Dark Horizon

BY : CometEJay00
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Within the Superdimension, Vert is having a big party within a huge building for it’s the day when she will finally gain sisters who will aid her to protecting her nation of Leanbox. “Oh Gene, this is a wonderful day. I am going to gain sisters,” Vert said as Histoire gave her the good news earlier for she organizes the big party on the fly.

“Oh course, Lady Vert. I don’t want you being alone,” Gene said.

“Don’t be silly, I have you,” Vert said in a teasing tone making her head priest blush.

“You know what I mean. All the other goddess gained sisters not too long again and now thankfully you will have CPU candidates to call your own,” he said.

“I know, and I am grateful for that,” she said for they are on stage to see a huge crowd of Vert’s fans filling out the building. 

“Morning people of Leanbox,” Gene said on a megaphone to see them cheering for their goddess. “Lady Vert has grace you with her voluptuous presence and here she is,” Gene said.

Vert came up making her chest bounce a bit making the guys in the crowd along with Gene wooing over her intense beauty. “Naturally of course. Well my friends. We are here to celebrate the arrival of my cute sisters who I hope you will love as well as you adore me,” she said as the crowd goes nuts.

The big event is ongoing for Gene and Vert to oversee the event with them getting some funnel cakes. “For you Lady Vert,” Gene said as they sit down at a table.

“Thank you, my dear Gene,” Vert said as she sits with her favorite guy to be a soft faced young male elf with shoulder length black hair with bright red eyes and long pointy ears. He has fair skin and only standing 5’5 tall. He is wearing a white flowing robe which is model after a sailor dress hiding his slender effeminate body with white tights and black slippers.

“Also, Lady Vert. Your reveal of your new IP is a big success with over 1 million views on the main Leanbox page within the last hour,” Gene said.

“I knew we will knock it out of the park. I have to get prepare for Triple E convention along with my other projects to defeat the other girls,” she said.

“I wish you luck Lady Vert,” Gene said as he looks upon the divine beauty to see her happily eating her treats with her giving him a smile that could melt his heart. “Lady Vert,” he whispered.

“You know don’t have to call me Lady. We are friends for a while now, you don’t need to be so formal with me,” she said.

“I know but it’s so fitting for someone with such grace and strong femininity. It’s only natural to give you that title,” Gene said making his Goddess blush as she adored him giving her such tender words.

“You are so sweet Gene. I am glad you are at my side,” she said as it’s his turn to blush from her velvet yet regal tone of voice.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Gene said as they finish their meal to enjoy the event together for they see Histoire for Vert, Gene and the rest of the fans await in eagerness for the grand event to happen.

“Thank you all for waiting. Vert, I present your two sisters. Bouquet and Chika,” Histoire said as two young women are presented with Vert having big hearts in her eyes.

“Oh my gosh. They are so cute,” Vert said as Bouquet bows her head and does a curtsy for her new big sister.

“My name is Bouquet, I am pleased to meet you, I hope we can get along well,” Bouquet said as she looks 14 years old having long blond hair, big blue eyes, standing 4’9 tall and fair skin. She is wearing a simple white frilly dress, white hairband and white shoes.

Vert goes up to give her a big hug showing her tiny face into her heaving bosom. “Oh Bouquet, it’s like love at first sight,” she said.

“Oh, big sister. Your chest is so soft,” Bouquet said enjoying the warmth and softness of her huge bust as Gene looks on being very jealous.

“That kid is so lucky,” Gene thought as Chika looks on being jealous of Bouquet getting all the attention.

“Oh hello, you have another cute sister to play with. I am Chika and I will make you happy, my big sis,” Chika said.

“You are quite cute as well Chika,” Vert said to give her a big hug as well for Chika is enjoying Vert’s breasts for she has a big nosebleed.

“Oh, I am in total bliss,” Chika said sounding gleeful.

