought of her fright.

Reaching the door he was searching for he tugged her hard so she fell against his chest as the door shut behind them. Ardor's lips went to her neck again as he kept her tight against his body. Nipping and sucking at her skin he continued to keep her immobile for as long as possible. The noises that fell from her mouth fueled him to bite just a little harder as his hands wandered around her body. The snap on her jeans went as did the zipper, sliding down the fabric with ease as she groaned louder. Hands roamed over the exposed skin, brushing against her slick lower lips then up to lift her shirt. Fingers skimmed higher, touching the edge of the soft bra, before slipping beneath its edge to caress lightly. Her whimper sent a thrill through him as he dragged a nail along the underside of her breast. Slowly stripping her of her remaining clothes he leads her to the dark bed, midnight blue and silk, the posts already had the handcuffs attached and a purple ball gag sat on the pillow. Pushing her down on the bed he pressed her down into it using his body weight and slowly began to close the cuffs, one by one then the rubber ball is popped in her opened mouth. Ardor was given an instant hard-on as he watched her lips close around it when the straps were buckled. 

She whimpered as she was restrained, spread out fully naked in front of him. Ardor smiled to himself as he stroked along her inner thigh, slowly working upwards. The muffled moans that came from her made him grin, he could see how wet she was. Slipping out of his shirt he knelt between her spread legs and nipped up her smooth skin to her inner thigh, smelling her desire. Her body pressed towards him, begging to be touched and tasted. A small lick sent her shuddering. Slowly he traced along the edge of her drenched pussy barely getting a taste of her. Ardor slides his tongue deep into the soaked cunt of the girl before him. He focused on her with all he had, lapping, suckling, and grazing his teeth along her pussy before his strong hands took hold of her hips. Pressing against her burning skin, his bare, hard cock brushed against the outside of her damp pussy. Pressing his mouth to her gagged lips, a shock went through him, making him shiver as he tasted her soft lips and thick rubber. Deepening the kiss he slid into her in one smooth wondrous motion. "Uuuhmmmf~!" She let out a long moan into his mouth, twisting her tongue around his as she thrust up as much as she could. Pressing down Ardor kept her pinned, staying still with her as she begged with her body for him to move, to thrust deep within and send sparks of pleasure through her. 

"Uhhnf~ Ahhn~! Fuhf~ Ugh!" Her whimpering and small cries made Ardor grin against her lips as he kissed her cheek and nipped at her ear. Growling softly he bit a little harder at the thin skin, a jolt of pure dominance running through his veins. "Who is your master?" Ardor slapped his toy's rear making her gasp. Again he spoke, lower, making her shiver at the sound of his exotic voice, "Who?" He wanted to hear her say it; hear her moan the answer out for him. "Y'ouffh~," it was barely above a whisper as she whimpered. Hearing her say it he began to move, thrusting in and out of her tight, wet, pussy slowly as he bit into the nape of her neck hard. She pressed up against him, wanting to go faster, her body aching for it. He bit harder into her neck making her squirm and moan louder, while she writhed beneath he pushed her hips down with his hands, keeping her still as he continued to thrust slowly.  With each movement of his hips, he savored her wonderful pussy, hoping it all wasn’t just a dream.

It was getting harder and harder to just savor and not just ravage her hard and fast, but he was enjoying the slow build, the torture in her eyes when they weren’t closed in pleasure. Ardor knew deep down she could give in and beg for it, but he didn’t expect what exactly she would say. "AMMMMMHF~" She moaned out as she felt drool from the ballgag dripping down her chin. Her eyes open to bare slits she started to whimper incessantly.

Trembling under the force of Ardor's fingers she could see something slide in his eyes, the beast that he kept within. It excited her even more to see it, see that need that matched her own, that lust that was reined within that screamed for rougher things, bloodier pleasures of the flesh. "GAAAAH," A low grow trickled from his mouth that sent a tingle of pleasure through every inch of her body. Leaning closer his forehead touched hers, noses rubbing together as he searched her eyes.  He waited, a moment, two, and then three till a shadow brushed through them so quickly if it had been anyone else they would have missed it.  He thrust hard then, making her nearly scream out with the force of it.

Continuing with the deep hard thrusts of his long hard cock she moaned continuously, her body wracked with shaking; looking as though she was in a continuous orgasm. A new snarl rose in his throat as he started to move just a little bit faster, giving her even more pleasure. Slowly he started to give into the instinct, the need that was normally leashed deep inside. It was like opening floodgates, all the emotions, every hidden desire rushing forward filling him up in a matter of moments. One second his thrusts were slow and deliberate- the next she was screaming out with the intensity of them. Her own body craved the primal force of it, the power that he held as he plunged deep each time, every inch of her flesh pleaded for it to continue.

Ardor felt starved, but not for food, for the sounds, the touch, the tastes. Her moans drove him wild, heightening the feel of her pussy around his hard cock and the smoothness of her skin against his wandering hands, while the taste of her skin beneath made him crave it, but the sweet taste of her pussy had sent a jolt through him. The urge to lie between her legs and lap at the succulent folds all day, orgasm after orgasm was almost too much.

