The Kibombo Wedding

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The Kibombo Wedding

Chapter 1= Jenna’s quest

She had no destination in mind when she left Vale. She just knew that she couldn’t stay there any longer. She might have her brother, mother and father back in her life and she loved them, but she had no choice but to leave. Now she had no idea where she was exactly, it was somewhere in Gondowan, she had slept many a cold nights close to a campfire. But she really couldn’t take that anymore, suddenly she heard dumbs beating ahead. Her heart started to beat fast as she got closer and the sound rose she saw a light. It was a town. Jenna couldn’t believe her good luck at finding a town at this late an hour. The last town she passed was Suhalla and she barely stayed there for a full day. Jenna was sure that she was far enough to be safe or a while at least.

There was more good luck to be had, since the town was close to a river. With the help from the light of the town, Jenna was able to see her refection in the water of the river and fix her brown hair in place, she hadn’t had a chance to wash it and brush it for a little too long and it was messy, she didn’t want to scare the people of this town after all.

As she walked into the town, she knew that she had seen it before; it shouldn’t surprise her because she had travelled through all of Weyard in the past. She was trying to remember what town this was, it hit her when she saw the statue in the center of town. It was the Gobomba statue which meant that she was in Kibombo and that means that…

“Well, what do we have here?” she heard a voice behind her. The one person that she hated more than Isaac right now, he was the witch doctor of Kibombo and was an asshole as well. He was called Akafubu and Jenna couldn’t stand the guy. It was mostly thanks to her that he was witch doctor to start with, but he refused to believe her, he believed that he was chosen by the Gobomba statue himself, like if that was even possible.

“What do you want?” she asked coldly

“The better question is why are you back in Kibombo?” he asked her. But after he spoke he noticed something in her eyes, they were tears and he knew that he should have not asked her that question. “I’m sorry; I don’t have to know if you don’t want to tell me yet”

“It’s not like you knew that anything was wrong” she said, but didn’t go farther then that. Akafubu didn’t ask her to say more. “So what is going on here?” she asked

“We celebrate the Gobomba statue” he said

“You still think your statue picked you and I had nothing to do with it” Jenna said

“Of course I am the one chosen by the Gobomba” he told her

“Anyways I was wondering if there is a chance that I can stay here for a few days or a little longer then a few days. I know that we don’t get along Akafubu but I really need a place to rest for a few days” Jenna said

“You’re welcome to stay here. I am only the witch doctor and have no say in who can stay here or not. The mayor who happens to be my father is the one who can refuse you, but we welcome visitors, the few that we have” said Akafubu

“Can you point me in the direction of the inn then?” she asked placing her hands on her hips. Akafubu didn’t know what came over him. His heart started to beat faster and his hands started to sweat, could he be starting to have feelings for this girl. He didn’t know Jenna that well and the only time they saw each other in the past they didn’t get along. He was going to show her the way to the inn, when he got a better idea.

“Actually you can stay at my place” he said to her

“I don’t think that is a good idea” she said flatly

“Look, I don’t know what your story is Jenna, but I know that you have been walking or running for a while. The inn is a piece of shit, it has no hot water and you desperately need a shower, not to mention who will pay for your night at the inn, because it won’t be me and you don’t seem to have much coins on you” he said

Akafubu had a point. She had no coins on her and a night at the inn would cost her at least 200 coins or more. At least if she stayed with Akafubu for one night, she would be able to shower and it won’t cost her a thing. At least for now she was somewhat getting along with Akafubu, she only hoped that it could last the whole night.

“Lead the way” she said

Akafubu’s home

Jenna noticed that he no longer lived with his father. He had moved across the street from his old man. As he unlocked the front door to let her inside, she noticed that the first floor was his office; he was the witch doctor of the town after all.

“I am looking for a secretary” he told her “I live upstairs” he pointed to a ladder that went to the second floor. Jenna climbed the ladder and Akafubu followed her, he looked up her skirt, checking out her pink panties. When they got to his apartment room, Jenna looked around. “Do you like my new place?” he asked her

“It looks the same as your father’s home” she said

“To tell you the truth all the homes in Kibombo look exactly the same inside” Akafubu told her “Do you have a change of clothes?”

“What kind of question is that?” asked Jenna, her eyebrows going down into a frown.

“Your shower” he said “Those clothes could use a wash. I could lend you a shirt if you need it”

Jenna felt so stupid. She hated Akafubu so much that she always expected the worst in him all the time when he was trying to help her and be a good person. “I’ll need that shirt” she told him as she walked to the bathroom, and started to unbutton her shirt. Akafubu saw her do this and could feel his penis getting hard as he pictured Jenna taking her clothes off. He started to think about her in the shower as she passed soap over her huge breasts and played with them. His cock was getting so hard, if Jenna would see this he would get a lecture from her no doubt. Lucky for him the door to the bathroom was close, so he was safe. He had to think of something that would calm him down, something like the ugly statue outside, sure it was his boss and he would celebrate it, but he could still find it ugly to look at. He looked down to see that his pants seemed normal. He was safe…at least for now.

