Rasmus's Conquest

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Rasmus's Conquest


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Chapter Theme

Dubcon-To-Consensual, Dom/Sub, Worshipful Sex, Rough Sex, Degradation, Corruption, Mind-Control, Addictive, Brainwashing, Mind-Break, Humiliation, Fucked Silly, Breeding


Emperor Rasmus Shadewalker, the First of His Name and the Last Dragonborn is a hugely ambitious and highly intelligent man with an insatiable thirst for conquest and the urge to expand his power. Therefore, he uses his vast mighty powers to travel to another universe to sate his thirst for conquest and dominations. And on the sidelines decided to make himself a harem on the side.

Chapter 1: Evil Queen Grimhilde

Rasmus Shadewalker sat on his throne in languid manner as he pondering on important manner that been troubling him of lately.

What was he going to do next?

He had conquered Tamirel, Akavir, and Atmora with his vast army and his military genius. He had great prosperity and brought up the level of technology to agreeable level. He had defeat his greatest of enemies and overthrow his dovah-brother Alduin as King of Dragon and made the Blades submit to his authority and proclaimed him as Emperor of Tamriel, and end the civil war gaining the love and fame from the people of Skyrim (sans few traditionalist people), and he become the strongest living being known across Mundus.

However, it wasn't enough for his greedy draconian-daemonic heritage. As he still desire more power and fame, which lead to his predicament of what was his next plan of action.

"Damm...what am I going to do?" He mumbled to himself as drum his finger on his arms on his throne. As he think and think up solution to his problem…

Until he remember something very important about him. Something that can relieve him of his great boredom and apprehension of his restless demodragon heritage.

He was a Planeswalker. A planeswalker that is able to move from planes to plane. He kinda forget about it as he spend most of great thinking power of conquering Tamriel then of other planes sans the plane he was familiar with.

This mean he can go to other dimension and relieve his boredom and quench his desire of power, control and dominate of nation and kingdom, along with quenching his overwhelming lust of dominating women of the planes.

He widely grin with amorous intent as he chuckle darkly at the prospect of conquering more nation and expanding more of his harem with young or mature beauties, craving his cock and seed and be his happy breeding broodmare slut.

"Now...which plane do I go?" He whimsically pondered. As he brought up his right armored gauntlet hand which glow in bright light as he use his dimensional planes-vision to see the other universe. So many choices and he had all the time to pick them out and conquered them one by one and make his imperium grand and everlasting.

"Hmmm...How about we start with that" He drawl out in dramatic fashion as he set his eyes on three circles that made a symbol that shaped like…

...A Mouse head.

"Hmmm, interesting. Very interesting indeed?," He said to himself as he look at Mouse-Head symbol as he made a viewing screen to gather some information.

"World that was full of light and power of innocence. Planes of optimism and innocence, each of these princess are full of light with no darkness in them...such innocence and wonder in them" He said as he gaze each of the princess and heroine of this...Disney World Kingdoms. "Yet underneath it there are Princess & Queen of Darkness each of them sensual and sultry with great oceanic of dark power within them.

He smile as he gaze at the two feminine figure that he very much desire. One was Princesses Of Light-Heart & One was Princess of Darkness-Heart: Snow White Princess of the Light Side of Heart & Princess of the Dark Side of Heart Evil Queen Grimhilde. As his glowing eyes burn into the imagine of his target of his Conquest of Disney Princess & Heroine & Villainess as his predatory cunning and superhumanly intelligent mind as he plan and formulate his dastardly plans of seducing and subjugate these woman of Disney...


To say that Grimhilde former queen of Kingdom of Tabor was confused would be understatement that hit Disney World.

She don't remember much what had happen. Bit of memories come to her mind as she gather her clarity and wits.

Yes...She remember poisoning her step-daughter with poisoned apple and herself was gleeful at being the Fairest of them All and being the most beautiful women across Tabor, then she was chased by group of dwarves miner who want to revenge the death of her stepdaughter, and she try to kill them with large boulder and…Nothing but sheer blackness and hollowness.

