Breaking the Empress (Delilah X Emily)

BY : Oldman-Writer
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Delilah was sitting on the throne as Emily was brought before her. Emily was dizzy. Two of Brianna’s witches were holding her by the arms. Her legs were dragging on the ground. Her arms and legs were in shackles.

“Put her right here, in front of me.” Delilah pointed to the floor right in front of the throne. The witches dropped Emily where Delilah was pointing at. Emily was on her knees and her face was next to Delilah’s right boot.

Delilah was wearing her usual black attire. Her legs were crossed and her hands were on the armchairs. She moved her boot to Emily’s face, “Kiss it.”

Emily spitted on Delilah’s boot. One of the witches tried to slap Emily, but before she could do so, Delilah raised her hand, which caused the witch to back off. “Leave us,” Delilah said with a calm tone, “all of you.”

As they were leaving, Briana quietly whispered to herself, “Poor little Emily. I’ve been on the receiving end of Delilah’s wrath; it’s not pretty.”

“Has anyone had the pleasure of spreading your royal legs?” Delilah asked with a wicked smile on her face. Emily didn’t respond; she just stared at the floor and blushed. “Oh my,” Delilah was filled with anticipation, “we have a lot of catching up to do. You’re gunna bond with your long-lost aunt.” She paused then continued, “Thoroughly.”


kicked Emily in the face, which caused her to get a nose bleed and fall on her back down the two stairs in front of the throne. Before Emily could get up, Delilah teleported to her. She was standing tall above Emily. Emily tried to get up, but Delilah putting her foot between Emily’s legs, made Emily freeze in place. Delilah took off her gloves and her top. Her body had scars it, “Well, life is rough on the streets. I wasn’t wrapped in silk my whole life.”

Delilah grabbed Emily by the hair and pulled her up to her feet, which made Emily grunt in pain. She forcefully pushed her lips against Emily’s; Emily tried to break away from the kiss, but Delilah’s grip on her head was too tight. Emily punched Delilah in the gut, which made the kiss break. Delilah lost her temper; she slapped Emily so hard that Emily fell on her side.

“If that’s how you want it, whore.” The sense of wickedness had left Delilah’s voice. She was angry now.

Emily tried to crawl away; Delilah let her go for a few steps. Emily was crawling on her belly as fast as she could. Delilah walked up to her, and put her foot on Emily’s back; she pushed her heel as hard as she could.

“You’ll never break me, witch.” Emily finally spoke.

“I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you.” Delilah said. Things that were similar to tree roots grew out of the ground and tied themselves around Emily’s ankles and wrists. Now, Emily was laying on her belly, completely immobilised. Delilah dropped on her knees and laid on top of Emily. She reached underneath and tore Emily’s outfit open; her exposed chest and belly hit the cold floor. Emily let out a moan of discomfort. “That’s it,” Delilah said, “I want you to feel the cold invade your body as I’m about to invade it.”

Delilah got back up on her knees; she grabbed Emily’s pants and pulled them down. Emily finally understood that Delilah was fully committed to the act and wasn’t planning to back down, so she plead to her, “Stop, please. This is wrong on so many levels.”

“Aww,” Delilah’s voice had an undertone of mockery, “That’s cute. I might actually show mercy.” Delilah’s tone turned serious and sounded filled with lust, “I love it when you beg me like that. Keep begging, and I might go easy on you.”

Realising the pointlessness of her pleas, Emily turned defiant, “Fuck you. I’ll never beg again.”

Delilah held out her hand, and a wooden dildo appeared in her palm alongside the harness, “Oh, you’ll fuck me.” She put it on without removing her pants. I’m not planning to give her the courtesy of feeling my flesh against hers, any time soon. Delilah thought to herself.

When Emily felt the wooden cock against her pussy, she braced herself for the worst to come. Delilah rammed the dildo all the way inside Emily in one go. Emily let out a screech of anguish. Delilah laid on top of Emily and wrapped her forearms around Emily’s neck then whispered in her ear, “I wager never in your wildest dreams did you imagine that your dear aunt would be the one to break you in.” Delilah smirked as she kissed Emily’s cheek.

When Delilah pulled the dildo out, it was red with blood. Emily’s cunt was bleeding. “Looks like I popped your cherry.” Delilah said with an undertone of approval. Delilah raised her body and put her hands on Emily’s shoulders; she then let her weight drop on her hands, which caused Emily’s shoulders to be pushed against the ground.

Delilah was pounding Emily as fast as she could. She pulled the dildo out with every thrust and pushed it back in. Emily’s breathing didn’t have a pattern; she tried to catch her breath any time she could. The pain of the cold floor added to the pain of that damned dildo was unbearable. She kept screaming and clawing at the floor to deal with the pain. Delilah was delighted when she noticed that Emily’s nails were cracking due to the clawing.

Seeing Emily underneath her was driving Delilah insane. Hearing Emily’s screams of pain and seeing her broken nails drove Delilah to overdrive. She was thrusting so hard and fast that the pain made Emily completely sore. Delilah was sweating profusely, her tits swinging back and forth violently. Biting down on her lower lip, she was grunting through her teeth like a feral lioness. She wrapped her fingers around Emily’s cute little neck and started squeezing. Delilah was so driven by lust that she didn’t notice that she had torn her lower lip and was bleeding. By the time she climaxed, Emily had passed out; it was so intense that her juices came flooding through her pants.

Delilah got up and called out to the guards. When the guards came in, they were surprised by the sight in front of them. Delilah was standing on top of Emily with her tits hanging out and the dildo still attached to her.

“Take her to her cell,” Delilah was panting so heavily that the guards thought she was going to fall any time now, “I’ll ‘tend’ to her later.”

“Yes, empress.” The guards said and took Emily away.

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