He craved every bit of her, wanting every inch of her for himself; he bit into her neck at the thought of anyone trying to touch her, it made his blood boil.  Growling again he continued to thrust into her hard and fast, hearing her breath start to hitch; knowing just how close she was, he slowed a bit, forcing them both away from the edge they were rapidly approaching. "AAAWMMMMF~!" A loud whimper came from her mouth as he slowed, she craved that release, needed it badly. She knew if her hands hadn’t been tied his back would have been bloody ribbons, cut to pieces in her near ecstasy. Only able to twist against her bonds she continued to whimper and groan till she felt him start to go faster, knowing if he continued they would both orgasm quickly, taking them to heights never before reached.

This time Ardor did not stop, but continued to thrust hard into her, every inch of her body writhing in pleasure. Looking over her he grinned, a small satisfaction in the back of his mind knowing none other could give her what he could, none could bring her to the heights she soared to at that very moment and none could do what he was about to. Shifting his hips he continued to thrust, rubbing his cock along that wonderful spot deep inside, making her squirm even more. Her change in breathing told him just how close she was, a few more thrusts and she’d be screaming. Leaning down he nibbled up her ear, whispering huskily, "Cum my slave." Her eyes shot open at the words, a visible tremor moving through her as they slid shut again, her hips bucking up as best they could. Then she screamed out, her entire body arching up as the walls of her tight pussy constricted around him in a wave, pulling upon her bonds.

Ardor groaned at the feel of her contracting around his hard, engorged cock, savoring the increased tightness for a few moments longer. Then he let out a moan, mixing with hers as he erupted inside her, filling her up with his hot cum. The sensations of it caused her pussy to clamp down on him even harder for a few more seconds, more moans spilling from her mouth. Pressing against her sweat-slicked body he kissed her lips, drinking down her final moans as his hips began to still, cock still wonderfully hard within her soaking pussy. The scent of their sex covering everything, an intoxicating smell to their noses, sinking into their veins making them burn for more, forever craving each other.

Her beating heart was all she could hear, till she felt her bonds being loosened. She watched intently as he took each of her hands, one at a time, and licked at the wounds, making her shiver with the tenderness of it. When finished Ardor shifted, making her whimper as his cock moved inside her slightly, and removed her gag.

Ardor could see her eyes half closed, knowing she craved more, but a persistent fatigue nagged in her eyes, wanting them to be closed. Wrapping his arms around her, he moved both of them so she was curled up in his arms, sleep taking her quickly, while he took longer to drift off, never wanting it to end. "Please, take me, own me, use me!" Her lower lip trembled as she said it. "Own me; my body is yours and only yours. Take and use what is yours, do what you please to me!" With those statements he woke with a start, shaking and breathing heavily, wondering if she truly meant what she said.

And abruptly everything around Ardor goes white.


Ardor awakes. His upper body pulls from the black comfy pillow and turns to say "good morning" to the woman of his dream. Only this time, she was not present and that shocked him quite a bit.


He slammed a clenched fist into the pillow out of mere frustration. "I should've known I was dreaming the ENTIRE time!" The feeling one gets after experiencing the most pleasant of dreams. You enjoy it so much, that you wish you had the power to take whatever you wanted from that dream and make it tangible in reality. In a fit of rage, Ardor threw himself off the bed and grabbed the nearest mirror tossing it wildly like a 5-year-old having a temper tantrum. Following a loud 'crash' the mirror became shards of glass while Ardor screamed unintelligible rants. Dream or not, he loathed being denied of his desires. Riches, fame, power, and women he craved it all. "She was the perfect woman... and she slipped under my fingers JUST LIKE THAT!"

"I can't stop thinking about her right now... what if she never shows up in my dreams again!?"

The perfect woman indeed, at least for him. For Ardor craved a woman who not only shared mutual interests but a willingness to accept her new life as a slave of his insatiable need for pleasure. Those he took and dominated prior were not of this category, because the majority of them hated his guts, and a handful tried and failed to escape captivity.

"She MUST be real... I MUST have her!" He fumed.

"She will become my queen. To be dominated by yours truly, and to rule Douleia by my side. Our children will light a candle to my reign for future generations of debauchery! We will--"


"Goddammit, I'm busy! What is it?!" Ardor yelled. Obviously not pleased with interruptions either. "My lord, please come to the Base of Operations. We made plenty discoveries that might interest you," Said a palace guard behind the locked door. "Oh, it BETTER be interesting!" He made haste towards the closet and got dressed.

Ardor steps out of the bedroom, and into the halls donning the garbs of a Douleian monarch. His bare torso (chest and 6-pack abs) covered by an X-shaped black harness with a large buckle in the center adorned with golden studs. He wore no pants -only black underwear hidden behind a loincloth hanging from a wide belt fastened around his waist. Both wrists fitted with studded leather bands and black long boots accented with golden plates were his preferred footwear. The palace halls Ardor walked through were populated with S&M gear wearing guards, most of whom had a latex clad sex slave by their side. He bypassed the majority of them with a smile, bidding his men to have fun in the Fuck Dungeons below.