As she got up from the soft bed and stood up from the bed to check the surrounding environment that she'd found herself in. The room was fairly large smaller than her bedchamber but larger than most nobleman and commoner could've in their lifetime, it'd this regal but rustic air around it from the beautiful decor to the rustic wood furniture that give off the aura rugged but regal as if the owner of this room said 'he was regal noble but rugged masculine man who embrace nature and control it with raw, pure willpower and strength alone'

She looked bit more of the room until she found large frame mirror and look away from it...until she notice something peculiar about her visage and appearance as she stop closer from the mirror to make sure she had it lost her sanity.

She was certain when she alive she reduced her extraordinarily beauty into hag-like ugliness when she disgust herself as elderly women. It pain her to sacrifice her own beauty but had thought to herself this was for the greater good of herself.

Now she had her great breathtaking beauty. She has her flawless youthful-looking face with her perfect noblewoman's features. She touch her body feeling her perfectly full-figured, slender, buxom, and curvaceous from her huge perky and firm breast with coin-size nipples, to her robust baby-making hips, and finally to her shapely bubble buttock that had the perfect amount of fat and muscle seducing mans and women from stunning sight of evil-queen ass jiggle and sway from the wicked but sensual-looking women. Her long raven hair was full and thick with strength and health far from the brittle and dead-looking hair.

She was amazed at the seemingly reversal of her physical appearance as she stare into the mirror too distracted by the her own mature youthful visage as she didn't see the man…

"It appear that you enjoy my gift Lady Grimhilde?" A deep, imposing and masculine voice spoke out in straightforward amusement.

Green eyes flash toward the direction of the male voice and she turn her whole naked body in the direction. She was no fighter by any means. As she depend heavily on her mesmerizing beauty, her seductive wiles, sensual curvaceous figure, her sexuality, and little of magical potion to help her in surviving this long.

Her eyes landed on male figure who was sitting on throne-like comfy chair with his long, huge trunk-like legs cross in casual and easygoing manner as despite it casual manner of sitting struck her deep in her soul and made her feel...odd from staring at this man.

It's also help that this man is very handsome and strikingly attractive man of thirty-two of age. Very tall at the height of eight-and-two feet, extremely imposing, and very muscular with well-defined and well-muscled frame, with tremendously broad-shoulders and huge herculean arms radiating pure, raw strength. His face strong and masculine and proud with a rugged quality to his good-looks with pronounced cheekbones and powerful jawline, and intense mismatched eyes silvery grey-and-icy blue eyes with deep and piercing gaze brimming with raw power and self-confidence. His hair's long, flowing and unkempt framing his face and he had well-groomed thin-beard which fit his sharply chiseled jawline and thick sideburns.

Combined all of his attractive and handsome features made a impressive first impression, as her eyes he had the visage and bearing of unstoppable and juggernaut barbarian king as her steely cold green eyes trace over his sharp features and rugged facial structure which appealed her womanly nature. However, her mind was cold and steel-like from her unfeeling and cold demeanor...for now.

"Who are you? What do you want with me? Where am I? Answer me now!"

The man raise a sole bold eyebrow at her question and he quirk a coy, calm smile as if he was in control of the situation and had complete and total control over her life and fate, which normally would send her into state of cold murderous fury at the level of arrogance and sense of superiority from this random if handsome stranger...however it strangely made her feel...good at seeing this calm, confidence, and collected demeanor and temperament of this tall, dark, strong, and handsome man who was staring at her with coolly calm and deeply intense stare.

"You have many question? And I have the answer to all of them...How about you come and sit down, would you kindly" He said to her in a calm and collected tone.

She nod her head as she walked up to the chair sitting across him and sat down on the soft plush chair, she had not found it strange that she following complete stranger order and doing as he told. Yet it didn't come to her mind as she glare into the deep mismatched eyes of this handsome man.

