Reaper X Pharah

BY : 1nD_Frindle
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Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch or any of these characters. They are all from the game Overwatch by Blizzard Activision. I make no profit from this work, it is purely for the enjoyment of myself and the readers.

      Ana had brought her daughter into work but was called out onto a mission, and through a series of unforseen circumstances Gabriel Reyes AKA Reaper was left to take care of the young Pharah. But Reaper wasn't going to let the kid get in his way; he had work to do.

        He sat at his desk, and hadn't typed a single letter when little Pharah came up to him. "I'm bored," she complained.

        "Then do something," he grumbled.

        "There's nothing to do."

        "Go watch TV"

        She sighed and walked away

        Finally, he thought, I can get some work done.

        Unfortunately for Gabriel Pharah walked up to him. "I'm lonely. Can you play with me?"

        Hmm... Why shouldn't I get something out of this... "Alright. You wanna be a soldier, right?"

        Pharah smiled wide. "Yeah!"

        "But your mom doesn't want you to, right?"

        "That's right..." she grumbled.

        "Well, maybe I could... No nevermind. That's dumb." Reyes said.

        "No no no! What is it!?"

        "It's stupid."

        "No I promise!" Pharah said, a wide look in her eyes.

        "If you promise not to tell your mom?"

        "Pinky swear!"

        "Alright. I'll teach you some soldier stuff if you do exactly as I say and don't tell your mom."


        "First up. I've got a combat snack for you. But you're gonna love it. It's like a lolipop."

        Pharah smiled wide. She loved candy.

        "I keep one on me all the time." Reaper unzipped his pants, and pulled out his big throbbing cock. "Now believe it or not, that whole thing fits in your mouth but you don't eat it. You just suck it. Wanna give it a try?"

        "Yeah, that sounds great."

        Reaper put his hand on her head and slowly guided her down onto his dick. "How's that?"

        "It tastes weird... but good."

        "Perfect. Are you ready for more?"

        "Yeah, I guess so..."

        "Well," Reaper starts, unsure of how to BS himself out of this, "in war, if you're going to suck on this you can't wear any clothes. Clothing makes it hard to fight."

        "So I should take my clothes off?"

        "That's right." He starts helping her take her clothes her off. Once she's totally naked he grabs her head again. "Now let's get the whole thing in your mouth..."

        "It's too big!"

        "Are you not tough enough!? War is hard!"

        "No no no," she whimpered, fearing rejection she started sliding her head down his shaft. Once she was about half there she started choking and crying.

        Reaper held her in place. "If you're not tough enough, I'll tell your mom that you tried to be a soldier but you couldn't hack it. Do you want me to tell her?"

        "No," she cried through gagging.

        Reaper pushed her down all the way and held her there for a few seconds.

        At the release she gasped and cried. 

        "War is tough. Are you tougher?"

        After a brief pause Pharah exclaimed, "I'm the toughest!" and went back in with full force.

        Reaper smiled. He had won. He grabbed her by the hair and started pumping in and out of her. Occasionally he let her out for breaths. After a few minutes of this cycle he felt himself nearing climax. "Alright, when you're done consuming all the energy in it, it will squirt out some juice. I think you're close!" On his last consonant he held her down and juiced her throat all the way down. "You did it Pharah! Congrats! That's the first step to being a soldier!"

        She smiled as cum dripped out of her mouth.

        "Make sure you swallow all of that. Anyways are you ready for phase two?"

        "Yes, sir, Captain Reyes!"

        Hearing this tiny naked little girl address him with such authority and energy was all he needed to harden himself again. "In Overwatch we have special motorcycles. A shaft goes up into you and that's how you drive it. It is a bit painful at first, but the sooner you learn the less it'll hurt."

        She smiled enthusiastically.

        Reaper lied down on his back. "Now remember that energy bar? We're also going to use it to practice for the motorcycles. Okay?"


        Reaper picked her up and set her down gently on his throbbing cock. "This might hurt a bit..."

        As the whole mass went into her Pharah cried out in pain.

        "Are you tough enough?"

        Pharah nodded through grit teeth.

        "Now just bounce up and down."

        Pharah obeyed and started out slowly. As she got used to it she got faster.

        After a few minutes of the bouncing on his cock Gabriel spotted Mercy in her office; knuckle deep in her cunt watching this take place. At that exact moment he came. The combination of orgasm and shock at Mercy's behaviour led Reaper to scream out.


        Later that day after he had cleaned up Reaper went to Mercy. He knocked on the door. "Mercy?" he knocked on the door.

        He was shocked when she opened the door, embraced his lips and squeezed his cock. "I assume you're here about what I saw..."

        "Yeah, bout that Angela..."

        "It's okay. I just ask one thing..."

        "What's that?"

        "Same as you. Get me an hour alone with the girl, and I'll forget all about it."

        "Of course." Reaper got up to leave but was stopped with Mercy's hand.

        "Let me... check up on you..." Mercy slithered down and started to unbutton his pants.


        "Hey Pharah," Reaper said, "You remember Dr. Angela, right?"


        "Well she's also going to train you a bit, okay?"

        "Totally!" she said cheerfully.




        Pharah walked into Mercy's office. "Hi, Pharah," Angela said kindly.

        "Hi, Mercy."

        "A big part about fighting is patience. I'm going to give you a task and you have to do it for one hour. Alright?"


        Mercy took off her pants and lay down on the couch. " Now you see that... flower down there? You just lick it like ice cream for a whole hour..."

        "Yes, ma'am!"




        This went on for 60 minutes, as Mercy had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, and Pharah, ever the obedient soldier kept on going. "Very good..." Mercy's moaned in her thick German-French accent.

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