“So, these are our Green Sisters. It’s nice to meet you, my name is Gene. I am the head priest and second in command to Vert,” he said.

“Please to meet you sir,” Bouquet said being very polite.

“Are you seriously wearing a dress?” Chika asked trying to hold a laugh.

“No, it’s a robe designed by Vert herself,” Gene said.

“Whatever make you sleep at night, sir,” she said slyly.

“Come with me on stage, you two,” Vert said as she brings them up as the Leanbox citizens get a good view of the new sisters. “Everyone meet my new Green Sisters,” she said as the crowd are thinking they were both cute.

“Thank you everyone. I will do my best,” Bouquet said.

“Ditto, you can count on us,” Chika said giving them a wink as Gene goes up to his goddess to tap her shoulder.        

“Hey Lady Vert. I got a surprise for you,” he said.

“What is it? Is it a new game or light novel?” she asked sounding excited.

“No but it’s something even better,” Gene said as the event ends for them to be within the Basilicom. Gene is holding a suitcase with his Goddess coming in with a lovely smile on her cheerful face.

“So, what is this surprise,” she said as he opens the suitcase to see an upgrade module. “A Processor Unit Module, it looks brand new,” Vert said as Gene accesses it with his staff.

“It’s called Double Round X. Its vastly superior to the original Double Round. It will increase your potential even further and it will allow you to access your shares regardless where you are,” he said.

“Oh, thank you Gene. You are always looking out for me,” she said with a bright smile on her face.

“I do my best. Go on, try it on,” he said as she grabs the small device and activates her HDD to become Green Heart with her new processor units with Gene’s nose leaking out blood to see his favorite Goddess curvy body filling out her new battle outfit especially her huge bust.

 “Well what do you think?” she asked as Gene is flatlined by her new outfit. The base core part of the outfit is the same Double Round, but it has a mainly white color scheme replacing the black while the red is replaced with green. The rest of the Processor Unit like the wing, shoulder, feet, waist and head components is based on Prototype Green.

“This is so nice. Thank you, Gene,” she said sounding so happy as this brought joy to Gene to see his best girl in the world happy.

“No problem but Vert. Did your breasts get bigger,” Gene said as he noticed closer that her chest has gotten bigger.

“Oh yes, the daily massages I am doing are yielding success. My human form is up a G cup and now my breasts in my Goddess form are now an H Cup,” she said.

“G and H cups,” Gene thought as lustful thoughts are overwhelming his mind with him feeling his underwear and tights feeling tighter against his large bugle. “Oh no, thank the Goddess for me wearing a loose robe,” he thought feeling so embarrassed for he is getting an erection in front of Vert.

“You didn’t notice?” she said in a flirty tone which made Gene worse feeling his penis press deeper into his briefs.

“Yeah but I thought I was imagining things,” Gene said as she goes up to him making her breasts bouncing getting his attention.

“Well you are clearly not. Impressed,” she said as Gene face turning deep shade of red.

“Yes, very impressed,” he said as she loves teasing him seeing his cute reactions.

“Well this is nice. I feel much stronger than before, this will come in handy,” she said.

“Indeed, it will,” Gene walks away to hold his crotch to feel it pulsing through his robe. “I need a cold shower,” he said as both Green Sisters are seeing from afar.

“They are cute together,” Bouquet said.

“I guess as long as he doesn’t get in the way of sweet alone time with my dear Vert,” Chika said getting starry eyed from the thought of it.

Within a day, the two younger sisters get comfortable in the Basilicom for Vert and Gene are training the girls.

First, they were training Bouquet while the young goddess is quite nervous. “Don’t worry. There is no rush beside we need to train you in combat if you want to tag along with us,” Vert said.

“I want to use a bow and arrow,” she said.

“Oh okay. We got this bow from a quest awhile back, but I think it will be more useful to you,” Gene brought a nice wooden bow and with a quiver filled with arrows for Bouquet to practice with.