"Thank you for following my suggestion My Lady." He spoke to her in polite and well-mannered as he lean forward clasped his massive hands together as he send her smooth, charming smile. "How about I answer all of you question my lady".

She nodded her head as she sat in straight womanly posture unaware or uncaring about her bared form. She wasn't embarrassed at her naked state as she took proud of her full-figured and mature hourglass figure and her heavy bosom unconsciously pushing them together making them bit more bigger.

"Thank you." She said in much more calm but still cold voice as she tried to blocked out this strange heat in her chest and body. "My first question: Who are you"

He smile at that. "I had been called my things in my lifetime. Some called me noble hero yet some called me savageous villain. Some called me brillant genius yet some called me deranged madman. Some call me wise leader yet some call me mad tyrant. But for now I'm Rasmus Abraham Yora Ysmir Shadewalker-Reyrie, Hero of Mankind, Champion of Nine Divine & Prince, The Dragon of Conquest, King of Dragon & Storm, Lord of Tamriel the Land of Dawn Beauty, Daishōgun of Akavir the Land of Dragon, High-King of Atmora the Land of Frozen Nation and home of Atomoran, and High Emperor of the Akaviri, the Nede, the Atmoran, and Dovah, at your service my lady" He finished introduction himself as he lean back on his chair uncrossing his legs with casual posture with wide cocky and boastful smirk on his strong, chiseled face.

She blink at the list of his title from this man. This man was royalty as she it explain much of his casual powerful authority of regal power and dominance, she could feel the fierceness of his calm but very intense presence and his sharp gaze. Again as feel the forcefulness of this man—he was natural-born leader who can take charge, make allies, whenever he wants and anyone will feel compelled to follow him, no man or women can't resist his strong commanding presence. In addition, he was very eloquent speaker and master wordsmith from the way his words flowed out of his mouth and how bewitchingly hypnotic his voice were to her ears as she felt the instinctively of following this strong, charismatic, and powerful leader.

Her cunning and intellectual mind momentarily thought that this man was powerful pawn to have and manipulateed with womanly wiles and glamorous beauty...yet the small but growing part of her instinctive innerself want to submit to this large, gorgeous, well-built and musclebound man and be his and embrace and worship every part of this man beefy and masculine muscles with her smooth well-manicured hands.

"Now how about your second question you would like to ask of me?" He said to her, as he stood up to his full, towering and staggering height of eight-and-two half tall casting a large shadow of her naked 5'9 height. As the hulking man slowly if her mind were playing tricks on her...predaciously like dangerously intelligent animal seeking and hunting it weak and unaware prey.

Was she the prey of this man?...And why the thought of being this man prey arouse such...intense feeling in her...and why do this man smell odd? His body scent smell strange but in attractively bestial and primal way, as her flaring a bit as she tried to make sense of his strange scent. His scent were fogging her mind

She inhaled deeply unintentionally smelling more of his strange scent. "M-My s-second q-question: Why am I here?" She said as she could see the man was getting closer to her and his strange but beautiful scent were getting closer to her. Her long shapely legs squirmed trying to stop the small but strong burning heat blooming across her beautiful hourglass figure.

He smile at her, his smile despite appearing polite and human-like were somehow more animalistic and predatory. "Why are you here? Why Hilde, can I call you Hilde?," The man asked her as stare her with laser-like and wolfish intensity.

Normally, she mislike having her birthname being shortening as she saw it as ultimate act of submission and she was strong, cold, and commanding woman who would kill man or women who act so casual toward her.

She as not a woman to be trifled with under any circumstances. As she been rightfully called the Evil-Queen, Ice-Queen, and Witch-Queen by her former subject...

...Yet, she unawarely nod her head toward him, as she made a ultimate act of submission toward the towering...strong...powerful...commanding...and stunningly gorgeous herculean hunk's of a studly man.

He smiled at her gently as if her act please him...like slave pleasing her master. "Very well...Hilde the answer to your second question: Because I've been watching you for quite some time...I have been studying your behavior and attitude at a far distance...I found myself very much fascinating and deeply intriguing by your cold beauty and stately presence...and the great darkness in your soul which caught my best interest" He finished, as he place one large bear-like hands on dainty chin.

