Tira and Juri's Jolly Adventure

BY : JusticeForAll
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Tira's terrifying cackle echoed around the forest. Her two victims were laid out in front of her, bruised and unconscious. One was the famous female warrior, Sophitia; the other, her daughter, Pyrrha. The brave mother had come to rescue Pyrrha from Tira's clutches, but the harlequin had turned out to be too much for her to handle.

Even though she had the chance to finish them off, Tira hesitated. While she and Sophitia fought, the blonde's enormous breasts had bounced comically in her flimsy, white dress. Distracted, Tira had almost lost the fight. Now she was down and out, she wanted to have some fun with them. She was on her back, head towards Tira, giving her a fantastic view down her cleavage. They were hanging heavily to the side, almost spilling free. She would have her way with her and then kill her.

'I'm gonna enjoy this!' She said gleefully, her voice high pitched.

But before she could make a move, something that looked like a portal materialised beside her. A woman clad in a purple and black bodysuit stepped through. She glanced at Tira with her one eye, the other concealed by an eyepatch. The portal disappeared and the woman spoke.

'Ugh, who are you?' She asked, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

'Likewise, LADY,' she snapped back. 'Who are YOU?'

'The name's Juri,' she replied, eyes scanning the forest. 'I came here hoping to find the biggest tits in history - but instead, I found you.'

'Hey, you're not exactly impressing anyone in that department, either!' She shot back.

Juri rolled her eye at the strange girl. It all started when she defeated the mysterious time traveler, who called herself Ingrid. It was just another street fight until Ingrid revealed her power to time travel. Instead of going back to the past to prevent her parent's murder, or even going back to kill M. Bison to prevent Shadoloo from even coming to fruition, Juri demanded she transport her to a time where the most infamous of busty women were.

Juri assumed that Ingrid had tricked her in revenge for defeating her, but then she spotted the busty blonde.

'Mm, who is she?' She asked, tracing her lips with her tongue.

'Sophitia, or something,' Tira shrugged before her expression turned serious. 'Back off, ugly - I saw her first!'

It seemed this girl was into the fairer sex, as well. It was her only redeeming quality.

Juri then noticed the other girl, who was also blonde but not at all busty.

'Who's the other one? She's almost as revolting as you.'

'Oh, that's my precious Pyrrha,' she replied. 'She's Sophi-what's-her-name's daughter.'

'So you were planning on having your way with Sophitia?' Juri asked, a grin spreading across her face. 'Why don't we both have her at the same time? We can even make her daughter watch.'

'Oo, not a bad idea. But don't you dare touch me! I've got no interest in you!'

Juri agreed.

Tira grabbed Pyrrha by the arm and dragged her over to a tree stump. She placed the unconscious girl against it, took the unusual circular blade she had been holding, and lowered it around the tree stump and Pyrrha's body, holding her in place.

'Good work,' Juri said. 'Let's hope she wakes up in time to see us playing with her mom.'

'Oh, I'm sure she will. I didn't hit her THAT hard.'

Juri knelt down in the dirt, beside Sophitia. She was quietly breathing, her huge beasts rising and falling.

'Let's get to work on these,' she said, taking the top of her dress into her hands. With a simple tug, her mammoth mammaries were unleashed into the cold air. 'Damn, we're gonna have fun with these things.'

Tira was smiling equally as wide. The mother had a pair large enough to feed that litter she had at home.

Juri scooped her left mound into her hand, the supple flesh squelching between her fingers.

'You can have the other one,' Juri said before she clamped her lips around it.

Tira accepted the offer, kneeling at the other side of Sophitia to scoop her right nipple into her mouth.

The two women sucked aggressively, their hands squeezing and groping at her tits. Their oral ministrations reverberated through the trees, more than likely disturbing the wildlife.

'W-what's going on?'

With a simultaneous pop, Sophitia's tits were released for a moment, as Juri and Tira glanced backward at the voice. Pyrrha was conscious, her pretty face bruised and her eyes wet with tears.

'What's it look like?' Juri asked, gulping down some excess spit. 'We're sucking your mom's tits.'

'Yeah, Pyrrha,' Tira spoke up, smiling. 'Why don't you join us?'

'N-no!' She snapped, struggling to gain freedom. 'Leave her alone!'

'She probably sucked these things plenty of times, back in the day,' Juri said, returning to the aforementioned sucking.

'Mother, wake up!' The petite blonde yelled.

'Hm?' A noise finally came from Sophitia's lips. Her eyes fluttered open and instantly widened when she found Juri and Tira lashing at her nips with their tongues. ''Wh-what on Earth!' She attempted to move but winced in pain. It seemed she was still sore from Tira's beating.

'Just lay back and enjoy,' Juri mumbled, her mouth full of nipple.

'Who are you? Release me at once!' She went to strike Juri with her fist, but her arm was easily pinned down. She attempted to strike out with the other, but Tira was ready, and now both her arms were pinned to the sides of her head.

'I'm just a  girl who has a thing for busty blondes,' Juri said.

'Release me!' She repeated, her body writhing beneath them. Her nipples slipped from their tongues from her struggling. Her massive breasts, free from their relentless sucking, swung wildly. Her left tit slammed into Tira's face, knocking her sideways, freeing the blonde's arm. Sophitia took this opportunity to attempt an escape but soon found herself back in the dirt after a violent slap in on the cheek from Tira.

