The Foxy-Batty Switch

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Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic and I make no money from this story. All characters are above the age of 18.

Note: All characters portrayed in this story are above the age of 18.

This is a story that I originally began writing and posting about ten years ago, but I deleted it from the internet out of shame. I am now returning to the story, making improvements and substantially increasing its length, for your reading pleasure. Each chapter will contain at least one sex scene, and I will update it regularly, so if there is anything you’d like to see that would make sense in the context of the story, feel free to send me some suggestions! Also, each chapter title will include the characters involved in each sex scene, so if you’re only here for the smut, and don’t care about the story, feel free to navigate to the chapters that best suit you.


Moonlight poured through the open windows of Tails’ home, resting on top of the Mystic Ruins mountainside overlooking the ocean. As his roommate, Sonic the Hedgehog, slept peacefully in his own bedroom, Tails was having a hard time falling asleep himself.

Tossing and turning in bed, the orange fox looked at his alarm clock, which read 2:30 in the morning.

“Why can’t I just fall asleep already?” Tails asked himself, until he found the answer by looking at the blanket that covered his body. He noticed a long, hard bulge sticking out of his crotch region, standing almost six inches high. The blanket was wedged all around the crevasses of his body, forming an intricate outline of his manhood and dangling testicles under the bedsheet.

Tails’ face turned red, and his heartrate began to climb, as he realized what he must do in order to fall back asleep.

The orange fox pulled the blanket off his body, exposing his hard penis to the world beyond, pre-cum already forming on the tip. He proceeded to reach down and place his hand on his erect member.

“Ughh,” Tails groaned to himself, rubbing the pre-cum along his shaft to provide a layer of lubrication. The fox was worried about damaging his fragile penis, which he has been jacking off multiple times of day out of primordial habit. At the same time, though, he was simply not up to sneaking across the house to find the water-based lube tucked away in the pantry, as he didn’t want the blue hedgehog to find him walking around their shared home with the bottle in his hands while wielding an erect cock.

Tails’ penis gleamed in the moonlight, now completely covered in pre-cum, and the young kitsune began delicately stroking his staff, reaching into the deep recesses of his mind for dirty thoughts to masturbate to.

After some internal lewd explorations, the orange fox decided upon Rouge, the seductive bat with cleavage that leaves little to the imagination. He allowed his mind to play a conjured-up fantasy of the fox having his way with her, plowing her nether region with his manhood, both panting in ecstasy. He imaged Rouge grabbing hold of his ass as he continued humping the older, albeit still sexy, bat like there was no tomorrow, her vaginal liquids providing the fox with ample pleasure.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Tails was stroking his member hard, sighing heavily as he felt himself close to climaxing.

“I’m…I’m cuming,” Tails said to himself in a low whisper, drowned out by the sound of his hand ferociously fapping his penis, his orange testicles slapping against the bed.

“Ughhhh,” Tails screamed to himself, muffling his verbal orgasm with a gloved hand while using the other to finish the job, stroking his penis as warm semen exploded out of his cock, covering his belly and upper legs with the sticky substance.

“I guess I over did it,” Tails said to himself while chuckling, his face still red while panting heavily, recovering from his self-pleasure. He looked down at himself to find the aftermath of his playtime, his penis now only half-erect as the thick cum dripped from either side of his belly, covering his bedsheets.

Too tired to care at the moment, Tails’ eyes slowly closed, his body unprotected by the warmth of a bedsheet, as he drifted into sleep.

“Hello, my lewd little friend.”

Tails heard the feminine voice from his open window. He immediately opened his eyes and turned his face to its direction to reveal Rouge, the one whom he was masturbating to just moments ago, standing right before him.

“My, you’ve been a naughty boy.”

A few minutes earlier, the luscious bat was flying across the dark sky. Activating a wristwatch communicator strapped to her wrist, she began to speak.

“So, my mission is to recover the blue Chaos Emerald and capture Tails, huh?” Rouge said into the watch.

“Yes, doctor’s orders,” said a deep voice back to her. “You are to recover both and report back here in an hour.”

“My my, what a demanding little hedgehog,” Rouged replied, with a sly grin across her face. “You know, for the ‘Ultimate lifeform’, you sure do know how to take orders, don’t you?”

“Don’t toy with me, bat!” the voice barked back. It was obvious that Rouge was trying to rile up her partner in crime, her second favorite pastime besides hunting for treasure. It seemed to be working.

“Whatever you say, Shadow,” she replied, switching off the communicator. She peered down below to find the target’s home sitting along the mountainside that served as her destination.

“Perfect,” she said to herself as she descended, using her arms to dangle off the open window to Tails’ bedroom. She investigated the room to find the blue Chaos Emerald sitting on a desk in the corner. Her eyes wandered to the bedroom when she noticed the unmistakable sound of fapping coming from its occupant.

Her face turned crimson red as she witnessed the lewd fox jacking himself off in bed, his erect penis exposed to anyone fortunate enough to have access to his window.  She climbed up, quiet enough to be unheard over the sound of the orange fox stroking his member, and crept to a dark corner of the room, still able to witness the feast that the young kitsune unintentionally brought her.

She pressed her back against the wall and slowly slid to the floor, using one finger to rub her clit while the other reached into her cleavage to massage her large breasts. She masturbated ferociously to the sight and sound of Tails pleasuring his own body, the sound of her fingers penetrating her moist vagina still quieter than Tails’ own fapping.

“I’m…I’m cuming…,” Tails could be heard whispering to himself. Rouge’s sensitive ears allowed her to hear this declaration, only making her more horny and closer to cuming.

As Tails’ penis exploded like a white volcano, gooey cum pouring out of his erect member and splashing all over the bed, Rouge’s vagina unleashed a burst of lady cum, drenching her fingers with the moist substance.

She looked down at her wet fingers. With a satisfied grin, she inserted them into her mouth, licking the cum clean off her hand before pulling herself back up. She watched as Tails was still breathing heavily, recovering from his self-induced pleasure.

“Hello, my lewd little friend,” she said, startling the orange fox who immediately looked towards the corner of the room.

“My, you’ve been a naughty boy.”

Rouge’s objective was to capture Tails and secure the Chaos Emerald. The latter was simple enough; she securely placed the blue gem in her cleavage, serving as a convenient pocket due to the lack of compartments on her latex pants. Before kidnapping the orange fox, however, she wanted to have a bit more fun.

“What’re you doing, Rouge?” Tails asked, sweat rolling down his face as he witnessed the bat steal the emerald.

“Ohh, you’ll find out,” Rouge replied.

“I won’t let you!” Tails exclaimed, as he rolled out of bed and placed himself in a fighting stance, cum still dripping from his belly and the tip of his soft penis. The young kitsune lunged for a punch, but before he could land a deadly blow, he was stopped by a devastating kick to his gut.

Tails clasped his belly as he fell to the floor, reeling from the pain. Rouge pulled out a dart gun from her belt and aimed it at the orange fox.

“You’ve gotta learn to behave,” Rouge said, pulling the trigger. This released a small dart that struck Tails’ arm. It didn’t hurt, but it immediately put him in a trance-like state.

“Now,” Rouge began, putting her gun back on her belt. “I think it’s time we have a little fun.”

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