She whimper out in a uncharacteristic manner of submission. His touch were burningly hot as if his touch spark strong, magnetic attraction of lust and it was covered in pure, unadulterated, aphrodisiac that causing her great sexual arousal. Her looked at his hairs seeing the hairs on his brutal, calloused, and scarred knuckle and how massively big his hand was which must be bigger than her entire hands combined.

"And finally your last and final question my lady"

The man...her strong and handsome emperor turn his humanity smile into a dark, wanton grin showing rows of his flawlessly white dentition. "My sweet Hilde. The answer to your final question is..." He sensuously said, his voice become more deeper and suaver with seductive and alluring undertone and suggestion.

"I want you. I want Evil Queen Grimhilde of the Disney Kingdom to be first broodmare-slut of interdimensional harem. It's a great honor to be slutty broodmare-slut as I'm a very powerful and influential man with great power and authority. You'll follow my orders and command no matter what they are." As he spoke, he flared his daemonical-draconic aura and his strong, potent aphrodisiac pheromones, and watched as Grimhilde or rather Hilde the Bitch-Slut hips jerked in response, craving release.

Hilde green eyes rolled up nearly to the back of her skull as she felt powerful and irresistible sexual need bursting between her thighs, before registering Rasmus words. "Y-you can't be serious, there no way I'll follow your orders or command you big, stupid, hunky stud!," She drunkenly said as she was drunk on his powerful demonic-blood draconian aphrodisiac pheromones as she weakly glare at the amused hunk. "I don't care how handsome and attractive you. I'm Queen of Tabor and Fairest of them All and I'm not going to be one of those brain-dead slut who only think about-" Her screeching speech stop brutally as she was slapped in the face. Not because Rasmus slap her with his heads, no the reason she was slapped in fact because of the shocking appearance of...


...of Rasmus Shadewalker cock. Her shock eyes went into cross-eyed expression as her mind tried grasp and comprehend what she was seeing and it was failing to understand want it was seeing: in other words her mind went into cock-shocked BSOD.

His cock-NO! His gargantuan bitch-breaking and weapon of mass woman-destruction of mind and sanity were laying on her shocked and slacked face and still was fucking flaccid and unhard in ungodly forty centimeters with thick virile veins running down its sides. His large mushroom head were covered in foreskin and it head were thick and plump that look like less of head of penis but brutal battering-ram that could easily bring woman into messy euphoric state of mind-breaking bliss. His balls were low-hanging and covered in sparse amount of public hair and was easily bigger than both of her hands and look to be brimming with strong, fertile, and powerful seeds that even his precum could easily impregnated entire kingdom worth of young or mature fertile women ten-time overs and twice in the row.

"I-I-Impossible...i-i-it can't be r-real at a-a-l-l." She stutter in denial as her once cunning and dangerous man were failing her as it went into severe case of Cock-Shock Syndrome which were common for women (and man...) who saw the ungodly massive bitch-wrecking weapon of mass woman-destruction of mind and sanity

Rasmus waited, enjoying the look of shock in her eyes for a moment, before he said, "What the matter Hilde? Never seen a cock as big and enormous as mine?" He took hold of his still flaccid but ungodly massive cock and use it to lightly slap her still cock-shock face few time, he continued, "You not the first to be shock at it enormously herculean size as most of them deal with list of inferior baby-penis barely been called penis" As he playfully smear her face with his thick girthy cock which ooze out thick precum and letting her smell the the thick, pungent, stench that were draining her IQ and her willpower.

