The Arrangement

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Eliot exited his car, briefcase clutched firmly in his hand - another day of hard work was over.

At the ripe old age of twenty-one, he was now a man. He had a job, his own house, and a wife. He had abandoned his martial arts training to settle down and live a normal life - though, his current living arrangement wasn’t totally normal. His master, Gen Fu, and friend, Brad Wong, had been disappointed by his decision. But with Marie Rose, it had been love at first sight. There had been a predictable lecture from his parents and friends, about how they were too young, but their warnings had fallen on deaf ears.

Eliot locked his car and hurried over to the front door, eager to see his wife. Once inside, he placed his briefcase down, hung up his coat, and proceeded upstairs. Every day after work, Marie would be waiting for him in their room, ready to make him relax after a hard day.

Once at the bedroom door, he could hear the faint sounds of moaning coming from behind. With an amused smile, he opened the door.

And there she was, on the bed and on her back, with Honoka on top of her. They were both wearing school uniforms (even though they weren’t in school, anymore), which Eliot appreciated. Their lips were fused together, Honoka’s hefty mounds resting atop Marie’s smaller pair.

He should have been furious that his wife was cheating on him, but the truth was that this was a regular occurrence. In fact, Honoka lived with the two of them, and all three of them regularly made love. Honoka was basically his second wife, but without the paperwork. It was an excellent arrangement that all three were happy with. They had been great friends before all of this, and it was a coin flip that decided who would marry who. His parents would be so proud if they knew.

The back of Honoka’s thick legs, that were protruding from her skirt, caught Eliot’s attention and enticed him forward. The girls hadn’t reacted to his presence, so he assumed they hadn’t heard him enter the room. He took the skirt in his fingers and hiked it up and over the large expanse of her ass. As he expected, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. There was a large disparity between the girls' bodies; Honoka was rich in curves, while Marie was flat in most areas. He still loved her, though.

Without hesitation, Eliot buried his face in her butt.

‘H-huh?’ He heard her utter.

‘Oh, he’s back!’ Marie said excitedly.

Eliot lifted his face when he felt a tug on his arm.

‘Come and lie down,’ Marie said.

He did as she asked, lying between the two beauties.

‘Have you had a hard day?’ Marie asked, kneeling beside him.

Eliot nodded while wearing a fake frown.

‘Just relax,’ Marie said as she got to work removing his pants. His cock, already completely erect, sprang free. He recalled the look on their faces when they had first laid eyes on his eight-inch meat. He'd had to suppress a laugh.

The two girls lowered their faces to each side of his cock and proceeded to glide their tongues up either side. Eliot rested his back and closed his eyes. He could feel the stress of the day melting away. Their tongues were replaced by their lips, as they moved their heads up and down.

Each girl had a turn sucking him off, their innocent features a contrast to the huge cock in their mouths. Marie’s pigtails and Honoka’s boobs bounced with the bobbing of their heads.

Eliot was suddenly caught off guard when they lifted his legs so they could lap at his taint.

‘Damn!’ He grunted at the new sensation. ‘Wait.’ He spun around until he was on all fours, his toned ass in the air. Marie had always complimented him on his butt and she was the first to grab hold of it. She launched a wad of spit against his taint, while Honoka bent his cock painfully back to place it back in her mouth.

‘You like getting your ass licked and cock sucked at the same time?’ Marie asked before replacing her tongue.

Eliot hoped his pleasurable moans were a good enough answer to Marie’s question.

‘Life is good,’ he managed to say as they lashed their tongues all over his lower half.

They’re actions ceased and Eliot turned back around. Marie was in the process of removing Honoka’s blazer.

‘Honoka’s been bad today,’ she said, tossing the clothing to the side. ‘You saw her coming on to me.’ She unbuttoned the shirt that was containing Honoka’s massive bust until a pink bra was revealed. Once Marie had discarded the shirt, she slipped behind the pink haired beauty to finally unleash her melons. The bra flopped to the bed and her tits flopped free.

‘P-please, be gentle,’ Honoka uttered in her high pitched voice.

Marie finished undressing Honoka by removing her skirt and thigh highs, and all the while, her heavy mounds swung. Her beautiful body was ripe for fucking.

Eliot shed his own clothing before moving behind her thick form. He forced her face down, her huge ass jutting into the air.

‘Punish her!’ Marie demanded fiercely. ‘She forced me to make out with her! You know I would never cheat on you!’

Marie’s acting had improved over the months. Eliot did as she demanded, cracking his hand against Honoka’s bountiful butt cheek. It bounced and Honoka cried.

‘P-please, forgive me,’ she whimpered.

Marie gave her an answer by whipping her own hand against it.

‘Alright, you can fuck her now,’ she said. ‘That’s all she’s good for, anyways.’

Eliot was relieved to hear her say that; he was never allowed to fuck Honoka without Marie’s permission first.

His cock, painfully hard, disappeared between Honoka’s lower lips. He held on to her hips as his own began to move. With her front completely face down on the bed, her huge mounds squelched out to her sides.

‘He likes me more!’ Honoka suddenly blurted.

‘We’ll see about that,’ Marie scowled. She removed her school uniform with the same swiftness she displayed in battle. Once her skinny form and flat chest were revealed, she climbed on to Honoka’s back.

Eliot stared lustily at her hairless snatch hovering just above Honoka’s meaty ass. He removed himself from the thicker girl, before slipping his cock inside Marie.

‘See?’ Marie said with a wince. ‘He likes me more.’

Eliot showed her how much he liked her by railing her relentlessly, his hands gripped around her pigtails the whole time. The blonde’s screams drowned out the sound of their bodies slapping together.

After giving her a fair pounding, he filled Honoka once again. He proceeded to swap between the two girls, making sure to give each an equal amount of cock.

While he was ploughing Honoka, Marie slipped off of the busty girl’s body.

‘Aren’t you going to tell her off for seducing me?’ She asked him.

‘Um… uh… y-you… bitch?’ He awkwardly spouted.

Marie shook her head in disappointment. He was no good at this dirty talk.

‘Lie down,’ she ordered.

He obeyed her.

‘Aren’t you hungry?’ She asked him before turning her attention to the pink haired girl. ‘Honoka, sit!’

She also obeyed, sitting where her finger was pointing (Eliot’s dick). Her thick legs laid either side of Eliot’s lithe frame, her sheath enveloping his pole once more. She placed her hands on the bed, allowing her heaving melons to hang. They were soon swinging when she began moving up and down his length.

‘That’s better,’ Marie said with a satisfied nod. ‘I was feeling peckish.’ She captured one of Honoka's tits between her lips, halting its movement. It only took a few swigs, but soon, Honoka’s milk was seeping between Marie’s lips.

At the sight of milk, Eliot instantly began suckling on her other breast. The sweet liquid oozed down his throat as he sucked like a hungry newborn. 

‘Mm, drink as much as you like,’ Honoka said. ‘I have plenty to spare!’

Love of milk was one of many things the three shared in common, and the two blondes regularly drank from Honoka's juggs.

With his mouth full of milk and his balls full of spunk, he was ready to blow. He finally freed her nip from his mouth so he could cry out. He unloaded inside of her, filling her womb. His cock pulsed against her walls as the last of his orgasm subsided.

Full of milk and cum, Honoka flopped against his chest, her soft mounds piling up against him.

Marie took a couple more swigs before laying beside them, her top lip stained with milk.

‘That was fun,’ she said, before releasing a satisfied sigh. 'You can take charge next time.'

'A-alright,' Honoka said nervously.

That would be interesting to see, Eliot thought.

The three lovers closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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