Large double doors he approached open right before his eyes, and Ardor steps into the very room that beckoned him. The Operation Base is where Douleian scientists are commissioned to invent countermeasures against those that Ardor will capture lest they are capable of resisting. Power suppressing collars were the most common, and Ardor always made sure to bring more than one if he came across a multitude of potential slaves in a single visit. Like his forefathers, he had the ability to hop between dimensions but it was impractical to return with ten women in his grasp - he had two arms, after all, so he requested a spacecraft with dimensional warp capabilities to be built... or stolen. His patrol went and did the latter when two Myriadians ventured into one of Douleia's cities. Their ship was raided, and both were captured - the male Myridian forced into work while his wife became a new addition to Ardor's fuck toys. 

The labcoat dressed henchmen welcomed Ardor with bows, and pointed fingers at a theater screen above ten keyboard mounted desks that were being typed on. "My lord we found a new planet - a planet that might interest you of course." Ardor was told as he watched the screen display a planet covered in blues, greens, and whites. "No... I don't recall paying that one a visit." He said.

"It is called Earth II. According to historical archives, the original Earth was destroyed by nuclear bombings during World War III in an effort to wipe out demonic creatures populating the globe at an alarming rate. The Earthlings escaped and found an uninhabited planet colonized by scientists and high-level mages from a place called Otherland."

"I'm listening." Ardor nodded.

"Earth II's ecosystem and climates are controlled by a Biocomputer called Origin. One year ago, it got infected with a virus that spawned hideous monsters and brought forth all kinds of natural disasters. That was... until a woman named Adena embarked on a quest and restored Origin after a series of hardships spoken by many who knew her name."

"Hehe... Is this Adena still relevant?" Ardor asked.

"Absolutely my lord! It's only been a year since she achieved her goal after all. But we don't know where she lives. If we did, you could teleport there and snag her in a heartbeat!"

"No worries... I'll find her myself. Even if it means leveling an entire continent!" Ardor cracks his knuckles and heads off to the Myriadian spacecraft. "I'll be needing this, just in case this Adena has friends. Sexy friends hahaha."

"My Lord! You forgot these!" He turns around and catches a bag tossed at him. His hand dug into the bag and felt round, metallic objects inside. "Oh, the collars! A grave mistake on my end to forget these!"

"Thanks for the heads up. Now, Off to this new planet!" Ardor makes haste to his spacecraft.


--At a local fetish club

Working a part-time job as a dominatrix, Adena recently got finished giving lashes to one of many who paid to be a gimp at her mercy. After he left, she hastily made preparations for her next submissive, assembling plenty of equipment from bondage apparatuses to all the essential stuff. One table, in particular, had a plethora of handcuffs, armbinders, bondage belts, blindfolds, ball gags, whips, several lengths of nylon rope and nipple clamps. The goddess kept on her attire for the occasion as well. A red latex tube top that exposed her cleavage, a black velvet choker tied around her neck with long fingerless gloves that matched the color, and black long leather boots that had x shaped laces on the front of them. She did not wear any pants, or any skirts as her bare and hairless folds were exposed. At an obvious first glance, Adena was, in fact, a beauty worth licking the boots of. But deep down... all is not what it seemed. Rather than another run of the mill submissive to arrive, she craved someone different. Someone that would be a nice change of pace. Someone that would give her a run for her money as far as being in control goes.

When the door opened, Ardor entered. His gaze was stern, his eyes started at the x-shaped laces on the front of her boots and slowly ran up along her body, taking note of the hairless, tight little slit. More so that lush chest she had to bare for the world to see. Rather for him to see. As the only other person in the room now, he closed the door behind him, stepped in wearing only a pair of slacks, shirtless taking pride in his physique. The moment he laid eyes on Adena - he found himself incredibly wowed while taking his time to observe the goddess's features. "My god... it's..." He briefly reminisced about the woman in his dream - Light brown skin, black hair, and emerald eyes. "...It's her!" Ardor mused to himself. In a way, his dream came true and now he could no longer fear the thought of not seeing her again.

He was quiet as he stepped toward Adena, placing his hand on the table, eyeing the belts, cuffs, binds. The chokers, clamps, and ropes on the table. All fun little toys he'd certainly enjoy using on her. "Well now... I'm glad to meet a lovely face like you." He mocked; gaze as stern as ever as he raised his finger, licked his fingertip, took the blindfold into his pocket and then the belt soon after; leaving it in hand as he added "That and I'm certain this will be the best night of my life." Adena didn't seem to mutter a word once Ardor stared down her voluptuous, mocha frame. Her eyes took the time to do the same. And the vibes she got from him couldn't discern whether he was a submissive with a personality that had some backbone (judging from his comments), or a 50/50 switch who wanted to scratch an itch to be dominated. Rather than judge a book by its cover, Adena just rolled with it. She kept an open mind about him, considering it's the thought that counts after all. Adena ran her own tongue across her upper lip in delight that he wasn't late. 