"Your cock is...it's so beautiful and gorgeous" Hilde the Bitch-Slut said as her tongue absently taste his cock tasting the salty but unholy delicious taste as she was wetting the chair with her womanly fluid and her hands went down unconsciously down her wet cunt. "I'm gonna need both of my fucking hands to grab hold of your fat man-meat!" She awe in her voice as her hand shakly reach toward his big beefy FLACCID cock, feeling the raw pulsing heat in her palm."...Fffuck...sliding my hand up and down feeling it pulse...it overwhelmingly godly feeling"

Rasmus enjoyed the sight of the once cold and haughty women who were too vain and narcissistic to appreciate a cock, A REAL FUCKING COCK! And he was fucking impish and want to see more of her cock-shock face.

"Hilde, Sweetheart...this me when I unhard...this is ME when I HARD" As he allow his flaccid cock go hard as blood rush though his massive bitch-breaking and weapon of mass woman-destruction of mind and sanity.

If there were trace of her cold and unfeeling evil-queen it was completely oblivion into state of nonexistence as it give birth to Hilde the Bitch-Slut Queen Whoriest of them All and faithful broodmare-slut of Wolfish-Demodragon Dragonborn-Emperor as the cock grow, expanded, and increase from it massive flaccid into...

...sixteen inch...

...seventeen inch...

eighteen inch...

...nineteen inch...

...Until it stop at the mark of...twenty-and-half inch of pure, raw, and brutal battering ram as it'd a imposing, masculine, domineering aura of intensely raw and animalistic sexuality

She took one long look at it pure fully-evolved as it towered over her slacked-jawed face as his raw manly stench were muted when it was flaccid and small-sized (for him...). And now when fully erect his manly miasma gone up-to-eleven as it consumed her entire mind and rationality as she embrace her new identity as Dragonborn/Dovahkiin slut.

"Oh! My! Goodness!...it even more beautiful and magnificent then before...I want to slide my slutty mouth and whorish tongue all of your gigantic cock feeling the thick manly veins and the plusing of your thick glutinous cum in those big sack of bull-size ballsack," She express with lust and love towar him and his divinely cock her green eyes were bright-pink heart-shaped pupil that show her love and lust toward this living demonic-draconian paragon-god of masculinity as she gently yet sloppily kiss the thick man-meat of her new god of sex and masculinity. "I'm gonna worship it like a nun or priestess praising her holiest god and his glorious holy artifact. I'll be your slutty priestess do you love it my Studly-God

He smile at her loving the whorish worshiped and adoring of the self-clamied slut-priestess. "You've please your god very much," He said amused at her seeing him as god. "Now time to show your new god and master of your reverence and devoutness" He finish as he flash her dark and domineering grin as his eyes glow electric blue with little of bright-pink as it brimmed with otherworldly and eerily unfathomable and fathomless power.

"As my studly god command..." She simpering said with passionate and lustful love


"Slurp! Gagkh! Slurp! Gagkh! Slurp!"

The sound of nasty-sounding gagging and loud sloppy sucking noise were heard across the room as hulking alpha-stud - Rasmus Shadewalker and slutty fallen queen turn slutty whore-queen - Grimhilde or right now Hilde the Slut-Queen who was proceeding to be the reborn slut by worshiping the paragon of cock by sucking and giving the big beefy cock with her full red lips and her attentive tongue.

His aforementioned cock were covered in a thick coating of saliva and red lipstick marks could been seen on the mountain of man-meat as Hilde was happly fucking and impaling her own stunningly gorgeous face deformed into a slutty blowjob elongated face with tears of pleasure going down her cheeks mixed with her black mascara running down and snot running down making her look nothing like the cold and unfeeling queen who would kill her own daughter in petty jealousy.

"Fuck you stupid dumb slut. Do you love my cock that much? You must be natural-born slut to take fourteen inch of my cock with whorish level of expertise and skills," He mocked and jeered at her, as his eyes leered all over her naughty voluptuous and buxom hourglass figure as he hungrily devoured her big fat-titted and her big, phat and spankable bubble ass. "You're nothing but a slut who was born to serve me and serve my massive cock!" He growled as he place his both of large hard hands on her head forcing her to take more of his godly beefy throbbing cock.