Inside the bathroom Jenna finished removing her shirt, she felt a little slutty for starting to unbutton her shirt in front of Akafubu even if he didn’t see anything. She just hoped he didn’t misread a signal or something. As she pulled down her skirt and took her pink bra and panties off, a picture of Akafubu came into her mind. She wasn’t sure why she would be thinking about him when she had no clothes on, since she didn’t even like the guy to begin with. She got into the shower and turned on the water. It was cold at first, but turned warm soon after. It was embarrassing to say that it had been a long time since she last showered, she could have taken a bath in a lake or river that she passed by, but she was far too shy to take her clothes off in public. But Akafubu was right that she needed a shower. She took the soap in her hands and moved it in between her fingers and started to spread it across her hot body, she passed it over her huge chest, it was her best feature as her former boyfriend had told her many times. As she passed her hands over her boobs a small moan escaped her mouth, it reminded her of his touch. Against her better judgement, she started to grope her breast with her hands.

“I don’t want to stop” she mumbled as she played with herself. The shower was getting very hot and she could only guess that her being a fire adept and getting hot during a lustful act would warm the water more then it normally would be.

Against her wishes she pulled her hands away, knowing that she would not feel the touch of a man on her body in a long time and continued with the task of washing herself. When she was done, she closed the water and came out. She dried her body, but soon realized that she didn’t have any clean clothes. Akafubu was going to lend her a shirt, but of course since he was a gentlemen he didn’t bring it into the bathroom while she was taking a shower. Jenna wrapped the towel around her body, making sure to hide as much of her breasts that she could and walked out the door.

Akafubu was nowhere in sight, of course no shirt in sight as well. Jenna noticed some drawers close by. She placed her hand on the handle before pulling away. She didn’t want to look through this psycho’s stuff. She called out his name a few times and she found him on the balcony.

“Akafubu” she said again and he turned around.

His heart started to beat faster than ever before. Jenna stood in front of him in nothing but a towel. It was his greatest dream, he almost expected her to open the towel and show her goods to him, until he remembered that he lived in a real world and that Jenna had too much pride in herself to do something like that.

“Where is your shirt?” she asked him

“Oh! I forgot” he said, she followed him over to the drawer that her hand was on. He took the first shirt that was on the top, it was red as luck would have it. Her favorite color, not to mention the color that made her look gorgeous, he handed her the shirt and she went back in the bathroom. For a reason that she still wasn’t so sure of Jenna didn’t fully close the door, it was still slightly ajar as she took the towel off. Akafubu noticed it too and he looked as he saw her fine ass and nude back. Jenna put on the red shirt and Akafubu could feel his cock once again in his pants. He quickly looked away when Jenna came out. A smile played on her lips because she knew that he was looking at her.

Akafubu took her clothes and did a wash load along with some of his clothes, he was going to do it tomorrow, so what was one night earlier going to do. Since Jenna was in his shirt right now, it was the perfect time to do it.

It was getting late, the drums had long since ended and the lights of Kibombo were a distance memory. Jenna sat on his bed, well aware that the only piece of fabric she had covering her body was one shirt. Akafubu moved close to her, he was going to open his mouth to say that she could have his bed and he would sleep in a chair or something, but Jenna spoke first.

“Do you like me?” she asked “Like like me like me?”

Akafubu didn’t know how to answer that. He never had feelings for a girl before which was why he was the best choice to be the witch doctor. A witch doctor could still get married and have children; it’s just that the studies were hard. That was over now. He could be with Jenna if she wanted to be with him.

“I mean I know you watched me when I got into this shirt” she started “I guess I wanted you to look at me since I didn’t close the door” 

“I guess…I know that I have feelings for you as crazy as that sounds” he said “I don’t know if that can be called love”

Jenna stood up and placed her hands on his shoulder “I’m not looking for anything serious” she said “I just want some fun”

“Fun?” he said as a question “I can go for that” he wanted their relationship to be something more, but if she liked what he delivered to her, she might end up staying longer then just a day or two for some more. He didn’t want to tell her that he was a virgin, but he somehow believed that even if she did know she wouldn’t really care right now.

She kissed him, Akafubu was taken aback slightly. He wanted her love and they were going to have sex now, it seemed like love to him. Jenna pulled open the shirt that he lend her, some of the buttons broke off and fell to the floor, he didn’t mind because it was an old shirt and when he saw Jenna’s massive tits he couldn’t care less about the buttons on the floor.

“You look beautiful” he told her and took her breasts in his hands.

“Yes! Touch me Akafubu” she shouted

He pulled down his pants; she helped him with his shirt. Soon they were two naked bodies together on his bed, heating up the sheets. Akafubu, Jenna was surprised had a pretty big cock. When he put it inside of her she gasped at his length. He gave her a few good jolts that night. It was a long time since someone gave her a good fucking like that, she really needed it. She wasn’t looking for anything serious and she was starting to think that maybe it would be a good idea to stay in Kibombo for a few more days or weeks, given if Akafubu didn’t mind having her around his house.

Akafubu pressed his lips onto her mouth, placed his hands on her boobs and kept on pumping inside of her. He wasn’t sure, but it sure looked like love to him. He saw love in movies and in books. This was what love looked like. He really wanted Jenna to stay and be with him. As he gave one final thrust forward, he felt himself ejaculating inside of Jenna’s womb; she accepted his seed inside of her body.

As the cum was pouring out of his penis and going inside of Jenna’s vagina, he heard her say “I love you Akafubu” he smiled as he knew that he had won her heart.

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