"...Like my room? It's best to have everything prepared so it's a no-brainer that I have a lovely selection of ropes and gags galore~" She said sauntering over to the table. "And by the way, you'll address me as 'Mistress' like the other boys and girls I forced under my heel." Adena scooped coils of rope and a red ball gag from the table. "Be a good boy and get into position," Adena commanded. 

Ardor was slowly raising the hand that held the belt as she drew near, but when she made her demands, asking to be addressed as Mistress, he paused, lowered that belt right back down onto the table as if he were about to do what she asked and let it go. He took a few steps forward, ran his hand up along his stomach until he was within reach, and once he knew he had judged the distance correctly. His hand shot out; clinging to her neck with such ease. His face, his expression, unwavering as he gazed upon her. He squeezed, tight, restricting, choking. "And what makes you think I'd ever give you the right to give yourself a title to address yourself by, let alone a name." He tilted her head up; made sure her gaze was solely focused on it. He leaned in and inhaled her scent, eyes closing for just a moment as he got a whiff of her. When his eyes opened, he stared right at her and said: "Now drop the ropes and put that gag in my hand." He raised his free hand up, exposing his palm so that she could do as he had instructed. He was already beginning to assert himself, but this was paltry. Just a play. The mere beginning of so much more that was in store for his soon to be prize. 

"H... hey!" All the while, unaware of his status as an unmovable force of dominance Adena was completely caught off guard that a fellow client had the gall to turn the tables on her. Up until now, no one came to her in such a manner. Adena should have seen it coming, considering that he did, in fact, have backbone. A brief tightness around Adena's neck made her drop the ropes and ballgag in his hand without any objections. 

At that moment, Ardor's smile grew just a little bit wider, his grip on her neck eased and his hand slipped up a little higher. A soft little pat on her cheek as he murmured. His hand reached for her hair, taking it in a tight clench before forcing her to the table. She'd been bent over like she were nothing more than a plaything. He applied pressure to the back of her neck and had maneuvered himself directly behind her, pressing his pelvis against her rear. The first thing he did was pull on her choker. Then his hand moved toward the paddle he'd placed on the table just moments before and without warning, gave her a strike, a firmly painful strike. "I call the shots tonight."

"Uuuugh!!" Adena yelped. She didn't work up the nerve to estimate how much horsepower he put into that delivered blow but god did it hurt and her ass was already red. It didn't help that she felt the burning sensation in both cheeks either, and yet... Adena managed to resist being manhandled. It took a great degree of willpower to NOT collapse from strangulation to taking more verbal abuse from this man bringing Adena under his control.

Ardor held the paddle and admired the raw strike he delivered, or more to the point, the results of it. Holding Adena still and watching as he'd struck her, he felt her ass buckle and buck back. In response, he began to feel her nestle his thick meat between the gap of her cheeks, or attempt to in some capacity. Her reward, was another choking pull, the arm with the paddle coming around to more appropriately apply a more significant hold. 

Finally, he lets go of Adena's choker and brought her body up, moving his hand along her body, griping her breast as he found her pert nipple and squeezed. He added a painful little twist to his tease and murmured into her ear. "Oh~ One little insignificant strike and already you're rutting that juicy ass back at me like you've been deprived of my dick..." He paused just a moment, and then as he rolled his tongue along the roof of his mouth and then with a little suction and slide, separated his tongue from the roof two, or three times to make a "tut, tut, tut" sound. 

Ardor shoves her forward so aggressively. Body momentarily disheveled, he took hold of her waist and began to dry hump her. A firm rut that let her feel every single bit of that concealed girth press against the gap of her ass, against her thigh; toying with her and offering the deliberate threat that when he was well and done abusing her... he would violate her until there was nothing left.

The novelty of dry humping wore off quickly, so he discarded the paddle and snatched up a pair of cuffs which he slaps around Adena's wrists behind the back. Ardor knows he needs to keep his plaything silent for their rough fucking, so he forced the ballgag in her opened mouth; Ardor made sure it was in there nice and firmly, and then reaching around her neck secured the straps that would keep it in place. He pulled out a damp cloth from his pocket and pressed it over Adena's nose. "HMMMP!" She expected him to dominate the dominatrix NOT this. Ardor applied pressure to her face as she struggled and strained. Before Adena could blow him away with summoned flames, however, she slumps unconsciously in his grasp.

"Yes... I finally have her!" Ardor said triumphantly. "Now to get her on board."


"Wh'rh um eh...?" 

Adena woke up to the sound of herself unable to speak clearly. Only pitch black was in sight, and she could barely move. Just a second though she comes to the realization of being bound from head to toe after registering to materials constricting every inch of her body, and aware of being stripped naked as she felt her bare cheeks rubbing against something soft and comfy; presumably a bed.

Adena's breasts are sandwiched between thick layers of silver tape, roughly ten wrappings each above and below them. She felt the adhesive strips wound over her shoulders and more wraps around her stomach. Arms pinned together behind her back, also blanketed in bands of tape at the biceps, elbows, forearms, and wrists while her hands are taped into mittens. Adena's legs met the same fate as more tape encircled her thighs, knees, calves, and ankles. Ropes had been added to the goddess's 'overkill' bondage for good measure. Adena's taped breasts bound in an intricate star harness, separate pieces of rope lashed her taped arms each with ten wrappings fortified by cinches. 