She take the rough and aggressive sexual abuse from him as her slutty mind unlocked the part of true self as that of a horny submissive masochistic slutty-whore who get off on the rough treatment from the dominating and controlling alpha-hunk with his domineering manner and masterful attitude.

She don't made the fact she was honestly choking on his huge cock as it amplified the amount of pure, unadulterated and hypersensitive pleasure as she quicken the amount of pleasure from her godly-stud hunk and rapid her head back and forth repeatedly.

"Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!"

She took couple more of cock about seventeen worth of her delicious snack and full her gullet of his thick, powerfully virile seed. As the fallen queen as she lick the underside of the fat, thick and hefty man-meat sensually tracing the thick red-blooded veins, drawing a deep guttural growling groan from the very tremendously musclebound demodraconian debaucher. Her mouth were filling up with his thick precum which taste of pure, drug-like demonic aphrodisiac-nectar!

As she use her fat, heavy-titties to give him divinely titjob to increase her godly bull-stud pleasure and feel the pulsating and pulsing of his burly massive schlongs.

"Fuck you nothing but stupid bimbo-slut sucking dick like fucking champion of cocksucking. Are you Champion of Cocksucking now? FUCK! I'M CUMMMING! TAKE IT YOU STUPID SLUT!" His heavy balls clenched before it burst out it copious rich seed down her throat.

Her cunt squirt out her climaxes soaking the carpet floor as her green eyes rolled back deeply into her skull until nothing but whiteness of her eyes were showed. His first shot enter her mouth bursting her tastebud from the richness of virility and taste, some of the jizz enter her stomach instantaneous filling her stomach to the breaking brim. She swallowed his thick delicious cum as quickly as she could, trying to get it all. Despite her best efforts, as Rasmus hot volcanic draconian jizz continuous pump out thick cum of his cock, it spilled onto fat tits coating her chest until her entire tits were covered in thick yellowish-white seed.

Hilde body shook and spasmed as she came messily. His seed was infused with raw sexual energy mixed with his body natural demonic-aphrodisiac properties, and it gave intense pleasure to his slut. As she swallowed hungrily, she unknowingly started the bonding to demodragon conqueror that would change her life.

Rasmus watched the fallen slut-queen who was degrading herself in whorish manner as she gobbled up the thick cum scooping the thick creamy seed from her body before eagerly licking it off one hand, using the other to keep stroking the stiff monument to man in front of her. Grimhilde eyes glazed over as she creamed herself again from the potent cum covering her body. She gazed longingly at the cock in front of her, yearning for it to fill her tight pussy like no man can never do. He slowly took out his behemoth cock out of her sore and abused throat, his cock still fully hard barely soften despite literally bursting out gallon worth of semenial seed.

Breathing rather raggedly, Slut-Queen Hilde stares up at her new godly Master with glazed, dazed, yet faithful eyes. She 's waiting for his next order, but when it comes it's not a verbal one. As he stood up and pulled her up and she instinctively want he desire as she walk over the large velvet bed swaying her baby-making hips and her big heart-shaped arse and climbing up onto the bed on all fours. She shake her big ass in her master eyes enticing and tempting him with soft 'clap-clap' sound of her delicious ass showing her primal lust toward the towering bestial and ferocious man.

She saw his clothes disappearing or melting off him showing his tall, rugged and muscular body from his broad-shoulders to his strong sculpted chest with fairly amount of hairy chest and firm stomach. But she didn't care about those things as her green wanton and glazed over eyes were zoomed on the hulking weapon of mass destruction of pussy and sanity that would very much wrecked and ruined her cunt and reshaped it so no only inferior baby-dicked beta-bitches would never use ever again.

Rasmus stood behind her admiring the mouthwatering round heart-shaped ass and her robust child bearing hips that looked sinsterly appetizing in his eyes as he visualized thoughts of this wicked queen teats becoming bigger and secreting secreting yummy-tasting milk and her flat-belly become heavy with his illegitimate bastard child either strong strapping son who would serve him loyalty or beautiful curvy daughter who will desire to expand his base of power in every way.

