Welcome to the Darkside

BY : Demonized
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Vergil's teeth are buried in the curve of Dante's neck where it meets his shoulder, marking Dante as his. His fingers are digging into Dante's hips, deep enough that he'll have bruises in their shape for a few hours. His glorious cock is sheathed deep within him, painting up his insides with his searing hot cum.

Dante moans, much like he imagines a whore would, and cums all over the top of the desk that he had just spent the better part of an hour bent over as his brother fucked him. He is his brother, of that much Dante is certain, but it's been almost a year since he's last seen him and he's changed a lot. It's almost like he's a completely different person but Dante's not about to question him, not after he's finally taken Dante as his.

"Pretty damn good for my first time," Dante pants out, leaning against Vergil, and he swears he can feel Vergil's cock twitching inside him. "Mm, gonna fuck me again? Cuz I'd like that." Dante gives a slow, shallow roll of his hips and moans lewdly as Vergil responds by grinding into him.

"If I had known you were a virgin, brother, then I would have been gentler with you," Vergil breathes into his ear once he's eased his teeth out of Dante's skin. He presses his lips to Dante's neck, fingers loosening the brutal hold they have on his hips, then grinds into him again. Slower. More sensually. Almost apologetically.

"Never asked ya to be gentle with me, brother. I ain't fragile." Dante twists around and captures Vergil's blood-smeared lips with his in a hungry kiss. "So fuck me like you mean it, Vergil," Dante breathes into his mouth and gives a more insistent roll of his hips.

Vergil's irises go red, redder than Dante's coat, and he gives a low, throaty chuckle that has Dante shivering. "As you wish, Dante." He imparts those words with another slow grind into him, fingers briefly digging back into his hips, before he pulls out of him completely, making him whine softly. "I shall ruin you" He pauses purposely as he turns Dante around to fully face him, hands sliding around to cup his ass. "-for all of eternity, little brother." He pulls him flush to his body, fingers giving his ass a tight squeeze, then seals his mouth over Dante's.

Vergil swallows down the eager moan that Dante gives, tongue sliding into his mouth and mapping every centimeter of it as he presses Dante back against the desk. There's a slick slide of flesh on flesh as he rolls his hips into Dante's, his still hard length jutting up against his abdomen and smearing the lingering traces of his semen across Dante's skin. His hands move down, away from the curve of his ass, and to the backs of his thighs where he grips him firmly. It's almost effortless for him to lift Dante up and set him on the edge of the desk, his mouth finally breaking away from Dante's with a sharp exhale.

Vergil slowly pushes him down onto his back, down onto the cooled evidence of their prior engagement, and nudges his legs apart as he comes to rest between them. He fits there perfectly like he's meant to be there, cock firmly nestled against the cleft of Dante's ass. "So beautiful," he whispers ardently as he takes in the sight of Dante spread out before him with that bright red gaze of his. "You are truly a sight to behold, Dante."

"Bet I'd look prettier with your cock in me." Dante's salacious quip earns him a smile that is downright predatory on Vergil's face and a flash of something dangerous in his eyes. Dante finds himself licking at his own lips, that red gaze of Vergil's honing in on the simple action, as excitement pulses through him.

"Then let's find out," Vergil murmurs, his voice dropping down an octave, and hooks his arms under Dante's knees. In one fluid motion, he has them slotted over his shoulders as he fully sheathes his cock in Dante's ass, a soft, keening cry spilling from Dante's lips as his body bows upwards. He holds himself unbelievably still and takes in Dante's quivering form with that same predatory smile, the red of his irises somehow even brighter. "Magnificent. You are beyond compare, Dante."

"Glad we got that outta the way," Dante pants out then gives his hips an impatient wiggle in an effort to get Vergil to start moving. His hands come to grasp them, to keep them still, making Dante whine, "Vergil, please." Dante tries to press his palms flat against the surface of the desk, looking for any means of leverage, when what feels like a bolt of energy shoots straight through him. It leaves him painfully hard and gasping for breath, his nails uselessly scratching at the smooth wood beneath him.

A second shot of energy comes, this one even stronger than the first, while the air crackles and Vergil changes right as Dante arches off of the desk with a sharp cry. Pain flares up along his spine as he registers the feeling of being stretched and filled by something immensely larger. Dark spots dance in his vision. His mind is hazy. He can't think beyond the pain and pleasure twisting through him. He can't even comprehend the sight of a demon, tall and vicious-looking, standing in Vergil's place.

The monster that is his brother moves before Dante can even begin to pull his thoughts together and white-hot pleasure sparks through him. He moves and Dante comes undone with a scream, arching clear off of the desk as his seed splashes across his chest. He moves and doesn't stop, his pace slow and measured while he digs his claws into Dante's hips, dragging a ragged sob out of him as he goes limp and trembles in the wake of his orgasm.

Dante can't form a single coherent thought beyond the exquisite pleasure throbbing through his body with every single thrust of that monstrous cock. All he can do is whimper and sob as his body spasms uncontrollably, head lolling to one side while his vision goes in and out of focus. Dante barely even registers the soft tinkling chime of the bell for the door and the sharp gasp that follows. What he does notice is the sudden increase in Vergil's pace.

He pounds into Dante with such speed and ferocity that he feels like Vergil might actually tear him in two while Vergil gives a low, snarling growl. His claws dig deeper into Dante's hips as he lifts him up off of the desk, making his head loll back and bringing the door to his shop into his sight. Even upside down Dante recognizes the unmistakable figure of his own twin standing there and staring at him with his mouth slightly agape. For that brief instant, Dante wonders at how there can be a second Vergil but then the one that's fucking him strikes that perfect spot inside him and the world explodes.

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