“That is fine. I will go try it out,” she said to head outside as Bouquet looks at the quiver to see magic runes on the fabric. “What are these?” she questioned.

“Those are spells I made to allow you to conjure arrows when you ran out making it more comfortable in combat,” Gene said as Bouquet draws out an arrow to put on the string to pull it back aiming for a barrel on top of a tree stump.

She fires the arrow and takes out the barrel knocking it onto the ground. “Wow nice shot,” Vert said.

“Thank you,” she said as she takes more shots to knock off her barrels leaving the duo impressed.

“Wow she seems to have a talent for archery,” Vert said.

“Good job, keep practicing and you will be taking out monsters in no time,” Gene said offering some kind advice.

“I will,” Bouquet said as Gene finds out Bouquet is good at White Magic with healing and support spells along with Light elemental attacks and spells. Bouquet is doing quite well as fusing magic with her archery skills.

Shortly after, it was Chika’s turn to see what she can do in the practice area. “Okay, Chika it’s your turn,” Gene said with him using his magic to set up targets with Chika drawing out her sword to start chopping up wooden targets with swiftness and grace.

“Moon Rise,” Chika slashes the air as she creates an energy crescent to slice off multiple targets.

“Oh, she is quite good,” Gene said being very impressed by Chika’s sword skills.

“She is good,” Bouquet said as she is watching her as well

“You have another talented sister Vert,” Gene said.

“Is there any doubt, they are my sisters” Vert said.

“Well are you impressed my darling Vert?” Chika asked.

“You are well verse in the sword,” Vert said.

“Of course, my skills are quite sharp,” Chika said feeling quite proud of herself.

“Well time to test your dodging and blocking,” Gene summons a barrage of lightning bolts to come from the sky. “Keep dodging and deflecting,” Gene said as Chika is weaving through the spells while blocking incoming electric bolts.

"Is this going to hurt?" Chika asked.

"No, it will give you a big shock. Nothing more," Gene said.

"Oh wonderful," Chika said dryly as she is blocking and deflecting the bolts with her blade. She catches the last bolt with her blade, but it snaps the sword in half on impact. "Oh man I just got this sword. This sucks," Chika said.

"Well you have proven yourself Chika. We have a gift for you," Gene conjures sleek red katana and hand it over to Chika.

“Oh, this looks so pretty. Where did you get it from?” Chika asked.

“Some powerful warrior left it in a cave where he died. A blade worthy of someone of your caliber,” Gene said.

"Oh, I see, I will take good care of it," Chika said as she puts it back into the ruby red sheathe to put it on her back.

“I want to see your cute Goddess forms, I am quite curious?” Vert asked.

“Same here, I am also interested as well. We have more than enough Share energy for the transformation,” Gene said.

“Okay, I will go first,” Bouquet said for she is engulf in a pillar of light for she appears in her true form.

Bouquet is now grown 5’1 tall, sporting long green hair, purple eyes and a more mature face. She is now wearing a green and white leotard now fitting her more womanly curves especially with her bust upping from 30A cup to 34D cup. Also, she has white thigh high boots and green colored detachable sleeves. Her wings shaped like a swan’s but with a white and green colored metal casing which matched her other processor unit equipment on her person.

“Well she is a Leanbox CPU candidate for sure with the big breasts to prove it,” Gene said as Bouquet looks at herself to grab onto her breasts to be amazed by her body and power.     

“Wow. I am so grown up now and so strong too,” Bouquet said to create an elegant white bow in her hands to fire multiple shots to carry enough force to destroy several logs. “Spiral Shot,” Bouquet summons magic into the arrow to fire her shot becoming an energy drill to punch through multiple targets destroying them all.

“Very good,” Vert said.

“Ditto,” Gene said as Bouquet blushes from the sweet praises.

“Thank you very much,” she said to bow her head for she reverts to her human form.