A black panel was buckled around Adena's head that covered her eyes in the process. And her mouth stuffed to the brim with a large, red ballgag. Last but not least Adena felt something cold fastened around her neck - An ornate collar. "Mmmrrnh...!" Adena growled into the gag. An effort made to summon the crimson flames at her disposal to incinerate the ropes, but no sparks of fire came about. "F'UFK!" Adena rammed her back against the bedpost out of frustration. Then again, stuck in a situation like this who could blame her?

For now, Adena would have to play the waiting game. Should she abide her time, an opportunity to escape will be just around the corner.

It didn't take long after Adena awoke, before the creak of a metal door swinging open on hinges echoed through the room, then quickly repeated as it closed once more. Next, the sound of footsteps against a metal floor was heard, giving her a rough idea of where her captive was as he walked to a table not too far to her left. 

"Have you woken, yet, my new pet?" 

Ardor asked, then the footsteps continued, as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to her, tilting her towards him as the mattress shifted. A hand rested on Adena's cheek, a thumb running over the surface of her skin lightly, giving away his possessive personality. He then leaned closer, before continuing to speak, in a softer tone this time. 

"Sorry to be so rough with you, but there was no way I could pass up the opportunity. You were so unguarded... it was like snatching an apple from a low-hanging branch. Simple, and deliciously rewarding~" He laughed a deep rumbling that echoed softly through the room. 

Responding to his words that had an unsubtle hint of lechery Adena made flustered eyes behind the blindfold and jerked her roped body upwards. She growled into the rubber ball, still trying to call upon her flames but still no luck. Ardor's hand slowly slid down to her chin over her neck, and to her bound breasts. He started massaging one of the two, and he shook his head. "Now, now~ No sense in being disobedient... you won't be able to call upon those flames of yours, not without my permission, anyway." 

His other hand moved to rest lightly on her bare stomach as he spoke, and he ran it over her body slowly, until it rested just above her womb, and he placed very slight pressure there, only to slide further south, and between her legs. He seemed to have already decided he was free to help himself to her body, in the short time she'd been unconscious. 

"Mmmh..." The soft mattress didn't get her but those hands certainly did. Adena's muffled drivel didn't stop amid his ongoing advances. "Fu'mmfk ummmf.." She wiggled her strung up frame side to side. A sliver of discomfort made her lips part from the gag, that revealed her teeth, and a string of drool pouring onto her chin while he contended with her nether regions. Never the type to give in so easily, Adena responded with muffled protests that demanded her release, among inaudible threats being made if he didn't comply. 

Ardor looked over to see her response to his gentle and teasing touches, listening to her soft moans and muffled comments. "Hush, now... you're enjoying this, aren't you~? So enough denial." Ardor's fingers began to spread her pussy, then teasingly push in ever so slightly, only to pull back out and tease her clit instead. At the same time, he continued to toy with her breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers and tugging lightly from time to time. 

The Douleian purred, suddenly pushing a finger inside of Adena, while still managing to rub her clit with another. After a few more long moments of teasing her like that, he pulled his hands away, instead rolling her onto her front, so her face was stuffed into a soft pillow, and her ass was stuck up into the air. He leaned in, and his tongue dragged across her lower lips, as he attempted to see if she was getting wet yet. He was feeling eager to partake, in his new plaything's pleasant body. 

"Ummmfh!!" Adena hollered into the pillow. Adena would have flailed her legs (despite being bound into a single, useless limb) to kick his face but he was too fast for that. He took a methodical approach to her body, savoring every second of touching one sweet spot after another. Adena's teeth bit hard into the rubber; wincing from the wet member scraping against her dripping snatch. "Emmmfhh!" Her rear jerked forward, an inch away from Ardor's face as if that would convince him to back off. Adena began imagining things - what she would do to him after breaking free. And things would get ugly for him should that ever happen.

Ardor made an assumption by the sweet taste that met his tongue: is she getting aroused? Even as she pulled away, he only licked his lips and smiled. "Oh dear~. You enjoy being bound like this, don't you? What a perverted goddess~" He didn't return his lips to her snatch, instead, he began to strip off his clothes, and a few moments later, something long, thick, and warm rested between the fleshy cheeks of her ass. His flaccid cock reached almost to the small of her back and spread her cheeks a little with how thick he really was. "What do you think? I've never met a bitch who could resist this for more than a week... let's see if you're any different." He laughed, and slowly began to drag his length back and forth, using her ass to get himself hard. 

Feeling a certain piece of meat harden between Adena's cheeks only increased her frustration tenfold. "Mmmfff!" She muffled in yet, another protest towards Ardor's lechery. Steady breathing caused her chest to rise and lower, which in turn, made her flinch. No shortage of drool present as Ardor's dick moved in between her supple rear. 

