Dragon Age: Morrigan's Dark Meat Ritual

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Although she was quite cynical of many things in life, Morrigan had to appreciate the natural beauty and architecture of Skyhold. Having taken up temporary residence at the fortress only four days ago, she still had yet to fully explore the structure. While it was an immense location, Morrigan found herself quite bored. She would frequently skulk around listening to many uninteresting conversations in the hope there would be something to spark her interest. The Hero of Ferelden had chosen not to have the old god ritual, and thus she died and Morrigan was always alone.


It wasn't until her fifth day at Skyhold that she noticed something quite interesting. As she entered Skyhold's garden, she noticed her old "friend" Leliana passionately arguing across the way with Delrin Barris, leader of the Templars. While she despised the templar organization, she felt an intrigue with the man as he passionately argued with Leliana. His confidence and dark, exotic complexion gave Morrigan an interest in the handsome man.


Delrin and Leliana ceased their argument and walked off in opposite directions, prompting Morrigan to walk straight towards Delrin. The proud Templar nodded to the witch and continued on before Morrigan put her hand on his armored chest-plate, stopping them both in their tracks.


"Don't mind Leliana." Morrigan said empathically. "She's always had the worst of judgment." She took her hand off as he turned towards her.


"You don't say...." Delrin said, sounding frustrated, unaware that he was talking to one of the most powerful apostates in the world. "We go way back, and definitely have had our share of problems."


"Hmmm" Morrigan said, trying to seduce the templar. "What's your name?" she asked.


The two exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes under the afternoon sun.


"So......" Morrigan said. "I would love to talk to you some more, Delrin. I have to go, but I have a proposition for you. Meet me in the Inquisitor's room in 3 hours exactly, so right after dinner."


"But that's-"


"The inquisitor's room?" Morrigan interrupted. "I know, I know. But she won't be back for a few days. There's no security, so just be discreet."


"Hmm, okay." Delrin said. "But what do you want to do?" he asked air-headedly.


Morrigan looked disappointingly at the man and got on her tippy-toes and whispered into his ear making him blush almost immediately. She got off her toes and simply nodded to the frozen templar. "Hope to see you there, handsome." she winked and went on.


Her heart was pounding as she turned the corner to occupy herself for the next few hours.






Three hours had passed and Morrigan was in the Inquisitor's personal quarters, looking out at the night sky and mountain range from the balcony. She was completelynaked in anticipation of Delrin. Her body was glowing from the fireplace as she felt anxious as to what would happen.


Just as she was losing hope he would arrive, the door opened, causing the naked Morrigan to slowly look over her shoulder as she noticed Delrin walking in. He was no longer armored . Instead, he too was completely naked as he started to become erect just from seeing Morrigan's pale body and realizing that her proposition was legit and not some prank. Without saying a word he walked over to her at the fireplace, where she stood, stroking his hard dick as he approached her.


Morrigan gave a light smile as the dark man approached her from behind pressing his cock up her back as he felt her breasts and kissed her neck, causing her to raise her arms up, touching the back of his head. The two locked lips as Morrigan gyrated Delrin's cock between her ass cheeks with no hands, feeling the warm precum from the tip of his penis run down her ass-crack.


Delrin, slapped Morrigan's ass and grasped both cheeks, causing her to yelp. They both giggled before Delrin squatted and buried his face in Morrigan's pale ass cheeks. Morrigan bent over against the Inquisitor's chair as Delrin ate her out. Delrin stood up and grabbed Morrigan's wrist and pulled her to her knees. "Mmmm I love a man who's forceful." She said as she began stroking his huge cock. Licking her lips, Morrigan put the huge meat into her mouth, tasting it's juices as she looked up at the templar.


Delrin grabbed the back of Morrigan's head and started to face-fuck the witch, causing her eye shadow to bleed from his cock punching the back of her throat. She started coughing and smiled as she wiped her mouth, still holding Delrin's penis. She stood up and held onto his cock as she led him out to the balcony, under the night sky. She put her arms on the stone railing and Delrin raised her left leg up as he filled Morrigan's vagina to the brim.


"OH YES!" Morrigan cried out into the night, catching Skyhold's attention, but not caring. Delrin continued to pound Morrigan's inside's as she continued moaning in the night sky.


He then lifted her up onto the handrail as they both felt the excitement of the potential danger from falling. As he fucked her, Morrigan squirted onto the stone railing and kissed Delirin, performing a dance with their tongues in eachother’s mouths. She could feel the stone shaking as he pounded her, yet didn’t care.


Delrin grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted Morrigan up, carrying her into the bedroom once more while still connected by their gentiles. He then tossed her on the bed as she quickly got on her knees as he approached her from behind, reentering her warm vagina, causing a slapping sound as their sweaty bodies slapped against eachother over and over again.


She then got onto her back as he went in once more, causing her to grip the pillows as he filled her in.


"This is gonna be it." Delrin said as Morrigan layed on the bed, legs wide open as he shoved his cock into her pink pussy. Morrigan's eyes rolled up as he beat her pussy further. She loved the contrast of his extremely dark body going in and out of her extremely pale body.


"OH YES I LOVE IT!" Morrigan cried out with excitement. “Put it all in me! Every drop!” Delrin kept thrusting and started to grunt as he shot his hot sperm into Morrigan. She touched his stomach and held still as he pulsated shot after shot into her.


"How'd you like that?" He said, panting heavily as he pulled out of the used up pussy.


“Wonderful.” Morrigan said as Delrin's cum flowed onto the Inquisitor's pillow. Delrin chuckled and wiped put his softening penis in Morrigan's face. She quickly grabbed it and slurped the rest of it out of his dark dick and drooled it out all over the front of her sweat-covered body.




The two would not see each-other again. Delrin would end up getting killed in the final battle against Corypheus, even though he was anxious to see if Morrigan had become pregnant.


After the events surrounding Corypheus settled, Morrigan discovered she had indeed become pregnant by the late Delrin and fled into the wilderness to raise their offspring away from the world.







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