“Alright Chika, you are up,” Gene said

“Okay, here I go,” Chika said as she transforms for she is engulfed in a big pillar of light for Chika emerges from the pillar of light to be in her goddess form.

Chika is sporting long dark green hair with blond highlights, blue eyes and retaining the same height. She is now wearing the Wind Dragon processor unit now fitted to her new curvier body especially with her bust going from a 34E cup to 36F cup.

“Wow, my boobs are huge now,” Chika said touching her new chest.

 “A Leanbox trademark,” Vert said as Chika is wearing her new blade to instantly slice off 15 logs in a single swing.

“This feels amazing,” Chika said as she summons her katana to chop off a thick log with ease. “Was that great, my dearest Vert?” Chika asked.

“Yes, you are quite powerful,” Vert said as Chika flies up to her to rub her face into her cleavage.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is my dream to fight by your side,” Chika said sound like she is about to cry tears of joy.

“Well I hope we can work together,” Bouquet said as Chika puts her hand onto the little goddess’s head.

“No problem kid,” Chika said to revert to her normal human form.

“Well Chika, good for you to be on our side,” Gene said

 “You can count on me,” Chika said.

Later that day with the moon high against the dark sky with a mysterious woman on top of a mountain looking down onto the Basilicom. A black creature is sitting on top of her shoulder. “Interesting, the artifact I seek is within the walls of that Basilicom. I need that gem to order to revive your master,” she said to silently plan out her assault.                

Gene is on a ladder looking over the books in the grand library within the Basilicom for Vert is coming in to see him. “Hey Gene. What are you looking for?” she asked.

“I am doing some research on the artifact we had collected a few months. Due to all the planning for your game events, I didn’t the time to look it up,” he said as Vert is looking up to get a look under his robe.

“May, may. What a lovely sight,” she said licking her lips to his skinny legs to go past to see his small round rear and an impressive member form against his white tights. “So, big and a cute butt as well,” she said as she has a nosebleed with blood going to her lips.

Gene noticed to flush in the face as he feels Vert staring at him like a piece of meat. “Vert, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Oh, I was enjoying the view,” she said.

“I am glad you think so,” he said as he likes being the sight of her affections. He takes a book and goes down the ladder with Vert being disappointed.

“You are talking about the Havoc Gem yes?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s a powerful artifact that give the user great amounts of power and able to warp time and space itself. The energies it emits is quite remarkable and unique,” Gene said.

“Sounds very serious,” Vert said.

“Yes, but thankfully. You have me, yourself, Bouquet and Chika along with a bunch of guards. No one is dumb enough to go in and take it by force,” Gene said.

“Of course, since a big strong man like you can help protect my home and my person,” Vert said to give him a hug to press her breasts against his arm.

“Oh, her tits are the best,” Gene thought thinking about all the naughty thing he can do to Vert’s bountiful bust. “Of course, Lady Vert,” he said as Bouquet and Chika are on top of the building to overlook the perimeter with the moon high in the sky.

“The sky is so beautiful tonight,” Bouquet said.

“Indeed, it is. It’s been a great time, we are working with our beloved sister,” Chika said.

“With Gene as well,” Bouquet corrected her.

“Yeah him too,” Chika said.

“Why did you pick the sword to be your weapon?” Bouquet asked.

“Swords are cool, and I want to use swords. Simple as that, why use a bow?” Chika asked.

“I have an interest in it and I have a natural talent for it,” Bouquet said.

“I see, with us in her pocket we can fight any of the other nations,” Chika said.

“Vert wouldn’t be so lonely anymore. She has us along with Gene,” Bouquet said.

Chika noticed something within the shadows to draw out her katana. “What the hell was that?” she wondered.

“You saw something?” Bouquet summons her bow and arrows to see a small humanoid which has a body made of dark ink like skin and its eyes were golden yellow eyes.

“What kind of monster is that?” Chika questioned as more of them pop out of nowhere to start swarming them. “Oh shit,” she said as she cloaks her blade in energy and let out a barrage of energy crescents to chop into the horde.