Ardor laughed softly as he heard her protesting yet again, and his hand came down to smack her plump rear, giggling it and making him grin a little more. "Now, now~ I'd come to accept your position, wouldn't want things to get worse, would you?" He laughed, then pulled back, sliding the meat free, and pressing it to her slit. He wasn't sure if she was a virgin or not, but one thing was for sure: He was going to fuck her brains out. Slowly, he pushed his length inside of her, pushing deeper and deeper, until his hips pressed against her rear, and he hilted himself inside of her. His length spread her so wide that it even created a bulge on her waist, outlining his cock on her body, and making him moan softly in pleasure. He wrapped an arm around her chest, pulling her up onto her knees as he leaned in to bite her neck lightly, her back pressed against his chest now. "How's it feel~?" He whispered teasingly.

"Uuuuhfffh!!!" Adena's whimpers increased in an ear-piercing pitch after Ardor stuffed her full of his meat. Alas, he was having his cake and eating it too. Adena's captor didn't give up on pulling all the stops to reduce her to his favorite pet. She knew he wanted to make her his cock sleeve to be forever bound, gagged and fucked at his every whim. But she didn't fathom the thought of surrendering. As for how it felt, Adena didn't grow accustomed to Ardor's invading length as she was unable to discern its size and width. If not for the blindfold she would have looked at the bulge in her stomach to estimate such.

Ardor shivered and he grinned, grinding his hips against her rear now to stir up her insides. "You'll make the cutest little kitten, once I'm done training you~" He purred, before slowly drawing back, only to thrust straight back in. His movements were rough, forceful, but also deliberate. He knew exactly how to move to cause the most pleasure and to begin slowly working her cervix, loosening it with each thrust, until it would eventually let him inside even her womb. He'd claim every inch of her as his plaything soon. He let out a few soft moans of pleasure from the tightness of her insides and began to nip at her neck, while the arm wrapped around her chest began to massage her breasts, searching for her every weak spot. Every movement he made served a purpose, in bending her to his will.

Adena felt pump, after pump stretching her cunt around his thick shaft. With the cock not stopping, and being fondled Adena was forced to move back and forth with Ardor's thrusts making her tits sway with each movement. Still flustered, Adena began to blush. Her cheeks showing red under the blindfold as she allowed another string of spit to fling off the gag. Her stuffed folds began to dampen. In a matter of seconds, the entirety of Ardor's cock would be drenched in sweet smelling fluids that slickened his thrusts. "Muuh~ unnnf~ mmmnf! MMMH!" The room was not quiet. Adena's moans simply went on, and on.

Ardor didn't mind her loud moans one bit. Quite the opposite, in fact, hearing her moaning like a bitch in heat was only arousing him further, making him want to pound her over and over until her mind broke from the pleasure. Thrust after thrust, he felt her insides oozing, until his entire length was coated in her nectar, and he squeezed her nipple a little harder in response. "For someone who doesn't want this, you sure are getting awfully wet~. Do you secretly enjoy my forceful nature?" He whispered into her ear, his lips against it, only to gently bite on her earlobe. He was toying with her, even then. 

Wet smacks and slops of flesh hitting flesh were barely audible given her loud cries. Adena whimpered non stop, especially each time Ardor's cock went all the way down her rapidly dripping snatch. Gushes of translucent liquids splashing between Ardor's crotch, and Adena's cheeks a second after pounding inside. "MMMNFF NNNFH!" Her head shook. She was by no means a brainless cumdumpster for degenerates like him, nor did she enjoy anything forceful. Teeth nibbling her ear, and the degrading words he whispered added to the humiliation that she felt. At this rate, she couldn't take much more of this demeaning ordeal and wanted it to end already... only if Ardor is well spent. Adena couldn't tell if his sex drive was high enough to go a few more rounds. 

Ardor was honestly surprised by just how wet she had become. He never saw a woman drip so much before, and it turned him on. Every thrust caused another splash of her nectar to spray out from their connection, and every thrust pushed a little closer to him invading even a little further. He began to leak precum inside of her as his thrusts grew a little faster, and he now moved his lips to her neck, biting down roughly on her neck, indenting his teeth into her neck like a marking. Primitive, but then, he was forcing himself on her, in an attempt to make her his bitch. Suddenly, his thrusts pushed past even her cervix, and that final barrier her body had was broken. He was pumping directly into her womb, and that's exactly where he planned to deposit his large load of cum.

"UMMMMMMFH!!" Adena's head tilted back, and eyes behind the blindfold widened. All of a sudden every inch of her tummy had been filled with a burst of the hot, sticky substance. The amount was quite a bit and even leaked from the crevices of her stuffed womanhood. "MMMFUH!!!" And at the same time, she climaxed once, twice, and then thrice around his exploding member. Both of them made quite a mess as the bed covers were wet with fluids and white goo. So much of it, that Adena's nostrils twitched from the strong, pungent scent of her captor's cum.

