Her Assistant

BY : NightLover145
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The young doctor was growling to herself as she wanted to be felt alone, but people kept on calling out to her. She didn't want to fucking talk! Why didn't any of those people see that? As she slammed her fists on her building, she could hear someone calling out for help, but she ignored it. She couldn't ignore it no longer when the voice had went even higher, revealing the person in trouble was a young girl. The doctor in red couldn't help her maternal feelings as she approached the screams. To her disgust and shock, a man was trying to force his thick rod into the young girl. The young girl noticed the doctor and she reached out for her. The doctor sighed in irriatation as she glared at the man that held the young girl back. "Are you fucking sick in the head? She's younger than you!" She shouted at the man and the man smirked at the doctor. 

"So what if she's young? She's a fine piece of hot ass." The man says, trying to pull the girl towards him so he could pound her ruthlessly. The doctor then stabbed him with her pole, however, she didn't kill him. She just stabbed him enough so he could release the young girl in his grasp. When she was released, the young girl ran behind the doctor and the doctor sighed inwardly. As much as she wasn't a babysitter, she didn't want anything to happen to the young girl. "Get out of my sight." The doctor tells the man as she walked away with the young girl's hand in hers. When she arrived back to her doctor's office, she gently ushered the girl in and that was when she smelt the girl. She must have peed her pants in fear. She thought, trying not to crinkle her nose at the unpleasant smell. 

However, as the girl eyed her in too much innocence, the doctor felt sorry for the girl. She slowly undressed her and she lead the dark-skinned girl to the bathroom. She placed her into the bath tub as she ran warm water for the girl. She tossed the girl a rag and a bar of soap. "Get cleaned up, you smell like piss and dirt." She told the girl. The girl mutely obeyed the doctor and the woman grinded her teeth together in impatience. She couldn't belong that the girl wasn't speaking to her! However, she calmed down as she probably figured that the poor girl was either mute or frightened to the point where she couldn't form words.

After a while, the doctor checked up on her newest patient and when she saw the young girl cleaning her arms, a faint smile tugging at her lips, the doctor felt a little something for the girl and it wasn't motherly. When she noticed her feeings, she pushed it down, knowing that her feelings weren't important for this healing. 

This doctor's name was Litchi Faye Ling and her newest patient was named Linhua.

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