He stuck his huge bulbous cock-tip into her wet mewling cunt that was begging him to enter her and conquered and breed her eggs and make her his broodmare slut of his expanding harem, he grant her wish as he struck hard and sharp - tremendously well-experienced in the act of lovemaking.

Hilde climax instantaneously from the act of his hard, penetrating as she claw at the bedding beneath her and her back arches like a cat as her tits bounce up and down once more with the power of his massive thrusts. He's so big and thick inside of her, and it's all Hilde trying(and failing) to keep her sanity in intact from ungodly brutal mind-shattering experiences. As Hilde could feel her cunning mind melting and liquefying from the raw primal fucking from the immensely huge-hung hunky stud as her body experienced body-spasming orgasm after orgasm wracks her voluptuous, curvaceous body.

The hulking demodragon-kin made his marking of her by leaning over and bites down hard on her shoulder, Hilde welcome the biting sensation smearing her flawless smooth skin with his slightly sharp teeth showing that she was his bitch. Then he did it once again of her other shoulder , and it just becomes a part of his claiming of her. It seems he just can't get enough of her soft, pliable body. His teeth go everywhere, even as his cock plunges into her cunt, reaching her cervix(and hitting her stomach...) with every single thrust.

He grunt deeply into her ear snorting like bull or in this case a dragon as he nibble on her ear sucking and twisted her earlobe licking red hickies mark, as she smack her phat ass on the battering ram that was completely wrecking and destroying the inside of her cunt and make her experienced a brain numbing orgasm once again.

"GHHGMN!FUCK DON"T STOP PLEASE RUINED THIS LOWLY SLUT CUNT! ABUSED ME HARDER RUINED ME FOR OTHER ME RUINED MY BODY UNTIL I'M A HOT FUCKING CUM-FILLED MESS! RAPED MY EGGS WITH YOU FUCKING BARBARIC SEED!" She shouted and begged at him as she twerk her hips on his massively behemoth weapon of pussy-wrecking as she made fucked-silly face her tongue hanging out limply and flailing with reckless lust and her green eyes were blanked with desire and the heart-shaped pupil were glowing with deranged lust , as the hulking mountain of manliness and testosterone smack her jigging fat ass-meat leaving large red handprint on her asscheek.

"Getting done, bimbo-slut. I'm going to come inside you, make you into broodmare slut who entire purpose in life is to breed out my sons and daughters and being my slut who'll gladly degraded and humiliated herself for the rest of your natural life just like what I going to do with your stepdaughter," He said with lustful growl as he pound her with uncaring, rough and reckless abandonment as he deformed her entire cunt and rearrange the inside of her body pushing her stomach and other necessity to fit his brutish, thick cock. "FUCK! I'm cumming take you stupid slut!"

The Evil Queen or Slut-Queen heart skips a beat yet again, and then pounds rapidly in her chest as she takes in this news. It's a bit of a double whammy, learning that this man not only going to turn her into breeding broodmare and impregnated her with his bastard but he was going to do the same as her stepdaughter who was painfully sweet and stupidly naive and most like be easy to break from this man rough and domineering sex with his long beefy cock deformation the inside of her small frame...Another massive explosive orgasm ripples through the slutty MILF at the news, as her perverse, kinky nature is completely exposed by her treacherous body.

The Demodragon-Dovahkiin set free a loud, dark and rambunctious laugh at her visceral and orgasmic reaction, as he piercing all of sixty centimeter of his titanic pillar of throbbing masculine man-meat and let out a torrential of seminal jizz which outclass normal man seed and was much denser, hotter, fertile and richer than entire army worth of man. He place all of his body weight on mind-broken women and he did'nt pulled out as his seed covered every inch of her cunt and womb walls. Her pussy were milking and drinking the godly strong and fertile cum and her flat stomach were inflating until she looked about eight-month pregnant with quadruplets. She moaned lewd and wantonly as she experience continuous mini-orgasm from his hot, draconic seed. His cock stop churning out seed and let her body fall forward onto the bedsheet and rest on the sheet.