'You're really starting to piss me off!' She growled, the usual smile replaced with a frown.

'Whoa,' Juri uttered, surprised by the sudden outburst.

'Oh, no,' Pyrrha whimpered. 'Gloomy...'

'Gloomy, huh?' Juri grinned.

'Jolly had her turn,' she growled 'Let's turn this bitch over.'

Juri watched her do exactly that. The blonde was soon on her knees, face in the dirt and ass in the air. Her heavy mounds rested on the ground, bulging out from the sides.

Tira lifted Sophitia's skirt, revealing the backs of her meaty thighs, and her fleshy ass cheeks that were currently in the process of devouring her underwear. Tira saved them with a simple tug of her hand, gliding them over the expanse of her ass and down her legs. Tira stared hungrily at her bare butt and glistening lips. Her body was awesome like the Gods bestowed her with the perfect female form.

As hungry as Tira was, she was still pissed about the earlier incident involving her face and Sophitia's tit. She whipped a hand against the blonde's bloated buttocks and watched with awe as it danced.

'Leave her alone!' Pyrrha screamed.

'Will you shut up?' Tira spat, giving it another spank.

'Ah!' Sophitia winced.

'Stop!' Pyrrha disobeyed.

'Keep talking,' Tira said, responding with another slap against Sophitia's rippling cheeks.

Pyrrha finally fell silent.

'Hey, stop hogging her all to yourself,' Juri complained, as she crawled over to them.

Tira ignored her and dived face first into her muff. Her tongue lashed relentlessly, while her hands grasped at her meaty thighs.

As Tira ate her pussy out, Juri opened up her hefty cheeks. She released a wad of spit inside, before sliding her tongue in.

Both women concurrently pleasured her lower half, and it seemed Sophitia was beginning to enjoy the attention, her moans increasing in frequency and volume.

'M-mother?' Pyrrha uttered.

'J-Just be quiet, honey,' she grunted. 'There's nothing we can do to stop them.'

Juri emerged from her ass with a grin. 'So she's finally starting to come around.'

'It's about time,' Tira said, her voice slightly muffled.

Juri began the difficult task of removing her skin-tight bodysuit, which gained her a look of disgust from Tira.

'What are you doing?' She asked. 'Noone wants to see that shit!'

'Likewise,' Juri replied as Tira also began to undress, which was a much easier task with how little she was wearing.

Soon, both women were naked. They both had slim, toned forms; a contrast to Sophitia's buxom frame.

'You are a woman, right?' Juri sneered. 'Where are your tits?'

'Because it's sooooo feminine having a six-pack!' She shot back, her eyes on Juri's rippling abs.

After insulting each other, they turned back to Sophitia, who, to their surprise, had shed her own clothing. She was knelt down, emphasizing the size of her thighs. Her hefty melons hovered above them, eliciting a lick of their lips from the two women.

'Quick, mother, escape!' Pyrrha shouted.

'They won't leave us alone until they have their way with me,' Sophitia said. 'Please, do what you wish to me.'

At her words, Juri and Tira fell on top of her, their hands groping what they could.

Tira's fingers were currently sunk into Sophitia's right thigh, while her face and vision were totally consumed between her breasts.

'Yeah, that's it - play with my ass!' Juri groaned.

'I'm not playing with it,' Sophitia confessed.

Juri glanced over her shoulder. It was, in fact, Tira who currently had a handful of her butt.

'Ugh, get off me!' Juri growled, wiggling her hips.

'Huh?' Tira uttered, her bright red face emerging from Sophitia's cleavage. She followed Juri's vision and she instantly removed her hand. 'Damn, I thought it was her,' she said, though it had felt good (not that she would admit it). She heaved herself up and slipped between Sophitia's legs. With some difficulty, she managed to lift one of the blonde's meaty legs. She wrapped her arms around it while proceeding to grind her lower lips against hers.

'Oh, yes,' she cooed, coiling her arms around Juri's toned back.

'Oh, look, your mom's enjoying herself,' Juri said to Pyrrha before cackling. The young girl could only respond by averting her gaze in shame. It was a good thing she did, as her mother was now eating Juri out. The Korean fighter was sat on her face, back facing Tira (she didn't want the sight of her ruining this), and now it really was Sophitia who was groping her ass.

As both her face and lower half were fucked, her colossal cannonballs rocked back and forth hypnotically.

Birds fleed the treetops as all three women intense screams rocked the area. They gushed concurrently, Juri over Sophitia's face, and the latter and Tira over each other's pussies.

Juri removed herself from the blonde, her breath visible in the air. 'This was a good idea - I'm glad I thought of it.'

'Hey, I thought of it before you!' Tira said, her voice high pitched again. It seemed Jolly was back.

Juri glanced at Pyrrha, whose tears were staining the dirt at her feet. Juri pointed her out to Tira, and, like their orgasms, they laughed at the same time.

'Hey, you know any other busty women around here?' Juri asked no one in particular.

'Taki,' Sophitia, who was still laid out on her back, gasped a reply. 'We slept together a while ago. She was the best I'd ever had - until now.'

'Y-you mean you cheated on father - I mean, before today?' Pyrrha wept.

Juri and Tira laughed again.

'Thanks for the recommendation,' Juri said, and she nodded to Tira.

Their sexual exploits had only just begun.

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