Bouquet unleashes a powerful barrages of arrow to blast the monsters into kingdom come but lot of little monsters replace them. “Fearsome enemies but whoever is controlling these creatures. They are like animals, driven by instincts,” Bouquet said to pierce a small monster with her arrow to see a few more bigger enemies appearing along with the smaller ones.   

The whole building is being attacked by a horde of weird ink like monsters with Vert transforming into her Green Heart form. “Time to put this new Processor Unit to good use,” Vert said as she summons her spear to stab and slash through the monsters.

Then a bigger dark humanoid appears to roar at them as Gene brings out his staff to cast down a barrage of lightning bolts to stun the monster. “Magus Ray,” Gene gathers magic into his staff and release it as a big beam of energy to punch through the monster’s torso.

“Nice shot,” Vert said.

“Thanks. We need to clear out the Basilicom of these beasts,” Gene said as they begin attacking the monster with the woman going through the hallways to go for the havoc gem locked deep underground under the building.

“The gem is so near. Nothing will get in my way, now my Shades destroy all my enemies,” she said as she spread out her creatures to overwhelm the guards.   

“Lady Bouquet. We found the one who is controlling the monsters. It’s a woman, she is heading for the Havoc Gem,” the guard said on the radio as a sword flies through his neck severing off his head to see blood shooting out of the neck slot.

“A woman huh, Chika let’s go,” Bouquet said as the two women go down the stairs slashing their way through increasing hordes of Shades.

“Yeah, yeah, I got your back,” Chika said as they both combine their attacks to be in sync to tear the groups of small creatures apart. Chika fires a strong beam from her blade to shoot the bigger humanoids in the head with her attack causing a big blast scattering black ooze on the walls.

The whole staircase is shaking to see a large Shade looking like a big misshaped bird to tackle onto the side of the Basilicom to destroy a section of the wall exposing them.

“What are these things?” Chika wondered.

“No time for questions, we must find Vert and Gene,” Bouquet said to draw out her bow.

“These things better not touch my precious Vert,” she said as they are dodging incoming dark orbs destroying sections of the staircases with them shooting back energy attacks. Bouquet is lobbing energy arrows with the monster avoiding them with ease for one arrow striking the side of the beast with enough force to knock it back a bit.

“Flash Boomer,” Chika charges up her palm and fires multiple energy bolts to embedded into the skin of the Shade for the projectiles explode seeing black liquid pouring out of the gaping wounds. The bird flips its wings to unleash a big gust of wind to knock both goddesses to fall down the stairs to knock on the door.

The Shade appears inside to charge at the two to tackle into them sending the duo flying into a big area.  The monster flies at them as the two get back on their feet.  Chika slashes off its wings to see black fluid splash all over the place. Bouquet fires a powerful explosive arrow to hit into the monster’s body.

It explodes on contact as the black ooze covering the two girls as Bouquet gets in contact with Gene and Vert via radio earpiece. “Damn it. All this weird black stuff,” Chika said.

“Gene and Vert. Where are you, they are going after the Havoc Gem,” Bouquet said.

“We know. Meet us there,” Vert said as she is cutting down small Shades with the bigger ones swinging their arms and shooting dark orbs at Vert. Gene is conjuring a magic barrier to protect Vert and himself from incoming rapid bursts and blows.

Gene summons a bunch of explosive water bubbles to aim into the hordes to see big amount of black liquid pouring onto the floor. Suddenly a large Shade shaped like a gorilla to pound onto the floor to cause a series of shockwaves with the duo are avoiding it.

Gene is blasting the big ape with multiple magic bullets from his staff with the beast evading his magic to punch Gene. At the last minute, he manages to create a barrier to shield himself with the force of the attack knock him into a table.

“You okay?” Vert asked as despite Gene is a very strong mage, he is physically frail.