Ardor moaned softly as he came, flooding her insides to the brim. He grinned, reaching up to pull off her blindfold so that she could see the bulge of his length. He let out another soft moan as he felt her spasming around his length as she came over and over, and he grinned. "Cumming this much from my dominance? You really are a pervert, aren't you?" He laughed, then gave her a light smack on the cheek. "Don't worry... I'm not done pleasuring you yet~ I have to make good and sure that you learn who you belong too, after all." He grinned, and even as his sperm leaked around his length, he began to pump her insides again, this time making sure she could watch the bulge of his length pounding her. "I want to watch as the resistance fades from your eyes, to be replaced with obedience~" 

Adena wanted reprieve but still horny and pent-up he didn't give it to her. Adena felt degraded at the sight of his cock moving inside it. The look on her face was a jarring mishmash of anger, humiliation, and helplessness after he took off the blindfold, and she knew Ardor savored these expressions. The verbal abuse didn't end there, as Adena shook off the mention of being a pervert of sorts, which she isn't. Not if this is forced against her own will.

Ardor absolutely loved the look on her face after he removed the blindfold. It sent shivers racing down his spine, and desire burning in him. This was half the reason he'd wanted to capture her; the expressions lest she slowly broke down, accepting her new life. His movements didn't start off as slow this time, instead just enjoying watching her body respond to each thrust; the sloshing of his cum in her womb and the bouncing of her breasts. One of his hands found her jaw, gripping it lightly, and running a thumb over her skin.

The sway of her tits was incessant. They simply moved nonstop the faster Ardor got in his thrusts. Adena's facial expression didn't change as much, for she was still unwilling to let him get what he wants. He could fill her up with as much seed as possible, and she still wouldn't crack. Ardor might have known that hence his ironclad persistence to make her surrender.

Ardor retracted his now shriveled cock out of Adena's glazed pussy without letting small bits of cum squirt onto her thighs. No longer erect, he was sad to be spent after hoping their fuck session would be a long-lasting one. 


Still roped, and duct taped, Ardor decided to include MORE to Adena's bondage. First, he forced her already bound arms into a black and red armbinder. He quickly secured it to her with leather straps which ran up each of her shoulders and buckled back into the conjoined sleeves. Adena simply winced from the every-growing tightness as he laced the armbinder up. A large roll of tape is held in her line of sight and Adena's head is pulled back before Ardor wraps tape around, and around her ball gagged mouth. After going around it eighteen times, he tears off the roll. Another new contribution to the bondage was a black leather hood that Ardor slips over Adena's head and secures with its straps clasped at the back. The hood covered everything except her nose and excessively gagged mouth.

Her eyesight stolen once again, Ardor forcefully pushed a five-inch dildo up between her legs. "UMMMMFH!" Adena grunted and moaned behind her gag; her hips pushing back against it. But there was no satisfaction from this intruder. Once it was in place it simply remained static. Next, Ardor forced an anal plug up her ass, expanding her ass around the girth until she clamped around the smaller base of the toy.

Adena then feels a tight leather belt being strapped around her waist. Another strap was attached to the front, which Ardor pulled up between her legs. "FUUUUFFK!" She grunted as the toys were pushed deeper into her body. Ardor buckled the strap at the small of her back and tugged it again to ensure that it was tight enough. 

Ardor carefully proceeds to fit a tight, leather waist cincher around her torso. It was much like a small corset, crushing Adena's body into a pleasing shape, but this left nothing to the imagination. Just like her armbinder, Ardor tightened the laces. He laid Adena on her front and both legs were then lifted up. Ardor takes a silver chain with clips on each end. The first is secured between Adena's ankles, and the other end meets the armbinder's O-ring that pulled her into an uncomfortable hogtie.

Ardor hopped off the bed before parting with these words: "From now on, you will live out the rest of your days as my pet. And soon to be queen who will bear my children! I have to pilot my ship. Once we arrive on my lovely home planet, our lovemaking will continue!"


Suddenly Adena's body tensed once more as she felt a soft buzzing from both the toys in her lower body. The dildo in her cunt sprang to life. Even the plug up her ass vibrating was adding to the stimulation overwhelming her. Still filled with Ardor's cum, she couldn't help but shudder as the vibrator started working its magic. It wasn’t quite enough to drive her over the edge to her much-desired orgasm, but it was getting her so close to the edge.

Just when she thought that it might be enough, they both silenced and fell dormant between her legs. "FFFFUUFK!" Adena's desperation to cum being cut short, immensely crushed her hopes of release. 

"Last but not least, do enjoy your rest... if you CAN rest that is." Ardor added, knowing well the near-impossible feat of sleeping with the lewd toys he'd keep on until they returned to his planet. 

"MMMPH!!" Was all Adena could say as Ardor left her alone. The door is closed - but not locked. He'd hear those damned devices jumping back to life after stepping away from Adena's room.

Ardor walked the corridor of his ship that had closed bedrooms like the one he kept Adena in. Myriadian ships came in a handful of varieties. One variant had an aisle of seats for 50 passengers, while others like Ardor's were constructed like a cruise complete with twenty rooms for guests (Captives in his case), two restrooms for the respective genders, and a kitchen. The Myriadians he robbed this ship from was obviously from a wealthy family and Ardor would make a huge profit if he ever considered selling it.

