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'Upload,' Chun-Li said to herself, her phone in hand as she tapped the screen with her finger.

The Interpol agent had just returned home from the gym, another intense workout complete. Feeling good, she decided to take a quick selfie for her Immediategram followers. She had only recently discovered the site, but it hadn't taken long for her to amass one million followers (and growing). She was the "Strongest Woman in the World", after all, and was world famous. This past couple of days, however, she had noticed a sudden loss of followers, which she really didn't understand.

She had suggested the site to her fellow Street Fighters and she wondered how successful their pages were. As a joke, Chun-Li had told her friends that in a week, she would have more followers.

But before she did anything else, it was time to eat.


Cammy swiped her forehead, ridding it of sweat. Her workout was complete and the results were cascading down her toned form.

In the past few weeks, taking a picture of herself after a workout had become as necessary as the cooldown stretches. She stood in front of the gym mirror. She was wearing a green sports bra, her sweat-slick six-pack on full display, and a pair of tight spandex shorts that tightly hugged her lower half. Her shimmering thighs and calves swelled with muscle, putting all other gym goers to shame, though she was lucky Chun-Li didn't attend this gym.

A challenge she had set herself was to gain as much muscle on her legs as the Chinese woman, but it was proven to be an impossible task.

She took a quick glance at her face, fearing what she would see. As she had just had a grueling workout, she looked exhausted, but she didn't care - it wasn't as if her followers would be looking that high up.

She took the pic and uploaded it. She eagerly (well, not really, considering the intelligence of her average followers) waited for the replies.


Full and clean, Chun-Li flopped onto the couch with her phone in hand. She decided to check the Immediategram comments on her picture. She always appreciated the comments, though some could get a little creepy and/or were difficult to understand because of the grammar.

'Huh?' She suddenly said, sitting up straight. For once, the comments weren't so kind. She got the odd troll every now and then, but looking at these replies it seemed as if every single one of them was a troll.

One of them read, "so borting. tits or gtfo!!"

Chun-Li was disgusted. Is that all she was to this person? And his grammar was atrocious.

"y no ass."

This comment was even more insulting with even worse grammar. She would never show her ass on Instagram like some attention seeking slut.

"man ur so fuckin hot but you never show off that body!!!"

Is this why she had been losing followers? Weren't her pics lewd enough? She would never stoop that low for followers. If they didn't like what she posted, they could just continue to leave.

Chun-Li finally released the angry grip she had had on her phone this whole time.

"Men,' she growled.

Once she had banned a few people, she began to wonder how well her friends had been doing on the site. Perhaps they had received the same kind of disgusting comments.

She swiftly typed "Cammy White" into the search engine, before clicking on her page. Chun-Li's brow creased at once. The blonde had amassed two million followers, twice as much as she had. How?

She scrolled down to investigate. From the types of pictures that Cammy had uploaded, it was obvious why. Not that there was anything that risque - most pics were just her flexing in front of the gym mirror - but there were a few that stood out, such as the one that was literally just her butt in a pair of tight shorts. Her well-formed glutes jutted out proudly, sculpted in the very gym she had taken the picture. She suddenly felt guilty about her previous thought, calling women who post their butts on Immediategram a "slut". Chun-Li blushed at the very thought of ever taking a picture like this of herself.

There was one where she was doing the splits, her quads bulging prominently, and another where she was lifting her shirt to expose her chiseled stomach.

Chun-Li supposed it wasn't too surprising to see Cammy posting pics like this, considering her battle attire had her butt cheeks unashamedly hanging out. In fact, she was surprised she wasn't exposing even more in these pics.

I suppose I have been a little conservative, she thought. It wouldn't hurt to show off a little more skin.

She laughed at herself before searching for "Rainbow Mika".

Chun-Li's smile quickly fell south.

'F-five million followers?' She said, spraying her phone with spat as she almost launched off the couch.

Now, Cammy had a certain level of fame, what with her being a Street Fighter, but Mika was the world's most famous female wrestler, so it wasn't a surprise to see she had more followers than the Brit. However, Chun-Li was the most famous woman in the world, and her followers didn't even compare. Chun-Li was fuming.

She scrolled down to check out her pictures. There were a couple of simple ones where she was stood beside a smiling Nadeshiko and Zangief, and one where she was stood in the ring holding up her belt.

'Oh, my,' Chun-Li uttered, her eyes landing on an eye-catching pic of the blonde clad in a bikini.

She was performing a barbell squat on the beach, her voluptuous form tanned and sweaty. The camera was facing upwards, slightly beneath her. Her massive thighs, biceps, and boobs bulged under the strain. Her bikini had slipped away slightly, revealing a slightly lighter shade of skin from beneath that the Sun hadn't touched. Her face was red, both from the Sun and the workout. She was still wearing her mask, of course; Mika had once told her that she even slept with it on.

Behind the busty blonde was her just-as-busty trainer, Yoko Armageddon, who was seemingly shouting instructions at her.

Chun-Li's mouth was watering, and she wasn't even a follower. Is this what they wanted from her? She just wasn't the type to post stuff like this. In battle, Cammy and Mika showed off their butts without a care, but she kept her body hidden beneath a qipao.

'Five million followers,' she grumbled to herself. It was really getting to her.

She continued to scroll down and was exposed to more pictures of Mika with almost nothing on, and in a variety of poses.

There was one more Instagram page she wanted to check: Laura Matsuda, her newest friend, was a Brazilian bombshell with more boobs and butts than brains. If Mika's pictures had shocked her, Laura's were going to give her a heart attack. But at least she had the comfort of knowing that there was no way Laura, who had only become a known name last year, had more followers than her.

'What the hell!?' She yelled at her phone in an uncharacteristic outburst. 'Ten million followers!? But she's a nobody!'

Just like Mika, Laura's uploads showed off her voluptuous form, including her sizable chest and buttocks. She had the typical Brazilian curves and her followers were loving them.

The stand out pic made Mika's look tame. Laura was lying on her bed with her back towards the mirror, glancing over her shoulder with camera in hand. She had slipped her shorts down, exposing her huge Brazilian butt cheeks for all her followers to see.

It was an amazing ass but had she no shame? Her slit was just barely shielded by her belt-thin shorts. Chun-Li was surprised pictures like this weren't against their terms of service. She contemplated reporting her out of anger and jealousy.

Chun-Li threw her phone down on the couch in hate. She couldn't believe how much this was bothering her. If she showed off even half the skin those sluts had, she knew she would have more followers than them all put together. She had the sexiest, most desirable body in the entire world. If she that's what she needed to do to get more followers, that's exactly what she was going to do!

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