“I am okay,” he said as Vert launches multiple magical spears to impale the beasts with Gene firing a concussive beam to push the monster back into a wall.

“Tornado Slash,” Vert gathers wind energy into the blade of her spear and releases a big fearsome twister to rip the gorilla to tears. Gene fires another Magus Ray and strikes down the hulking monster killing it.

“To the Havoc Gem vault,” Gene said as they all go to the underground section with the woman getting closer to her goal to see a bright gold gem in a glass case.

“At last, the first part of my plan is nearly complete,” she said as she can sense four people behind her. “Oh, Green Heart and her friends has appeared before me. You took care of my Shade,” she said.

“Who are you and why do you want the gem?” Gene demanded as they see a tall pale skinned woman with glowing yellows eyes and long silver hair to be clad in tight blue bodysuit.

“None of your concern but I can’t be rude. I will introduce myself before you die. I am Void, the wielder of the powerful Shade. The creatures you been fighting lately are an extension of me,” Void said as she is wielding her blade to thrust at Vert to deflect it away with her polearm.

“I will not let you get away with this,” Vert said the four are engaging Void in combat as she is holding her own against Vert’s team. Both the two young goddesses transform into their CPU forms.

Gene is peppering the floor with rock spikes for Void is launching a barrage of dark beams to rip through his spells. He puts up a magical barrier to block it, but the recoil made him go on his knees leaving him vulnerable to attack, but Chika slaps a beam away with her red katana blade.

“Thanks Chika,” he said.

“Don’t mention it. Keep on your toes,” Chika said to clash with Void to knock the young goddess away with Bouquet blasting Void into a chair.

“Aurora Ring,” Chika tosses her blade to cloak it in pulsing energy aiming for Void’s head with the villainess avoiding it by jumping. Gene and Vert fire beams of pure magic and wind to knock the woman into a wall.

Both Chika and Bouquet combined their attacks with Void dodging their strikes to kick them back onto the floor. “Thanks for the exercise, I got what I wanted,” she said as another Void is by the case to hold onto the Havoc Gem.

“What the hell?” Chika looking surprised.

“We were fighting a clone the whole time,” Vert said.

“Well I need to go somewhere. See you later,” Void said as she is powering up with the gem.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Gene aims his staff to fire a magic beam to strike the gem for it breaks with a massive light overtaking Void, Vert, Gene, Chika and Bouquet disappearing into it leaving Leanbox behind.

Vert is on the ground out of her HDD form to be surrounded by a twisted forest with the sky being deep purple and the air feeling very oppressive making her spine quiver.

“This feels so weird. Where are we. This is nothing like Leanbox,” she said to see everyone is on the ground with Gene’s upper body struck in a broken tree stump.

“Hey. Can you get me out of here,” Gene begged as his robe was hiked up to show off his legs flinging around with Vert taking a nice look at his blue and white striped briefs which can be seen through his white tights hugging his butt nicely.

“Mm, very cute undies Gene,” she teased him making his blush.

“Vert, stop staring and help me,” he said being embarrassed to be in a compromising position.

“Give me a minute,” she said taking in the pleasant sights. “Okay I am done,” she said to pull him out with Gene straighten out his robe.

“Vert, you took your sweet old time,” he said as Gene pouts at her for she thought he looks quite adorable making that sour face.

“Sorry I can’t help myself,” she said.

“Anyhow, where are we? This isn’t Leanbox,” he wondered as Chika and Bouquet get up as well to be as confused as the others.

“Wow, this place is giving me the willies,” Bouquet said.

“You are telling me,” Chika said.

“Stay focused. We need to gather information to see where we are,” Vert said as she is looks on the ground to see a golden shard there. “Is that the Havoc Gem. No, it’s a piece of it,” she said holding it in her hand.

“Yeah I manage to break it and it’s all over the place. Void must of use the gem’s power to warp us to another world since Superdimension never looked like this,” Gene said.

