Repaying A Debt

BY : jess_bexar_zilla
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"Mom? Why were you in bed with Mr. Black?"

"For grown-up reasons, honey. Now go play outside."

Edward looked out the window from the kitchen. Jacob Black, though small, was beating up all the other kids, and as always the other parents didn't take notice. Edward looked back at his mother. "…I'd rather stay locked up in my room."

"That'll work, too, dear. See you in four hours. Oh, and don't pee in the corner anymore; the restroom is across from you."

Edward blushed and muttered something a five-year-old shouldn't say before leaving the kitchen and going upstairs to his room. Halfway up the stairs, he hears a knock at the door. "Coming!" his mother called before walking towards the door. Once she opened the door and Edward saw who it was, he made a run for it towards his room. Locking the door quickly, Edward jumped on his bed and hid under the covers.

"Why does he always do that when I come home?"

"He's becoming rebellious already, dear."

The rest of the conversation Edward had tuned out by plugging his headphones into the radio and turning it on to whatever channel. He stayed like that for about an hour before Mother Nature decided to call. He unplugged his headphones and got out from underneath the covers.

The house was quiet. Even though an hour had just passed didn't mean that the house had to be this quiet. A feeling of dread was creeping up on Edward as the need to pee suddenly vanished. He went towards the stairs and slowly behind his pant pocket pulled out the pocket knife that his grandpa gave him before they (Edward and his parents) moved from Pallet Town.

Edward looked over the stairwell and relaxed when he saw his parents on the living room couch reading silently. Of course, they were cuddling too, but he decided to overlook that part. Placing the pocket knife back in his back pocket, Edward walked back towards his room. But half-way back, he stopped and looked down.


Apparently, Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes.

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