He chuckle darkly as he reach out and grab a handful of ravenette hair and pull her upward.

"Rest up dumb bitch. We're just getting started."

Hilde shives in anticipation and need, those words filling her with nothing but lust and arousal.


Five Hours Laters, sounds of wet slapping sounds against flesh, and the loud cries of a bitch in heat. Well, Evil-Queen Grimhilde or he like to call her Slut-Queen Hilde who wasn't in heat but was a bitch in all but physical appearance, but he think it was fitting for evil bitch like her becoming a true bitch in mind and soul as she made a very good impression on a bitch. As he process to fucked both of her holes with his twins dick which was special alteration magic which he invite to truly break a bitch in, and he'd knew it can break a women mind moreso for headstrong noble or powerfully arrogant women who think themselves better because of their position in life.

Yes it was very misogynistic of how he degrade women to becoming his broodmare whores, but he can't kept himself as his Demodragon/Dovahkiin nature compelled him to conquer and dominate and control and alway be in charge whenever he wants. Don't mistake him a male chauvinist bastard (though he will admit he's a bastard albeit a bastard with dented heart of gold...) as he still respect women who made a name to themselves and stay true to their code of honor and morality, and he was raise by multiple women who made him the man he was.

He just like being a dominating and controlling sexual partner and he like to break the minds of certain category of women as he was also a gentle lover when the time was needed (as he thought about certain badass bookworm Volkihar Queen and her elegantly badass M.I.L.F-y mother...).

As he looked at the women who was covered in his thick semen and bite-marks. He don't why he mark his lover with bite-mark or semen but he think it'd something to do with his powerful, distinguishing heritage and inheritance and plus it seem to arouse most of his lovers and sexual conquest (his mind come to Aela the Huntress and his other rough-loving lovers and sexual-conquest...). He look at bite-marking from tits, her ass, and even her thighs.

Plus he somewhat knew about why he semen marking. His seed were powerful drug-like substance akin to skooma combined with god-level aphrodisiac from Dibella or Sanguine, from group of Succubus Queens his seed is by far the most potent and powerful cum they had ever tasted as it enhanced their natural power and give them endless and continuous state of hyperarousal from the strong, manly, attractive pungent stench of his seed alone made their mouths water in ravenous hunger.

As he been cummong both of her holes filling her to the brimmed with his drug-like aphrodisiac seemen which...broken her state of mind or shattered her unfeeling self and been reborn to...


...To this slutty state with her fat heaving tits slapping up and down on her round cum-filled stomach and her phat bubble ass smacking and twerking on his thick two-foot long twins cock trying to milk him more of his thick virile seed. She had truly fallen from going from being Queen of Tabor to being Mind-Broken Submissive Slut of Dovahkiin, it's was laughable easy to break her mind and reforged it to this state. Hell, he kind of expected to be hard due to seeeing how cold and proud this women and that this women would fight out the change of her mind...Yet, she was fair easy then she looked. Maybe it had something to due her vanity and her upbringing of havining to repressed her sexual desire and true nature as slut.

To say the demodragon-demigod was surprised would be an understatement. But overall he was pleased at the addition of his harem from this Disney Kingdom Plane. No women can't resist his massive cock(s) and domineering personality. He...was pleased of himself as all he have to do filled this women cunt and conquered with his seed and impregnated the eggs, which was laughably for him as his seed is ungodly fertile that even small pint of his seed could impregnated entire kingdom worth of women.

As his manly rough hand reach down to feel the imperial dragon brand on her crotch which symbolized she was his and she was impregnated with his bastard which would be latest of his children as he though on him his other sons and daughters all of them from many women from normal commoner women to battle-harden warrioress to genderbend women to extradimensional being all of them were once heavy with his children and some of incestuous with their mothers or their aunts or uncle or their father. And Rasmus couldn't wait for that day to come.

And from this mind-broken slut wanton words, neither can Hilde the Slut-Queen of Dovahkiin.


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