With Adena present in his thoughts, the ever lecherous Douleian's patience grew thin. Oh, he couldn't wait to have more fun with her in his palace bedchambers. His fellow guardsmen would love Adena's body as well; so he already had plans to use her in a gangbang.

The ship that lingered in the city outskirts was not ready for taking off yet. When it's corridor emptied (Ardor is already in the cockpit at this time) a mysterious figure drops from the ceiling. The descent gave no audible thud or grunt after landing safely on hands and feet.


"MMMMPHUCK!" Adena was despairing now. Her incredibly stringent bondage and vibrating plugs that didn't leave her ass and pussy guaranteed NO hope of getting the rest she wanted. Every time she neared climax, they stopped. When she could close her eyes they turned on again. It was a torturing matter of rinse and repeat. As she could do little to squirm in her hogtie the door to her room had been pushed open. With the hood strapped over her head, Adena couldn't see if Ardor returned for a quick fuck.

It was not him who entered the room but rather, a female who gave off the appearance of a ninja sporting peach skin, a long black ponytail held by a red hair bow, and yellow-orange eyes. She wore a black skintight leotard with red vertical stripes on the outside that left her arms in silver gauntlets and legs in black boots exposed. Her waist fitted with a wide leather belt adorned with silver metal, and a circular buckle that had three kunai daggers on each side. The ninja's neck hidden in a red scarf with it's ends dangling on each side behind her.

"Need to make this quick." Her light pitched voice had an Asian accent which Adena heard. She hoped to god the individual she couldn't see was here to stage a rescue. The ninja lifted Adena off the bed with both arms and held her close. The next thing she'd hear is the sound of electrical crackles. The grip of Adena's rescuer became firm as her body appeared to generate sparks of red lightning. Whatever was going on, Adena braced herself, before a Japanese phrase is uttered.  


Both women vanish out of the room, albeit leaving everything the way it was prior. At this time Ardor's ship took off into the night sky, and through the stars on the course for Douleia.

--Back on Planet Douleia

"Ahhh... home at last!!" Ardor unbuckles the belt of his seat and rushes out to fetch the woman of his dreams. He felt full of excitement like a child waking up to see his Christmas presents on the way to Adena's room. Ardor reached the unlocked door before forcing his way inside. 

"We're finally here my goddess fucktoy! Now let's get you out and..." 

Ardor's words were cut short by a horrified gasp. The goddess of flames he kept bound in the most secure position possible was nowhere to be seen. 

"No." He gulped hard. "Oh god no..."

He is devastated. Incredibly devastated that his dream left him not once... but twice.



Slowly and reluctantly, Adena uncovers her face. She blinks, closes her eyes, and blinks again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window that blinds her. She sits up, drags her feet off the bed, and rubs her knuckles into her eyes. Adena woke up bare naked in the bedroom of her island manor, completely freed from every restraint that inhibited her ability to fight back. Being taken and ravaged by a sex-crazed madman from in her mind God knows where only to be rescued before her situation got worse from there. The goddess stretches her arms above her head and yawns, as her legs dangle above the red carpet floor.

"Hm?" Adena spotted a piece of paper written in black ink. How did it get in here? She thought. That aside, the paper is snatched up and given a read. 

"Dear goddess of flames

That madman who took you, prisoner, is bad news. According to Interpol, he comes from a planet ruled by sexual slavery. I'm sure you among others are aware that 80% of the Zeta galaxy's female population vanished... and it's all because of him. Everything leading to your rescue was luckily a coincidence. Ninja Corps sent me on a solo mission to pursue a war criminal who fled into Canvas City's outskirts, but then I came across a large ship I recognized from a video Interpol showed us and watched your unconscious body being carried inside. A hostage comes first, the criminal comes later. So priorities changed and I took action. When we meet again, I expect a token of appreciation from you.

--Kurogane of Ninja Corps"

Adena smiled. And of course, she looked forward to meeting her savior again.


Three years have passed after Adena escaped Ardor's captivity by the skin of her teeth. Well had it not been for the demon ninja Kurogane who abandoned her current mission to chase the war criminal Abis Mal. Since then, Adena decided to quit working as a dominatrix for hire to ensure no kidnapping would happen again. Everything became smooth sailing from there - until 2905 things changed for the better because she reunited with her sweetheart since childhood in the form of bondage goddess Diamond.

At the time Diamond sought to repopulate her mansion with servants subjected to what she did best until Adena realized the actions of her best friend were wrong. Instead of settling things with a climactic final battle, she convinced Diamond to release those she took from their homeworlds while backing it up with moral statements. Diamond complied, seeing it as a means of atonement and gives her former captives an apology for good measure. Diamond delivers each and every captive back to where they belonged, before returning home with Adena. They both embraced each other and her new life of love began anew. 

In 2906, one year after their tearful reunion the goddesses eventually married, and have committed themselves to each other. Therefore, Diamond is no longer interested in snatching damsels left and right. 

As for Adena... deep down she is certain... certain that someone or something WILL arise to split them apart. In the meantime, she enjoys life with her beloved wife to the fullest. Not only them - but those they befriended in their past ventures as well.

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