“Well, we should find a town where we can get some information,” Bouquet said.

“Good idea, I need a good bath,” Chika said as they go off on the dirt road to look for a town.

They go down the road to only see forest until they see a nearby ruin which has weird cravings on it. “This is interesting,” Gene said.

“This could be useful for understanding this world,” Vert said as they go up to see weird images of two females with angel wings with one being colored white and the other colored black.

“Are these goddesses but I wonder if they are still around?” Bouquet questioned.

“Well not for a long time,” an older man appeared behind them.

“What do you know old man?” Chika asked.

“Well their twin goddesses that ruled over these lands so long ago but something happened but that was lost within the long stretch of time,” the old man said.

“So, who are you sir?” Vert asked.

“I am a mayor of a village of Yuri nearby, I am Richard,” he said.

“Oh, please to meet you. I am Vert,” she said to pinch the edges of her skirt to curtsy for him.

“Such a wonderful young lady; I barely seen that these days,” Richard said.

“These are sisters Chika and Bouquet, while this is my best friend Gene,” Vert introduces them.

“Glad to meet you all. I want to invite you all to our village to rest up from your travels,” he said as they are being taken to Richard’s village.

“Hey Richard, do you know why the sky is purple?” Gene asked.

“Well it’s due to the influence of the sleeping Dark Goddess Umbra. The poison miasma covering the air makes it impossible to go to the heavens where the Light Goddess rest now,” Richard said.

“Very interesting, why would she do that?” Gene said.

“Well it’s to protect us since they had a fierce hostile rivalry to the point of them parting ways,” he said.

“Cool,” Chika said.

“It is quite fascinating,” Vert said.

“I wonder Richard. Do you know the Superdimension?” Gene asked.

“This world is called the Superdimension and our region is the World Below placed under the heavens where the Goddess lays,” Richard said.

“The World Below,” Gene pondered.

 “Yep, we are here,” Richard said as they see a humble little village in the middle of the forest to see people living in a low-tech environment with the others being shocked by this.

“Wow, it’s like the Dark Ages came and gave this place a good few hits,” Chika said.

“Surprising low tech here,” Vert said as Richard showed him a house.

“Well this house is quite empty. You can use it as much as you like,” he said.

“Thank you, sir,” Vert said as they go inside to see its two stories tall with four rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

“Dibs on this room,” Chika said as they settle in with Gene sitting in the living room looking at his staff to stare at the Havoc Shard.

“You want to talk to us Gene,” Bouquet said as the three girls are around here.

“Well we know for a fact we are not in Leanbox anymore. Gamindustri is the realm above The World Below,” he said.

“Meaning the Goddesses like me have no influence in the World Below,” Vert said.

“Correct, that’s why we are getting that creepy vibe with the Dark Goddess having influence instead. Our only ticket out of here is the Havoc Gem but I broke it into pieces,” Gene said.

“Smart move there, buddy,” Chika said dryly.

“Either that or letting Void get away with it beside I manage to clone a magic signal with my staff to track the other shards,” Gene said to show off an image of the landmass they are on to see about 19 other shards scattered across the vast area of The World Below.

“Nice work Gene,” Vert said to gently stroke his shoulder.

“It’s my job to make your job easier. Anyway, we have a game plan. Find the shards, make the Havoc Gem whole again and use its power to go back home,” Gene said.

“Sounds good. I am going to crash,” Chika said to go to her room to take a nap.

“Do you think Void is here?” Gene asked.

“Most likely,” Vert said as elsewhere within an unknown location. Void is sitting in her chair holding one of the shards of the havoc gem in her hand.

“That girly boy ruined my plans but only temporary,” Void said as a bunch of Shades appear around her to look upon a large mural with Umbra image on it to emit a fade power. “Yes master. Once I get gem and use its power. We will become one and spread our influence within the Superdimension and beyond,” Void said as she has a big grin on her face with the mural glows faint to respond with Void.

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